Deer Camp

Part 3

Day Three

The next day, a couple more guys were staying in.They had their deer and were not of a mind to go out in the cold woods again.

 I was a little disappointed.

I had dreams of Ray making good on his bet.It did not seem likely with more guys around.

I had not counted on Ray.

Ray announced that morning , he was going to go into town to get a few things.He asked me if I wanted to ride along, giving me an intense look.Hoping that was a cue, I agreed to go along.

After we piled into his Wrangler, we drove for quite a ways without talking.

Ray kept looking over at me like he wanted to say something, then looked away.

Finally he broached the subject on his mind.

" That shiner you're sporting?"" Yeah, what about it?"" Your Dad?"

I bit my lip.  No way was I going to rat out my Dad to Ray. For all our differences, he was still family, and Ray wasn't.It really wasn't any of Ray's business.

I guess my silence was answer enough.

Ray reached out a big mitt and placed it on my arm.

" I get it, none of my business." He sighed" It's just that some times your Dad talks a bit much, when he's tied one on."

I looked at Ray with narrowed eyes, but kept quiet.

He sighed again." I know he thinks you are turning into a pansy boy."I frowned." I'm  also  pretty sure he thumps on you quite a bit."I clenched my jaw, not wanting to go there.

He ran his hand up my arm to cup the back of my neck." I just want you to know I don't think you're a sissy! And well, if you ever need someone to talk to I'd be glad to listen."I shrugged, not knowing what to say.

Also I was a bit distracted by the feel of his big warm hand on the back of my neck.The hand that he seemed in no hurry to move.Just the feel of that hand was making my jeans feel way too tight.  Part of me wanted him to leave it there, part of me wanted him to take it away.This was all too personal, all of a sudden.

Suddenly he sighed, gave my neck a little shake and put his hand back on the wheel.  " Maybe I should start callling you Bull!"While I was a bit sorry he removed his hand, I was mostly uncomfortable with the turn of conversation.I think Ray sensed that, as he turned the conversation to lighter topics.

When we got to town, Ray stopped in at the liquor store.Then the General Store/ Pharmacy.  I just tagged along.  I figured I had just enough cash left to get home.  Nothing left for extra spending.

We got back underway.

We rode for quite a while, when Ray suddenly turned up a side road. As we bumped over a rutted dirt track, I looked at Ray questioningly.He just grinned and said " Don't worry. buddy, I'm not lost!"

Finally we pulled into a pretty little glade, next to a small stream.

Ray looked out over the glade.

" I own this parcel too.  Always thought about building up here to retire."

We sat quietly for a while.  Took in the view.  Although most of the leaves had fallen, there was still enough color left to hint at fall splendor.

After a period of silence, I dug in my jacket pocket and came up with a doob and a lighter.I gave Ray a questioning look.  He just smiled and nodded.I lit up, took a drag.  Passed it to Ray.   We passed the joint between us in companionable silence. 

I was feeling relaxed and melllow, and as usually the case, horny.  ( Hey, I was after all only eighteen at the time!)

Then he  scooted around until he was facing me." Nice and private here."  He grinned." Good place for paying off poker bets!"

I was flabbergasted.Suddenly it dawned on me, this where Ray was  getting us away from the other men, so he could finish his bet.

" Why don't we get in the back seat, Rusty?"I just looked at him." We could do this outside, but it's pretty fucking cold out there.  I don't care to freeze my balls off!"

Realizing he was seriously going to let me fuck his furry butt, had me scrambling to get in the back.Ray was with me almost as fast, just pausing to grab the small bag he'd gotten at the store.Once in the back seat we sat facing each other.

Ray began to shimmy out of his clothes. I followed suit.  In the close quarters of the back seat,  arms and legs kept banging into each other.Soon we were  naked, facing each other.

I was kneeling between Ray's legs, he was laying back against the door, his big cock sticking straight up in the air.I ran my hands slowly up those hairy legs, enjoying the feel of soft hair against my palms.I stroked the inside of his thighs, almost into his groin, stopping just short.Ray was watching my hands intently. He frowned as I stopped short of his rock hard cock.

It was jerking in tandem with his pulse.

Then I reached out and ran a finger down the length.  He hissed in encouragement . When I reached the base, I kept running down until I could cup his balls with my hand. 

Ray groaned.   I began to knead his stones, rolling them around in their hairy pouch. I stretched his dangles out.  Ray , eyes closed, moaned again. It would seem Ray was not adverse to a bit of ball stretching.

I ran my other hand over his straining nine inch tool.  His hips gave a little lurch.  I found a drool of precum at the lips of his cockhead. I smeared it onto my palm, then began to rub my palm over the fat pink head.Ray's hips were squirming around, his breathing coming faster.  He had his lower lip clenched in his teeth.  I know it felt like exquisite torture on my dick head, I imagined it felt the same to Ray.

Finally Ray hissed through clenched teeth.  " I'm gonna cum soon Rusty, if you don't quit that!  Don't want to cum yet!"

Obediently I left off torturing his dickhead.  Instead, I wrapped my hand around his hairy ballsac,  and pulled his dangles up and away from his taint.  The other hand now free, I slippped a two fingers beneath his taint, unto his pulsing ass lips, and began to massage.Ray's whole body tensed up at that.  His stomach muscles stood out in stark ridges, visible despite the heavy coating of hair.

Once again he was worrying his lower lips with his teeth.   I had a thought, then, that perhaps, despite his age, despite his seeming desire, he just might be an butt virgin.Still he wasn't asking me to stop.

I began to use my fingers to pull apart the lips of his ass slit.  Sometimes, I'd let a third finger delve slightly inside his hole.  Just a tip.   He would clamp tight then, his slit forcing the tip back out.

Ray began fumbling with the little bag from the General Store.  Silently, eyes closed he pulled out a small tube of K.Y..

He squirted some out onto his hand, then reached down between his legs, to begin coating my fingers with slick.

My fingers now slippery, I pushed one a bit harder against his pulsing nether gate.  Once again, Ray went all tense. 

I distracted him, by slowly pulling his ballsac higher, stretching until his skin was pulled tight around his nuts.

His concentration on his hole wavered and my finger slipped all of the way in.

Ray gasped, his body clamping down hard on my invading digit.  I held my finger as deep as it would go, not letting him force it back out.

He finally began to adjust to the feel of a finger inside him.  Experimently I wiggled my finger around, trying to find that little place.   ( At eighteen I didn't know what it was called, but my fuck buddies seem to go crazy, when I discovered it inside them!)   When I finally found it, Ray let out a surprised yelp.  His whole body jerked.  I nudged it again, and Ray's whole body quivered.

Eyes wide in wonder, Ray stared at my hand between his leg.  I continued rubbing that place, making him squirm and moan.

His breath was coming faster now, and his hips were twitching, forcing my finger in and out of him.  Afraid he'd come before I could bury my dick in him, I quit massaging his cum button.  Instead I slipped anither slick finger up inside him.

Caught by surprise, his hips stilled.  Ruthlessly I began scissoring my fingers inside him, trying to stretch his ass ring out.

 ( A trick I learned through experimenting with my pals.  My cock is pretty thick, and there was a lot of squeals of pain until I learned about loosening their holes!)

His eyes screwed shut, he gasped.  I could tell it was paining him, but he did not ask me to pull out.

After a minute or two, he said through gritted teeth.  "  I can't stand this any more, I feel like I want to cum! Put your dick in me!  Stick it in me Buddy! Put it in now!"  He fumbled out a condom and slid it across his belly towards me.

I let go of his balls and pulled my fingers from his now stretched and wet hole.  Quickly as I could I tore open the wrapper, and rolled the latex over my drooling  uncut cock.

Meanwhile Ray reached down to slather more K.Y. over his ass pucker.

Out of patience now, burning with a need to slide my cock inside this hot older man, I forwent any gentleness.

I grabbed him by the calves, simultaneously lifting his legs and bowing his body.  
As if we had rehearsed it, Ray pulled his big low hangers up, giving me a perfect view of his pulsing pucker.

I found it with the head of my hard tool, rested the head against it.

Then pushed!

Ray let out a small pained yowl, his body suddenly rigid, as the blunt head of my cock, pierced his hole.

Afraid he would back out, just when I was in him, I just kept sinking in, pushing against him, fighting to keep him from pushing me out.

Ray's arms flew out to grab the front and back headrests, in a punishing grip.  He whimpered , but didn't ask me to stop.

( Of course being a tough Navy Seal, I suppose he could handle pain.)

I felt my groin snug up against his ass cheeks.  I looked down to see myself buried deep. My red public hair tangling with the dark hair around his hole.

Ray's jaw was clenched, his eyes squeezed shut, his breath labored, as his gut tried to accomodate my fat seven inch dick.

I tried to hold still, trying to hold back, trying to let him get used to me.   But the hot tight feel of his hole and gut, wrapped around my dick was too much.  I had to move.  I had to feel the friction poling his insides would bring.

I began to move  out.  Ray was hissing through clenched teeth.  Face scrunched up in a grimace.

Then his eyes widened as my fat dick must have slid across the small node inside him.  A long groan followed the progress of my retreating cock. I pulled every inch but the head out, then began to force my shaft back into him, slowly.

Once again I must have found that spot, as Ray's head flew back to bang on the window, another moan slipping from his mouth.   It did not sound like a moan of pain.  It sounded like a moan of enjoyment.

Encouraged, I withdrew again,only to push in a little faster.  A light sheen of sweat decorated Ray's forehead.

I sped up a bit, long dicking him with a little more force.

Ray's hips seem to raise to meet those thrusts.  His breath was coming faster now.  He was whispering something under his breath, in time to my dick's rythym!

Soon, I began slamming into his hole with a lot of force.  Ray's head and shoulders were banging against the door.

The whispers became audible.  A mantra.  " Oh God!  Oh God!  Fuck Me! Fuck Me!  Oh God That  Big Dick Feels So Good!  Fuck Me Hard!  Oh God! Oh God!"

His hot wet insides, the tightness of his gut, the exciting sound of him begging me to fuck him, soon had the cum boiling to cum out of my balls.  I began to slam in as deep, as fast, and as hard as I could.

I grabbed the head of Ray's big cock, and jerked it in time to my thrusts.

In a few mere jerks, Ray let out out a yowl, and a flood of hot white cream erupted from his dick!

That sight, ( And the hard squeezing his body surrounded my cock with!) was all it took to send me over the edge.

With one last slam, I buried my self as deep as I could go, as the cum raced out of my dick!

Ray's ass still jerked around me, as the last of his juice pulsed out, his insides milking the last of my juice!

Finally our jerking bodies slowed, reduced to panting quivering.  I held his legs tight , still loving the feel of this man's ass surrounding me.

After a short while, Ray looked up at my face, a rueful smile on his face.  " As good as your dick feels Buddy Boy, I getting a serious crick in my neck!"  he said from his scrunched up position against the Jeep door.   Relunctantly, I pulled my semi hard from his loosened hole.

In silence, we squirmed around, pulling on clothes and banging into each other once again.  We climbed back into the front seat.

Ray looked at me intensely again.  " I hope you'll keep this between us, Rusty?"  I shrugged.  " Yeah, Ray, No one would believe it anyway."   A moment more, then.  " Thanks Rusty.  I hate to admit it, but I've been wanting to try that for a while!"

Than he looked at me from narrowed eyes.  " You sure seem to know what you are doing for a kid!"  I just shrugged, then grinned .  " What's that military saying?  Oh yeah ....... Don't Ask..."  " Don't Tell!" we finished together.

With that we drove back to Deer Camp.  And maybe there was a bit more touching going on, a few long caresses of thigh or arm.  Maybe a crotch fondle or a  couple dozen.    

In the air around us, an unspoken promise.

Deer Camp wasn't quite over yet!




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