Forgetting the past - Chapter 5 - ASHLEY

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I was in Fortune Street at five o’clock and it was easy for me to locate the bar Paradise. It had a big terrace that was familiar to me. I think I must have had a drink there sometimes. It was long and it had the shape of a half moon. I took courage and entered. Yes, there was Ashley and four more waiters. As I approached the counter, I noticed he was smiling at me. Then I perceived that fortunately he kept his wonderful smell.

-Hello, Elmet. I am glad to see you again. I wasn’t sure you would like to see me after all.

-Hello, Ashley. Of course I would come. I promised you. I have many things to tell you.

-What would you like to drink? Of course you are invited.


-I will have tea. Look, as you can see, there are many waiters today. They knew I was expecting a friend. We could have our coffee and tea in the terrace and talk.

He prepared both drinks and we went to the terrace. He started to talk.

-I would like to begin by apologizing –but I interrupted him.

-You needn’t, Ashley. In fact I would like to thank you. Two nights ago it was for me a night of discoveries. I discovered many things. I didn’t know I was gay.

-I am gay myself, Elmet. None of my friends know. As I told you, we were speaking of sex and I saw your ass under that bridge. I could not resist and we raped you.

-You only raped me for two minutes and your friends did not. They are heterosexual, I suppose.

-They are. Well, if you want to know, they are, in the order they fucked you, Mike, Pete, John and Charles.

-I like you a lot, Ashley. In fact I would like to repeat and blow you again and be fucked.

-You are so hot, Elmet. But I must blow you too and you must fuck me.

-I also discovered I love your smell. I am piggier than that, but now I will tell you.

-You cannot be piggier than me.

-Well, we shall see –I smiled-, and I also discovered I was a masochist. But it was not the first time I was raped.

-Have you been raped before?

-379 times. Actually my father raped me for three years, from 21 to 24. Then I left home.

-Oh my God.

-It was incomprehensible for me cause he was a sweet and tender man later. But I must tell you that what you did to me was even good to forget that bitter past and recover him. Now he could fuck me, not rape me. Are you shocked with this idea?

-Not at all, if you don’t mind that I have a boner increasingly higher. Fortunately I have a sister, but no brother. I don’t know if I could have even raped him. You’d better tell me nothing. I usually see incest porn on the net.

-I phoned my father yesterday and we finally saw each other again and made peace.

Then I summarized the phone call and all he had said about my fate, I was born to be raped. And what he had told me about shit and that. I told Ashley the truth, I was really aroused and how both my father and I were jacking off and naked at the same time. Then I told him all that had happened later in my father’s house and how we had become increasingly aroused and had finally had incest, consensual now. I told him my father was heterosexual but had done all gay things. I also told him we had played with shit and more. I said my father was now my lover and he knew I would be here with Ashley now and he had told me I’d better tell him everything, even his old rapes.

-I’ve creamed my pants right now, Elmet. I must confess you that I also play with dirty things, but so far I have eaten shit and all you have named me, but I have fed no one, except when I pissed you the other night.

-I would even like to eat your shit, Ashley.

-I hope you like it then. We could feed each other. Oh, my God, I cannot forget what you have told me about your father.

-He knows I like you and want to repeat with you. He told me this: if Ashley got horny because of me, we could all three have sex, if he’s not uncomfortable seeing our incest.

-Well, if your father has told you that, it is you who must decide, I would gladly see your incest and participate.

-Then come to our house and we three will have fun.

-Wait for me here then. I will tell my waiters that I have to go. I will tell them my sister is in hospital and needs me.

Five minutes later he was back and joined me. We got a taxi and I saw his boner all the time. I had a boner too and wanted to touch him again.

When we entered my house, he kept his boner and thus he greeted my father who was in the living room and guessed Ashley could be coming.

-I know I should curse you, Ashley, for having raped my son, but I suppose he has told you everything and I have raped him many times. Now we are lovers. My name is Ethan.

-Hi, Ethan. Yes, he has told me everything. Now I only want his pleasure.

-Would you like to have something?

-As you wish.

-Then I suggest we might enter the kitchen and take our clothes off as I prepare the drinks. What would you have?

-A tea. Thanks, Ethan.

We entered the kitchen but before taking our clothes off, Ashley asked where the toilet was. He had to piss.

-You needn’t go to the toilet in this house, Ashley –I said-, you can use my mouth.

-Or mine –said my father-, choose the one you prefer to piss, do it in one mouth and the next time you have to piss, choose the other.

-Ok, then I choose Elmet, but you must do the same when you need to piss. I love the taste of pee.

So I opened my mouth and he pissed me again. The wonderful taste took me back to two nights ago. I saw myself under Lent Bridge being used by Ashley. When he finished my father told me to keep my mouth open for he was next to piss. I drank watching how Ashley was enjoying the pig incest. Then I told Ashley I had to piss too and he should open his mouth and it was wonderful to see how my latest rapist was enjoying my piss too. Once the three of us had pissed, my father suggested we could take our clothes off as he finished preparing tea and coffees. I was first. I wanted to show Ashley he should feel at home with us. He praised my naked body and told me he had had the need to see me naked since Friday. Then my father said he would undress when drinks were ready and said now it was Ashley’s turn. He started now to take off his clothes confidently. He was sexier than I could have expected. I asked him to turn. I wanted to see his arse. An excellent wonder of nature. I touched him. Then drinks were ready, all three cups were on the table and as we were pouring them, my father undressed. I could see at once Ashley really liked him.

-You are much alike. Both of you have hot bodies. I like you both.

As we were drinking our coffees and tea, my father grasped my dick, I grasped his and we started to jack each other off. Ashley said thank you and jerked himself off too. Thus we had our drinks. Later my father took my dick in his mouth, I took his and we 69ed. Poor Ashley didn’t know how to thank us. He was watching live incest. Ethan and I took our time. We knew we had a spectator and wanted to please him, so we sucked and licked our balls moaning all the time and touching everything. He had to see how we loved each other. We finally blasted our loads and opened our mouths so he could see them full of semen, his grandchildren in my father’s mouth, my brothers in mine. Then we asked him if he wanted to be blown and by whom. He said he would like to blow us both and I told him ok, Ashley, let’s 69 you and me now.

I was moved again seeing how that sexy man wanted to please me now. It was wonderful to have again his cock in my mouth while my cock was in his. Feeling the pleasure of blowing as you are being blown, one other rapist who had turned my pleaser. My father watched how we were enjoying and smiled. Our three naked bodies and our sweat danced with the perfect taste of our dicks. Ashley really seemed to be enjoying mine. And I had become used to the taste of dirty dicks, as I preferred them from now on. After ten minutes of pleasure, we shot our loads at the same time. He thanked me for the pleasure I had just given him and I answered with thank you, smiling at him. Then my father asked.

-Do you feel like a new blowjob, Ashley?

-I think I can have a new one. Why are you asking?

-I would like to blow you now.

-Then, let’s 69 again, Ethan. I also want to blow you. And thank you again, father and son, for all you are allowing me.

Ethan and Ashley really liked each other. It was wonderful to be there watching the two men I really appreciated pleasing themselves. I started to jack off, checking that Ashley was a perfect man who seemed to have been born to please my father and he told him he wanted to lick those balls that have given life to me. I almost blasted my load hearing him. But my father was another pleasing horny man and it was curious how by sucking he seemed to be thanking Ashley for having raped me so I had finally become my father’s lover. He busted his load soon but he continued sucking Ashley, who was exhausted apparently and took longer to cum, but he finally came. Now the three of us had sucked the other two cocks, the beginning of the fun had just started.

-Let’s go to the living room now and we could fuck –my father said.

Once we were in the living room, I asked Ashley to fuck me, now he would not rape me anymore. At the same time I would fuck Ethan. That’s the way I always called my father now, since he had become my lover. So, I finally had Ashley’s wonderful dirty dick in my ass, as mine was in my father’s. We three were fucking, enjoying the rhythm and happy because we were three men who liked each other and none raped any. We were sweaty and I knew for good I had a nose to enjoy the perfume of dirty men, a perfume like no other. The sensation of rhythm and smell is wonderful. I was being fucked and fucking, something new in my life. I was learning to be with both at the same time. I was used to my father’s ass and soon filled it with semen and I kissed his mouth as I waited for Ashley to cum, who was exhausted. When he did cum, my father suggested now he would fuck me and I would fuck Ashley if he wished. Of course he said yes. Now it was the other way round. Ashley said it was difficult for him to cum as often as we did, but now he did not have to cum. Our dicks were becoming used to be in many different holes the same day, and we were making Ashley used to cum more often. We were yelling like mad men and our sweat was dripping to the floor. I soon filled Ashley’s ass with semen and half a minute later I had again the cum that made me inside my arse. Ashley then implored Ethan to fuck him too, which he did as I was watching and jacking off. I was happy seeing how those two men, the most important men in my life, liked each other, and I even thought they were falling in love with each other. In fact when Ethan came, Ashley said he was in love with my father and Ethan said that was no problem and kissed him and asked to be fucked next. Now Ashley was fucking my father. I had to cum and start a new masturbation, which I did. Ashley’s balls had recovered now and he was ready to cum again, now in the ass of the man he loved. When he shot his load, we certainly all had fucked everyone. Ethan asked me if it would be a problem for me that he reciprocated Ashley. I said it would be no problem and added Ashley could be our new lover. He calmed down and we invited him to spend the night in our house. The three of us would sleep together that night. All of us had to pee. Now both Ashley and I pissed in my father’s mouth and he pissed Ashley, his new lover. The pig scenes had begun and we told Ashley to be brave and tell us what he would like to do now.

-Elmet has told me he likes eating your shit. Well, I have eaten shit many times and I would gladly eat both your shits, but I have never fed anyone.

-We could do this, Ashley. Each of us will shit in the other two mouths. If you feel shy, I will be the first one to shit. I know Elmet likes the taste. Come here, my son and lover. We will feed each other again.

He fed me his wonderful shit and I not only praised the taste, but came again. Ethan asked Ashley if he wanted some. He said he did and there he was eating shit from my father’s sexy dish. He chewed and swallowed and added he never got tired of shit. Ethan then came to my mouth again and fed me a new turd. Then he finished in Ashley’s mouth and he busted his load with shit too.

Now it was my turn. We were determined to taste everybody’s shit. I started feeding my father, who said he would surely cum later. Ashley said he was really enjoying the smell of my crap and said he was sure he would cum again and he was putting his balls to test, but he had to cum with my shit. It is wonderful to take a dump like this: in two horny men’s mouth, sure that they would cum. I was not sure I would have enough shit and preferred to shit just a little snack in my father’s mouth, telling him it would be the last time in case he wanted to cum. He did. Now I shat the last turd in Ashley’s mouth and he came too.

So Ashley had no chance but to shit us now. It would be his first time feeding shit but he had seen Ethan and I were good shiteaters and he timidly told me to open my mouth. He was going to try. The taste of Ashley’s shit was a bit disgusting but it was wonderful to savour my last rapist’s poop. I was madly jacking off. He was shier feeding my father because he loved him and did not want to disgust him, but he finally dared. He hardly had any more shit and told us. Both my father and I said we would cum so he was calm. When both of us had achieved that goal we kissed us three at the same time with all our mouths full of shit.

We did not puke that first day. Ashley was still a bit shy but we said he would dine with us after we had brushed our teeth and wiped our asses. At dinner we calmed him and told him we would be three lovers and after today he could sleep with us and live with us. We pissed one another many times and none had to go to the toilet. Our mouths were the toilet.

It was a first wonderful night of love among us three, but Ashley couldn’t do much and we kissed him and embraced him and little more, but he saw father and son having more sex. He said he liked me so much that he accepted the threesome we had made. We also spent a lot of time licking everybody’s pits and feet. Sweat is from now on the perfume of our bed.

And finally on Monday he moved with us and we have started to live the three of us together. We have often played with puke, snot, farts, gob and of course with piss and shit. We have told the neighbours he is also my father’s son and my brother so we are always careful not even to kiss on the street. He is out of the closet now and has dared to tell all his friends and told them he is my lover and he lives with his boyfriend’s father. Only the three of us know the truth of this strange threesome which began after many rapes. Both of them want to please me now every day and tell me.

-Be happy now, Elmet.


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