From The Lips of an Angel #2

By : A. Williams

    Why was I so skeptical? He had never given me reason to think he'd ever lied about anything over this last year. Maybe I was paranoid from my past hurts, my mind was focused on cheaters and liars. God, he was so gorgeous on my computer screen. Those thick luscious lips that I longed to kiss, that long golden hair I longed to feel, those deep blue eyes I longed to see. My Zack and I knew with all my heart he already had my love. There was no turning back now, no matter what may or may-not be wrong with him, he was still mine.

    I printed his picture and placed it in a frame beside my bed, then began to get busy with my weekend chores. I passed Zack's picture on my computer screen as well as the one by my bed all morning. As I cleaned my bookcases in the living room, I came a crossed a favorite photo of myself.

    Jessie, a Photographer friend of mine had taken it a few months back. It was a black and white he'd snapped of me as I played basketball with some friends. He had enlarged it and asked me if he could use it in his portfolio, which I readily agreed to and in return I received a free sighed copy. He was very good and the photo was not bad either, just perfect to send Zack.

    I was dressed in shorts and a tank-top, the ball under my arm and a big smile. It showed off enough of my hard muscles without being too forward....perfect. I sat down and e-mailed him a copy, with this note attached "Zack will call you tonight around 8:00pm? Here I am... hope the photo comes to you OK...Later CC...

    The rest of the day was a blur of mind numbing work, a few calls from friends but by mid-afternoon the house was all clean and the last load of laundry in the dryer. I took off on my daily run of 5miles and meet up with some of the other runners in the neighborhood and ran along, much better than alone. We all seemed to be running the route to the beach .... Down on the sand for two miles and back around toward home. A very nice scenic run that I had taken many times. S we made the circle, we waved goodbye to the other runners as they slowed, cooling down and walking to their houses. I too ended my run and did my cooling stretches and went in to take a shower. Fresh and clean, feeling revived from my run I went the computer to see about my e-mails.

    There was one from My Zack, "Please me sooner than 8pm...I need you ....need to hear your voice......and to talk about your sexy photo...."

    I grabbed a beer and the phone. My hands shook as I dialed his number and once he said cock was rock hard.

"Hey Zack, its CC... how are you Babe?"

    "Better now Angel, I absolutely love that photo of you. You are one hot man, smoking hot....yum yum," he teasingly snickered.

    "Babe I printed your gorgeous photo and put it beside my bed in a frame so I can wake up to you every morning." I said softly and my voice full of love for my Zack.

I heard sniffles, he was crying "Babe, are you okay?" I asked full of concern and confusion.

    "No CC... my Angel I am not ok. I need to tell you the truth about me. I need to come clean, first know I am falling for you CC," he said gathering himself together.

    "Wait Babe, let me get another beer and piss, be right back." I said almost panicking. Fuck...I knew it! Something was up... yep you are so stupid. Falling for someone sight unseen, you desperate fool, I said to myself as I pissed. All kinds of ideas were running through my mind.

He was married to a female....

And had lots of kids...

Or maybe he was a female.....

Maybe he was...was...OOOHHH... fuck stop it ...

    Calm down and let the man... your Zack explain... calm down give him this time and be quiet, I said to myself.

    I came back on the phone having calmed myself down with the help of two quick shots of Jack Daniels Whiskey and had 2 beers in my hand. I sat crossed leg on the floor and spoke "I am back my Babe, I want you to know that I am falling for you too. I have been for months and I need you no matter what you say or tell me about yourself. I need you my Babe Zack, my special man." I said waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    "My angel, there is something I have to tell you before we meet," said Zack cautiously. "I have a problem, my body is not perfect. When I was 25, I had a very bad car accident. The dash board was wedged between my legs and the seats for 2 hours before the paramedics could cut me out of the car. So my Angel I am left with stubs below my knees... no calves or feet. I wear prosthetic legs and I have a regular life but it has made me shy and reserved about relationships. You know Angel, the physical part of a relationship scares me...what will "He" think of me and my I have been alone since my accident. You my Angel have woken up my desire and longing, God I hope I have not scared you off but if this going to be a problem...just hang up," said Zack finally taking a breath.

    I downed my beer and opened the other, "Really babe, is that it? The big reveal? That's ALL Babe?" I asked softly and calmly, breathing a sigh of relief.

    "What???!!! Are you serious Angel? Did you hear me and what I just told you? Yes that's all but a lot," he said voice full of emotion.

    "Babe, calm down and listen to me very carefully now, this is me speaking my heart to you. Zack, my man, I DO NOT... repeat... Do not give a flying fuck about your stumps. Babe as a matter of fact, you need to know I LOVE YOU all the more for being honest with me. I LOVE YOU ZACK and I want to come to you now. Please Babe, let me come see you and hug you." I asked my voice cracking as the tears fell down my face.

    "Angel, no crying, God, I love you too! Please hurry to me I can hardly wait for you to hold me." Zack said his heart so full of happiness.................

Part #3 coming soon.........Thanks for reading and posting ......A......


A. Williams

[email protected]


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