"Brody was sitting in Carl and Ryan's room debating which college team was the best, which were the best coaches and other trivial matters relating to sports. It was a Saturday afternoon and a steady rain kept most of the guys indoors, going from dorm room to dorm room, playing video games, listening to music or just sitting around talking. After an hour or so Brody got up off the floor where he was sitting and told the guys he'd catch them later and headed back to his room. The door was open and he found Carson lying on his bed, the upper bunk, earbuds in and eyes closed. He moved to his desk and eased down in the chair propping his feet on his desk as he leaned back. He stared up at Carson and tried to understand the mystery of this person, someone he still didn't really know after six weeks of living together. For the last two weeks they had actually began to hang out together, going to eat or sit in a coffee shop with some of the other guys in the dorm. But Carson seemed to hold back something about himself, always seem to be concealing some part of his persona and Brody realized how it frustrated him for some reason, how he wanted to know Carson better, and this made him feel his sexuality toward other guys, drove him to want sex with them and he had been acting out on it for weeks now, hooking up with one guy or another seeking something each encounter failed to provide him.

He didn't think about how with the guys on their floor, all the jocks and macho guys, those feelings, those desires, didn't manifest themselves the way they did when he was around Carson. He had actually gone out on double dates a few times, found himself back at a girl's apartment and he enjoyed it, the foreplay, the messing around and the sex. But when it was over and he was coming back into the dorm room he shared with Carson it all of a sudden seemed superficial, like it didn't really happen.

Looking up at Carson, his long lean body stretched out across his bed wearing just boxers Brody considered how Carson had changed, became less self conscious about his body and he let his eyes scan down the bare arm, the side of Carson's torso, over the boxers that lay loosely around his thigh and down the long leg, the skin so smooth looking, nearly bare of hair. Brody considered what it would be like to touch Carson, to run his fingers over the smooth skin thinking it had to be soft, that it would feel good against his own body. His imagination mixed with his frustrations and he eased up and moved to his bed where he wouldn't be able to see Carson. He'd only be able to hear him breath, sense his presence above, and listen to his movements when he shifted into a new position.

Brody let the sound of the rain lull him to sleep and for the rest of the afternoon he slept, soundly, not hearing any of the commotion that occurred in the corridor, or the sound of Carson getting up and leaving the room. When he woke it was dark, only the security lights of the Commons shining through the blinds illuminated the room and he knew instantly he was alone. He went to the window and looked out and saw it had stopped raining but everything was wet, glistening in the dim lighting of the night. He felt the way his muscles were tense, his body stiff with sleeping too long and he decided to go for a run. He didn't go regularly, not like he had promised himself, but he did run two, maybe three times a week, especially on days when things were getting to him. He slipped off his jeans and underwear and put on a pair of running shorts, the thin nylon fabric soft against his skin and he adjusted his cock within the inner liner. He reached for a tank top and decided not to bother knowing he'd be pulling it off shortly after he got heated up and his body began to sweat.

As he began on his run his skin felt the shock of the cool night air, but he built up his pace making his way around campus till he felt that first barrier, where his lungs and his muscles strained with his exertions. He pushed through as he felt the heat within his body, felt his muscles relax to their exertions and his breathing settle into a rhythm with his movements. Sweat formed on his upper body, trickled down from the top of head and he felt himself slide into that groove that allowed him to run the distance. The air suddenly felt good, his near nakedness letting him stay cooled down and he felt the way his cock, partially thickened with the feel of the softy nylon shorts and the exertions and the movement of his body caused him to feel his masculinity.

As he ran he thought of his classes, the work he needed to do, he thought of the latest gossip on his floor in the dorm, he thought of Carson and his secrecy and he thought about sex, sex with men, and he remembered some of his recent encounters. The guy in the library, then the one at a party who took him outside to his car and sucked him off, then there was the guy last Wednesday night he came across on campus late in the day and ended up in a little used toilet at the student union building, the guy bent over bracing himself on the flush valve of the water closet as he pumped his ass full of cum. The memory of these encounters aroused him further and his cock stretched out longer, thicker, and every move seemed to enhance the feel of his arousal.

He cut across the back side of campus and down on the trail path, one that cut through a natural area the Horticulture Department maintained and the dirt path was softer to his steps and he ran smoothly into the dark shadows of the tree canopy. Soon he could only hear his own breathing for the sounds of campus didn't penetrate the natural area. It was cooler, the air seemingly fresher and he ran smoothly along the path. It was less than a mile long and soon he saw the lights of campus as he neared the other end. As he came up the inclined path heading out of the natural area he saw a guy jogging toward him. As they got closer he saw the guy was dressed as he was in just shorts, his upper body bare and his skin glistened with the sweat of his exertions. Brody let his eyes scan down the guy's body, looked at his runner's build, lean and muscular, till his eyes came to the guy's crotch and he saw the bulge, the way it moved with the guy's jogging, back and forth. When they came up to each other their eyes locked and the guy smiled at him and gave a nod of the head, just a slight movement, but Brody knew what he meant, saw it in his eyes and he slowed to a stop and looked back. The guy slowed and looked around at Brody, a longing showed in his expression and he motioned with his head for Brody to follow.

Brody stood only for a moment, just long enough for the guy to disappear into the darkness of the tree canopy. He felt his aroused state, his desire for physical contact with another man, and he turned around and began to jog after the guy. He didn't have to go far and he saw the guy leaned against a guardrail that ran along the path at a steep drop. The guy was leaning over, his head down and legs spread slightly apart. 'He wants it' Brody thought as he slowed to a walk and approached the guy casually, tugging on his cock suddenly painfully aware of its confinement. The guy turned his head looking toward Brody underneath his stretched out arm and with his face in shadow Brody couldn't see his expression, couldn't know the extent of his longing, his desire for this contact but he reached back with both hands, kept his body bent over as he slid his jogging shorts down revealing his smooth round ass, showing it to Brody, offering it to him, and he pushed the shorts down till they fell freely to his feet. As Brody approached the guy lifted one leg free of the shorts and spread his legs.

'Fuck he wants it bad' Brody thought as he moved up behind the guy.

"Come on...fuck me, fuck me hard" the guy whispered as Brody positioned his body between the guy's legs slipping his own shorts down letting his rising erection pop free. Brody stroked his cock up to full erection, felt the thick shaft in his fist and he moved forward to the spread cheeks the guy was holding open for him, exposing the hole he wanted penetrated, wanted Brody to stretch open with his hard cock. Brody pushed his cock to the guy's hole, felt the initial tightness but when the guy pushed back Brody shoved forward and nearly half of his cock breached the tight opening in one lunge forward. The guy rose up trying to stifle his scream but his muffled cry echoed in the dark woods. Brody didn't wait for the guy to relax to his penetration as he held him by the waist, the skin hot and slick to the touch, and began to fuck, working his cock into the guy a little more on each inward push. He fucked urgently, piston his cock in the tight hole till his hips slapped noisily against the guy's ass roughly rocking him back and forth.

"Take it...take my cock...fuck..." Brody uttered through clinched teeth as he drove his cock into the guy's ass, furiously pumping his hips. The guy's back glistened with sweat in the dim light filtering through the tree canopy and Brody could see how he quivered at times when his hole was stuffed with cock and Brody's hips hammering against his ass. Brody's pace quickened as his need to cum rose up fast.

"Come on...pump it in me...fill my hole...fuck my whore ass..." the guy uttered as he rocked with Brody's fuck, begging, pleading for Brody to fill his hole. Brody held his hips tightly as he felt his body tighten, every muscle rigid as cum surged through his cock exploding out, ejaculating wad after wad into the guy's hole. Brody slowed his fuck, drove his cock deeply into the guy as he dumped each wad. When he felt spent, his cock too sensitive for further stimulation he pulled out and stepped back pulling his shorts back into place.

The guy stayed bent over, hands on the guardrail, breathing hard and Brody scanned his sweaty body, considered what a good fuck he'd been then he turned to leave.

"Thanks" was all Brody said as he jogged away. He cut across campus jogging till he was far enough away he felt clear of the guy and he slowed to a walk. The air chilled him as he cooled down and he headed toward the dorm. He played the events of his recent encounter over and over, the way the guy had given himself up for the fuck, dropping his shorts and bent over naked. It was exciting, but short lived, and in the end Brody knew he wasn't satisfied, not by any of his encounters since arriving on campus.

He came into the dorm, up the stairs and down the hall finding the door slightly ajar and he eased inside finding Carson sitting on the floor against the lower bunk bed playing a video game.

"Hey" Brody said as he came in.

"Hey" Carson replied, putting the game on pause, "I thought you'd be off with the guys."

"Nah, I just went for a run. Now I need a shower" and Brody pulled out clean boxers and his toiletry case laying them on his desk. Normally he stripped in the bathroom but he wanted to strip in front of Carson, wanted him to see his naked body, had an urge to test Carson, see if he'd react and he slipped the running shorts down his legs. His cock, still wet and partially enlarged flopped loosely about as he kicked off the shorts. He saw Carson glance up at him, his eyes looking at his crotch and he tugged on his slick cock feeling it slip through his fingers. Carson didn't say anything about his state of arousal as he picked up his towel, wrapped it around his waist, grabbed his things and headed out.

Brody took a long hot shower, scrubbed his body clean washing his cock till it rose up half hard making sure he removed all traces of his recent fuck. He wondered what Carson thought when he had stripped in front of him and it amused him to consider it. What he didn't know was how much it did get to Carson, how he had glanced at Brody's cock, saw the way it was still wet, glistening in the light, knowing it had recently been in action. Brody couldn't know how Carson felt a sexual attraction toward him, felt a desire to touch him, to feel his body against his own and while Brody was in the shower Carson had picked up the nylon shorts, looked at the crotch at the smear of cum mixed with the sweat that had them soaked and he glanced at the door to make sure it was closed. He lifted the shorts up to his nose and breathed in Brody's scent, the sweat of his exertion, and faintly, the odor of his cum and it made his own cock grow hard and strain against his jeans.

Brody came back into the room wearing a pair of boxers and he found Carson in the same place on the floor in the middle of a video game.

"Have you had dinner?" Brody asked.

"I was going to just snack on something. Money is tight till I get that check from home" Carson replied.

"Why don't I order a pizza and if you're up for some competition I'll play against you."

Carson was surprised Brody was going to stay in on a Saturday night, and even more surprised he was willing to hang out with him. He looked up at Brody, tried to focus his eyes on Brody's face and not his bare upper body, not the way his cock pushed out on the crotch of the boxers or the way his legs and arms showed such muscular definition.

"Yeah, sure. You don't have plans?"

"No, I don't feel like going out."

It was nearly two o'clock in the morning when they finally stopped, picked up the empty pizza box and drink glasses from the floor and settled down in their beds for sleep.

The following Tuesday night found Carson at the gay and lesbian support group. He knew Gabriel was just a fling, something that wouldn't last and the two of them admitted as much to each other Sunday night. He found it rather comforting to know he was okay with it and felt he could move on, his sense of confidence much higher. He showed up right after seven and the faulty advisor was just preparing to start. He quickly glanced around the room and saw small groups scattered around the room and a few people sitting by themselves. Nearly everyone acknowledged his presence, gave him a nod or smile, all except one guy sitting near the front off to the side, nearly the same place he had sat the first time he came to a meeting, the time he met Gabriel. He moved down the aisle and sat a couple of chairs back from the guy, the whole time looking him over, trying to get a read on the guy.

The guy was about Carson's age, wore jeans and a polo, and sat up in the chair leaned forward, a posture revealing in the way he was hunched over. His dark hair was neatly and conservatively cut, the part along one side perfect. Everything about him gave off some old Southern vibe, old money, or the memory of it radiated from him. When introductions were made, each student telling their name and where they were from Carson sat up and listened intently, as did a lot of the other guys, for all were curious about this new guy, wanted to hear what was his name.

"Charles Edward McCullough...but most people just call me Charlie" the guy said his voice going lower and lower.

"Where are you from, Charlie?" the advisor asked.

"Monroeville" he replied.

For the rest of the meeting Charlie didn't say anything, just sat and listened keeping his eyes to the front and on the advisor. When the meeting was finally over and everyone was getting their jackets on and gathering any belongings they had with them Carson watched Charlie ease out of his seat and start for the door. He was a little shorter than average, his body average, with the build of someone who never had to do manual labor. Carson slipped out of his seat and followed him out into the hall.

"Hey Charlie, wait up" he called out once they were in the corridor and away from the classroom.

Charlie turned and watched Carson approach.

"This your first time to a meeting?"

"Yes" Charlie replied, his eyes moving around not focusing on anything, especially Carson. Carson moved up closer and lowered his voice.

"The first time is a little nerve racking, isn't it?"

Charlie let a small smile come to his face and he nodded his head.

"Listen, I'm going to that deli over on Bay Street. I've not had dinner and I'm starved. Would you like to join me? My treat and I'll answer any question you have on the group."

"I don't know...I mean..." and he looked at Carson showing his hesitation.

"Oh come on, it's just a sandwich. It's not like I'm going to rape you or anything."

Charlie smiled and nodded his head.

"Good, now come on, time's a wasting."

The deli was busy and they ended up at a table in the back along the wall. At first it was Carson doing all the talking, telling of his first meeting and how he ended up at Gabriel's place and how his life was better now, even his roommate was being more sociable with him. Charlie talked low, hesitating often, but slowly he told Carson how he grew up in a family of lawyers and judges, his father now a judge and his oldest brother was a lawyer and his sister was studying law. Then he told how he was studying landscape architecture, something he wanted to do and Carson could tell this was the first break with his family Charlie was experiencing, not following the others in law, and when Charlie spoke of expectations, of reputations, it was obvious what Charlie was leaving unsaid. Being gay would get him ostracized by his family.

By the time they finished eating Charlie seemed more relaxed, although he still spoke softly. They paid and headed out. On the sidewalk Carson planned to see if Charlie wanted to get together later, maybe the next weekend. One of Gabriel's friends was having a party and he thought it would be fun for Charlie.

"Well, I guess I should let you get home, but I was..."

"You want to come by my place? Maybe play some video games...or something?" Charlie interrupted him. His voice was higher, more animated and he looked at Carson imploringly.

"Sure; it's not that late."

Charlie lived only a couple of blocks away in an apartment. When Carson went inside following Charlie through the door he saw an apartment obviously decorated by his mother. Traditional furniture, art on the walls that belonged in some old style study or hunting lodge and everything was in its place. Charlie stood shocked.

"It's a bit much I know" Charlie confessed as he led Carson into the living area and turned on the television. Within a few minutes Charlie had drinks for each of them and they were playing a game. Carson sat on the floor leaned back against the sofa, his traditional place in front of the television when playing games, and Charlie sat on the sofa just to his right. They played a couple of games and Charlie slowly opened up, admitted to his messing around with another boy before leaving for college, and how the boy turned on him, refused to admit he was gay and took off for college without saying goodbye. Carson listened, keeping his eyes on the television, sensing it was easier for Charlie to talk if he wasn't looking at him. Their game wound down, neither playing as the room grew quiet, neither saying anything. Carson wondered if he should leave when he felt the light touch, just the barest of caresses on his neck, fingers lightly moving over his skin, then slowly along the edge of his hair.

"Carson" Charlie whispered and Carson turned around getting on his knees. Charlie looked scared and anxious and Carson took Charlie's hand bringing it to his mouth letting the index and middle fingers slip through his lips. Slowly he moved his lips along the long thin fingers as Charlie watched him, eyes wide open. Carson moved toward him closer and laid his right hand on Charlie's thigh sliding it upward and he removed the fingers from his mouth and leaned toward Charlie.

Charlie spread his legs letting Carson move in close and he closed his eyes as Carson kissed him on the lips while he slid his hand up over Charlie's crotch, rubbing it, squeezing it with his fingers. Charlie moaned into his mouth and pulled their bodies together tighter.

Carson soon found himself in bed with Charlie, both of them naked; both fully erect. Charlie spread his legs and took Carson's cock guiding it to his hole.

"Please..." Charlie whispered and Carson leaned over and pushed with his hips, penetrating him, his cock breaching the tight ring of the opening and sinking into its depths. Both moaned as Carson kept easing inch after inch inward until their bodies came together. He began to fuck, slowly, raising his hips upward and easing them back down. Charlie clung to him, shivered beneath his body as he took each thrust inward.

Carson knew this wasn't the same as it had been with Gabriel, Charlie having a desperation about him, and he continued to fuck slowly, to let their bodies move against each other, feel the other's heat and the flex of muscle. He was able to fuck for a long time, to keep up a steady rhythm, but eventually he felt his need to come, it build urgently within him and he rose up over Charlie and began to drive his hips faster, to piston his cock harder, working it deeply in Charlie's hole. Charlie took his own cock in hand and stroked it hard, slamming his fist down the shaft with every push inward by Carson.

Charlie came first, cum blasting out of his cock and spattering both of their chests. His hole spasm around Carson's cock, milked it as he shot each wad of cum and Carson slammed his cock into Charlie, jabbing it with hard short thrusts till he was filling Charlie's hole with his load.

Charlie clung to him afterward, held tightly to his body as their breathing slowed to normal. Carson knew Charlie wanted him to stay but he couldn't do it. He knew he had to leave. As he dressed Charlie watched him not saying anything and Carson knew he was feeling anxious again.

"Charlie...I enjoyed being with you and..."

"But you're not looking to get serious?"

"Yeah...but listen, I want to be here for you. Help you meet others...this weekend there's a party and I want you to come with me to it. Okay?"

Charlie slowly looked up and smiled at Carson, nodding his head.

"That sounds like fun...and Carson?"

"Yes, Charlie?"

"The fuck was fun too" Charlie replied smiling at Carson.

The campus was quiet as Carson made his way back to the dorm. He thought about this night with Charlie, the past weeks with Gabriel and eventually he thought of Brody. He knew he was just mixing up his attractions, his desires, reality with fantasy, but the idea of Brody was an intrigue he couldn't let go. If only Brody was gay.



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