Chapter 3: Do Over

When Ryan told me that he cared about me I thought to myself why did a fall in love with this guy that treated me like a total booty call. God why did I fall in love with him in the first place, every time my friends says his name or think his name my eyes get teary. They all say "life is like a mystery" mystery my ass.

"Hey" my phone vibrated. It was Amy "how are you?"

"OK" I replied "I'm still in love with him :( what should I do?"

"I'm sorry :( there is nothing I can do for you. Now we just hope for the better."

"I hope so I just can't get him out of my head."

"It hurt if I think of him. I just wish I can just forget about him and move on."

"Kyle stop! don't say that I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you like that I'm sure you will forgive him when the times come."

"Oh! Now you on his side now. I thought you where my best friend."

"I am Kyle I will always be. I just feel bad for him because he is really trying."

"i guess your right... thanks Amy for understanding. i love you"

"love you too"



Nock* nock* nock* mom opened the door. "Kyle sweetie you have a phone call it form Ryan" She said.

Why now! "um tell him I'm not here. Tell him I'm a grandmas house!" I said to her.

"Um, sorry Ryan, Kyle is not here, he is at his grandmas house for the weekend" talking to ryan on the phone.

"yes, umm hmmm. ill be sure to tell him when he gets back"

"Yes, OK bye bye sweetie" she hung up.


Since my weekend was boring as hell. Ryan tried to talk to me again. It's just hard not to forgive him for what he did to me. So anyway it's October already and Halloween is coming up.

That day me and Amy when to a Halloween shop and pick out our costume for Shelby's annual Halloween party tonight. Amy pick out a slutty cop but I said no to, than her final decision was a slutty vampire. I say it look nice on her. My choice was between a werewolf or a masquerade costume. I chose that masquerade it makes me look mysterious. After we were done we drove back to me house and tried out our costume.

"Damn. That vampire costume looks good on you!" I said.

"Yeah? does it make my ass look big?"

"No, your ass is fine. Its more of the front I'm worried about!" I said with a laughter.

"Oh shut up!" Amy slap my arm. " i bet the guy will be all over that nice bubble butt of you're so you should be more worried"

"Oh I see where this is going" winkie face.

"Oh yeah baby!"

Amy and I laugh and joke around for a bit like best friends would do.

That evening we both put on our costume. I told my parents that ill be out late, but they know that, I'm a teen I should live it while it last you're not going to be 18 forever.

When we arrived at Shelby's house it was packed like last time. That time when I found out that Ryan slept with that girl. [GOD! I HATE HIM, I HOPE HE'S NOT HERE!] I thought to myself. When we got inside everyone was dressed up I can't tell who is who. I told myself Ryan is not here, Ryan is not here.

An hour past by still no Ryan. I was happy. I still have feelings for him, but its not going to change how the was I think of him.

I felt a hand tap my shoulder. "hey! this party is a blast right?" the guy ask.

he was also in a masquerade as i was, and it was hard to tell who it is. "yeah it all right" I replied back to him.

"Well, what are you doing stand here all alone?"

"I'm not in the mood of dancing..."

"Why? what for. is it because of someone?"

"yeah... it is... see he broke my heart here right in this house..."

"well i hope he was a total dick to do that to you"

"yeah! he was a dick"

"Hey, why don't you come and dance with me" he said.

"No, ill past but thanks tho" I turn him down.

"Come on" he grab my hand and pulled me to the dance floor.

In my head [this guy is alright I thinks he's better than Ryan]. We dance, and dance until a slow song. I look around and every body was dancing together, I even saw Amy with some random guy dancing too! I looked back.

"May I have this dance with you?" he ask.

"Uh-um-i yes you may" I managed to say a word.

As we were slow dancing I rest my head against his chest. I felt like a princess dancing with my mysterious prince charming.

"i had a fun night" i said to him. "thanks"

"No problem" he said "I hope you're having fun" with a smile.

We stared into each others eyes, as our head got closer and closer. So I notice our lips are touching each other. We kissed while I felt his tongue trying to get in my mouth. I let him in, and we kiss and exchanging tongues. He broke the kiss.

"i love you Kyle"

Oh my god! Is was that Ryan? Did he kiss me?

I grab his mask an lift it. And I was him. Ryan, the guy I kissed said he loved me. But how did he know it was me?

"How did you know it was me?" I said with a little rage in my voice.

"your friend Amy told me you'll be in this costume"

I should there and frozen.

I thought this never happen me kissing Ryan the man I loved kissed me! He really kiss me.

"Well I you going to say something?" Ryan ask.

I looked him in the eyes, tiers started running down my face.

"Kyle! i know i mess up everything between you and i ju-"

"Just shut up! Ryan!" I yelled at him. And ran to the door.

I ran outside than I felt Ryan Ryan yank my arm.

"God damn it Kyle just talk to me!" he said.

"There is nothing to talk about!" screaming "you broke my heart, and now you kiss me! well I guess that all you need to do. Just play with someones heart! and then crush it afterward. Well, there you have it! I hope your happy now!"

"do you think I'm happy?" he said with tiers on his face. "that day when i saw you in the locker room i know that I'm in love, i ask you to coffee and the look on you face made me feel like to luckiest guy on earth"

"Then way did you sleep with that girl!? Huh!"

"I was drunk Kyle! What else do you want me to say! I'm sorry?" as he said crying "I've made a mistake, I tried so hard everyday to forget about you but I can't I just can't I love you kyle, and I miss you! I missed you so much I feel like I had loose you forever now!"

That way he poorer his heart out and said that to me it blew my mind, not it made me love him even more.

"you haven't lost Ryan i was always here" i said softly. " yes my heart was broken but it never made me stop loving you. i thought about you every single day until that day you talk to me. and i miss you too..."

I grab his hand and looked at him.

"I just and stop thinking about you Kyle" he said crying. "I just can't loose you, I love to much to let you go!"

"Hey hey hush now" I said as I wipe the tiers out of his face. "I'm never going anywhere Ryan, i will always be here"

We both look into each others eyes soon or face got closer, than we were kissing.

Ryan broke off that kiss "I love you so much Kyle" he said.

"I love you to Ryan" I replied.

That night I found the man of my dream and he is standing right n front of me.

To Be Continued...




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