It was a typical cold, winter,  Friday afternoon in a small town in northern Ohio. Snow had been falling somewhat steadily all day and was starting to build up not only on the ground but also on the roads. The TV guys were calling for about 4-5 inches over night but what did they know, they measure about like most queers! 

By the way my name's John, I'm 6'1 and weigh just over 200# decently built but by know means a body builder, everyone tells me it's my eyes that get me in trouble, but anyway, I digress.  I work at one of the local gay bars, OK the only gay bar in town and today I'm on the early shift, that means coming in and receiving the liquor order when it comes in, cleaning up and prepping for open. Kind of sucks because your there by yourself, but hey at least I'm not here till close and if I get lucky I won't go home alone, granted with the snow coming I'm not expecting much in the way of business.

Antway, It was getting to be about 4 o'clock when I heard the back buzzer ring, so I headed to the back room to unlock and let old Milt in, Milt ran one of the local alcohol distribution centers and had been delivering to us for a long time, he was a pot bellied, little old guy who was nothing to look at, but really nice and was always good to stand around and keep ya company for a few. I unlocked the doors and opened them hollering just bring it in the back Milt, when a voice yells back, I'll bring it in but I'm not Milt, I'm Nate. I quickly spun on my heels to see Milts drop dead gorgeous ( happily married) 28 years old son standing there.  I grinned and asked about Milt only to find that with the snow they had a couple of call offs and Milt had volunteered to do the out of town run and let his son do the local shops he could get home to the wife and kids. 

Nate unloaded the truck and much like his dad (we were the last delivery on this route) he stuck around to talk for a bit. I hadn't seen Nate in ages even though we had known each other almost our entire lives and had gone to school together, we never ran in the same circles, but it was cool to catch up. Any way, after several minutes Nate asked if he could use the restroom before heading out, I told him sure, no problem but I couldn't make any promises as to what condition it was in as I hadn't cleaned it from the night before yet. 

A couple minutes later Nate came out of the back Hall with a rather curious look on his face, I asked if he was OK, and he said yes, but wondered if it was OK to ask me a question, I said sure ask away. 

As I'm leaning there against the counter checking out every inch of the hot stud in front of me he proceeds to ask if everything he has headed about the bathrooms in gay bars is true. I just laughed and asked what he had heard. As he pondered what to say next, I noticed that he reached down and quickly adjusted himself. Finally he kind of laughed and said " well I've heard that guys give head and stuff in the bathrooms at places like this " I laughed and looked at him grinning as I caught him adjusting himself again before I answered. 

I just kind of laugh, and told him I'm not going to lie to you. Yes we have caught guys giving each other head in the bathroom, yes we've caught guys fucking in the bathroom. Is it an orgy every night, no does it happen daily no, but I told Nate it does happen on occasion. At this point I can feel my seven and a half inch cock starting to get hard, as I walk over to again to see Nate reach down and adjust himself much more blatantly this time.

I figured it was time to let the poor guy off the hook so to speak, and finally just asked, why are you asking, is there something you're curious about Nate? With a sheepish grin, Nate admitted that his wife refused to perform oral sex and that he had not had a blow job since his sophomore year of high school.

I looked up grinning and told Nate that he didn't have to wait for someone to meet him in the bathroom all he had to do was follow me. With that being said, I turned and walked back toward the office leaving the door open behind me. With in just a second or two I heard a noise and there stood Nate in the office doorway. I pulled him into the room and tightly up against me so  are hard cocks we're touching through our clothes. I turned my head and leaned in to kiss him at first he hesitated and then he pulled me in and our lips met. As our lips met and our tongues begin to dance, I slowly began to undress this hot hunk standing in front of me. It only took a minute before he stripped me out of my clothes as well. It seems like forever, but it couldn't have been more than just a minute or two that we stood there just admiring each others bodies, looking into each others eyes. I almost jumped when I felt his hand slowly start to circle around my engorged cock.

I let him explore my body, first with 1 then with both hands for several minutes before I started to work my way down his neck with light kisses and trailing my tongue. At that point I don't think I had ever been so turned on in my life. We are facing each other we're stroking each other's manhood and I work my way down his neck Taking his  left nipple between my teeth. The moans and gasps that came from his body we're like none I had ever heard before.

After worshipping his chest and both nipples I finally drop to my knees and I'm staring at his cock, as it lies in my hand dripping precum everywhere. I flick out my tongue and let it dance across the slit, which brings even more moans from deep within.

Since it had been so long, I was afraid he wasn't going to last long so I open my mouth and begin to take his cock in. Swirling my tongue around and under the head before taking more of him into my mouth and throat until I felt him hitting the back of my throat and I had to swallow to take him in the rest of the way. I sat there for just a few seconds holding his cock tightly in the back of my throat for fear that with the slightest move he would blow his load way too quickly. Once I knew that he was under control I started to move my head up and down releasing him from my throat, then swallowing him to the base, back to the head to let my tongue work its magic before plunging back to the base. The whole time my fingers are massaging his balls rubbing his taint working their way toward that tight sweet innocent pucker. I finally pulled off of his rod long enough to catch my breath and moisten my fingers. Once my fingers were good and moist with both spit and his precum, I began to swallow his cock again. Hearing him moan, groan and beg me to take it deeper, I knew his lust and excitement were growing as he begged me to take his cock deeper. As his attention was centered on his hardness and what my mouth was doing to it, I slowly started to introduce my finger to his pucker, rimming his hot, tight hole with my finger until I could feel him start to open up, as he opened I slowly introduced more and more of my finger until it was buried in his ass. Once he realized what had happened he started to take some control. Nate grabbed my head from behind thrusting in and out of my mouth, shoving himself back as far as he could on my finger, until finally I found it, that make magical hot spot. Once the tip of my finger started to rub and massage his prostate Nate grabbed my head and shoved his cock as far down my throat as he possibly could and just held it there. Within seconds I felt his cock expanding in my mouth and throat as it began to pulse, shooting that sweet load. After the first two or three shots, I pulled him part way out allowing the rest of his load to fill my mouth as I milked him dry. Once he was completely spent, I pulled off of him, stood and pulled him to me, bringing my mouth to his, giving him his first taste of man juice. At  first he tried to b pull away, then he began to urgently, almost hungrily eat what was left of his load out of my mouth. 

We pulled apart and stood there staring at each other when Nate smiled and asked if we could get together again sometime and explore life further. I told him anytime and gave him my number. Slowly he got dressed, gave me one last kiss and walked out the back door 


Cubby Bear


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