It was not long ago that I realize I was gay. Before we start let me introduce myself. My name is Kyle Oliver, Im 18 years old, and this is my senior year at desert hills high. I lived with my mom and my little. sister Sophia. The two of them are really supportive of me when I first came out to them. And that's a little bit about myself. (Now let's continue.)

"Kyle! Hurry up your going to be late for your first day back to school!" Yelled Mom.

"Ok ok ok, I'm hurrying." I replied back.

"You better, and I made breakfast for you." she said.

As I hop out of my bed, take a shower, ran down stairs ,eat my breakfast and brush my teeth, and find myself a good outfit to wear. As I came down stairs...

Ding! Dong! The door bell rings.

As I open the door.

"Ahhh! Come on you slowpoke." Said Amy. "On our first day back to school and your already late".

"Tell me about it" Mom yelled form the kitchen.

"Ok ok haha, let me go get my bag, and were off" I said.

Amy is one of my closes friend; she is like a sister to me. When I fist came out she was like "oh my god. My best friend is gay?! We got to go shopping now!". I alway love her personality it always makes me smile.

As we pull up to the parking lot I grab my bag a walk with Amy to the cafeteria. When we arrived I saw my old friends Ashton, Karla, Ashley, Liam.

"Hey! There they are, we thought you guys wheat man hunt at the mall on your first day back! Haha" Liam said as the whole group laugh.

"Yeah yeah real funny. And least I know who's attractive and who's not just like you." I replied with a quirky grin.

"While you boys are arguing us girls have to use the restroom" Amy said as she whisper in Ashley and Karla's ears and left.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The bell ring.

"Well what is your first class?" Said Liam.

"I have P.e. with West. What about you?" I said

"Hey that's my class too!" Ashton said.

"Damn. You two are lucky I have Peterson's for AP calculus.

We laugh as me and Ashton head to the looker room.

As we change into our p.e. cloths, suddenly I saw Ryan at the corner of my eye changing next to me. I tried so hard not to blush or embarrassed myself in front of him. Ryan was our senior football quarterback and he gets all the chicks in school. It's not that hard for him because he has like the perfect body, biceps, legs and everything. As he takes off his shirt and revealed his muscular body. "God he's so hot" I said in my head.

"Hey. Kyle right?" Ryan said.

Oh my god! Was he talking to me?!

"Wha- I mean yeah?" I stuttered (god I'm such an idiot.)

"Um, I ran out of my deodorant and I was hoping if you could let me borrow some of yours." Ryan said in a deep masculine voice.

"Sure" I said "let me grab it".

As I reach into my locker I glans a bit as him an I realize that he was checking me out, "is he gay?" I thought to myself.

"Here, I need a new one anyway so why don't you keep it" I said.

"Thanks" he said with a smile on his face.




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