From The Lips of an Angel #1

By : A. Williams

    He has a special way with words. We meet on line and have e-mailed back and forth for almost a year now. He writes so eloquently with such conviction and romance. He typed me his name, Zachariah ... who is the Archangel of the sun. He typed me that he was 30 years old, single and looking for a life partner. He also gave me a description of himself... 6 foot tall, 190 firm pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes.

    His sweet words over these past six months had started to melt my heart, but now he wants to talk on the phone and I am leery because I have been hurt before. I have been lied too and cheated on and I absolutely don't want to go there again, ever again.

    My name is Carter, Carter Clark, Zack calls me CC. which always makes me smile. I am 35 years old, single and also looking to settle down with a good man. I am 6 foot 3, 220 toned pounds, Brown hair and brown eyes. Both Zack and I work hard, matter of fact we have similar jobs. I design cars for BMW and he designs engines for all different car companies.

    We have a lot in common, love of books, movies, cooking, fishing and we both live near the beach and both love the ocean. He has a large boat called "Lazy Days," which he takes out every weekend. He enjoys his time on her fishing, sunbathing and swimming.

    Guess I should tell you we live in Florida. I know exactly where Zack lives, down to the very house and he has given me his phone number. But like I said I am leery to call him. He knows I live in Florida somewhere but that's all he knows about my location.

    This Saturday morning I sat down with my cup of coffee to look at my E-mails and was surprised to see one from my Zack. He is usually out on his boat. This is what he typed... "CC, why have you not called me???? I waited and waited for my phone to ring... It didn't and I'm confused? Please CC, come to me ... at least write me if you don't want to call... I need you.......waiting for you my sweet man."

    I bit the bullet. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding hard in my chest as I picked up the phone and dialed his number. One ring... my breathing was labored... two rings... "Hello," he said. My heart jumped out of my chest as I heard his deep rich voice. "May I speak with Zack please?" my voice quivered. "Who's calling please?" He asked. "CC...umm... I - I mmeean Cart--," I started to say but was interrupted.

    "Ooohhh my god CC... is that really you? My CC?" he screamed out surprised and full of excitement. "Yes, It's me Zack," I said as shivers ran up and down my spine. "It sounds so good to hear your voice saying my name," Zack said calming down. "I have longed to hear from you for months CC, how are you?" he asked.

    "Great Zack, now that I hear your deep voice. It sounds so nice to me, so manly," I said. "How are you Zack? I asked.

"Please my CC... say that again."

I was confused, "Say what?" I asked.

"Please say my name," he asked.

"Zack... Zack... my Zack," I said.

    "Thank you My CC... my name sounds so sweet falling from your sweet lips... from the lips of my Angel ... only my Angel," he said so softly and lovingly in his deep soulful voice.

    I melted to the floor my hand shaking as I held the phone. His written words were powerful but nothing compared to hearing his voice in my ear. God help me, in that minute I wanted to run to him... to my Zack.

"Why are no out today on your boat?" I asked coming back to the conversation at hand.

    "I was hoping against hope that you would call me Angel. I am so happy that ... that you finally did. You sounded so sweet and when you said my name, I got chills all over my body. I have dreamed of you calling me for months, my Angel."

    "My Zack... I never thought calling you would be so intense. But damn Babe ease up a little," I begged.

"So sorry Angel, what are you doing this fine morning?" he asked softly.

    "Just drinking my morning coffee and now, chatting with you Babe," I said longing to hear is voice again.

    "I love it when you call me Babe, sounds so good hearing your words it makes me weak." Zack said softly in his deep voice, starting to melt the shield on my heart.

"I have dreamed of you my Zack... my Babe. Have you dreamed of me?" I asked hanging on his every word.

    "From the lips of my Angel... God you sound so sweet... yes I have dreamed of you too," he said so full of emotion. "You have made me the happiest man alive calling me Angel." Zack said hitting all my soft spots.

    "Speaking to you now Babe... God I wish I would have called sooner, so much sooner," I said and at this moment I could not remember the reasons I waited.

    "CC, I don't want to push... I am so happy finally talking with you but...I would love to see you, please send me a photo of yourself."

    "You know me Zack, I go slowly and cautiously, I always tread lightly, we will see." I said softly not that sure of what I had said or why.

    "CC, I just e-mailed you a photo of me... I want you to look at me and tell me what you feel... Angel, do this for me," he begged.

    I stood refilled my coffee and went to my computer. I saw I had one incoming e-mail and clicked on it to open. The photo came up full screen. There was Zack from his broad shoulders up. Now I knew why his name meant Archangel of the sun. He absolutely radiated a glow all around himself. His deep bright blue eyes were large, his lips perfectly full and so kissable and his golden hair was full and long way past his shoulders. I sighed knowing I was in love in that single second.

My heart was racing, my palms sweating and my cock was rock hard.

    "Yyy..oooo...uuu are gorgeous Babe, damn so gorgeous." I stammered. Somehow that photo sent up more red flags in my skeptical mind. WHOA... SLOW DOWN... DANGER AHEAD.

    That good looking and as sweet as he seemed in all our e-mails. There must be something wrong with him. He could have anybody he wanted. Why shop on line? Why me?

"Babe I need to go, someone's calling my other line," I lied really needing time to think.

"I'll call you later Zack, bye," I hung up the phone quickly giving him no time to answer.

    I stared at the picture on the computer screen, my heart pounding and my mind racing. He was my Zack... my Zack............But...But...something was not right.....

Part #2 coming soon...........Thanks for posting and reading............A.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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