Dangerous Love

ps. No sex in 1st installment.

 Chapter 1


It started one night while he was walking through the park. Vincent was enjoying the spring evening, a slight breeze moving through the trees bringing the smell of rain to come. In the distance were dark clouds, lightning flashing. He knew that the weather could change at the drop of a hat in this part of the country. He didn't mind, he was free for the next three weeks on vacation. He didn't have a care in the world.

In six minute there was a light drizzle. Vincent kept walking, his clothes getting slightly damp from the rain. The rain always had a calming effect on him, so he didn't mind. In fact he enjoyed walking outside in the rain. At home when it rained, he would strip down & walk naked in the back yard, he preferred 'Au Natural'. Unfortunately he was in public now, so no stripping.

At age 24, standing at 6"5', he was the envy of most men & a sight for sore eyes to woman & men who craved to have him to themselves. Shoulder length snow white hair, piercing azure colored eyes & a well-toned body that was tanned bronze. He was the craving & envy of everyone. He didn't mix much with other people. The reason, he had a secret that if it was exposed, he would be dead.

For some unknown reason, when anyone was in danger & he was in close proximity to that person, the person would be miraculously rescued. The more it happened, the more convinced he became that he was the one rescuing the people in danger. He couldn't explain how or why, but the person in danger would be protected from certain death or harm. So he kept to himself.

Anyway, back to current events. Within ten minutes the drizzle turned into a monsoon like rain. Taking shelter among the trees, he came upon a clearing in the Park Forest. He made for the shelter for bird watchers at the edge of the tree-line. Entering the shelter, he stripped his clothes off & hung them on the hooks on the walls provided for bird watchers. Taking a seat at one of the windows pointing to the clearing, he relaxed & watched as the rain continued. Plus point for him is that he never got cold, another strange occurrence in his life.

He was there for ten minutes, when he caught movement in his peripheral vision. Looking in the direction of the movement, he froze. Out of the forest came a being of such magnificence that he could do nothing but stare. It was not human, that was for sure.

Standing at 8"3", silky soft hair the darkest black of night covering its body. Upon its chest, a snow white diamond patch. Claws at least three inches long on its hands. Looking at its face, Vincent saw that the head was the shape of a wolf's head. All his life he was under the impression that werewolves were myths & legends. But, here was one right in front of him.

Surprisingly, he felt no fear for the creature. He was fascinated. Keeping as still as possible, he kept watch. The werewolf stood in the middle of the clearing & started to change. Hair that was four inches long started withdrawing into its skin. Nails, teeth & muzzle were pulling back. Finally in the light of the full moon, there stood a 7"3' man. Raven black hair, royal in stature & had the most perfectly built body. A Greek god for sure. Vincent only had a view from the back, but it was a sight to behold. Just looking at this vision of perfection had his member standing in a painful erection. O.M.G. were his thoughts. He had never been sexually attracted to anyone in his life.

Still observing from the shelter but not moving, Vincent saw the man turn his head in the direction of the shelter. Heart missing a beat or two, he saw the color of the man's eyes. Dark intense emerald green. Vincent thought he was going to burst from the sight. The man sat down on the grass facing away from the shelter. Vincent wished he could see the front of the man.

The hairs all over Vincent's body stood on end the next minute when he heard the most blood curdling howls of his life. Not one, not two or three. It sounded more like seven. The man in the middle of the clearing looked up & around sharply. He had heard them too. In the motion of jumping up, his whole body changed into a werewolf again, claws bared & growling.

Vincent saw ten dirty brown werewolves emerge from the forest, all attention on the black werewolf. They were going to kill him. Vincent felt it in his bones. This feeling always came when he felt someone in danger. For some reason, this time it was so overbearing almost to the point of crippling him. He knew he had to help, but how? He was only human & there were ten blood thirsty werewolves out there intent on destroying the one werewolf for some unknown reason.

As the brown werewolves charged to attack the black one, Vincent ran out of the shelter, naked as the day he was born. With all the strength & courage he could find, he screamed at the top of his voice: "NO!!!!!!!!"

Everything went completely still. Then it happened. Lightning from all directions shot down from the sky entering Vincent. With open hands pointing at the group of werewolves, lightning exited his hands shot at all the werewolves' except the black one. There were howls of agony from the ten werewolves as they were tossed into the air & into the forest. The black werewolf looked at Vincent with such rage, he could have been burnt alive if it could happen. That is the moment Vincent's energy decided to fizzle away. Exhausted, he fell to the ground & blacked out, not caring if the werewolf killed him or not.

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