(Note: this is like a screen play kinda. So if you guys want me to write like this let me now, or you prefer the old. I know it's really short but hey it and experiment. Thanks and enjoy!) As Kyle and Ryan left for there holiday weekend. little did Kyle know Ryan has a surprise for his that can change him. Intercom: Now bording flight #104 at gate C2. Kyle: hey babe we got to hurry! I told you we should'nt stop at Mcdonalds for lunch! (he said with alittle panic) Ryan: OK ok I'm sorry, I make it up to you K? Kyle: OK, but we got to get to our flight on time. My mom is already meeting us there at the resort. Intercom: Attention all passengers. the gate will be closing for flight #104 to florida will be in five minutes. Kyle: see! I told you As they made it to there flight. And loaded there bags. An set to Florida. It was a from Iowa to Palm Springs. As they were leaving the terminal, and out of the airport to meet Kyle's mom & sis to the cruise. Kyle: taxi! The taxi pulled over. The two loaded there stuff. when they a arrived Kyle's mom was waiting for them at the docks. Ms. Oliver: there you boys are! i didn't think the two of you didn't make it. come on it's about to leave. they enter the ship. Mrs. Oliver: ok now as a mom I will be very lenient if you guys drink sooo. I made some fake ID for the two of you. Kyle: Wow! mom that's awesome. she gave them the ID. Mrs. Oliver: Now go have fun, but not to much fun. I don't want to hear anyone on the intercom of someone is overboard ok? As she left the boys wonder to see what to do. Ryan: isn't this nice. I have the whole winter break spending time with my lovely boyfriend. Kyle: Awwwww, I love it when you called me your "boyfriend". Ryan: well what do you want me to call you? friend, lover. Kyle: I think boyfriend is good for now. hey lets go see our room. Ryan: ok. Im down. As they went looking for there room 302T Kyle: 299, 300, ah! 302T (he slide in the card and took a look inside) Ryan: Damn. Your mom know how to pick a perfect view. You can see the ocean from the the deck. and theres a freaking pool too! what does your mom do for a living? Kyle: Shes a house nurse. She takes care of the people around our neighborhood and old people. Ryan: Im going to the bathroom head in the pool first K Kyle: OK. (he gave Ryan a kiss) As Ryan left to the bathroom. He pulled out a small little black box and put in on the counter. Ryan: DAMN IT!!! (he shouted) Kyle: (knock knock knock) is everything ok in there? Ryan: Yeah I'm fine just kick my toe thats all. (he put the box away. and open the door) I'm ok. Kyle: ok just hurry up and join me at the pool K? Ryan: k After Kyle left, Ryan quickly hide the ring, and join Kyle in the pool. Ryan: CANNON BOMB!!!!!!! (He ran toward the pool) Kyle: you're an idiot you know that right? (He laugh) Ryan: A very good looking, handsome, idiot to be correct Kyle: point taking [As Ryan and I were making out passionately, I notice something poking me by my thigh. Than I realize it was his dick pressing against. we kiss for a little bit more until Ryan broke the kiss] Ryan: are you ready? Kyle: [Ryan picked me up and carried me to the bed, as he lay me down and we began to kiss again. As we kissed he gently rub his finger against my nipple] Kyle: Mmmmmmm. [we began to make out some more, until I began to fell my cock stared to get hard. Ryan was already hard and we both grind our cocks together. Ryan broke the kiss and started kissing my neck down slowly to my belly. Soon his hand stared to untie my trunks and my rock hard cock bounce up.] [I would I'm a pretty ok size 7.5 inches is not bad and 5.3 around is ok too, but anyways] Ryan: wow! It beautiful [I blush] Kyle: now I want to see you. [I grab the string and pulled his trunks down and his cock flew out. He was bigger than me 8 inch and really thick] End of part I. To Be Continued.




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