From The Lips of an Angel #5

By : A. Williams

    I looked down at Zack... spread so wide open for me and my mouth started to water. Only one thing stood in the way of our hot skin touching each other's, our boxers. I removed mine and asked "Zack. Can I take off your boxers so I can see you, touch you and lay with you Babe?"

"Yes love, take them off me ... God I want you so bad," he said lovingly.

    I went slowly not wanting him to become uncomfortable. I saw his perfect big golden curly bush first then his rock hard big fat 8 inch cock with its huge mushroom head and I moaned "Ooohh Zack you are beautiful, so beautiful Babe."

    I finished removing his boxers and slide up his glorious body to his handsome face. "Babe you got me so hot and horny. You are luscious. Please can I love all of you, My Zack." I begged so fucking turned on my long cock was leaking loads of pre-cum.

    All those months we were on-line talking back and forth and all the dreaming of each other while we were alone in our beds. Finally that one phone call I made and we claimed each other sight unseen. Our deep love for each other had lead us up to this moment and we were ready, so ready.

"Kiss me you fool and never stop my Angel," he said smiling.

    "I can do that." I said laughing and lowering my lips to his. When our lips touched it was like a huge lightning bolt striking, God I loved this man. Our tongues slipped in between wet parted hot lips and danced around slowly together in love as we both moaned.

    I moved down licking to his neck and nibbling as he moaned "Uuumm... Yes." That firm chest awaited my kisses and I was all over it. Biting lightly, sucking those hard nipples and licking the lines in his six pack abs. He moaned below me, "Yes my CC...please," he said as he pushed my head down lower. That had me going down to his golden bush. I buried my nose and mouth there breathing deep and feeling that curly hair all over my face... so sweet and so musky, all my Zack's smells. I could sleep here forever.

    I skipped over his hard cock and licked his hard thighs on my way to his sweet stubs. They were so smooth... no hard scars.

He bolted up "NO ....Please," he begged.

    I raised my face, "I wont to taste you and love you ALL over...remember Babe? Please believe I love you ... all of you my Zack." I said with certainty that this would bring us even closer together.

I continued kissing and licking all parts of those stubs and then back up those thighs to his ass.... Yes....yes I wanted to eat that sweet ass in the worse way.

    I pushed up those sweet stubs, easier than legs, and saw his sweet hole covered in golden hair... I moaned aloud "Babe I want to eat my's mine...right?"

    "CC I belong to you in every fucking way you fool. Yes it's yours, only yours. Stop teasing me ... and fuck me Angel," he screamed.

    With that first taste of my Zack's ass, I musky... so manly and I was hooked. I shoved in my tongue for a stronger taste and we both moaned. I wanted him ready for my cock, so I gave him my best rim job ever, licking, sucking and shoving my spit in that pussy....over and over.

    "Please CC...please I need you inside me....Make me cum...make us cum...Please." He moaned and begged.

    I stood up and pulled him to the edge of the bed. "Babe you ready for me?" as I lined up my cock at his wet hole. "Please...yes." he said breathlessly as I shoved in all the way to my balls.

"Fffuuccckk yesssss" Zack yelled. "Fffuuuuccckkkkmmeeeeee"

    I got my rhythm and I knew we were both close. I started kissing him as I started pumping in and out of his hot tight ass, so good. His sweet pussy was going to make me cum too soon, so I slowed my thrust.

"You feel so tight babe, yesssss." I whispered, breaking the kiss. "I love you Zack."

I moved slowly in and out ... in and out moaning the whole time.

    "God Yesssss......ooohhh......yyyyyesssss .....fffaaaassstttter, I-I-I... lllooovveee yooooooouu." Zack moaned low digging his nails in my back.

    I increased my speed, knowing I could not hold back, "Babe, I'm close..... fuck yyyeesssssss." I shouted.

    "Ccccuummmiinng...uuuugggggggggg," he yelled as he shot below me, all over me. He shot cum in my hair, on my face and on my chest ...and I let loose in his ass as it squeezed and pulsed on my cock over and over.

    I wanted more. Damn he felt so good. I flipped him on his stomach and I kept pounding his ass as he got on his hands and stubs. He growled pushing back hard on my every thrust. "Yes...fuck me back!" I screamed.

"Give it to me....fuck me hard...Aaahhh...yyyeeesssss." Zack growled loudly.

    I grabbed his hips with both hands and I knew he felt my nails dig in. I slammed him with every ounce of energy I had left. Balls slapping balls, grunts and moans were all that could be heard. We were both lost in this euphoric build up to our next cum explosion.

    Zack was the first to scream.... "Yessss...Ooo God....Aaahhhhh...harder...I-I'mmm ccccccuuuuummmmmmiiinnngggg." He locked and his ass clamped me like a vice.

"YYeeesss babe... mmeeee... tttttttoooooooo." I shouted frozen in a body wracking orgasm.

    When our waves of pleasure subsided, Zack collapsed on his stomach with me falling to his side on my back. Both of us sweaty and covered in sticky cum. We rested for a good five minutes basking in the marvelous afterglow.

    I rolled my head to the side and saw Zack's beautiful face and smile. "Hey," he said lovingly. "Hey back." I said smiling, "You okay Babe?" I asked tenderly. "Yes, really fantastic. I love you CC." I rolled on my side and started rubbing his back, "I love you Zack," I said smiling, loving the feeling of his skin on my hands again.

"How about I take a quick shower and check on our dinner, I'm starving." I said smiling.

    "I would love some of that great Champagne to sip on while I wait for my turn in the shower. Please?" he asked neither of us moving yet.

    I slapped his ass as I got up "Be right back." I told him as I slipped back into my Wranglers and out the door. In the kitchen, I found the waiters and cook playing cards. When they spotted me they all stood, "How may we help Sir?" the head guy asked.

    "We will be dining in the Master bedroom.... in bed. I need 2 ice-cold bottles of Champagne and 2 glasses that I will take up with me. Give us 40 minutes and bring in the appetizers, please." They nodded and one gave me the bottles and glasses.

    I took off upstairs, taking them two at a time. I knocked on the bedroom door, "Yes, come in." Zack sang out.

    He was propped up against the headboard glowing, looking so good and I instantly wanted him again.

    "You look so fucking hot in those jeans CC. Quick pour us a drink!" he said laughing pulling at his hard cock.

You tease... fuck you." I said laughing as I popped the cork and filled our glasses.

    "Yes please fuck me! ....but let's wait till after dinner. I'm starving." He shot back with a smirk. I downed my glass and handed him the full glass along with the bottle.

I kissed him softly, "I'm in the shower Babe." I told him walking in the bathroom.

    When I returned some 10 minutes later Zack had his legs back on and his boxers, nothing else. YES, I thought ... he is getting more comfortable with me. "Your turn." I said with a wink, letting my towel fall to the floor and bending over to get my boxers. I felt his hands on my hips and his semi-hard cock in my crack. "Thought you wanted to wait, thought you were starving." I snickered pushing back into him.

    "Starving for My CC's pussy. I want you next time Baby." He said seductively rubbing his now hard cock along my crack. "We'll do that, sounds wonderful. Shower first." I said slipping on my boxers and turning around for a good kiss.

    We grabbed each other and went into a toe curling kiss. God could he kiss, sloppy and wet... his thick full tongue, his kiss was full of passion and love.

    I pushed away from him "Better get in that shower, suppers on the way." I said pouring myself a glass of Champagne. "We keep at each other, we will never I mean." I laughed and so did my Zack.

    "God I love you Angel," he said. "Be back.... Me and my clean body will return!" he said dashing off laughing.

    I knew then.... I would never leave his side. I would quit my job and move here to be with my love ... my Zack.

I dug around and found some cardboard and a marker and wrote this......

"When you cry, I will wipe away all of your tears ...

When you scream, I will fight away all of your fears ...

I will go where ever you will go ...

You are all I want and need....

Zack....Marry with me forever...I love you."

    I was standing there with a new dozen long stem red roses and my sign as Zack came out of the shower.

    He froze and read. Sorry to say the roses got trampled on again... but the answer was a screamed YES...YES......OOOHH YES my CC!!!!

The End......Thanks to all my readers for the support of this series....A.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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