Forgetting the past - Chapter 4 – THREE MASTURBATIONS

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I began to enjoy the taste of Ashley’s dick. Only when I blew the other four cocks I could check Ashley’s cock was very dirty. But I preferred that dirty taste. So I began my first blowjob ever, Dad. I didn’t know how to do it and he told me.

-Mind your teeth, Elmet.

Then I discovered the way of blowing without biting. I really wanted to give that wonderful man a perfect blowjob. But two minutes after I had started something unexpected happened. He started pissing in my mouth.

-Come on, Elmet. If you really want to please me, you can drink it –and then he informed the others of what he was doing-. I had a strong urge to piss and I thought I would stop the blowjob to piss but thinking twice I had the surprising thought that maybe you would even like to drink it.

I continued drinking his piss and blowing him with no objection. I would do whatever pleased that hot man and in fact I was enjoying the taste of his pee.

-Oh, how he blows –and then he told the others-. As I think now he is a natural piss drinker, I recommend you to try this experience and piss him too during your blowjobs. And you will be surprised how well he sucks.

I said nothing. When his stream of piss finally ended, I continued sucking. He had to cum with me again, now in my mouth: I had to also taste cum, but I admitted I really enjoyed being a urinal. At last he cummed. The taste of it was perfect and I was really proud that I was pleasing that hot man, even drinking his piss.

-So, Dad, your pee has not been the first and your dick will not be the first I suck. Having got used to the taste of piss, when you told me on the phone that you used to piss mum it drove me crazy. And you told me more things and I knew I wanted to try everything. And I want specially to taste your cock, which has the same flavour as that of Ashley.

-You really like that man, don’t you?

-I do, Dad. I want to see him tomorrow again and please him. Well, I continue.

Then I sucked the other four cocks in the same order they had fucked me. So, now it was the tall man. His cock was not as dirty, but it drove me crazy just the same. I knew I would spend the rest of my life blowing men. He took a long time to cum and I must say I was awaiting his piss, but it was not coming. I felt frustrated. I wanted them all to piss in my mouth. But yes, Dad, he finally pissed me, after five minutes. It was delicious. And it seemed impossible to make him cum. I wanted to achieve the goal of all of them cumming in my mouth. It took me more than ten minutes but finally his tasty nectar came to my throat. I was happy now. Now it was the turn of the old man; again he was the quickest one for everything, fast to piss, fast to cum. In that moment I knew perfectly well that I desired five streams of piss and five streams of semen. The fat man’s dick was a bit dirty, not as dirty as Ashley’s dick, but with a perfect taste too. I didn’t have to wait long for his piss, but the blowjob was long. Ashley and all of them were praising my blowjobs and laughed at me for being a perfect piss drinker. Of course Ashley praised me but never laughed. And last was again the turn of the bald man. I knew it would be the last time last night that I would taste piss and cum and was a bit sad, a little worried yet that something could happen to me now, but I trusted Ashley and thought that if they wanted to hurt me later, he would fight with me against them. The last stream of piss finally came and after that the bald man shot his load. Then Ashley told me he had to piss again and asked me if I wanted to drink more. I said I would really appreciate more of his pee and drank again Ashley’s yellow liquid. Finally he patted my shoulder, congratulated me for the fun they had all had with me and repeated he’d love to see me again and talk to me. I assured him I would see him in Paradise on Sunday afternoon. He hugged me and I last felt his wonderful man scent and they left, but Ashley said that my hard cock needed some attention and I should jack off.

-I had to do it, Dad. It all had been so much fun that I needed to cum remembering them.

-So you finally busted your load.

-I did three times there under Lent Bridge, Dad, and I also want to tell you.

-I will cum later then. Please tell me all you want.

My first masturbation was remembering the five of them, but specially Ashley and assuming all the discoveries I had made. I lived the pain again and knew I was a real masochist. I admitted I was gay, or if I am bisexual, women have no importance now. I imagined their cocks one by one pleasing my arse and then I remembered them in my mouth and the wonderful taste they had. I took a long time memorizing the taste of piss and telling myself I would like to drink pee more often. And last I admitted I was a real pig, and remembered the smell of Ashley’s feet and the wonderful scent of his man’s pits. With them I finally came, Dad. But as I was thinking of his armpits the memory came to me of your pits, Dad, and I still don’t know if I shot my load with the smell of his or yours. Then I was a couple of minutes considering if it was possible I had blasted my load thinking of my own father, if I could assume that. But then I thought that wanking over you could be a shock therapy. You used to have fun with me, so why couldn’t I have a little fun thinking of you? Now it could be something tender and I remembered again how much I liked you and wanted to recover my father. So, if my father needed a lot of sex, I could give him some sex now, but consensual.

-A very intelligent attitude, Elmet. Oh, you’re great.

So I began remembering your man smell and thought I would really like to have a new whiff of my tender father. I was not scared of myself when I started to imagine your dick in my arse. I had already had five that day but I wanted to have six and to have my father’s cock inside me again but now it would be pleasant. And I also imagined your penis in my mouth and I saw myself doing with pleasure what I have never done so far: tasting your dick, which I imagined dirty and tasty and blowing you. And I finally thought of your smell and this time I did cum with the memory of your scent. I was happy I had wanked over you but my cock needed a new incestuous masturbation. And I said to myself: come on, Elmet, wank over your father again. Ashley deserves a lot of masturbation, but now you were more important.

-You are making me on fire, Elmet.

And then I thought how easy it would be for me to arouse you and persuade you to have some incest. I would tell you my story and hoped you would be on fire. I really thought that just telling you I was raped and telling you how much I love you would be enough but thought that if you were not aroused enough to fuck me I should say “Dad, please, fuck me now”. I came for the last time yesterday and with the arousing and moving thought that I could see you again today, I calmed down. The wish to see you and to continue thinking about you erotically made my legs really fly now and I went back home and arrived sooner than I had expected. I went to sleep and this morning I had to wank over you again, now really sure that I liked it. I said I would phone you in the afternoon, and now I can tell you, Dad, that I was naked too on the phone and when I heard again your masculine voice, I started to jack off, even before you started doing the same. When I was certain that you would fuck me again tonight I shot a huge amount of cum. Hearing you say that I should tell you my story without my clothes drove me crazy and all you told me of people who are toilets for other people. Then it was wonderful to come back home and see you. You fortunately smelled as you have always smelled and I could not believe it: you were touching my whole body before I took my clothes off and we kissed as a sign of reconciliation. Then the moment I told you I was raped you asked me permission to take your cock out and wank in my presence. And I am really proud of how my cock has behaved, always erect and showing you clearly I liked this situation. Seeing you jacking off was perfect and everything has been better than I expected the moment I told you I was a masochist. You have even allowed me to jack you off. Being here watching your perfect naked body, smelling you and seeing you cum over and over again with me is wonderful. Next I told you I was gay and we scheduled some incestuous things for later. I cannot be hornier, Dad. And this is the end of my story. Please cum again and let real incest begin now.

He had his longest cum in that moment and then he asked me where I wanted to begin.

-I have to lick your feet, Dad. I love the smell that I can perceive.

-Then, Elmet, believe me when I tell you that your mansmell is also driving me crazy. So please approach your left foot to my nose and I will approach my right foot to yours and we will do this together.

We did what he had told me and we both smelled our respective feet with lust. He started to lick me before I had started, but my father’s smell was really arousing and it was so hot to know I would live with him now and I could lick his feet every day. But that hot man surprised me. His face showed real arousal and no disgust and was savouring his son as if that were what he had always wanted to do.

-I am so glad you have decided not to go to the shower today, Elmet.

-I wanted to have on me some of Ashley’s smell or yours, Dad, and that’s why, but I never thought you would like to lick my feet or I would have had a shower.

-The taste of your smelly feet is so delicious that I would even like to go to bed with you with this perfume. Let me be aware with it that for the first time in my life I will go to bed with a man.

-So be it, Dad.

And then we changed foot and went on licking. We were two pigs discovering the pleasure of dirty smell. We did not say oink but we could have. After two minutes I asked my father please to let me lick his armpits, for I really needed to cum. He told me it was ok but we would do the same and asked me to raise one of my arms. I did and then he raised one of his. The pungent smell of it came to my nose as a bullet with perfume. I was first now to lick his pit, but he was soon licking mine. And finally I was jacking off before my father. He couldn’t help but say.

-After having tormented you so much, Elmet, you don’t know what it means to me to see my son having sexual pleasure with me. I love to see you jacking off. I also love the way your pits smell, but I want to focus on your beautiful face now, to see you jacking off with your father and desiring this pervert old man. I have hurt you many times but now it is an unexpected gift to be allowed to please you the way you desire. You like pig things, at least the smell of a man, but I think I am just as pig as you. I really like your smell. Let’s change to the other pit and I will whack off. I want you to see that your father also wants to cum with your smell.

It was an indescribable orgy of pits now. He was becoming a perfect pit licker, as my mother had been, as I was, and we licked and licked as if we were writing a poem to the wonderful smell of armpits. He was as hard as I was when he was enjoying my smell. For the first time I was glad I had not gone to the shower. Then I told him I could not hold it any longer and had to cum and it was a wonderful picture to see that the first time I came with daddy, he came with me too.

-Do you feel like cumming again, Elmet?

-Certainly, Dad.

-Then I will blow you. And the moment you cum I will have really become your lover, so I would like you to call me Ethan. Also Dad, of course, whenever you want, but call me by my name too if you accept me as your lover.

-Ok, Dad. I will call you by your name later. You can start but stop if you don’t like it.

But his response was licking my balls for a while and then blowing me. He was pleasing me perfectly. He wanted to please me and become gay with me. It was all so tender now that I think I started to cry. But he moved his tongue perfectly and I could see his affection, now desiring to make peace with me and start anew and be a father and a son who really liked each other and even had sex. I was so moved with that unexpectedly perfect blowjob that I told him I was cumming. He asked me to cum in his mouth and I did.

-Wonderful taste of my grandchildren, Elmet. Be sure now that I will blow you every day.

-Thanks, Ethan –I used his name for the first time-. Now, please let me blow you.

I can hardly describe what I was feeling when I was blowing my father. Years of disappointment changed into smell, taste and affection. I remembered Ashley’s dick, which had the same taste and I knew I would always desire Ethan March’s cock in my mouth. Then my father was really crying starting to assimilate that the son he had so often hurt was now horny and happy and desired him. We were building father and son’s affection and arousal, the beginning of our future paths. In just two minutes he blasted his load in my mouth really moved and I will always remember that first taste of my father’s cum. I told him I would blow him now very often and every day. He then asked me if I really wanted his shit.

-Certainly I do, Ethan. And I also want to taste your farts. Do not worry: if I do not like it, I will tell you and won’t repeat. But please, shit in my mouth now.

-Then here is my ass for you –he said and approached his hole to my face.

I loved the taste of his dirty arse and told him. He soon began to fart. I told him the truth. It was somewhat disgusting but my cock went harder and I asked him for more. Two or three more farts and I could finally sense his shit in my mouth. A small turd. I ate it with disgust, but suddenly I shot a new load. It was unexpected but I had to tell him.

-Dad, I think your shit has disgusted me a little but the very disgust had made me so horny that I have busted my load. You don’t have to shit everything in my mouth, but one more turd, please, and then you can finish in the toilet. I want to get used to eating shit because I desire you shit in my mouth often.

And he gave me a second turd. Somewhat disgusting, but the psychological pleasure to know I was eating my father’s crap was greater. Then he stopped shitting. I had enjoyed my first experience with scat and now I had to try puke and I pleaded my father. A bit unsure he told me to open my mouth and kissed me again, and soon he started to vomit. Puke was different to shit. It could be disgusting, but I loved the taste. I told him to continue puking, for I would jack off and wanted to cum with the taste of my father’s puke. So he was puking for about three minutes, I was masturbating and having so much pleasure that I finally shot my load. He told me now it was my turn and I should go to the toilet. He came with me and asked me to puke first. I filled the toilet with it, brown too of the shit I had previously eaten. He wasn’t shy and took a finger in the toilet, took out some puke, ate with no disgust and told me I could puke in his mouth tomorrow.

-Now shit, but if you have to piss first, piss in my mouth.

I pissed him first and then I finally sat on the toilet and started shitting. He knew how to make me calm and was jacking off as I shat. Unexpectedly he took one of his fingers to my crack, picked up some shit, sniffed it and ate it. He asked me to continue and once I had finished and wiped my arse, I stood up; he looked at my shit, took one more morsel to his mouth and ate it too.

-Tomorrow you will shit in my mouth, you can be sure. Now we can even play dirty games, but both of us. I don’t want to be your master, but your lover, and everything you do, I will do too.

-Ok, Dad. Now fuck me, please. Let’s return to the living room. But wait, please, are your slippers under your bed?

-They are.

-I will bring them to you.

I went on all fours there in the bathroom and walked as a doggie to his bedroom saying woof. I found them, sniffed them and put them in my mouth and came back to the living room with them. I gave them to my father, kissed his feet and licked them a while and next I turned, showed him my arse and said.

-Ethan March, this is a real offer for you. This ass of mine belongs to your cock forever. You can spend the rest of your life fucking me. You will not rape me anymore. I want your dick every day in here; I want my ass to be yours forever. Now, Dad, please fuck me. I really need it.

-I love you so much, Elmet. You have really calmed me down. Now I will fuck you, but be sure you will fuck me tomorrow and every day.

And finally I had my father’s cock in my arse. And he grabbed my cock and started jacking me off while he was groping me all over and kissing me.

-It doesn’t hurt now, Dad. And psychological pain has changed into psychological joy. Now the past is over and we start anew as father and son and lovers.

My father’s dick in my ass was now the right thing I needed once I was not being raped and the past was forgotten. I moaned once and again so he could perceive how happy I was with his cock now fucking me. He jacked me off and kissed me. We were becoming real friends in that moment of wild father and son lust. I told him once and again that after now I needed him to have a high-quality sexual life. He told me he needed exactly the same and now we were lovers and he had to show that new fact to me. He fucked me longer than Ashley and the other four men last night, but finally asked me to cum because he was also going to cum in my arse. We both came almost at the same time. The seed that made me was now in my ass. I kissed my father who was really crying of joy in that moment. He could not believe what we had become. Then as I had no more things I wanted to do then, he told me we should have dinner. We ate there naked and I was all the time kissing his sweat. He said we could jack each other off now and we started having fun even at meals. After we came and finished dinner, we went naked to bed, kissing all the time and saying sweet words to each other, with two big erections and two shining faces.

Going to bed with my father was discovering Ethan March’s sweetness. He had been my tormentor but now he was forever my pleasing lover and started to blow me again. I knew now he liked my dick and was calmer. After cumming, enjoying the perfect blowjobs my father gave me now, I sucked his dick again. I was blowing him for a longer time now but the longer the better. He knew now that his tool was mine and lasted and lasted as I was savouring paradise again in his tasty dirty cock. And once he shot his load, I asked him to fuck me again but he said he would fuck me again when I had dared fuck him. So we had no more sex that night but kept on touching each other and enjoying the perfume of our bodies. We took some time to fall asleep but we finally managed, both hugged in the smell of reconciliation. Now with him I would have a tender father, a friend and a pleasing lover.

On Sunday morning, as I expected we also had breakfast naked and jacking each other off, but once we finished he went on his knees and asked me please to fuck him now. I finally took courage and said I would. It was easier than I expected. I must be hurting him but he did not show me any pain. He moaned and thanked me once and again telling me: “believe me, Elmet, after today you will fuck me every day.” Of course now it was me who kissed him, groped him and jacked him off. His moans increased and there came a moment when he finally told me it didn’t hurt him anymore and added that arse of his was mine forever now and we had become father and son lovers.

That Sunday morning he also asked me to shit in his mouth. I knew he had tasted some of my shit and seemed to enjoy the taste but I was scared as hell. Nevertheless, my father came surprisingly to my ass and started to lick asking me for farts. I said to myself I would fart once and see. But he praised the smell of my farts so much that finally I was ten minutes farting in my father’s mouth. In the end, I dared to shit him just one morsel. His response was starting to masturbate and I could perceive he was eating my shit with no disgust. He asked me to shit him all I had for he would also cum with my shit. So I was brave and shat him three more turds and he told me he had just cum and I could see his semen on the floor. I had no more shit. Later that morning I also puked in his mouth and his reaction was the same as mine. After that morning both my father and me are happy puke eaters who love the taste and always cum with it. Finally I told him we would have sex again when I returned home. It was Sunday afternoon now and I had to go to Paradise and get to know Ashley Bosworth and thank him and trying to convince him to have some sex again.


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