It had been almost a week since the snow storm, the night where I had given a hit married guy a blow job he wouldn't soon forget and I still found myself thinking about him wondering if I would here from him.

It was Friday and I actually had the weekend off, I was debating calling an old flame and seeing what he had planned for the weekend when my cell rang. I was reluctant to answer at first because I figured someone had called off at work and they needed a bartender, however I didn't recognize the number so figured I'd better answer. 

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Nate's voice on the other end of the line! After exchanging pleasantries he got right to the point asking what plans I had for the weekend. I told him none really as it was my weekend off and I had nothing going on. Nate let out a quick good and asked if I would like company this evening as his wife and kids were going out of town for the weekend. I told him I would love it and have him my address, he ended the call saying he would see me around 6. 

I think the day drug by as I straightened up the house and began dinner anticipating what the night would bring. About fifteen of six my phone rang and my heart fell when I saw Nate's number, I feared he has changed his mind but instead he was calling to let me know he was running a few minutes late but would be there by quarter after at the latest. 

Nate showed up looking hotter then hell, freshly showered and looking like a million bucks! He walked in pulled me to him and kissed me before ever saying a word. I led him into the house and asked him around ending in the bedroom. Seeing the king sized bed in front of him Nate dropped his backpack kicked off his shoes and stretched out paying the bed beside him motioning for me to join. 

I quickly laid down beside him pulling him right against me as we started kissing I could feel both of our cocks growing, pushing against each other. I decided then and there that I was going to allow Nate to set the pace and do what he was comfortable with no matter how Horny I got but damn was it going to be hard! 

Nate broke the kids and pulled away just enough to start unbuttoning my shirt and run my chest. It wasn't long before our shirts were on the floor and we were talking turn kissing, licking and nibbling each other's chest. 

Suddenly Nate rolled over on to of me putting me flat on his back, his hard cock pressing against mine through our clothes. He started out working my nipples which is a huge turn on for me. Before long I realized he was kidding his way down my chest while unbuckling and unzipping my pants. I raised my ass up enough that he could slide my pants down and release my 8 inches of rock hard cock. Completely naked with a fully dressed Nate on to of me was hot but not extremely comfortable, so I reached for his pants and made quick work to get rid of them. Once naked Nate moved back on top of me and for the first time our bare cocks touched, I could feel the shivers of ecstacy as they ran through Nate which made me  that much harder. 

Finally Nate started kissing his way down my body, posting attention to my nipples but not stopping there, he traveled down my stomach onto my happy trail and into my crotch covering me with warm, most kisses and tongue action. I felt his tongue the first time it touched my cock and thought I would cum as he licked his way up my shaft and across the head of my cock. Before I had time to gasp he had his lips wrapped around and was gently sucking on the head and first inch or so of my cock.  He started to go a little lower taking more of me in his mouth, once he got to the half way point he began to bob his head up and down sucking on his first cock. After a few minutes of me groaning and telling him how good it was he pulled off and asked me to teach him how to take more. Much as my first liver taught me, I taught Nate, I had him sit up where he was in a better position and slowly started to feed my cock into his mouth. When he had as much as he could handle I started to pump in and out, each time feeding him more and more until he felt my pubic hair tickling his nose and realized he had taken the whole thing. Once I had worked myself into his throat I told him to just hold it there until he got used to it. Once I thought he was ready I slowly began to slide my hard rod in and out of his mouth and throat until I couldn't take it anymore. Knowing I was about to cum I pulled out and started to stroke myself when he begged me to feed it to him. Hearing him ask for my cum was such a turn on, I slid my cock back in his mouth and writhing just a few quick strokes loaded him with more hot juice than he knew what to do with, he tried swallowing, but couldn't get it all as it tab or if his mouth and down his chin.  I laid down beside him, kissed him and began to lick my load off of his chin. 

Once we both came down off of what was one of the best blow jobs of my life, I took him in my arms and told him how perfect it was, and how I hoped he enjoyed what was to come as much as what we had just experienced. With a look if sheer bliss he said he couldn't wait. 

I quickly moved down between his legs taking a minute or two to lick, suck and nibble on his cock before grabbing the lube from my night stand. Nate's eyes got huge as I began to lube up his cock and finally he asked are we headed where I think we are, I said yes, if that's OK with you. He grinned and pulled me to him giving me a wet sloppy kiss saying it was more then OK. 

Once I got him good and lubed I squirted a little lube on his fingers and told him that it was his turn to get me ready. Nate waisted no time finding my tight hole and sliding the lube around it and then applying pressure with his middle finger he slid up inside me getting me good and wet. 

Once lubed I was more then ready ( even though it has been almost a year since I had been fucked, I'm verse but tend to hook up with more bottoms) I was more then ready for this  "straight" hunks cock. 

I moved down stealing him till my ass was right above his cock which was standing straight up and I slowly started to lower myself until I felt his head at my entrance. Knowing it has been a while and that Nate was larger then what I was used to taking I started very slowly working the head in, once I felt the head slip past my ring I knew I was good to go and with one hard looking I sank down on that beautiful cock letting our a bit of a scream trying to adjust. Nate asked me if I was OK it needed to stop, I said fuck no we aren't stopping I just need to take a second to get used to your size, his cock buried inside of me, I leaned forward and we started as kissing, as our kisses got more intense I began tickling my hips and before long was rushing that thick 8 inches like it was made for me. 

After riding Nate for almost ten minutes I started to pull off and he looked at me confused, asking if he died something wrong, I told him no but I really wanted fucked and with that I lay down beside him and pulled my legs back. It only took him a second or two to get the picture and he was between my legs working his cock back inside if me. Once he was buried banks deep I looked at him hungrily and as we meet for a kiss I said now baby fuck me! 

Good fuck me he did, starting out slowly in and out pulling clear out and popping back in and finally it was like he kicked into over drive as he began to fuck my ass hard. The room was full of grunts and groans and then suddenly I hear Nate gasp oh my god I'm going to cum. Hearing that I wrapped my legs around him tight pulling him into me as far as I could giving him just enough room to pump my ass as I felt his cock start to grow and then pulsate as he unloaded deep inside of my ass. Once his breathing returned to normal he leaned in and kissed me saying fuck that was awesome. I just smiled and told him the truth, that he was probably the best fuck I had ever had. 

Pulling out of me Nate laid down beside me and we gently kissed and caressed each other without saying a word. He finally looked at me and asked if he could stay the night. I told him sure, he smiled and said good because I want to try that again only with you in me! 


Cubby Bear


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