After a long, satisfying night Nate and I curled up in each other's arms and feel asleep. I had no idea what the next day held let alone the future, the only thing I did know was that I really liked spending time with him, that he is was hotter then hell and phenomenal in bed. 

We got up the next morning jumped through the shower, which led to the two of us taking turn on our knees swallowing each other's cocks until we both blew nice loads. 

After breakfast we decided to take off and go somewhere, just to hang out, talk and enjoy each other's company. Trying to decide where Nate asked if liked Roller coasters and I told him I loved them but didn't get the chance to ride one very often anymore. He said he understood that, he loved amusement parks and the tides but his wife hates them, being only a couple hours from two different paths we decided that was the game plan. The hardest decision was did we head north in Ohio to cedar point or east to Kennywood in Pittsburgh. We decided on Kennywood as it is smaller and the lines shorter, so out the door we went. 

As the drive started out we were both chattering about what we wanted to ride and how long it had been since either if us had been to Kennywood, just the run of the mill typical bs. About half way we both feel silent and I looked over to see Nate starting at me. I asked what was on his mind, he just shrugged and said he was thinking, wondering what came next. I chuckled and told him that I understood and had been wondering the same thing. 

I told him I understood he had a family and that I would leave that up to him, but I admitted that I had feelings for him and really enjoyed the time we spent together, he reached across, took my hand and squeezed telling me that he felt the same way. Again, we fell into silence for a while, Nate finally broke the silence with a soft laugh, I just looked at him like he was losing it... He smiled at me and said, I'm just sitting here wondering what I'm so worried about, I haven't had a relationship with my wife in years, in fact she's Bi, leaning more toward lesbian, that's where she's at this weekend is with her girlfriend, why should I be worried about what she thinks it says! All I could do was laugh. 

Shortly after we arrived at Kennywood, I can't help but laugh, we were like two little kids running around there park holding hands, riding everything we could. We had just gotten off of a water ride and we're soaked through when Nate said he needed to get out of his clothes, I smiled pulled him towards me and agreed, telling him if he didn't I would end up raping him in the middle of the park because his wet shorts showed off every inch of his cock. We quickly found a bathroom back in a corner tucked away and I pulled him into the handicap stall with me. We stripped and used the towels we had brought to dry of but before we could redress we were both standing there with raging hardons! I dropped to my knees sucking his cock before going back to ruin his ass and get it good and wet, he didn't seem to care that we were in a public bathroom, he was groaning and moaning asking me to fuck him. Neither of us heard the bathroom door open, or lock shortly after it was closed we were to busy with each other. I say back on the commode, bending him forward and guided him back onto my cock, he quickly began riding me, moaning telling me how good it felt. We were alone, in our own w world, fucking like to men in heat, until the stall door popped open. We both let out a startled scream and Nate started to pull off of me, until I realized the guy standing in front of us was this really hot park employee with a raging hard on. As Ken, we learned his name later, started pulling his cock free I p pulled Nate up against me and whispered in his ear asking if he was ready to try something like this. Seeing the beautiful young cock in front of him he quickly leaned forward taking it in his mouth. Working it slowly until it was buried in his throat. Ken was young, Horny and full of cum after about three minutes of thrusting in and out of Nate's mouth I heard his breathing change and I knew he was getting close, so I began to fuck Nate even harder, in and out if that tight hole while teaching around stroking his cock. With in just a minute or two Ken left his load in Nate's throat while I left mine up his ass, having a load shit in each end was a totally new experience for Nate and obviously one he enjoyed because he left his load in my hand and all over the bathroom floor. After wiping each other off with our towels we all three dressed and left the restroom, Ken heading one direction and Nate and I another. As we walked away Nate looked at me grinning, our his arm around me and asked, " have I told you yet that I love you? 


Cubby Bear


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