Nate had just given my ass the fuck off a lifetime and I was in pure sexual bliss when he looked at me smiling and acid that he couldn't wait to have me in him. I pulled him to me kissing him and told him I couldn't wait either but it was going to take me a little while to recover. 

I turned the TV on and we settled back on the bed in each other's arms just relaxing. After about half an hour he asked if it was OK if we watched porn, he wanted to see, learn and experience all the could about sex with another man, which was no problem with me. 

About twenty minutes into the movie after a couple of hot scenes he reached over and started to fondle my already hardening cock, God it felt so good feeling myself grow stuff in his hands. It didn't take long before he was working his way down my body, kissing, rubbing and stroking until he reached my cock and enclosed the plumb shape head in his mouth and began to gently suck, taking more and more of me into his mouth. Once I was fully hard he pulled off, looked at me and told me it was time, he wanted to know what it really felt like to surrender himself to another man.

I wasted no time in taking him up on that offer, well at least not in prepping him for what he was offering. I quickly worked my way down his body taking his stiff cock to the back of my throat in one quick move, moving up and down his share getting him good and wet before pulling off and moving lower till my tongue sent shivers up and down his spine as it touched his taint. Finally lowering my mouth my tongue touched that sweet tight pucker, feeling him quiver as I got my first taste of his manhole. The Miranda that were near screams that came from that man as he was rimmed for the first time almost brought me to climax. Feeling him loosen up around my tongue I started to work it into his depths, prepping him for what was to cum. 

Once I felt he was relaxed and starting to open up, I squirted some lube on my finger and replace my tongue with my middle finger. Pressing against his hole with steady pressure until I felt him starting to give and open up, before looking I had one finger completely buried and was using it to pump his ass in rhythm with my mouth on his cock. Once he was used to the first finger I began to work a second and finally a third finger deep inside of him. He layed there moaning, grunting as I worked three fingers deeper inside of him until he was begging me to take him, to fuck him and make him mine. At that point I knew he was as ready as he was going to be. Ib slowly pulled my fingers out of him, rolled him to his side and moved in beside him on the bed slightly bending his right knee, excluding that tight, hit pucker. With my cock in hand I moved in close until it's head was pushing at his hole, when he felt me at his hole, Nate shivered and pushed back wanting it . I slowly applied pressure and began to insert my thick knob into virgin territory. Upon my initial entry before I even got to his ring Nate let out ac scream, I stripped asking if he was OK or needed me to stop, he said NO! Just stay there, I'm starting to adjust. After a few minutes of laying there wrapped in each other with the head of my cock just beginning to pierce his hole, I leaned in and started kissing his neck, his ear and finally his chin before he turned opening his mouth to me. As we were kissing I began a gentle tickling motion and before long Nate was rocking back against me, with each rocking movement more of my cock was sliding inside of him. Finally I whispered in his ear, baby you've got it, all 8 inches are buried inside of you. Hearing that Nate let out a hard groan as he pushed back even harder and said then fuck me please. 

Slowly I pulled just a couple of inches out and began giving him short soft thrusts until his grunts went from pain to pleasure, then I would increase the length of the thrust until after several minutes I had my entire length thrusting in and out of his tight ass, my balls gently slapping his ass on my inward thrust. I was being gentle so as to not hurt him but at the same time making sure he felt every move I made. I was surprised when he said he wanted on his back so he could look into my eyes as I took him. I told him I would love it but that was my favorite position and to tell me if I got to rough.

I pulled out allowing him to roll over, in pick up his ankles and laid them across my shoulders as I slowly reentered that tight love canal. Once buried I again took my time allowing him to set the pace. Finally he started being for it wanting all of me deep inside. I accepted the challenge, lowering my head till I could kiss and nibble on his calves I began a fast, steady in and out pump of his ass. After several minutes Nate lowered his legs wrapped them around me and let out a scream as he shot his hour load all over both of us with out ever touching himself. Feeling him tightening and seeing him shit turned me on so bad that I forgot got a minute that I was in virgin territory and began to fuck Nate like the man he wanted to be, long hard and fast with my cock pounding on and out of him, our bodies slapping together and my cock head bouncing off of his prostate. I only lasted like this a couple of minutes before I felt my cum boiling in my balls and working it's way up my shaft. Without warning a grabbed Nate by the hips pulling him towards me as I thrust in as hard as I could unloading what felt like a gallon of hot cum deep inside of him. As our list began to settle I leaned down giving him a deep passionate kiss, asking if he was alright. He smiled broadly and said baby, in better then alright. 

Finally I pulled out of him with a pop helped him off the bed and we headed toward the shower. All I could do was wonder what the rest of the weekend held for us, more importantly, what happened after this weekend as I realized I was really starting to fall for this "straight" guy.


Cubby Bear


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