Ray and I got back to find several of the guys packing to hit the road. A long weekend was the most time they could take away from work. Those that were staying were still out in the woods. Except for Cole. He'd come back with his partner of the day. Ray's Dad decided to hitch a ride back with one of the men. Insisted his wife would be pining for him.

 It was Larry who waggled his eyebrows and suggested. " You two get lost?" At our uncomprehending looks, he chortled. " Just wondering if Rusty collected on his bet!" Ray and I both turned interesting shades of pink.

 I recovered first. I looked at Ray. " What was that military saying, Don't Ask, Don't Tell?" I batted my eyelashes at Larry.

" Which means, You Don't Ask.......And I Don't Tell!"

 That started a round of good natured banter. To give everyone credit, they badgered Larry just as much as Ray and I for asking. The sly innuendos, and teasing got awfully close to the truth, but Ray and I managed not to give anything away. I did notice Cole staying out of things, with a strange look crossing his face a time or two.

After those leaving departed. Ray, Cole and I stood around a moment or two. There was a strange sort of tension in the air. I shrugged it off and announced my intention to take a quick nap. I trundled into the bunkroom, leaving Ray and Cole.

That night, after the remaining guys came back, I got them fed and they were lying around relaxing. The guys were subdued. Seemed like the departure of the others put a pall over the Camp.

That's when Cole approached me about going out with him the next day. He said the only deer, he'd even seen were the ones brought back by us few. I shrugged. After the first couple of days, it always seemed to me the deer got wise and made themselves scarce. Generally speaking, if you didn't bag your deer right away, getting one was a matter of luck or finding a particularily dense deer. Since the weatherman stated the forecast would be unseasonably warm, I had no objections to spending the day in the wood. Besides, it seemed like Ray was going out of his way to avoid contct with me. I caught him giving me worried looks a few times. I wondered if he thought I was going to squeal. I shrugged it off. I figured his insecurity was his problem to deal with. He did suggest we try our luck at the other property. It was posted, No Hunting Without Permission, so he thought there was a chance we could find an unhunted deer there. He even gave us directions to get there, a good camoflauge to the fact I'd already been there.

The next day, Cole and I were up with the dawn to drive to the other site.

It did not take long for me to understand why Cole hadn't seen any deer. The guy just couldn't be quiet. He blundered around the woods, like a drunk elephant. He couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut, either. Any deer in the vicinity knew exactly where we were and made thenselves scarce. Finally, frustrated I called him on it.

He hung his head sheepishly " I'm sorry Rusty......The truth is I'm just not really into hunting." I raised eyebrows at that. " Then, why are you and I even out here?" He turned a bit red. " Well, I was feeling guilty about going out with someone and scaring the deer away." At my frown , he hurried to add. " I figured since you already had your deer, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't see any deer!" I scowled, " So it was okay to drag me out in the woods, because you figured I didn't have anything I'd rather be doing?" He got a stricken look on his face. " Shit! No! I didn't even think like that, I'm sorry!"

His stricken look turned to one of pleading. " My Grandpa and Uncle Ray were just so keen on me going hunting, I didn't have the balls to tell them no. I was afraid they'd think I was some kind of wussy boy! I'm just not all macho like them or you!"

I could barely keep a look of surprise off my face. My own father thought I was a sissy and this college kid thought I was all He-Man. I shrugged it off and suggested we just go back to my pickup and eat the lunch we'd brought. Cole kept shooting me worried glances, but I wasn't minded to ease his mind. I felt used and just a bit snarly.

After eating and relaxing a bit I relented. " Oh, stop your worries, I ain't telling anyone, you don't like hunting!" At his relieved look, I chuckled. " Truth is, if my family didn't need the meat a deer brings in, I wouldn't hunt either." At his disbelieving stare, I shrugged. " I'm not blowing wind up your tailpipe! I feel pain when I have to kill something wild and beautiful. When I have to kill anything, really!" I grew pensive, a moment. " Except maybe chickens....... I hate chickens!"

We laughed and fell into a companionable silence for a bit. Then out of the blue!

" Why did you take my Uncle up on that bet?" I eyed him warily. " It was just horsing around!" I leaned towards him conspiratedly. " We were both high as kites too!" He eyed me back in surprise. " My Uncle and you were doing drugs!"

I held up my hands placatingly. " It was just a little weed, man, don't get your bloomers in a twist!" " Sorry, it's just that I never think about Uncle Ray smoking pot, it just seems wrong somehow!"

As I digested that I wondered how Cole would take knowing his Uncle not only smoked my pot, but my dick as well. And took that same dick in his possibly cherry butt hole. But I didn't let that particular cat out of the bag.

 Cole wasn't done with the subject of the bet , though. " Suppose he wanted to pay that bet........Would you have let him blow you?" Redfaced he took a big swallow and added. " Or fuck his ass?"

I wondered where this was going but decided to be semi honest. I shrugged. " If he wanted to suck my dick....I'd likely let him do it." Cole's eyes went wide. " You'd let a guy suck you off?" I shrugged again. " Hey, a warm wet mouth is a warm wet mouth. I don't figure a guys mouth feels much diffrent than a chick's" I paused a moment. " Except maybe his beard might scratch my balls!" I laughed at Cole's frown. " What brings this all up?"

Cole went red. " Have you ever had a guy blow you? " he asked evading the question. I decided to shock him. " Um....actually yeah, yeah, I have!" Cole's eyes boggled. " You did!" I nodded. He went red again. " Did you like it?" I nodded affirmation.

Cole hesitated. " If someone offered would you do it again?" I frowned, wondering where this was going. Then I shrugged and just nodded yes.

Cole bit his lip. " Don't get me wrong Rusty........I've just kind of always wanted to.........um.......try it!"

I'm afraid I just gaped at him open mouth in shock. Cole went beet red, a half fearful look on his face. He seemed to brace himself for recrimination. I snapped my jaw closed and stood up. Cole cringed away like I was going to punch him.

I smiled gently at him, then began to undo my pants. Once again, Cole's eyes bugged. Now his mouth was open in shock!

As I fished my hardening cock out into the wild air. I grinned at him. " This what you want Cole?"

Cole's look of surprise changed to one of interest, as he eyed my uncut piece lengthening in my hand. He licked his lips then looked at my eyes to see if I was serious. Then looked around like someone might see us.

Then doubt crept into those blue eyes. " If I did, you wouldn't........tell?"

I shrugged. " Dude, what would I have to gain by tattling. I mean, jeesh, it's not like I want the world to know I let guys blow me!" I noticed his eyes had never left my hard rod. I decided to sweeten the deal.

" I'll make a deal with you." He finally looked up at my face. " You suck mine,....I'll suck on yours!" A total look of shock, crossed Cole's features. Then a greedy smile split his face. I leered back.

" So why don't you pull yours out and show me what I have to work on?"

Cole hesitated for a couple breath, then feverishly started undoing his pants. Soon, he was hauling out a big piece of meat into the fresh autumn air. My eyes must have gone wide as saucers. Apparently his family genetics ran to lean builds and long dicks. His rod must have been at least as long as his Uncle's nine inches, if not a tad longer!

I gulped. Truth be told, I wasn't an expert sword swallower. My fuck buddies were more prone to taking my dick up their boyholes, then having me do more than a little sucking foreplay. I just knew that thing was going to make me gag.

Yet, a deal was a deal. I sunk to my knees and motioned Cole to bring his vaulting pole over.

For all of his hesitancy, Cole didn't waste any time in bringing his rod in the vicinity of my face. In admiration, I reached out to slide my hand over his length. Cole tensed, then relaxed with a soft sigh. Long, thin, with a pretty pink mushroom head, it felt like silk sliding against my rough palm.

I tugged him a little closer, then lined the head up with my mouth. I had worked up a generous amount of spit, in my mouth.

Without any fanfare, I opened up and slid my wet mouth over the head of his hard pole.

Cole, gasped, and then his knees looked to buckle. I quickly grabbed his thighs to brace him. I worked a little more of his cock into my mouth, savoring the taste of salt, and the feel of silk skin on my tongue.

Cole was staring raptly at his partially encased cock. His mouth was open and his eyes were just a little gazed looking. I had no problem believing my mouth was the first to be around his dick. I slid in a little more of him, to about the halfway point. Around five inches, and I could feel it nearing the back of my mouth. I eased in six, then maybe six and a half, and it was pushing on my uvala. I could feel a gag coming on, so I eased back a bit, letting my gag reflex die down. I looked up, to see Cole, still staring mesmerized by his dick in my face.

I pulled back, until just the head was in my mouth, tongueing it's spongy texture. Then I moved forward again, slipping as much of it in as I could. I could feel Cole's thighs tremble under my hands.

Having found the limit, of what I could slip in my mouth, I began to bob slowly on his pole. Everytime I looked away from his fly and up at his face, I could see his unwavering stare. His breath began to quicken, his face to flush.

I tried to keep my tongue working the underside of his dick as I bobbed. At each slide down, I could feel his thighs tremble. He was actively moaning now, and his hips were giving little lurches. I knew he was feeling the urge to drive his cock down my throat. I heartily wished I could accomodate him, but truly feared I'd gag.

Suddenly, he lurched back, gasping, his pole slurping free of my lips, with a wet pop.

Startled I looked up at him. " I don't want to come, Rusty!" He eyed my hard cock, jutting up from my thighs. " I want to try blowing you too!"

I was torn, because I was really enjoying sucking him. But lying on the somewhat damp ground, so we could both suck rod, didn't appeal to me. Then my eyes lit on my pick-up bed. Grinning, I held up a finger for him to wait. Then cock leading the way, I went to rummage behind the passenger seat. I pulled out an old cargo blanket, and flipped it out over the back of my pick-up. I clambered up into the bed and motioned for Cole to join me. His, still wet ,pole, led him to me, where I extended a hand to help him into the bed.

I began to arrange us into a sixty-nine postition. Once I had him positioned to my liking, I popped his dick back into my mouth.

There was a slight hesitation, then I could feel him shift. Then a warm hand stroking my fat seven incher. I paused, his cock still inside my mouth, to savor the feel of his soft warm hand on my dick. He was stroking me slowly, pulling my foreskin back to expose the purple head. I could see his face. He looked entranced, making me wonder if he'd even touched another guy's piece.

Then, his face was obscured from view, as he leaned down to my dick, I could feel pulsing in his hand. I closed my eyes, and swallowed, his dick still in my mouth, as I felt his hot breath on the exposed head of my cock.

I hummed in appreciation, as I felt his wet tongue, slide over the underside of my glans. His hips gave a tiny buck, moving his dick a bit deeper in my mouth. I knew I should be working his tool, but the feeling of his tongue on my dick, had me frozen in anticipation.

Then I felt the head of my dick encased in hot dampness. I closed my eyes as I felt him try to take me in. My dick is the only part of me that is fat. Only expert cocksmen, have no trouble opening wide enough to get me in at first. Cole managed to get the head and part of me in before he paused. I could hear him trying to breathe through his nose.

I decided to teach by example. I began to just bob on the head of his dick. Hesitantly he began to follow suit. It felt so good, I huffed a gasp around the pole in my mouth. That made him give another little lurch into my mouth. A new salty taste slid over my tastebuds. Cole was leaking precum. I began to bob harder, my excitement letting me slip a little more of him towards my throat.

Cole was still only getting to the halfway point on my dick, where it flares out wide again, but he was working that half-cock with all the enthusiasm I could desire. I could taste more precum coating my tongue, and by his ragged gasping around my dick, I could tell he was getting close.

Then his mouth slipped past the wide part of my cock, and I think I hit the back of his throat, because he gagged around my


Swallowing me almost to the root must have been a mental trigger, because he gave a hip lurch, burying himself, until I too gagged, then my mouth was flooded with wet saltiness.

That set me off too, and I could feel myself ready to shoot. I pulled off his cock to warn him, giving him a chance to pull away, but Cole just gripped me harder with his mouth. Then I too was letting go, and giving him a mouthful of cum.

Both of us greedily slurped cum, til no more was to be tasted. Then almost in unison, we rolled over on our backs, wet cocks popping free, and jutting to the sky.

As our hards, slowly wilted, I rested an arm across, his thighs. Then we just lay there a bit, our gasping breath, slowing to normal. Then, I crunched up into sitting position, and looked down at Cole's face. There was a dribble of my cum at the corner of his mouth. His eyes flew open, as I used a finger to scoop it up. As I went to fling it way, Cole's hand shot out to grab my wrist. He rose up enough to slurp it off my finger. Then he grinned at me.

" Don't want to waste any of the first cum, I've worked so hard to get!" he growled impishly. I snorted, then grabbed my softened cock. " Not to worry, I can always make more!"

Cole grinned. " Someday, soon, I'll have to take you up on that!"




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