Saturday had been awesome, Nate and I had a blast at Kennywood and by the time we got back to my place we were exhausted and ready to collapse! 

I couldn't help but wonder when I woke up on Sunday just what the future held, but before I had to much time to t think about a very hot, Horny Nate woke up! I wobbly found myself wrapped up in his arms, or cocks grinding together our bodies pushing against one another until he managed to roll me over on my back and slide form on top of me, burying my cock deep within his ass. I started to buck up into him when he layed a hand on my chest and told me to just last back, enjoy and let him do all the work.  Nate spent the next 15 minutes on to of me riding my cock while slowly stroking and edging himself until I couldn't take it any longer. Knowing I want going to last much longer I rolled him over forwarding his legs over my shoulders and began to pound his ass. Pulling out and thrusting deeply within him bouncing my cock off of his prostate I could hear Nate whimpering as I fucked him long and deep. Finally I leaned forward, our lips being and tongues dueling before I slightly whispered to him that I was going to fill his ass. Terri or the quick thrusts later and I could feel the cum squirting out of my cock and deep into his bowels as his cum shot in volleys out of his cock all over both of us. 

After a time of great morning sex we got up and got showered, as we were getting out of the shower Nate's cell began to ring, so he grabbed it saying it was the wife and headed into the bathroom to talk while I got dressed in the bedroom. I could only hear part of the conversation, but what I did it sounded like Nate was telling her about our weekend, just leaving out the sex . then I heard him ask about her weekend, if course I couldn't hear her answer but he walked into the bedroom smiling telling  her he was glad she had a good time and they would figure things out tomorrow when she got home and that he loved her! Fuck am I confused by this point, what game us this dude playing! 

He hangs up the phone, takes one look at the confused look on my face, smiled and said OK time for breakfast and a long conversation!

Over breakfast I found out that Nate's marriage was legal but a sham! His wife was a lesbian but has wanted a family and Nate had always expected that he was gay but until me had never had the chance to excitement. After meeting me he told his wife and she admitted that she had met a woman a couple of towns away. That's when they had cooked up the idea for her to go out of town, so he could have the weekend with me to see how it went! 

I wasn't sure how to respond at first  until Nate reached over took my hand and confessed that he loved me and wanted us to be together! Right then I knew that even though we had gotten to this point in a really screwed up way, I was the happiest I had ever been! 

It's been just over a month since Nate and I had that Sunday morning conversation, since then his wife has moved up north with her girlfriend, who by the way is a very good friend of mine and Nate and I are living in the home he and his wife had shared! The four of us are working together to with our the listening of the two kids and I'm the happiest man alive!


Cubby Bear


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