Chapter 2: An Empty Heart

After my conversation with Ryan. I thought to my self what's with him yesterday? As lay on my bed just thinks about the look on Ryan's face, as I think more the more I was falling asleep. Soon I was dreaming about my dad. I never talk about my dad because 2 years ago he died in a fatal car crash, as he was driving home a large Sami-truck next to him lost control the break the drive tried to steer away but he couldn't. As the truck lost control it ramp my fathers car causing it to flip 6 times before it stop. My dad was rush into the hospital and survived. But later that night he past away from a burst tumor in his Brian.

I try not to think of him but the more I do the more it hurts me. That night I cried myself to sleep just thinking about what my father would do to help his gay son.

That morning my alarm goes off. It was like a normal routine for me. Take a shower, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and get ready for school.

That morning I meet up with Amy and the others at the cafeteria table. As the bell ring for class, we all went our separate ways, I have p.e. with Ashton, Liam as AP calculus. When we got to the gym, I notice that we had a sub.

"Ok boys I'm subbing for Mr. West today my name is Mrs. Locket."

"Oh boy she looks like a fucking beast! Look at the size of that thing. She is like a hippo." Ashton whispered to me.

I chuckled.

As me and Ashton where laughing I notice Ryan was looking at me. "What does he want, or what is he looking at?" I thought to my self. By the time the sub told us to run a mile in the track, I had an fake excuse note form the doctor, the sub took it, and to that whole time I just sit down on the grass and watch as Ryan run past by me.

Ryan is like one of the most hottest guys in our school (I think I said that already. Lol) the whole student body worships him like a god. Ryan is also captain of the team, he even has his own fan club it's called "T.R.S.H. Club" I thought it was called the trash but just missing the letter "A", it was organized by Shelby wright, our schools biggest whore. Ryan dated Shelby for only two day and when he found out that she was sleeping with so guy from a different school. So he dumps her, the only reason why she dated Ryan is because of the sex that she never had.

As the bell rings to go an change. I was the first one in, so I change as fast as I can so I don't need to worry about Ryan, I'm not ashamed of my body, I'm Pretty fit for my age. but every time I change in front of him I start to get a little boner. Like come on.

"Hey why weren't running today" Ryan said to me.

"Um, I wasn't really feeling good" I said back

"Well that sucks bud, hope you feel better" as he patted my shoulders and walked into the shower.

"Oh my god, he just talk to me" my voice screaming inside my head.

The rest of the day pass like a blur and when I walk toward my locker, as I was about to open it Ryan came up to me.

"Hey, um Kyle I know we haven't talk much but I was hoping of you want to get some coffee with me after?" He said.

Is he for real! hell yeah.

"Um, sure let me get my stuff and where off ok" I said. (Oh god I can't believe this is happening right now!)

"Great, ill wait for you in the parking lot when your done" he said. with a big smile on his face.

As Ryan left Amy came up with the "what the hell just happened while I was gone" face.

"Okay, now tell me, did I just saw Ryan like the Ryan Monroe captain/quarter back of the football team!?" She said.

I nodded.

"Oh my god what did he said to you?"

"He ask me out to get some coffee with him" I replied back with a high squeal.

"Well... What are you waiting for go, and don't forget to tell all the details when you're done." Amy said as she gave me a big good luck hug.

As I was about out the door I saw him just leaning by the side of his car just like a stud.

"Are you ready? slowpoke" He said.

I smiled as I hop in his car. As we drove it was really awkward, I tried to talk to him but I couldn't find a word. We just drove, when I reach for the volume for the radio, both of our hand touch. We pause and look at each other.

"I-I a-um... Sorry" I said. I pull my hand back and look at the window.

Ryan just look at me and smile, and continue driving.

When we arrived at Starbucks, Ryan said to wait here, as he got out he went to my side, and open my door for me.

"Awwww, that's so sweet of him" I said in my head. "Why?what have I done to deserved this".

As I got out all I see is him really happy. When we were inside.

"Hi, welcome to Starbucks. What can I get you today sir?" The cashier ask him.

"Um, can I get a french vanilla cappuccino, and..." He look at me "do you want something too?" He ask.

"Just a chocolate frappé. Thanks"

"Ok a cappuccino, and a frappé" he said to the cashier.

"Ok, your total will be $5.29, and your drink is on its way"

Ryan grab his card and payed for my drink. I pick a seat as we sat down, waiting for our drinks.

"So, Kyle tell me about your self" ask Ryan.

"Um... I'm a dancer, I into all the fine arts at school. Um I have a choir concert on Friday" I replied. "What about you tell me about you?"

As Ryan about to talk, the cashier called our number. As Ryan went up to get it. When he return.

"Sorry, can you ask again?" He said.

"Tell me a bit about yourself, Ryan" I said.

"Um, I'm captain of our schools football team, I love to work out, I'm applying for Dixie university, in business /marketing, or theater".

"Hey! That the college I'm applying too!" I said with a little excitement.

"The cool, so do you want to catch a movie or something?" He ask.

"Well it getting late, I have other homework to do. How this weekend?" I said

"Sure, that's fine with me"

We got up and walk out the door. I got close to the Ryan came up an opens the car door for me. "God he's so sweet of him". As we drove to my house, we talk an laugh. When we got to my house he walk me to me door.

"I had a really good time today" Ryan said.

"Yeah, me too"

We stared at each others eyes, as our head got closer and closer until my phone buzz. "GOD WHO THE FUCK IS THIS!" I said in my head. I declined the call.

"Who was that?" Ryan said.

"A friend, but it can wait" I said.

As we talk a little bit more it was 7:00 and it was getting dark.

"Well I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow" he said "here give your phone number".

Did he just gave me up his number?

"Here's my number, I'll text or give you a call" He said.

As he gave back my phone.

"Bye" he said.


As Ryan about to leave he gave me a peck on the cheek and look back an wave bye, as he got in his car and drove away. When I walk in my house, I close the door and just stood there putting my hand on my cheek, just thinking about him and that kiss.

"Looks like someone is in love" my mom said

I ignored her and walk to my room. Than lay down on my be just starstruck and fall asleep smiling, thinking my peck on the cheek from Ryan.

To be continue...

(This chapter will come in 2 parts. This is the first part. Hope you guys like this story so far.)




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