From The Lips of an Angel #3

By : A. Williams

    CC...Carter hung up the phone with Zack after loving goodbyes between the two were given back and forth. Tears of joy still rolling down CC face, he realized he had to get his shit together. I needed to get cleaned up and drive an hour to my love, my man Zack. Oh and I needed to come bearing gifts he thought, swepting him off his feet. He laughed out loud at that thought, Zack had no FEET or calves, just beautiful stubs. God I hope I don't put my foot in my mouth while I'm talking to him he thought. FUCK...did it again, FOOT IN MOUTH!

    He stood and downed his beer to calm his frayed nerves before heading to the shower. The 3 S's done..... Shit ... Shower... Shave, he dressed in navy dress shirt, loose blue and red strip silk tie, black Wrangler boot cut jeans, shark skin boots, silver cuff-links and necklace. He took one last look at himself in the hall mirror as he loaded his pockets with his wallet, change and cellphone and not forgetting his antique silver pocket watch.... Finally after all these months, he was on his way to his loves house with butterflies swimming in his stomach.

    Now in my silver BMW on the way to Zack's house, I planned out my stops along the way. Florist, stop number one... 2 dozen long stemmed red roses, done. Butcher, stop number two... 4 filet mignon steaks 2 inches thick, done. Fish Man, stop number three... 4 lobster tails, done. Liquor store, stop number four... 4 bottles of Iron Horse California champagne and 4 cases of Budweiser Light beer, done. Grocery store, stop number five and final stop... stuff for salad, baked potatoes and fresh bread, done.

    Almost to Zack's house and my smile was getting wider and my heart fuller. Now time for phone calls... First I need servers and a first class set-up...calls all made and the surprises were all in place, I had about 20 minutes to Zack's house and needed a drink desperately. As I pulled into the city limits of Englewood Beach where Zack lived, I spotted a small bar and pulled in for a beer.

    The place was packed on this Saturday night. The dance floor was full, a local band was playing Genesis and the place was jamming. I took a seat at the bar and ordered 2 beers as I listened to the music. For a local band they were really good, I thought sipping my first beer. But my peaceful moment was short lived... interrupted by a slutty female patron. "Hey newcomer, where you from? ... Never saw you here before. Are you new in town or just passing through?" she slurred, already drunk.

    "You need to back off. You are so barking up the wrong tree. I'm here for a beer, nothing more... nothing less. Please I would love to be left alone to enjoy my beer and the music." I said calmly as I could under the circumstances. She huffed off being mad at being turned down. Good-riddance I thought happy to be alone but not for long because my Zack was waiting for me.

    I was so happy about the thought of my man... my gorgeous Zack waiting for me, I downed my first beer stood and left the second untouched. I had better, much better things to do. I returned to my car with renewed vigor. I needed my Babe and he needed his Angel... I am coming... I screamed out in my head.

    It was a short drive to his house and the sun was just starting to set changing the sky to bright orange and pink, glorious I thought. I stepped out of the car, shaking all over, with the roses and walked up on the porch. I shook it off as I rang the doorbell and I heard footsteps coming toward the door, my heart was beating so hard in my chest I was afraid I would fall over dead.

He opened the door slowly, "Yes, Hello, may I help you?"

"Hey babe, I am here my Zack." I said softly.

    He slug the door open wide and drug me inside and in his strong arms crushing me against the wall as our tears fell along with the roses to the floor. Arms free I picked him up off his artificial feet and carried him in to the den and to the couch, I sat with him in my lap where our lips finally met.

    My God, that first touch of our lips was 5,000 degrees hot. As our tongues touched my balls felt like they were on fire and all my inhabitations faded away and I grabbed his head hard and ground our mouths together as me both moaned loud. Fuck I was losing myself in this velvet kiss until my surprised arrived.

    Ten men all dressed in white waist length jackets and black pants were dragging in the food and drinks from my car and getting to work setting everything up. I did not stop the wonderful kiss between my Zack and me until one of the servers tapped me on the shoulder.

"Mr. Clark would you like a bottle of Champagne now?" he asked simply.

    I broke that kiss but was pissed because of it. "Babe, hold on one minute... yes we would like the Champagne now with two glasses, please. Start setting up the small table for two and start dinner." I said directed him to get to work.

    I looked in my Zack's beautiful blue eyes and as I rubbed his strong back I said "Babe God I love you. I hope you are happy with your surprise. Dinner and dancing along with drinks but I think the roses got stomped on." I laughed saying "I will build you a huge rose garden to make up for it Babe, my Zack. Please kiss me again."

    My God the second kiss was better than the first, Zack took control and drove me insane. His thick lips and tongue tasted better than any fine wine I had ever tasted. I melted against him and moaned in complete pleasure. His body was on fire, he felt like an electric blanket on high.

    My fingers finally in his thick soft hair, on his back and body, I was able to touch him anywhere I wanted. Our bodies finally touching and I could feel his heartbeat, hear it in my ears and feel his breath on my skin. Finally I could smell him in all his manliness, his soap, his sweat and his musky man smell. Only one word could describe it... PARADISE.

    Zack broke the kiss and wrapped me up in his arms "Angel, hold me with all your might and never let me go. God I love you so much," he whispered. My heart felt as if it would burst with the love I felt for this man. I stood carrying him with as he wrapped his fake legs around my back. I walked into the kitchen and sat him down on the counter. "We need a toast Babe, a toast to us." I said kissing his nose and grabbing the opened Champagne and pouring two glasses full.

    "Yes CC a toast, what a sweet thoughtful man you are. Wow...what a surprise. It's so wonderful and done so tastefully My Angel.... impressive but you are spoiling me," he said snickering. "I so love it!" he shouted laughing deep and hearty.

    Ooohhh what a wonderful deep laugh my man had, I could listen to it forever. Right then I knew I had to make that laugh happen every day for the rest of my life. That was my goal... my dream... to make the love of my life happy.

    "Here sweet babe, let's make a toast." I said handing him his glass of Champagne.

    He raised his glass and said "My Darling man... my CC. I toast to you Angel, for waking me up and making me feel true love. My love you are the only man for me.... Here's to us being together forever!" "Cheers." We yelled out together... downed our glasses and I poured another.

    "We need get a buzz on Babe. I want us loose on the dance floor." I said handing him another glass of Champagne.

He busted into a laugh "What dance floor CC?" he questioned.

    I snapped my fingers and one of the hired help came over. I whispered in his ear and he went on his way. "Drink up Babe. One dance floor coming up." I sang out downing mine and tipped his up higher so he downed his.

    I refilled our glasses and checked my pocket watch for time .... Give them 20 minutes I thought carefully closed the watch, not snapping it shut and risking springing the door and slid it back in my little watch pocket.

    "Babe I love your house, tell me all about it." I said very interested in its age and architectural design.

    Zack went into another zone. He was so proud of his place and talked about all the details with lots of animation and emotion as we drank and kissed here and there.

    It was time to get him in my arms again and the thought of it made my body tingled along with the help of 2 bottles of Champagne.

    "Please excuse me. I need to go to the bathroom Angel." Zack said as he slide off the counter and disappeared into a door off the kitchen. I watched him walk away and all I noticed was that sweet hot full ass. It was mine now and I wanted my hands on it soon.

    When he reappeared, I was waiting and I grabbed him in my arms and kissed him softly. "Babe, let me use the bathroom and then please dance with me. Go get a new bottle of Champagne, I will be right back." I murmured.

    I walked back into the den and Zack was standing there in the middle of the room with the bottle of by his side. "Angel, I still don't see a dance floor." I slowly walked to him like I was stalking my prey... he was stunning. "Yee of little faith...come to me. I will show you the dance floor love." I said deeply extending my hand still approaching him.

    He was like a deer caught in head-lights, I could see him shivering and the bottle shaking in his hands. I closed the space and enveloped him in my arms "Babe what's wrong? I love you My Zack." I said calmly worried for him and us. The tears fell again.

    "I want you so bad sometimes it takes over all my thoughts my Angel. Please hold me." I had never held someone so tight before and as he calmed I took several deep breaths of relief. "I love you Zack... I will never leave you willingly... remember always ... NO or dead... can't keep me or take me away from you."

    "Come ... please come and dance with me. Let me show you how magic our life will be together." He took my had and we walked out the sliding glass door to his back yard that was now transformed to a 12x12 wood dance floor with 2,000 candles and 50 gas lamps lighting the yard. Flowers were everywhere and the DJ was ready to run the songs. Zack was so shocked he dropped the bottle of Champagne but with a snap of my fingers we had another and the mess was gone.

    I nodded to the DJ and our song rang out.... "From the lips of an Angel." I grabbed Zack's hand and started us moving in this slow dance. My right hand in his left, my left hand and arm around his strong hard back. His crotch on my left thigh and his crotch on my right thigh as we moved and swayed to the music. My face was nuzzled against his, I could hear his breathing and feel his breath on my ear as he could mine.

    He felt so good in my arms and as we swayed to the music my hand slipped lower to his wonderful hard bubble butt. When my hand was there I pushed his ass in making his hard cock mash into my thigh... we both moaned.

    "God you feel so good my Angel. I love you... please dance with me all night. I feel so safe and loved in your arms. Never before has a man swept me off my artificial feet!" He said snickering in my ear.

    I knew in that second Zack would be my life everything...........................................................

Part #4 coming soon......Thanks for reading and posting......A......


A. Williams

[email protected]


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