Forgetting the past - Chapter 3 – I’M A MASOCHIST.

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I had to be quite sincere and allow my father now to ask me any questions.

-You know I am a dominant man, Elmet, and since you are a masochist, I would like to do something for your sexual life now. And everything has to be consensual. So, first of all I ask you: do you really want to be fucked? This is the most arousing night of my life and I will never again do something you don’t like, I promise.

-You can fuck me, Dad. As a masochist, I would really like it.

-Does this situation arouse you? I mean, being naked before your father and seeing how he wanks over your nudity, touches you, kisses you and so on.

-It really arouses me, Dad. So as a friend now, in a consensual way, I ask you, Dad, please, improve my sexual life as a masochist. I can go on naked and you can touch me all you want.

-So as a masochist I ask you, regardless of your sexual orientation, would you like me to take my clothes off and be naked before you too?

-Certainly I would like to see you stark naked, Dad. I have never seen you totally nude but I would like to.

-Then I’ll cum again first and I will take my clothes off later.

And he shot his load again. Then he stood up and began undressing telling me I could touch any part of his body now if I wished. I liked to see his naked skin but waited for the moment he was naked to touch him. As he was taking his clothes off, I really began to be horny and my erection was full now seeing a gradually naked man. The fact that I was aroused watching my father and my rapist, no longer my rapist, told me I wanted this situation to be prolonged. Of course I touched everything of his nudity as he had previously touched me. I really desired to see and touch everything, and asked him to turn so I could see his ass. It was the first time I could see my father’s ass. I touched it long and then he said.

-Everything will be different now and consensual. I want to explore my gay side, or at least Elmetsexual and you can have this arse to fuck too.

-I needn’t fuck you, Dad.

-If ever a man fucks me, it has to be you. I have had pleasure with your arse too many times. You can also have pleasure with mine now. I am really sure that this arse is yours. You can fuck me now, if you want.

-Dad, if you ask me the same tomorrow, I will fuck you, but take your time and think twice, please. As a masochist I would like you to fuck me, not the other way round.

-Well, Elmet. Tomorrow I will ask you. Something different now. You see I have stopped my cock but I will start a new masturbation unless in the next minute, you grasp my cock and prefer to jack me off.

I took no time to think. I grabbed my father’s dick and started jacking him off. I really liked to have for the first time a cock in my hand and enjoyed seeing the pleasure in his face.

-Thanks, Elmet. I will ask you more things. You can answer or not, as you prefer.

-Ask, Dad.

-I have to ask you this. Does the fact that you are having sex and will be fucked by the man that has tormented you so much arouse you?

-Yes, Dad. But it arouses me because I know that very man wants my pleasure now and not giving me psychological pain.

-And does the fact that man is your father turn you on too? I mean, are you also aroused at the thought of having some incest?

-It drives me crazy to know whom I am pleasing now, to know it is my father. And Dad, you can have this pleasure every day. At least we can be naked, I can jack you off and you can fuck me.

-You know I will also jack you off whenever you allow me. Well, even if you are a masochist, don’t ask me to beat you, please. If you want, I could whip your ass with my belt, but no more.

-Dad, one day I would like to do the doggie scene. But you can whip me tomorrow for instance. But it must be like this. I have to be naked and you can get aroused seeing my ass, and after you have whipped me, you will fuck me.

-Good. I have no more questions now. Do you want to say anything or do you prefer to go on with your story? You have been half an hour telling me the sweaty man’s dick is in your arse. Did you think of me when you were raped or fucked?

-It was inevitable to think of you, Dad. Again a man with your smell was raping me, he humiliated me sweetly, and he was just like you, Dad. So yes, he reminded me of you and sometimes I remembered you. But I would like something else, Dad. I would also like to blow you.

-Oh, my God, Elmet. This is the best moment of all my sexual life. But I think I should have a shower first. It is very dirty.

-Can I sniff your cock, Dad?

-You can.

Then I did sniff that wonderful dick. The mere smell made me horny and I wanted to have it in my mouth. Not thinking twice, I took it in my mouth and checked that it had a wonderful taste to enjoy later. I told him I certainly wanted to blow him. And he answered.

-But I will also blow you. And for that I don’t want to wait until tomorrow. You must allow me to suck your dick this very night, and I want to be first; then you can blow me.

-Ok, Dad. You can at least try. Let me tell you there was something you told me on the phone that as a masochist drove me crazy and I want to try. I will like to be your toilet, at least once. I wanna try everything. Do you feel like pissing, Dad?

-I’ve cummed so many times that I really need to piss. Ok, Elmet, you can try piss at least. I know many people enjoy it and you can try but you will piss in my mouth later. If you agree, I can piss you now. But if you don’t like it, tell me and I will stop. Come close and open your mouth.

I took my father’s dick in my mouth again and tasted it. He seemed shy but he knew now that by pissing me he could please me and he had too. So his bladder soon soaked my mouth and went down my throat. I had to tell him nothing. When he saw I was enjoying his wonderful liquid he continued pissing me knowing I really liked it. Then he asked me to do the same. I did not want but I knew I had to, so I pissed my father’s mouth too and I was surprised he drank and drank and so much he considered my piss a wonderful nectar that once I finished he told me to be pissing in his mouth all night. I told him he should do the same. Then I asked him to fart. He farted in that very moment and I said I would like his farts in my mouth later. Saying nothing I picked one of his fingernails with some dirt in it and took my finger in my mouth and tasted it telling him it was delicious. Next I picked his nose, full of snot, and also took my finger to my mouth later and ate. The taste surprised me; it was something absolutely and unexpectedly delicious. I asked him to blow his nose in my mouth later. I wanted to eat. He picked my nostril too and something he ate. I asked him now to spit in my mouth. He told me he would if we did that alternatively. My mouth was wide open and he spat. I told him I liked it and was next to spit in my father’s mouth. We were like this for three minutes, but I had something more to ask him.

-Dad, I wanna try your shit and your puke too.

-You can if you do the same to me.

-Please, you can also try my shit and my puke tomorrow if you ask me, but not tonight.

-We will do this then. I will shit and puke tonight. I want you to try everything and then sincerely give me your opinion. But you will go to the toilet and shit. I will go with you. If I happen to like what I see and smell, I will try something and tell you. I think I should also try everything I fed your mother and you are asking me to feed you too.

-Ok, Dad. I will continue with the story now –and I really wanted to finish the first rape soon because there was something really important I had to tell him-. So, Dad, after a couple of minutes, though I have taken so long to tell you, my ass did not hurt me anymore. I had my higher erection then and four of them started to laugh at me, but the sweaty man said unexpectedly.

-Do not laugh at him. He’s taking it like a man. He’s really a sweet brave young man. He seems to like it and he has accepted his rape without any resistance.

Those words really make me be fond of him and I was all night grateful to that sweet smelly man for what he was doing to me. Now I could really enjoy a dick in my arse. It was a wonderful sensation. Now I knew the rest of my life I would desire to be fucked. But there was something more. I soon discovered the reason of my long boner. It was his smell, Dad. I could perceive the stench of his feet but the smell of his armpits was driving me absolutely crazy. I mentally said to myself: if you are all night close to me, where I can perceive your man smell, you sweet sweaty man, I will keep my boner. I don’t mind the rest of you are laughing at me, since you are not doing it. So, Dad, I finally answer what you have been all night wanting to know. I am gay; Dad, but I discovered it last night. And I like smelly men like him or you. So, please, when I tell you my whole story, I wanna lick your feet, and then your pits, and it will be the first time I will jack off. I have to cum with the wonderful perfume of your armpits. Then the rest of the things: I will blow you, and when you are finally fucking me as I desire you can jack me off.

-It is so hot to know you are gay. We will follow that order, but I must blow you first. And I have another question. You have just said you really like me, so would you like to sleep with me? We will be naked in bed and having sex. If you will not fuck me until tomorrow, at least I can blow you or fuck you again.

-So be it, Dad. I’d love to sleep with you.

-Then please finish your story and don’t forget to tell me something about the rest of them, though I suspect you really like the sweaty man.

-I’d love to please him once and again, indeed Dad.

-Go on.

-Finally he cummed in my ass. And I cannot describe you the pleasure of noticing semen inside me. I was proud I had achieved the pleasure of that sweet smelly man who had made me discover my sexual orientation. Then he invited the tall man to fuck me. It was so hot to know, Dad, the night I had discovered I enjoyed being fucked I would have four more dicks pleasing me. The tall man had the longest cock and it was really deep inside my ass, touching spots the smelly man had not reached. It was hurting me again, but I knew now I even liked the pain. It was ten more minutes of pleasure till I sensed his cum inside me. I said to myself: all of you must have fun, cause you’re really making me enjoy. Now it was the turn of the old man. He had the smallest cock and he cummed in my ass in just two minutes. It was a pity to me he was so fast, but I liked the thought of having a new man cumming in my arse.

-You’re telling me your story really fast now. But do it as you prefer. I like to know that after all you had fun last night. You are really brave, Elmet. No other man could take pleasure of such an ordeal.

-Thanks, Dad, you hot sweet man. I’m fast because there was a second part I also want you to know. Well, fourth was the fat man. His was the widest cock and he took long to cum. He was touching new points of my arse and giving me some pain. So my ass is finally prepared for more men to fuck me, especially you, Dad, and it will not hurt again and will be forever a wonderful pleasure to be fucked. And last was the bald man. He was for five minutes and nothing to tell you about his cock or his way of fucking me, cause in that moment the smelly man began to talk to me.

-I should thank you, unknown young man. You have pleased us all and have never complained. If I have to pay for what we have done to you, I will. I want you to know that my name is Ashley Bosworth. I own a bar called Paradise, in Fortune Street and I work there. I want you to know all this in case you want to report me. I have raped you, and even when I think you have enjoyed, I am willing now to go to prison if you really want me to be there. I could not resist. I saw some of your ass, for your trousers were really showing it. The five of us had been talking of the long time it was since we hadn’t fucked a girl and were hot. Then I saw your ass and I had the sudden impulse of having fun with you.

-Ashley –I told him now-. My name is Elmet March and you needn’t apologize. In fact you have not raped me, only you and just for two minutes, till I changed my mind and thought I would give you all my consent so you would fuck me but not rape me. I feel gay now, but I did not know before you fucked me, and I am even grateful to you for the sweet manners you have had with me that have made me discover myself. I even like your smell so much that in fact I would like to please you more.

-Look, Elmet. I do not work tomorrow. But if you really want to talk to me, you can go to the bar Paradise on Sunday afternoon. I will be there and we could talk –in that moment the bald man finally cummed-. Did you mean it when you said you really wanted to please me more? Even the five of us?

-Indeed, Ashley. If you really wanted to fuck me again, you can.

-Not that. But you said you were feeling gay. Have you ever sucked a cock?

-Never, but I want to now. And I would blow you. Can I start?

-I am very dirty and the smell of my cock must be awful.

-Can I taste it?

-You can.

The moment I tasted that cock I knew I wanted to blow him. I wanted to know what sucking a cock would be like and I really wanted to please Ashley, and if to please him, I had to suck five dicks, I would. Now I prepared myself to please them all again with my mouth.


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