Forgetting the past - Chapter 2 – RAPED UNDER THE BRIDGE

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I was walking up the stairs with a strong desire to see him again, to kiss him and fondly hug him. My father lived on a first floor, no lift, and I thought I could perceive his smell on the stairs. I rang the bell and I saw him again after three years. I almost cried. He smelled as he had always smelled, it really was my sweet father, Ethan March. I couldn’t help but cry the moment I saw him. He was crying too.

-Hello, Dad –And I kissed his cheek.

-Hello, Elmet, you little bitch –Thus he welcomed me back. He kissed my cheek too-. I am sorry to call you this, but now I want to explain why I have called you like that. But I am so glad to see you again.

-Dad, I was expecting something like this. I know you like humiliating. I would like you to explain that to me, but believe me I don’t care. I am so happy I can see you again.

He started then to grope my crotch in a very erotic movement. He located my balls and went on with my cock, completely hard by then.

-Do you mind?

-Dad, years ago you used to rape me. You have never touched me erotically, but you can go on. It is pleasant.

Then he started to grope my ass, the ass he would fuck tonight.

-As far as you find pleasure touching me, Dad, you can go on. I don’t mind and what matters is I can see you again.

-Sit on the couch. I will explain you some things.

-Shall I take my clothes off now?

-Not yet. I can wait.

I sat down and said.

-Tell me, Dad.

-First I want to apologize. I should never have raped you. I have paid it enough with three years without seeing you and I really thought I would never see you again. Believe me I am really ashamed.

-Dad, I want you to be my friend now. Of course you are forgiven.

He continued touching me and I was increasingly harder.

-Well, Elmet. I have called you little bitch so as not to call you bitch. I know perfectly well you are glad to see me again and you are not selling yourself to me. But as I was waiting for you and jacking off again.

-For the second time.

-The third time. I wanked over you this morning again as I do every morning before going to work, not suspecting I would listen to your voice today or see you.

-Good, Dad, be as Elmetsexual as you want to be.

-But as I was jacking off now, I thought that somehow you had to be aroused too. I don’t know if I could perceive a tone of arousal in your voice, but to come here, saying yes to taking your clothes off and to allow me to fuck you, well, it has made me think you really want to have sex with your father and in that sense I have called you little bitch. Or else, can you explain to me why you have that boner right now?

-The situation is quite atypical, Dad, you are groping me and…

-But you had a boner before I started touching you.

-It arouses me to know I would soon be naked before my father and he would fuck me, not rape me now.

-You can tell me things slowly. I won’t force you to do anything but I’d like to know what your sexual orientation is. You know I am a heterosexual man in general but Elmetsexual too.

-I have many things to tell you, Dad. I would like to tell you my story first and then I will answer every question you have.

-Before you take your clothes off, I want to do something, but I would like everything to be consensual now. I would not do it if you say no.

-What is it you want, Dad?

-I would like to kiss you.

-You mean my mouth?

-Certainly. Maybe you don’t want.

-Dad, you can kiss me.

Then he approached his lips to mine and we were kissing for a long time, both our tongues included. Oh, how sweet he was. After three years, he wanted to make me on fire and touched and kissed me before fucking me. Everything was different now. We were kissing for five minutes, forgetting the past and starting to be two men who really liked each other. He stroked my crotch meanwhile. I told him I had liked it and he could kiss me now whenever he wanted. It was the first time I was kissing a man and I was glad my father was the first man I was kissing.

-Do you really want to take your clothes off? I would like it to be consensual.

-Dad, I will. And if tomorrow you want me to take off my clothes again as you touch and kiss me, I will do it again. I don’t fucking care. I know you are a man who needs to have a lot of sex and I am moved that being heterosexual you want to please me.

-Can I touch you?

-All you want, Dad. As far as you can see the boner I have right now, everything is ok. So touch me if you want. I will take my clothes off.

He started to sweetly touch my face before I started undressing and seeing it was pleasant to me, I allowed him to continue. When he was touching my mouth, I kissed him: I had to show him I was enjoying this situation. He thanked me and I started taking off my shirt. Watching some of my nudity he was increasingly hornier. I could see he was harder now when he started to grope my naked chest. He told me.

-You smell of sweat a bit and I even like it. Oh, my God, you make me so horny. Thanks for allowing me.

I said nothing and took off my shoes and socks. He asked me then to approach my feet to his nose. I could not believe he was hard when sniffing them slowly; then he kissed both my feet. I was in a hurry to know what he would do when I took off my pants. I was wearing no undies. I had to ask him.

-Dad, this is the first time you touch a man, isn’t it?

-It is. But you are so special to me.

-I like it. You can go on.

-Can I even touch your dick a lot of times or even jack you off later?

-You can touch my dick as much as you want, Dad, but I’d rather choose the moments I would like to jack off. There might be a first moment before you fuck me.

I finally removed my pants and as I was expecting he started to fondly touch my balls and my cock. I could not believe that heterosexual man, even if he was Elmetsexual, was giving me so much pleasure.

-Can I start my story now, Dad?

-You can.

-I was raped again last night.

He almost creamed his pants then. I could see he had a lot of different feelings.

-Elmet! Oh Elmet, I know I should first get angry at that man, I guess it was a man.

-Yes, Dad.

-And then I should comfort you. But how can I tell you I am sorry if I am your main rapist? Could you not think that coming to your rapist’s house to tell me you were raped again could make me completely on fire and I could not give you the consolation you need?

-I know, Dad, I had to tell you, precisely you, for I know you can understand me and I went through many different stages. You are the one who may understand me best.

-Elmet, before you tell me, well I am sorry to say this. I have wanked over you three times today but I would need to go to the toilet in order to cum again and later I will return and listen to your story, or else…

-Or else?

-Well, would you also allow me to take my cock out and jack off here as I listen to your story? You know I am a bastard and I wasn’t expecting this.

-Dad, you are not a bastard and I want to tell you my rape. You have seen I don’t care now that you are horny and I have seen your cock many times. So, Dad, you can take it out and wank.

-I hope it was not an ordeal or you suffered much.

-It is obvious nothing happened to me, Dad. I am here and safe.

He then took his cock out and I could see for the first time my father whacking off.

-I cannot help but think you are aroused even now, seeing my cock having fun.

-I want to tell you my story with every possible detail, Dad. I don’t care you are having fun. And when I tell you something I think you will cum. It was a gang rape, Dad. It was five men.

-Oh, my God, I’m cumming. I am sorry, Elmet.

-Dad, you needn’t apologize. I am an adult and know what I am doing. Of course I suspected you would be on fire when I told you, but I don’t care because it is a real need for me to tell you. I had many different feelings and it is not easy to explain what I felt. So cum as many times you want, Dad. I can’t remember having seen you cum before since you used to cum in my arse. I want to be slow telling you because I need to tell you everything I felt.

-I will start a new masturbation, but please Elmet, the moment you feel uncomfortable, tell me and I will stop.

-I am not uncomfortable. You can go on, Dad. I want to explain to you first the time and the place, all the circumstances that made it possible I was raped again.

-Tell me.

-Well, I work in the afternoons in Castle Gardens, from three to eight. But yesterday I forgot to take some money with me for a bus or taxi to take me back home. I had had to work overtime and I left at nine. I had to return on foot. I was exhausted and I stopped many times to have some rest. It is five kilometers to finally reach King Edmund Street. And at about eleven I arrived to Lent Bridge. Do you know it, Dad?

-I do.

-It was still two kilometers away from home and I decided to have a new rest, so I went to Lent Bridge. I saw it was sheltered enough and suddenly I felt exhausted and thought I could not reach home that night. And well, since today it is Saturday and I don’t have to work the thought came to me of trying to sleep under that bridge tonight and come back home in the morning. But Dad, I don’t want you to think now that I sleep on the street every day.

-You are a sincere man, Elmet. If you slept on the streets, you would tell me.

-So I tried to sleep there at about eleven. I think I finally fell asleep at about twelve. That’s what happens to me when I am exhausted. It was not just because of the unusual place I had chosen to sleep. And I woke up suddenly at about two. Somebody had pulled down my pants and I did not notice. I woke up again with a dick in my ass.

My father shot his load again. And I repeated I didn’t care and he started a new masturbation.

-Well, Dad, I have told you it was a gang rape. It was five men. I will talk to you about them. In the order they raped me, I will call them the sweaty man, for he smelled just as you smell now. Dad, how long have you been unwashed?

-Next Tuesday, the 27th, it will be a month.

-Then he was unwashed for a month. The others were the tall man, the old man, well, he was not old, but all of them were in their twenties, and he was almost forty; finally I was raped by the fat man and the bald man.

-Then, please tell me something about the five of them. If I have to apologize later because I am horny now, I will.

-I will tell you something about each of them and you needn’t apologize.

-Ok, tell me.

-Well, my first reaction was being really infuriated. I was raped again. I didn’t know last night that I was born to be raped. But oh I have really fulfilled my fate. It hasn’t been only you, Dad. Finally I have been raped 384 times.

-I am sorry, Elmet. I am quite ashamed.

-Dad, you are not to blame for what happened to me yesterday night. And I had a new feeling. Different from your rapes, Dad, after which I knew I could be calm and sweetly taken care of, I was frightened, because I did not know them and did not know if anything could happen to me later. They could beat me or even kill me so I could not report them afterwards.

-I am really frightened now.

-But my fate is being raped once and again by sweet smelly men, Dad. They didn’t kill me, obviously. So, since I am used to having a dick in my arse, I said to myself, I would let them have fun at me so they could enjoy and don’t hurt me later. If I had known how to move my arse to give them more pleasure, I would. And suddenly the words of my friend came to me and they can somehow explain my behaviour now. I am tired of being raped and I said this to myself: I can change my mind and mentally give them my consent, so I would not be raped anymore, but fucked. Only the sweaty man raped me and just for two minutes before I had this thought. So, I said, ok, you can all go on and have fun. I didn’t tell them anything because I didn’t want them so aroused that they could be hours having fun at me. I needed the rape, or the fucking, to end so I could finally see nothing had happened to me. And then the sweaty man started to talk to me.

-Be a good boy and let us have some fun. Nothing will happen to you later, believe me. But it is curious. You seem to be enjoying this. You have a huge boner. That’s what he said to me. He was a man just like you, Dad. He smelled like you, was raping me and was humiliating me with the truth because I really had a boner I could not understand, Dad. After three years without having a dick in my ass, it was tight again, and it was really painful. So why the hell did I have that boner? I was being raped, I was scared and it hurt me. So, finally I had no chance but to admit it. I don’t know if people take years to admit it but being 27, I had to finally come to the conclusion that I am a masochist.

When I said this, my father shot a new load and said.

-Elmet, forgive me any question I can ask you now. But talking on the phone you have known I am a sado or sadistic man. And now you say you are a masochist. So, not talking about your sexual orientation now, though I really would like to know, you know I am a dominant man and I think you are really aroused. So the question is, can I do something now, consensual of course, to improve your sexual life?


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