Deer Camp

Part 2

Day Two

I woke before anyone else the next morning.

 After using the head, I began to throw together breakfast for those who would enter the hunting grounds again.I started the big coffee urn brewing. Started grabbing pans and food and prepping them on the big island by the stove.

 I do'nt know if it was the rattling of pots and pans, or the smell of coffee, but I could hear bodies stirring in the loft.

 The first one out was Cole, Ray's nephew.

 He stopped short when he saw me in the kitchen.He opened his mouth to speak, then his face turned red, and a quiet"Mornin' " was all that came out.He busied himself pulling out plates and tableware.

 One by one other men stumbled yawning and stretching, then stopping short at the sight of me in the kitchen. I could almost see the gears turning.I would turn to face away, to hide the mischevious smirk, I could feel on my face, each time I saw that look.
 ( The look that asked,Did You Really Fuck our Hometown Hero's Ass last night?")

At each mumbled " Mornin' " and red face, It was all I could do to keep the gurgling laughter from bubbling out of my mouth. It was so amazing how so many men could be in one space and avoid actually looking at each other.

I had my back to the room, when the quiet muttering went dead.I peered back over my shoulder to see Ray's Father, glaring around at the men.He stopped moving a moment, then conspicuously sniffed under each arm.

" Nope, don't smell that bad?"

 There were few nervous titters at that.He came over by me.I kept my face as bland as possible. 

 " Rusty, Have I got something weird on my face?"

" No, Sir, not as I can see."

He gave me a long slow wink, and I knew right then he was on to my little joke.

" Then what's wrong with the ladies outhere?" 

 I shrugged, " Not awake yet?"

 He hmmphed, when the room went silent again. Without looking I knew Ray must have put in an appearance.

I went a little stiff. Ray's Dad, patted me on the shoulder.He said kind of loudly" How fast can you run, Boy?" 

 " Pretty damn fast, Sir!" 

He leaned in close, so only I could hear." Ain't no need, I just said that for the ladies' benefit.Ray loves a good prank,Let's just wait this one out a bit!"

 He grinned at me." Should be entertaining!"

Ray was glaring around at everyone like an ill tempered bear.Despite his Dad's confidence, I was still a little worried.

Ray bellowed out." Rusty!"

 I jumped just a bit.

" That damn coffee ready yet, I got this godawful weird taste in my mouth this morning!"

I swear every mouth in that room gasped in horror, except Ray's Dad.Mine too. 

 " S..S..Should be!"Ray peered at me, " You okay this morning, kid?"

I could see the side of his mouth tremble, as he tried to reign in a smirk.

 I just nodded yes, my ownrelieved smirk threatening to spoil the whole show. I busied myself with my cooking, trying to look as nervous as possible.

Ray went over to the big scarred trestle table and eased himself into a chair. Only to start fidgeting around.Every eye was growing wider, and every conversation stilled once more. 

 " Shit, why the hell is my ass so damn sore this morning?" Mouths dropped open.

" Gawd damn, feels like somebody shoved a beer can up my butt!" 

 Gasps, resounded as every eye in the room turned to look at me.

Ray tried to glare at me, but that smirk was getting the best of him.

" Rusty, why are all these bozos looking to you? You collect on that damn bet last night?"

 Round eyed, jaws clamped tight so I wouldn't give anything away, I just nodded as sheepishly as I could.

" Damn, I lost my cherry to some young Pup, and I don't even remember it!"

This time the collective gasp of horror was just too much for Ray's Dad.The huge guffaw that welled out of his chest startled the room.Shoulders shaking I turned away to face the sink.I just couldn't hold in the laughter, any more. Then the looks of outrage on the faces around me caught my eye and I was done for.I heard Ray start to snicker too, and suddenly Ray, his Dad and I were bent double with laughter.

It was about this time, that some of the smarter guys caught on to the joke. 

 Outraged glares, turned to stunned disbelief, then mirth began to bubble out.A couple of the guys, Ray's nephew Cole among them, just looked bewildered.

" What's so funny?I don't think what Rusty did was funny at all!" 

 That exclamation brought on more laughter, and serious tears were welling out of eyes.Cole realized he was mssing something, but couldn't figure out how the laughter had been turned on him.At the darkening thundercloud marring his face, Ray's Dad stepped in. 

" Cole, don't you get it?It was all just a big prank!"

Cole's face went still.He waved vaguely in my direction. 

 " Then he didn't.....?"

I shook my head no. The look of relief on Cole's face almost set me off again, so I spun and addressed myself to finishing breakfast.

Finally, everyone was fed, geared up and out the door. 

 Except me, Ray and his Dad.  I set to washing the mountain of dishes, pots and pans, while Ray and his Dad, went out to take care of his Dad's buck.

When I finished up in the kitchen, I went out to see if I could help.The deer was skinned and Ray was starting to quarter the meat.I set to with a meat saw and began hacking out the cuts his Dad wanted.His Dad was on the other side of the table making filets and such. Meat quartered, Ray grabbed another saw and with three of us working, the butchering was going fast.

As we began to reach the end of the chore, Ray and I could see his Dad was tiring.I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to insult the guy.
 When the last of the meat was finished , Ray said he and I could do the clean-up.His Dad didn't fight it. just shucked out of his bloody coveralls, carried them over to the washer, then retreated to the showers.

Ray and I scoured the room.Flushing away blood, disinfecting the table, the tools and anywhere that needed cleaning.We didn't talk, just worked along side each other.Finally, Ray bundled up the hide and the parts of the deer we couldn't use and took them to an outside shed to freeze.

I peeled out of clothes, and threw them in the washer with the coveralls, tossed in some detergent, but left the lid up for Ray's clothes.Then I went to my bunk, to get some clean gear.

Ray's Dad was snoring away on one of the bunks.I tiptoed out and went to get a shower.

Eyes closed,I was reveling in the feel of hot water cascading over my body, when I heard the sound of another shower.I turned to see Ray, eyes closed, under a shower head about 4 feet away. Because his eyes were closed I took the chance to drink in the sight of him naked.The water was travelling through and rearranging his chocolate brown body hair.

His skin was taking on a wet silken sheen. Water ran down his flat hairy belly, to run along his long dick and cascade off like a waterfall.

He turned away from me, eyes still closed to let the water flow across his back and disappear into his hairy crack, or slide across round cheeks to flow down hairy legs.

 I felt a tingle in my dick, a sign my dick was going to harden.

Not wanting to spring a boner in front of Ray, I quickly turned to face the shower and turn the cascade to cold.It only took a second to stop my dick, and I could put the hot back on.

I turned back to catch Ray looking up from my body.He grinned a bit self-conciously.
 " About last night?" he said in an off hand tone.

I laughed nervously. 

 " Um, it was just a joke Ray, no harm meant."

He shook his head." No, not the prank."He grinned, "Not that it wasn't funny, No I was talking about the bet."

I shrugged my shoulders.

" So, it was all in fun right?"He opened his mouth." Look," I hurried to fill in. " You were drunk, and we were both high.I know you didn't mean it.

Besides, I'm used to drunken promises made and then never made good on.", I mumbled out bitterly."Whoa, where had that come from", I cursed myself.

Ray gave me a long lingering look.

" Rusty?"he said quietly." I am sorry, that other 's have let you down. "I opened my mouth , but Ray waved me silent. 

" Rusty, I believe a bet is a bet, and a promise is a promise.I have no intention of backing out of this bet."

I gaped at him, as he walked the short distance between us.
 This just wasn't possible.

In disbelief, I watched him sink to his knees in front of me.

" I can't do much about the ass fuck part of the bet right now, but I can sure pay off the blowjob part."He looked up at me and smiled gently. 

 " That is if you want to collect?" 

I just stared at him in shock.
 " Really, you don't have to Ray." 

He shrugged, " Yes, I think I do......Actually I think I want to!" 

 He looked down, drawing my gaze with him, until I saw his cock standing out rigidly, about nine inches, from his thighs.

My half hard dick filled the rest of the way out at the sight.

Ray looked back up at the seven fat uncut inches suddenly aimed at his face, and gave a soft whistle.

" Wow, that is one man sized tool you have there Kid!"he murmurred. Then he was leaning forward, mouth opening to engulf the head.
 I went rigid in a combination of shock and delight.

I stared down in disbelief, at the sight of my dick disappearing into his manly face.Ray pulled back, his lips clamped tight, pulling my foreskin over the head, until just the end was clamped between his lips.Then he swooped forward again, slipping a little more of my hardness inside his mouth. 

 My knees felt weak, and I had to brace myself against the shower wall.
That caused Ray to have to lean forward a bit more, giving me a view of his wide shoulders and back, tapering down to where his hairy butt popped into sight. He grasped my thighs, his touch like an electrical current, using them to stablize his body.
He tried to ram more of my cock into his mouth.

My hips gave an involuntary jerk, ramming me deeper.

Ray, gagged, then pulled back.He never let me out of his hot wet mouth, but began bobbing on my dick. Even at the tender age of eighteen, I could tell he was no pro cock sucker.His teeth scraped a little, and he sure didn't know how to use his tongue.

(I know picky picky.It's just that my seventeen year old, fuck buds, Carl and Wayne, had gotten real good at sucking cock.)

I could tell, Ray hadn't done this much.Yet, there was no way I was going to chance offending him and having him pull off my dick.I was not going to miss out on the chance to have this sexy mature man blow me.

Now I don't cum fast. But just the thought of a real Navy Seal, on his knees, mouth around my dick, did more for me than the actual blowing.

I knew I was going to blow soon.I do not know what possessed me to grab his head, and began to gently thrust my cock in his mouth. 

 Ray, didn't fight me, instead he dropped a massive hand down to his own straining dick and began to jerk it furiously.

A few thrusts into his hot mouth, and I could feel the cum boiling in my nuts.

I yanked my dick from Ray's mouth, as the cum erupted, starting to spray it all over his face.

With a whimper, Ray dove back onto my dick, capturing my cum in his mouth.My hips bucked into his face, as I emptied my load, into him.I felt him go stiff, than I could feel globs hitting my legs and feet to be washed away by the shower.

As the Ray, sucked out the final drops, I found myself bracing myself on his shoulders. Both of us were panting, almost wheezing. Finally, I found the strength to pull myself erect. Ray stayed on his knees, head down, his hand still lazily massaging his cock, the last drops of his load, swirling away down the drain.

Then he struggled to his feet, absently patting me on the chest, before he went back to his showerhead.

 No more words were spoken, leaving me to wonder, if he was embarrassed or regretful.

Then he looked over at me and grinned. 

 " Just one thing Bud, remember, what happens at Deer Camp,......" 

 " Stays at Deer Camp." I finished with a grin.

The story isn't done. Remember Ray still owes me something. 

Deer Camp, Day Three is yet to come.




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