Deer Camp

Part 1

First Night, First Day

Readers: Please bear with this first installment.There is no sex in this first part.It is just the set up to the rest of the story.

My Step-Dad had a friend, who he seemed to idolize. Well to be honest, most of the men he was aquianted with idolized Ray Wisecki. He was after all an honest to God, retired Navy Seal.

 In our community of hard-working redneck macho men, it couldn't get more manly than that.He was into all manner of manly pursuits, football, hockey, and most of all hunting.

The crown jewel in Ray's hunting crown was the legend known as Deer Camp.Ahuge log hunting lodge, situated just south of Canada, in an almost undeveloped forest area.

 Nearest town, about 50 miles, maybe more.

To be invited to spend the week of deer hunting at Deer Camp, would likely outshine dinner with the president.

Just one cardinal rule....What happens at Deer Camp, stays at Deer Camp.

 If word got back to Ray, that someone was telling tales out of school, it was guaranteed, that someone would never be invited back.( However that didn't stop some rumors from making circulation. Especially about the the hunting lodge.If ever there was a hunting palace, it would seem Deer Camp qualified, if half the rumors were true!)

Ray was somewhere around my Dad's age. ( My Step Dad is the only father I've ever known, so I'm calling him Dad here.)Which considering my dad was all of 17 years older then me, was not all that old.Mid to upper 30's I'd guess. I know he did two tours as a Seal, before getting Mary Baxter knocked up. Which was the reason he didn't reenlist.

 I think he would have stayed in the Navy, had Mary not insisted it was her or the Navy.( Actually I don't think he gave a shit about Mary, he caved because of his child.)

Ray was one hell of a fine figure of a man.

 Not model pretty, but rough hewn handsome.Short chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, broken nose, heavy brows, kind of big monkey ears, square butt chin, heavy beard line, face long and lean.Like the rest of him.Ray stayed in amazing shape, most guys half his age didn't look as toned and athletic.It's like he never stopped being ready to answer the call of the Seals, should they ever need him.A tall drink of lean water,I estimate he was about 6' 3" in his work socks.

He worked in the same local lumberyard as my Dad, and where I worked after school and on the weekends.

 I admit to stopping and staring, whenever he did any work near me. To watch his muscles stretch his tees in the summer, and his very fine ass,as he bent over, filling out the baggy jeans he usually wore. Occasionally the outline of what appeared to be a very long dick. Totally droolworthy.


Okay, I am basically a shy, quiet kind of guy. So I did not try to insinuate myself into Ray's good graces like the older men at the yard did.He did not pay any particular attention to me, so both my Dad and I were surprised to get invitations to Deer Camp.

My Dad had dreamed of this for years.

Then someone else burst his bubble saying the only reason he was invited, was because Ray's 19 year old nephew was coming, and Ray wanted someone close to his age, there, this year.


 I think Dad's idolatry shattered about then. Dad and I weren't on a very friendly level, as he was always trying to beat the sissy out of me.

To only be invited because his sissy son, was close to his nephew's age, set him off the deep end.

My Dad had a skewed idea of what makes a man.

I mean I held my own in the very physical world of the lumber yard.I didn't mince, or flutter around, and frankly I could out lift my Dad.But!I didn't care for team sports.I got mostly A's ( except Math, I believe I would be considered Mathlexic, numbers and calculations stymmie me.)I loved to read.( Dad and Mom never made it through highschool and could barely read.) I also love to cook.

I learned how to cook at my Maternal Grandma's side, who many considered to be the best cook in the county. ( Self defense, my mother was a total tomboy and the cooking gene totally missed her.)If I wanted something other than from a can, I had to fend for myself.Eventually my little sister showed talent for cooking and baking, but by then I had found something I really was good at and never gave up.( Funny my Dad always shoveled what ever I cooked into his face fast enough, but he was from the old school of only women cooked.)

 A couple days before Deer Camp, Dad called Ray and begged off.Seems he got into an altercation with a bull and although he won, he was pretty banged up.

Ray made the appropriate commiserations, then asked if I was still coming. Dad couldn't very well refuse, although I'm sure he wanted to.

 I'm sure he thought about saying I needed to stay and do chores, because he was so banged up, but grudgingly decided it would be best for me to go.

I had just hit 18 that fall, although I was still in highschool.I had my own pick-up.I also had connections that allowed to me to comeup with a couple of half barrels and some prime smoke.( I have always been able to scout out weed sellers from a fairly early age.)

Grandma packed up a basket of cooking essentials.( Putting them together was my job, she wasn't going to make a bunch of meals for these guys.)

So I drove the nearly five hours myself.

When I arrived Ray met me at the door.

Looking so hot with his chocolate brown deer hunting beard. ( A hunting custom, that men in my area, have adhered to for generations.)

 He got a look at my big black eye , my scabbed over knuckles.

 " Gawd Rusty, that bull get you too?"

Puzzled I questioned. " Bull?, what Bull?"

" The one that got your Dad!"

", no bull got me........"

 " Oh.....Well I hope the other guy looks worse then you!"

 " Yeah, he does........Out of commission for a while."

 Ray frowned, maybe putting one and one and one together and suddenly wondering about my Dad's cattle incident.

Ray ushered me into the lodge at that point.I got to admit from the outside it looked impressive, all rustic logs and cedar shake shingles.

 Huge wrap around porch with rustic log chairs and tables scattered about.

Inside I was greeted by an assortment of men of varying ages.The oldest. Ray's Dad, to the youngest, Cole, his nephew.Not everyone was here yet, so it looked to be quite a crowd.End count, 12 men.

The kitchen and main room were all open in the same space. This was no primitive camp. A huge t.v. hooked to satellite and a game system, hung over the massive stone fireplace.Various worn recliners lined up around the big main room.A huge trestle table dominated the area in front of the kitchen.

 There was a spiral staircase that led to a second floor loft, lined with bunkbeds and a small bathroom.Another door on the main floor led to another bunkroom.

 Still another door led to a lockerroom style shower and head.

Six guys could have showered at once, while 3 more shit. and another 3 used the trough urinal. ( Those six guys would have been crowded, practically butt cheek to butt cheek, but there were six shower heads.)

Sudden visions of a bunch ofbearded guys showering together gave me pause.Embarrassing images of me sproutingwood in front of these guys worried me.

Still yet another door led to the Processing Room, an obvious add-on, expressly for the purpose of skinning, butchering and keeping game cold. There were hooks to hang the game, Saws and knives for cutting it up, a long stainless steel table and huge sink.And luxury of luxuries, a walk in freezer.

 Frankly, a bit creepy.

 Easy to imagine, horror movies scenarios, where poor screaming victims got stowed in the freezer after dismemberment.

 ( Although, sick fuck that I am now, I can now, imagine suspending a guy from one of the hooks and screwing him senseless. After inserting various objects up his ass. Didn't cross my mind then. )

I got the priviledge of bunking in the bunkroom with Ray, Cole, his Dad, Larry, a guy from the lumberyard and a guy I didn't know yet. Another worry here.I didn't know that I wanted to by sleeping in the same room as the incredibly sexy Ray.

Frankly Larry and Cole weren't bad either. Ray's Dad was a little too long in the tooth for me, but he was still a pretty good looking dude.Could see where Ray's features and body came from.Visions of embarrassing dreams with maybe auditory mumbles danced through my head.

Everyone was totally knackered from the long drives to Deer Camp, and after wolfing down a shitload of pizza, most guys, me included, bunked down.Wake-upl was scheduled for pre-dawn, so we could scarf breakfast and coffee, and be on the hunt by dawn's first glow.

Next morning, everyone was checking out the arsenal.There sure were some fancy-assed arms and equipment.Most looked brand new, which in my mind I turned up my nose at.I would stick with my Grandpa's tried and true old deer rifle, she'd never let me down in the few years I'd been hunting, and I knew her quirks and abilities, like an old friend.New guns needed breaking in and learning.Each rifle is different, and shoots in it's own manner. I doubted most of the new gun owners would get a deer early, if at all.Me I was pretty close to a crack shot, been shooting pellet guns sice I was big enough to hold one, .22's and finally Grandpa's deer rifle, when I passed gun training. For these guys, hunting was a sport For my family hunting made a difference in how we ate. A couple of deer between my Dad and I ,meant maybe freeing up a steer or a hog to sell, from Grandpa's farm.A little more money might mean new clothes, shoes or even just bills getting paid on time.

 So I had more incentive to get my deer, especially since I didn't think Dad would get one back home, because of the " Bull Incident."

I am also a damn good tracker.Grew up roaming the hills , fields and woods back home.A loner, I would track animals through the woods as a game, see if I could find them.And perhaps one or two of those tracked animals ended up on the table out of season.Hunger can make people do worse.

 To make a long story shorter, I got on the trail of a brancher buck, took him outearly, that first day, dressed him, then skidded him back, to Deer Camp. Spent the rest of the day skinning, cutting and packaging cuts to lay up in the freezer.

Part-way through the day, Ray came back with a 6 point, clean shot through the head, not breaking one tine of the antlers. Without asking I helped haul it up, and aided in the skinning.Ray made sounds of approval when he saw I did a good job of skinning.

( Hey, deerhide is worth money, a well skinned hide can bring a pretty penny from the buckskin leather folks. )

 We worked,with little talk, rendering his buck into nice cuts stacked alongside mine in the freezer.

Occasionally Ray would brush up against, my arm or my leg, sending a thrill straight to my dick.Which was half hard most of the time from his proximity. We were sweaty, covered in gore, and stillhe was just so incredibly sexy.

 I left him to finish up and headed for the showers.I was almost disappointed he didn't show up.

 I was dying to see Ray in the altogether.

 When I finished I hit the kitchen.

I had all of the ingredients I needed to make a big batch of venison stew, with buttermilk biscuits.

I could hear Ray in the processing room talking to someone else.From the grunts, they were hauling up another deer on the hooks.

 Soon I had the stew simmering on the big stove.

 Ray and his Dad came in sniffing appreciatively.

 I barred the way, when dirty and bloody they tried to wander up to the stove, weliding a big wooden spoon like a weapon." You ain't gettin' in this kicthen til ya clean up!" I glowered.

" Gawd, Rusty, you sound just like my wife!"

" Smart woman!Git!'

Hands raised in surrender, they trundled off like good natured bears to clean up.

Soon the rest of the party began straggling in.Noses twitched in appreciation, but bodies were warned off with my handy wooden spoon.

 Soon the showers were running full blast, steam seeping out under the door. Ray must have had one hell of a water heater, no one seemed to get a cold shower.

 I busied myself setting up one of the half barrels I'd brought, putting out an assortment of glasses.

Men started wandering back in, hair damp, some in not much more than winter woolies.

 While Ray started a fire, they grabbed mugs, steins etc and began drawing beer.

I began throwing trays of biscuits in the oven, knowing the guys would be feeling half starved.

Ray and Cole started pulling out bowls, spoons, butter etc.

I started pulling golden biscuits from the oven, heaping them on the counter and the guys started filling bowls with stew, slathering biscuits with butter.

Larry put his hand over his heart after a few bites." Shit!Rusty!I'm gonna divorce Kate and marry you!Fuck this is good!"There were a lot of grunts in agreement, mouths mostly too busy chewing and slurping to speak.

 I laughed, " Aww Lare, Don't you go telling Kate that shit!I 've met your Kate, and she'd slice me and dice me and slap me in the stew!"

 There were a few chuckles at that.

Then the good natured razzing began.

 " Saw that puny little buck you brought in Rusty!Afraid you'd not get a chance at a man's buck?"

 I shrugged." I kill to eat, and I can't eat no antlers. "

More meat on a big buck!" Larry opined.

" Yeah, tougher, gamier meat on an old buck, Besides, that stew you're so fond of came off my puny little buck and you seem to like him just fine!"

Larry rolled his eyes.

I grinned at him. " Besides I've heard it's not how big the .....antlers ....are, but how the buck uses them!Maybe I should ask Kate about your....antlers!"

Everyone laughed as Larry sputtered trying to come back.

He finally settled for, " My....Antlers are just fine!"" Whippersnapping wet behind the ears little bugger!"

That set off a big round of pick on Larry, leaving Rusty to grin in the background.

Everyone full, they drew straws to see who cleaned up, Ray declaring I was exempt.

After some good natured grousing Cole, Larry and a guy named Steve began the clean-up, everyone else claiming chairs.

Ray brought up an election to make me the cook of the week.

 It was unanimous.

 I shrugged, cooking meant I didn't have to spend every day out in the cold or wet driving deer for the 9 guys with no deer yet.

Give me a nice warm lodge anytime! ( I'm not that much of a wilderness man!)

Clean-up finished, everyone found a space to relax. The table hosted a poker game.A couple of the guys were playing a game on the big t.v..I found an unoccupied recliner and nestled in with my sketch pad. I tried to capture the whole scene on paper.At some point every guy at the lodge came to peer over my shoulder.I got a lot of grunts of surprise and approval. (From an early age I've always been a fair artist.)

 One of the guys in the poker game bowed out, leaving Ray to cast around for another player.

" Rusty, come play with us."

 I bit my lip, tempted, but truth is I dropped all of my spare cash, just to be at Deer Camp, and not show up empty handed.

 I shrugged and passed. Ray looked for another player.I got up and went out to my truck and my stash.

I had just lit up, when Ray appearred by my truck." Shit, Rusty, that what I think it is?"

 Caught red handed by the older man, I couldn't do anything but confess.

" Well, pass it over, Buddy Boy!"

Surprised I did.

 My Dad and Mom were always harping about weed, and I kind of expected the same from anyone in their age bracket.Then Larry wandered out and there were three of us toking by my truck. Soon after though, the cold was getting to me,so I wandered back in the lodge, pleasantly buzzed.

When Ray and Larry finally wandered back in, also buzzed, they tried to get another poker game started.This time the beer and buzz made them a little reckless.

 They announced this game would be strip poker.

I was just buzzed enough to join in.They convinced nearly everyone to join in.

Rule was you had to ante up whatever piece of clothing you were betting up front, taking it off and laying it on the table.

If you raised apiece of clothing you took that off and put it on the table.If you lost, the winner kept your clothing, and could use it to bet with.

Now, I'm not really a very good poker player, but Lady Luck seems to like me. I kept getting winning hands, and the pile of men's clothes was growing around me.( I would have liked to lose some of the smelly socks!) Most of the guys bowed out before losing their long john bottoms.

 Soon it was down to Larry, Ray, Cole and me.

 I have to admit I was a little distracted. Dark haired Larry, had a pretty nice body, if maybe gone a bit to seed. Blondish, Cole had the firm body of youth.

 Then there was Ray.

 Whipcord muscle covered in a pelt of brown fur.Big pink nipples.The kind that just beg to be pulled, tweaked and sucked on. And then there were the scars.Instead of ruining his body, they somehow made him look sexier, and dangerous.

I had nearly everyone's clothes. Ray, Larry and Cole only had their longjohn bottoms left .

I didn't expect them to keep playing, but Ray stood up, peeled off his johns, and tossed them in the kitty.

Oh my Gawd!

He had the fattest pink mushroom head I'd ever seen, topping about four inches of soft dick, over hefty low hangers.

 Then surprising us all Larry stood up and peeled out of his johns too.

 A long skinny dick flopped out.

Everyone looked to Cole, he just shrugged and bowed out.

 Then they looked at me. I was sitting there with a whole kitty to bet with.

 Ray was grinning at me, until I shoved all of the clothes in my kitty to the center of the table raising his ante.

 Larry and Ray had nothing left to bet, so I figured I won


As I smirked at them, knowing they had nothing to ante up with, Ray got a flustered, then calculating look on his face.(Remember he was drunk and high, and that combination makes for some interesting situations.)

I'll see your raise, and raise you a blow-job!" he growled.

 There were a lot of gasps, then snickers.

 I was totally flummoxed.In my eyes even if I lost, I won. Yet, I know everyone expected me to bow out, not take the dare.

I looked into his eyes, expecting to see the joke there, but I saw something that gave me pause.Was I mistaken, or was there a bit of longing, alongside the dare, in his eyes? I narrowed my eyes and decided to call him.

" Done!"

Larry nervously laughed and bowed out. Ray nodded and drew another card.I looked at my hand and stayed pat. He narrowed his eyes at me.I grinned back at him as innocently as I could. He looked at his cards then back at me.

 " Think you're pretty cocky doncha ya boy!"

 I shrugged.

He leaned across the table looking me in the eyes daring me.

 " I raise you an ass-fuck!"

 My mouth flipped open, and I could feel my eyes go round.

Everyone was looking at Ray like he climbed out of some swamp.Heads were shaking and whispers were making the rounds.

 Somehow I knew he expected me to fold and I had a feeling he was dead serious about getting me to blow him, even if the other guys thought it was a joke.

 I looked back at my hand, then back up at his smirking face.

 If I bowed out now, I would supposedly have to blow Ray, an attractive prospect, I admit.

 If I played and lost, I could get my ass fucked, not a prospect I relished.

( Gay as I am, I'm not very keen on being fucked.)

But down deep I'm a gambler.

And suddenly the idea of sinking my dick into that fine hairy ass seemed worth the risk.

 Throwing caution to the wind, I nodded my acceptance of the bet.

 Grinning confidently Ray laid down a full house and smirked at me, as if to say your ass is mine. I licked my lips and looked nervously at him.Ray threw back his head and laughed.

 Then I held up a finger, and grinning from ear to ear, laid down four aces.

 Ray nearly choked on tongue.

All the guys around us started laughing and catcalling Ray, whose face was beet red.I laughed and threw everyone their clothes.

 Except Ray.

I just sat there and grinned at him.

" Jeez, Rusty, I was sure I had you."

His words were slurred.He stood up wobbling and stumbled to the door of our bunkroom. I made no move to follow him.

Even if he was serious, I just wasn't going to plow his ass in front of the guys.It was enough I won and faced the wonder stud down.

 Shortly, I yawned and stretched and said it was bedtime, waggling my eyes at the guys.Nervous hoots and catcalls followed me into the bunkroom. but no one got up and came too. I half wondered if theyreally expected me to go in and plow Ray.

I found Ray passed out, naked, butt up on a lower bunk.I sighed, them went to throw a blanket over him.Just before I tucked him in, I took a quick glance around, then ran my hand over his fine hairy butt. Ray moaned and arched up into my hand, givingme an instant boner.Then a loud snore, had me fighting back a snort of laughter.

 I tossed the blanket over him and climbed into my bunk.

Then, because I was high, and at heart a mean little freckle faced brat, I began to bounce up and down on the bunk.

I got the springs squeaking real good for a few minutes, and threw in some moans and a " Yeah, take it bitch!" .

 I half expected to see curious faces peering around the door, but apparently no one had the guts.

I knew they could hear me, because I could hear them muttering.

Grinning to myself I finally settled in to sleep.

This story will continue in Deer Camp , Day Two




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