From The Lips of an Angel #4

By : A. Williams

    As Zack and I floated together to the music on that make-shift dance floor with all those stars in the sky and the thousands of candles glowing, I was in heaven. Like my Babe, my Zack I wanted it to last all night long too. This time ... right now was so magical, so spiritual and personal to us. But all good things come to an end...fuck! Why do good things go so quickly and bad things hang around over our heads just waiting to fall? More good would be happening for my Zack and me. Hell man, he deserved it and I was going to make damn sure it happened.

    One of the waiters whispered in my ear that appetizers were ready to be served. "Yes bring the table and food out here now. Please." I said firmly. We kept dancing as the changes happened with no fuss. Our lips meet again and we moaned aloud and grabbed each other tighter and harder. Good God he made my knees so weak with those sweet lips and thick tongue. I gave back to him just as good as he gave to me and we only had each other to keep us on our feet.

    Breaking the kiss, we stare into each other's eyes. With a smile on his face Zack said, "I love you CC."

    Smiling back I said, "I love you too Babe." After a slight pause I asked, "Ready for more champagne?"

"That sounds wonderful," he answered.

    We made our way to the table hand in hand and I poured Zack's drink. "Are you hungry Babe?" I asked handing him a glass and pouring my own.

    "I am hungry, but not for what's on the menu for dinner." Zack smiled and winked at me as he downed his glass and handed it back to me for a refill.

    "Really?" I asked acting shocked. "So tell me babe. What is it you have a hunger for?" I asked seductively as I pushed his refilled glass back to him and leaned in closer toward his gorgeous face.

"Wait! ... Let me guess! It's bigger than a bread box?" I asked.

"YES!" Zack yelled.

"It's smaller than a Car?"

"YES" he repeated.

I scratched my head in thought "You don't cook it?" I said.

"That's right!" he laughed.

"And you don't really chew it?" I said smiling.

"You know it!" Zack screamed.

    I stood abruptly knocking over my chair and grabbed Zack up in my arms and headed to the stairs to find a bedroom. "I love you Babe and now we will make love in total bliss." I murmured locking our lips together and carrying him into the first bedroom I saw.

    I laid him down softly and went to the foot of the bed to undress for him. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt letting it slip away from my tan hairy chest and six pack abs.

    I toed off my shark skin boots and shoved off my socks. I turned around and showed Zack my ass in my Wranglers and I knew it looked hot, fuck I work out my glutes at the gym ... they are high, full and tight. I heard him moan and I smiled turning around and taking out my pocket watch gently and laying it on the dresser lightly.

    "Please CC... keep going I'm waiting," he moaned. "I need to see ALL of you Angel," he groaned.

    I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans and lower the zipper. They fell to my ankles and my hard cock was sticking out of the top of my black boxers.

    As I stepped out of my jeans, I saw my Zack squirming on the bed. "Babe, let me undress you please. I want to see all of you too my special man." I said softly.

"I'm scared CC. I look ugly, deformed." Zack said tears rolling down his beautiful face.

    "I love you babe... All of you, please trust in my love for you Babe. Let me undress you." I begged.

    He nodded and I slowly removed his shirt. God he was so smooth and sweet, his nipples were very large and I moaned. I moved down and unbuttoned his jeans and slowly unzipped them.

"Zack, Babe may I take off your jeans?" he nodded his eyes covered with his arm.

    I pulled slowly on his jeans and his boxers came into view then his thighs and his knees ... the then artificial parts.

    "Babe, I want YOU... come to me Zack ... please take this off and let me see JUST YOU my love.

    He was so brave, my love my Zack. He sat up unbuckled and unsnapped everything so quickly and pushed it all off the bed.

    "Here CC...this is me .... My ugly ass shelf, SEE!!!" he screamed slamming his fist down on the mattress and raising his stubs. He long golden hair flying around and getting stuck-on his handsome tear soaked face.

    I smiled at his anger and crawled between is stub legs and sat with my legs around his back. Nose to nose and lips only inches away from each other's, I reached up and softly brushed the hair from my Zack's face. I cupped his cheek in my hand and said "Babe, I wish you could feel what's in my heart." I reached for his hand and placed it on my bare chest over my heart. "I want to love you all over. Every single square inch of you, that includes those stubs of yours."

    Zack cracked a small smile "You crazy ass man! God how did I get so lucky, you are perfect for me My CC. I love you so much, please Angel take me. All of me, every inch, my perfect love." Zack said letting out a heavy sigh and falling back spread wide eagle.

My lover has severed himself up to me ... God he looks so fabulous, ripe and ready for the picking. Question now is ....where to start?????..............................

Parts #4 cumming soon..............Thanks for reading and posting.................A......


A. Williams

[email protected]


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