That night when Ryan said he love me. I knew I was in heaven and there is no way I'm coming down. We kept lip locking for about five minutes until he broke up the kiss.

"So... Does this mean I'm off the hook?" He said.

"Yes" I giggled. "you're off the hook"

"Kyle?" Ryan ask.


"I really like you... And... I... Um... I was..." He was stuttering. "I was wondering... If you want to be... My um..."

"Boyfriend?" I finish.

"Yeah Boyfriend, would you like to be my boyfriend Kyle?" He said.

"Yes, yes Ryan I would love to be your boyfriend" my face lift up, and peck him on the lips.

After our little make out session, Ryan decided to take me home.

When we got to my house. He walk me to the front step.

"We'll I guess this is goodbye... For now" he jokingly said.

"You're such a dork" I said. "Maybe that's why I'm totally in love with you right now"

We chatted till it was really late out.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school?" He said.

"Yeah, where else will I see you?" I replied

Ryan gave me one last kiss as he walk to his car a drove away. As I walked into my house walked to my room, and just lay there on my bed and fell asleep.

"hey babe wake up" a gentle voice speak.

"no... i don't want to..." i mumbled.

"fine i guess my new boyfriend doesn't want to late for 4th period today" said Ryan.

"ok ok ok, I'm up I'm up" i said half asleep. "how did you got in anyways?"

"your mom let me in I told her that we are a couple now so you don't need to tell her now" he smiled.

"What!? you told her? why would you do that" my voice rase up a bit.

"I'm sorry if that would make you feel better I can just leave"

"no no I'm not mad at you, its just I wanted to tell her myself you know mother to son, but i guess telling her from your new boyfriend would make her day now right" i smiled.

"I guess so" he started to brighten up.

"here you wait downstairs, while I get ready ok?"

"Ok, sounds great"

I gave Ryan a peck on the lip and went to the showers.

After I was done I came down stairs. Ryan was still there just talking to my mother. The two of them really bonded like best friends.

"Kyle, your breakfast is on the table" mom said.


I tried to eat as fast as I can so me and Ryan have more time to our self if you know what that mean.

"Whoa! slow down babe, your going to choke" Ryan said with a little concerned.

"Well maybe I want to choke, maybe some mouth to mouth too" winkie face.

After I'd finish. went upstairs, grab my stuff and ready to go. As I came down he was waiting for me at the door. "ready to go?" he ask. I nodded. he open the door, walk to his car as I was about to grab the handle, he intervene nicely.

"I got this" he said opening the door form me.

"Awww you're so sweet" I replied.

The day gone by fast. I went to my locker, punch in the numbers than an envelope fell out. I read it.

"We know about Ryan- Anonymous"

I saw Ryan approaching me at the corner of my eyes. So I cram the note into my bag.

"Hey" he smiled. "ready to go?"


"whats wrong is there something bothering you?" he ask.

"no no nothing is wrong, I'm fine lets go"

I didn't want to say it but I don't think the schools knows that their quarterback is gay. so for now i have to hide it from him, but how long? how long with this person go to expose my new boyfriend?


2 months later.

After the I discovered the envelope that said they know about Ryan. It just stop everything was back to normal. Ryan told his parent that he was gay and they took it quite well his dad had a gay brother in Washington, and still kept in contact so it was no problem for them.

Christmas break is close too. I cant believe this half way till I'm done with high school, and into the big world. Me and Ryan sitting on the couch watch a hallmarks christmas event show until.

"So you boys got somewhere to go over the break?" Mom came in the room.

"nope Mrs. Oliver just working on my car" Ryan replied.

"why you ask mom?" I turn to her.

"well I was wondering if you want to invite your boyfriend to Australia with us"

"that would be very nice. But" Ryan got cut off.

"Great!" Mom said with an excitement. "you should go home and start packing we leave at 3 in the evening!" and leaves.

"Wow my boyfriend get to spend the christmas break with me. Best gift ever"

"Well if you want me to make it on the flight with you I better start packing like now"

As Ryan gets up and gave me a kiss good bye, and said I love you and the door and leave. I swear I think he is my soul mate. Always and forever...


That morning, I was get packed up for our first holiday trip together.

"Nock nock nock, anybody in here?" Ryan's head peeked in.

"No it's his ghost you're speaking too" I exaggerated and gave him a kiss.

"well if you want to catch our flight on time, you better hurry up!"


"oh, there is one thing I wanted to ask you?" he said.

"well, what is it?" I replied.

"I-um-I-I" he stuttered.

"well ok, you don't need to tell me right now ok? now help me finish packing up"

"ok" he said "so here is my question, do you ever want to get married one day?





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