I offered to take Cole's tag and see if I could bag him a deer. He shrugged and said he'd rather I didn't. His family was well enough off, that getting a deer for meat was no big thing. I frowned at that. I'm against killing something just for the sake of killing something. I could understand where Cole was at though. I'm sure there was pressure from the macho guys of his family. I felt the same pressure all of the time. The pressure to do manly things, to prove I was a man. Lucky for Cole, now that he was at college and away from his family, he could start living his own way.

Still. it was a good while, before we could legitimately call it a day, and still preserve the notion we were seriously hunting.

So, Cole and I sat in my truck and talked. At first we talked about life in highschool and college. Then.

" So, you never answered my other question." Cole reminded. I raised my eyebrows. " When I asked you if you'd do my Uncle in the ass!" he clarified.

I was a bit taken a back. Cole seemed to have a fixation on his Uncle's bet. " Why are you asking about that?"

Cole blushed. " Well, doesn't it go to follow, that if I am curious about guys sucking dick, that I might wonder about guys fucking ass?" Somehow I could sense there was more he wasn't sharing. Nosy little red headed step child that I am, I just had to dig deeper.

" So, are you wanting to get your ass cherry popped too?" Cole looked startled. " Ummm.......No!" " Then why the questions?" " Well, I'm kind of turned on by the idea of fucking a guy!" It was my turn to flush red. I'm sorry, getting fucked just isn't my thing, and while I liked Cole, I just wasn't keen on being his first fuck. So. I laid it out for him,

" Look, Cole, I hope you don't take this wrong,.......but I don't like getting poled. So.....if that is where this is going...I'm gonna say ....not gonna happen!"

Now, it was Cole's turn to flush. Then sigh. " Yeah, well it had crossed my mind......It's just the whole bet thing with my Uncle got to me."

Something in my mind clicked. " Hey!....Is it any guy getting fucked, or the idea of your Uncle Ray being fucked that's got you all hot and bothered?" At the deep flush across his face, I smirked at Cole. " Cole, dude.....You've got a crush on your Uncle, dontcha?" He tried to sputter in denial, but somehow I knew, I'd pegged his interest for what it was. Cole would gladly pump his dick into his Uncle's fine ass! Having already enjoyed that priviledge, I can't say as I blamed him.

Cole hung his head. " You must think I'm a sick pervert, wanting to have sex with my Uncle!"

I shrugged. " Not really." At his shocked look, I clarified. " Look, I know most people think incest is horrible. And if it happens between male and female relatives, it kind of is." He shot me another strange look. " Because of the possibility of babies, being born.......well, wrong. You get my jist?" Cole nodded slowly, still not sure where I was going. " Two guys, though, they can't make babies........So if they're related, there is only the consequence of breaking a taboo, laid out by society. Now, if your Uncle did something with you when you were a kid, that would be sick......But since you are both all grown up......Well, I honestly don't see what would be so wrong!"

Cole laughed ,a bit shaky. " This feels so strange, talking to someone about Uncle Ray, like this. I mean when he made that bet......Then , you called him........It made me feel wierd." At my questioning look, Cole went on. " I mean, I popped wood, then I actually got jealous, because, he made the bet with you! I could just picture you fucking my Uncle, when that was what I really wanted !"

For a moment or two, I considered squealing, but then gave that thought up. While I could sympathize with Cole and his Uncle crush, I'd promised to keep his Uncle's and my sexcapade a secret.

So, I changed the subject by suggesting we head back. Cole agreed and we headed back, both thinking our own thoughts.

I don't know what was going through Cole's mind, but my imagination was picturing Cole's nine and something dick sliding to the hilt in Ray's hairy ass. That scene was giving me another boner. I hadn't pictured myself as a voyeur, but I coldn't get the scene to leave my imagination.

We got back to Deer Camp, to find a bustle of activity. Two more guys had bagged their deer, and were planning on heading out. Then the rest were talking about it. If they did, then Cole, Ray and I would be at Deer Camp alone til, after Thanksgivng, when the others might come back for the final days. Although, there would be no reason for me to stay either, the concept of facing my Dad, didn't appeal. I would be expected to show at Grandma's for Thanksgiving, but no one would expect me before then. So, if Ray and Cole elected to stay another day, I would too.

The next day, found just that happening. The other guys, packed up, leaving me, Ray and Cole, the sole occupants of Deer Camp. Ray half heartedly suggested we all go out and find Cole a deer. Cole manned up and admitted he didn't really care if he got one. Ray seemed relieved, guess he relished the idea of a day in.

We puttered around a while. I got out my drawing pad and added finishing touches to the work I'd done of Deer Camp. Cole and Ray turned on the big screen and started watching some movie.

Then Ray started getting restless.

He kept eying me, a needy look on his face, then he'd look at Cole, with a look of regret on his face. I began to put two and two together and came up with a bored horny Ray. One who wished his nephew would disappear, so he and I could.....Well, you know! That's when a plan began to percolate in the back of my head.

I went over to the card table and began shuffling cards. ( A bit ineptly to tell the truth.) " Hey, Ray?" When he looked my way. " Want to get out of your bet?" He looked at me strangely, because he'd already paid in full, then saw my significant look towards Cole. Thinking I was trying to make it look like I was covering for him, he just shook his head. " I'm afraid to lose anymore to you....you're too lucky, who knows what else I might owe you!"

I shrugged, laid down the cards and stood up. I stepped out from the card table and began undoing my jeans.

Horrified Ray looked over towards Cole, who was watching us open mouthed. " What are you doing, Rusty?" Ray hissed.

I pulled out my semi hard cock, and grinned insolently. " I'm calling in your marker, dude!" His face purpled in embarrassment. I wondered if he'd admit in front of his nephew, that the bet was paid, or if he'd act like it never happened.

Even if he backed down, I would have a bit of fun at his expense.

" Hey, like I'd suck your cock in front of Cole!' he blustered. I shrugged, digging a bit more. " Hey, we need a witness, to prove you paid the bet," I grinned evilly. I looked pointedly over at a shocked Cole, to see excitement in his eyes. " How about it Cole........Don't you think your Uncle should pay off his bets.........Teach him a lesson, about what he lays out for stakes?"

Cole, snapped his mouth shut, gave me a long look, I looked from him, to his Uncle and back again, hoping he'd get my message of. ( Cole, this is your big chance....go for it Dude!)

I think, telepathy must work on some level, because a sassy look came over his face. " Well. Uncle Ray.........You have always said a bet is a bet and no welshing allowed.......Seems you owe Rusty a blowjob and an ass fuck!"

At Ray's incredulous look, Cole smirked. " He's calling your marker, Unc........so either welsh on a bet.......or get on your knees!"

Ray's eyes grew haunted. He looked at Cole and licked his lips. Then he glowered at me. He had a choice here. He could laugh it all off as a big joke, welshing on his bet. He could admit that he already paid, letting Cole know his Uncle's mouth and hairy ass, could be had. Or he could actually cave, pretending he and I hadn't already been there, done that, and I could get a free blowjob and maybe even ass fuck.

" Damn you Rusty, I am not going to do this in front of my nephew!........You're just sick!" I laughed. " So, Cole, would it bother you to see your Uncle sucking cock?........I'm willing to bet it wouldn't bother you at all!

Cole stepped right up to the plate. " Hmmmmm.........Nope!" He leaned back in the recliner and started stroking his dick through his jeans. " I'm not hiding things anymore......Uncle Ray, I like guys......In fact..." he paused and looked over at me. I gave him a short encouraging nod. " Instead of hunting yesterday,....I gave Rusty a blowjob!"

There! The cat was out of the proverbial bag! Cole manned up,( Or should I say Gayed up.) , and admitted he'd blown a guy. Whether he'd admit to his Uncle crush, we'd have to see.

Ray, upon hearing this went a little white, then a little red. A thousand thoughts must have been shreiking across his brain.

I on the other hand, was getting impatient. My cock hanging out for all too see, was hard as a rock and leaking. I started shucking clothes, trying to give Cole a signifacant look. Once again the message must have been received, because Cole rose up in the recliner enough to pull down his pants, releasing his nine something boner.

Ray, shocked, couldn't seem to take his eyes off his nephew's long iron hard rod. He didn't even protest when I came up behind him, pressing my naked body into his clothed backside. No protest came through, when I reached around to begin unbuttoning his flannel shirt. He just kept staring at Cole.

For his part, Cole maintained eye contact with Ray. He started slowly working his pole. Even from behind, I could see Ray's tongue, slip out to lick his lips. No struggle as I slipped his shirt off, leaving him in his henley. No protest, as I reached around and undid his belt. Undid his button. Inzipped his fly. Eased his pants and long johns down his lean hips.

Crouching down, I eased his feet up, as I eased the legs over his stockinged feet. On my knees behind him, I looked in admiration, at his hairy legs, and the bottom of his hairy cheeks, just under the hem of his henley. I stood up behind him and molded myself to his back. My hard cock nestled at the cleavage of his fine ass.

I reached around him, and found his cock and balls, with my hands. Whatever qualms, Ray had about doing this in front of Cole, his nine inch cock, was ignoring. It was, steel over velvet ,hard. I felt a hot sticky wetness smear over my fingers. His dick was oozing.

I whispered in his ear. " Isn't it hot seeing Cole stroke his dick in front of us?" Ray groaned low in his throat, leaning back into me, wedging my cock a little deeper into his ass cleft. I released a hand, to stroke his firm ass cheek, pulling it away from it's mate. " Imagine, that long thing, slipping deep inside you, Ray!" He growled.

I looked over at Cole. I held his eyes, as I gently spun his unresisting Uncle around. Still holding his eyes, I stepped back in close, my hard cock sliding up against Ray's, as I reached around to slide the henley up, exposing Ray's ass to his nephew's hot stare. With both palms, I spread those hairy cheeks, bringing to light the man pucker hiding between them.

" How, about it Cole? Wouldn't you just love to slide that pole inside this hot ass? " I nuzzled, Ray's neck, feeling the heat of sweat, starting to dew his skin. I was practically holding him up by now. " He wants, Cole! He won't say it out loud, but he wants you to slide deep inside him!" Cole looked at me uncertainly. I smiled gently, flicking my tongue over Ray's ear, causing him to shudder in my arms.

 " You know how I know, Cole?" He shook his head.

" It's easy, Cole, for God Sakes, your Uncle is a fucking Navy Seal!"

 At, Cole's still puzzled look, I sighed. I spelled it out for him. " If he didn't want this, do you think there was any way in hell, I'd be able to hold him here like this. I'd be in a heap across the room, probably hurtin' like Hell! Yet, he's just standing here, letting me play with his ass, talking dirty about him to his Nephew!"

Ray, moaned softly into my shoulder. " Get up Cole, come over here!" I ordered.

He hesitated, then flipped the recliner down, and got to his feet. I kept my eyes on him. as he stared glued to the sight of me kneading his Uncle's ass. He licked his lips and came closer. When he was within reach, I snaked out my hands and jerked him up tight against his Uncle's back.

Both men, went rigid, and tried to draw away. I held on tight, mashing Ray between us. Ray relaxed first, sagging a against me. I slid my hands up Cole's arms, gripping his forearms and stepped back to draw them around Ray.

I stepped away and drank in the picture they made. So much alike in looks, almost like one man at two diffrent ages.

Ray, settled back against Cole, his head back against his shoulder. Cole began to run his hands up and down the plains of Ray's belly and chest. I watched for a bit, watching the way Ray's cock leapt at every stroke of his Nephew's hands. Listened to the deep quiet growls rumbling from both of their throats.

Afraid, as I was to chance breaking the moment, my own hard cock was urging me to get on with the show. I went back to my jeans where I had earlier stashed condoms and some lube. Items in hand, I gently, pried Ray from his Nephew's embrace. He resisted a moment, Cole resisted letting go, but finally relaxed his hold. I tugged Ray over to the big rug in front of the fire. I went behind him and slowly sank to the ground, pulling him down too. As I knelt there, I whispered in his ear, to extend his legs out . Obediently he complied. Now he laid there, his head and upper back nestled against my chest, his lower back between my thighs.

Slowly, I reached under his arms and got a grip under his knees. Slowly, I pulled his legs into the air, spreading them wide, shifting his body, until his shoulders rested on my thighs and his ass cleft was exposed to his Nephew's gaze.

Cole stared at his Uncle's exposed hairy crack . Slowly he moved forward, hard cock leading the way. He knelt between his Uncle's spread legs. Then looked at my eyes. I smiled gently.

" Touch him Cole. Touch him down there!' I whispered. Cole slowly reached out towards his Uncle's exposed crack.

Ray went stiff in my arms, when Cole's fingers made contact. I leaned down to mutter in his ear. " You like that don't you?"

Ray merely moaned. " Tell, him, Ray....Tell him you want him to touch you there! Tell, him Ray, tell him to touch your pretty tight hole!"

Ray, writhed in my arms a little, then. " Yes........Cole.......please play with my ass,......PLEASE play with my ass!"

Cole wasted no time, he started massaging the puckered lips of his Uncle's quivering hole. Ray shivered and bucked in my arms, moaning softly. I caught Cole's eyes and drew them over to the lube and condoms by my knee. Cole understood at once and used the hand that had been stroking his cock, to grab them.

Ray, eyes closed, growled in wordless protest when Cole stopped massaging his ass pucker. I leaned over to whisper in his ear. " Open your eyes, Ray. Look at Cole."

Ray did as ordered and opened his eyes to see Cole tear the foil from a condom. " Watch him slide that on his long hard cock, Ray!. Watch it go on knowing, he's going to be sliding it inside you!"

Ray's breath hitched as he imagined my words. I watched a fresh spurt of cum drool from his twitching cock. I pulled his legs back a bit higher, angling his hips up, so his hole would be high in the air. Cole looked to me for guidance. I noddded towards the lube.

" Lube up his hole good, Cole. He's willing , but you need to loosen him up some." Cole nodded and squirted a generous gob of lube on his finger. Ray clenched at the first touch of wet cool lube, then slowly relaxed back against me.

" That's good, Cole. Now, try slipping the end of your finger in him." I ordered. This time Cole looked to Ray, for permission. Ray nodded in agreement with my orders.

I'm afraid I hadn't factored in Cole's inexperience. Ray yelped when Cole jammed his whole finger inside his nearly virgin hole. " Hey!" I admonished. " Go gentle, I know he's a big tough Navy Seal. but you need to go slower! Let him get used to it!"

Cole mumbled an apology, to both me and Ray. He started to pull his finger out but I stopped him. " Just hold it still, let him get used to it being in him!"

When I finally felt Ray's body relax against mine again, I continued. " Slowly pull it out, until just the tip is in." I watched his arm move back. " Now slide it in again." I kept him at it for a few strokes, until I flet kind of a growl rumble through Ray. I had Cole speed up then. I leaned over to whisper in Ray's ear. " Tell, Cole, when you are ready for another finger. I felt Ray nod. Shortly after I heard. " Cole, try putting another one in." Cole having learned his lesson, slowly slid in another finger.

I let Cole work his ass loose for a few strokes. " Try moving your fingers around inside him, Cole." I could tell when Cole's fingers grazed his sweet spot, by the way Ray jerked and hissed in my arms. Startled Cole started to jerk his fingers out, but I stopped him. " No, Cole, do it again, try to find that place again!" Cole looked a bit puzzled, but went in search of that spot again. " Tell him how good that feels, when he finds it Ray! Let him know, so he can find it again."

Ray followed orders and soon, Cole was deliberately massaging his Uncle's joy gland, reveling in how it made Ray, sqirm, groan and gasp.

Now, all during this, my own cock had been drooling down the side of Ray's neck. His twitching and jerking, often rubbed my cock the right way, and I was half afraid just watching Cole finger him would make me cum. I determined it was time for the big event, before I erupted.

I leaned to Ray's ear. " You ready to feel that long pole slide up inside of you, Dude!" Ray moaned and nodded. I looked up at Cole. " Slick yourself up good, buddy, we want you to slide in easy!" Cole nodded, pulled his fingers from his Uncle, and began slathering lube on his cock.

Ray's breathing sped up as he watched the lube slick up his Nephew's rod. He was quivering in anticipation. Under my hands, I felt him spread his thighs wider.

Then, Cole was scrunched up close to us, guiding his stiff pole, to the puckered target. I could feel Ray arch his back, trying to meet Cole's dick partway. A loud gasp and I knew Cole was inside his Navy Seal Uncle.

I was surprised when Ray reached between his spread thighs, grabbed his Nephew's hips, and yanked him close. I was going to talk Cole into a slow gentle penetration, but I guess, Ray wanted something rougher.

All of Ray's compliancy went out the window. " Fuck me Cole, Baby! Please fuck me hard!"

At this ,Cole's patience seemed to snap too. I gasped in wonder as nine plus inches, came most of the way out than snaked back inside Ray. I could feel Ray's body jolt against me, as his Nephew began long dicking him hard and almost brutally. Ray urging him on, Cole rocked us both with his hard slamming fuck. Ray's sweaty shoulder and neck jolting across my dick, almost felt like a hand working it!

Then, with a roar, Cole jammed himself hard into Ray! His face scrunched up as he unloaded himself inside his Uncle.

A few hard shudders, and then Cole fell back, his dick slurping out. Ray cried out in protest.

Without thinking I pulled out from under Ray, fumbled on the other condom, and squirted on some lube. I ungently, pulled Ray's body to mine, spreading his legs high and wide.

Ray was panting, grabbing the back of his legs to give me total access to his loosened hole. All thoughts of gentleness gone, I drove my fat cock into his open ass, and buried myself to the hilt. Ray roared and let go of his legs to clasp me tightly to his body.

I began to pump into him with total abandon. I don't know if it was my thicker , shorter dick, but I must have been jamming Ray's joy button on every thrust. He was gasping and cursing and begging me to fuck hard.

Then suddenly Cole's head was down and he was slurping in Ray's cock. Ray was reduced to inarticulate animal sounds, until with a huge gasp, he was shooting cum down his Nephew's throat!

His body clenching hard around me, was all my eighteen year old dick could handle. I buried my self deep in his gut as shudder after shudder, emptied cum in his hot channel.

Eventually Ray, loosened the hold his legs had on me, allowing our bodies to collapse in a sweaty heap. My dick slid out of his loose hole. Ray's eyes kind of rolled under his closed lid, and a sound of loss, wheezed through his lips. As I lay on top of Ray, Cole snuggled in close to us, his arm over my shoulder. We all lay there for a while getting our breathing back to normal.


A wry whisper in my ear. " Funny, you don't look that heavy, but would you mind getting off me now!"

I rolled off, to the side opposite of Cole, and snuggled up to Ray. I half expected him to get up, none of this cuddling unmanly stuff for the Navy Seal. Instead he snaked his arms around both of us, drawing us in close.


" Remember boys! What happens in Deer Camp...."

" Stays in Deer Camp!" we all chorused together.

Okay dudes, Deer Camp , has just one more night left, before we head off to our respective Thanksgivings. So, what do you think happens? Do we plow Uncle Ray again? Does Cole get so excited, he offers his Uncle his ass? Do I give in and let Ray and Cole fuck me silly? Or do we just sit around watching movies and turn in? It may be a little while before I can get back to Deer Camp! Hope you can wait for me! Love Rusty.




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