Dangerous Love

ps. No sex yet, but when it comes, it will blow your minds

 Chapter 2 


Thoron knew he had to disappear. He just didn't know how to go about it. His pack was hunting him, hell-bent on destroying him. They had found out that he was not like them. He was gay. That was a death sentence in the werewolf community. He knew there were others, but they hid their life-styles. Never changing into their alternate forms in front of their pack. Gay werewolves were marked with a snow white diamond on their chests. Dead giveaway & instant death.

He always hunted alone, never with the pack. Alan (top dog), accidentally saw him in werewolf form & called a pack meeting that same night. If it had not been for his sixth sense that night, he would have been slaughtered. Keeping to the outskirts of the pack had given him a chance to escape. Since then word had spread & all the packs on the continent were hunting him. That was two years ago.

Aged 30, he stood at 7'3" tall. Being of royal decent, he stood with poise, walked with grace & a voice that caught the attention of all around him. He kept his blood-line a secret. Two hundred years before he had turned. The royal house had a dark secret. The hereditary werewolf gene skipped a couple of generations. The royal family was always on the lookout for this to happen. Being gay, Thoron didn't turn at twenty, as was the age of turning in the royal bloodline. When it happened, he was cast out of the family, but was supported by an income from the treasury. Being the only child, when his father died, he became the king. But, he couldn't take the throne. To the public, his tragic death was pronounced when he was cast out & one of his cousins became heir-apparent.

He had shoulder length raven black hair, chiseled facial features & a build that was athletic. Broad shoulders, slim waist, long legs & size 13 feet were what he was blessed with. Having the werewolf gene also gave him an advantage in the nether regions, 8 inches long, 2 1/2 inches in diameter & uncut with sufficient foreskin. His body was dusted in a light covering of jet black hair. He was a complete virgin. For fear of discovery, he always relieved himself in private.

Just two days ago, he had escaped another assassination attempt. He was on the run again. Word had gotten out to the vampires. Being the mortal enemies of werewolves & condescending of gay practices, they were even more determined to put an end to his life. Not once had he taken the life of another creature but to feed, then it was only wildlife. Those who attacked him were always disabled for a few hours for him to escape.

This evening he was hunting in the forest of one of the parks he frequented, when he stopped dead in his tracks. Food was forgotten. In his alter-form, he stood at 8'3". Hair the darkest black of night covered his body. On his chest was the cursed snow white diamond. Even in this form, his eyes were dark intense emerald green.

There was something in the air he could not describe. Something powerful & magnetic. He didn't like the feeling. Baring his teeth, he gave a deep throated growl. Try as he might, he could not refuse the call of the power. He let the energy guide him to a clearing in the center of the forest. The energy in the clearing made his fur stand on end, so powerful it was. Instead of fearing & fighting the energy, he started to calm down. Without knowing what was happening, he changed into his human form. Not understanding what was going on, he looked around & sniffed the air. He knew that there was someone nearby, but due to the energy pulsing in this area, he could not sense where this person was. By this time the rain was drenching everything.

Turning his head to survey his surroundings he saw the bird watchers shelter. He still could not sense where the other person was. Defeated in his search for this other person, he sat cross legged on the grass. Heat & cold did not affect him the same as humans. Having the rain wash over him was invigorating.

The rain had dissipated a little, but there was still a lot of lightning in the skies. The energy around him was pulsing with power, yet comforting. As if everything was coming together to a point of change. Deep inside, he knew/felt this change was going to be for the good.

Suddenly there was the blood curdling howls of werewolves close by. Jumping to his feet, he morphed into his werewolf shape. Claws ready, teeth bared he gave a warning growl. Out of the forest emerged ten brown werewolves. Thoron knew them as his ex-pack. They had surrounded him. Four or five he could have taken on with no problem. Having royal blood in his veins gave him more speed & power. But ten of them. He refused to think of the outcome of this fight. If he perished, so be it. He was tired of running for his life.

As the werewolves advanced to attack, he got into the defensive position. As they attacked, there was a scream from the direction of the shelter. All heads turned to the scream. Out of the shelter came a young man in all his naked glory. At that moment, the man lifted his hands, palms facing forward. All the werewolves felt their fur stand on end. What they saw totally dumbfounded them. All the lighting in the area changed direction, entering the young man. From his hands, came energy so powerful, it struck the attacking werewolves in the chest lifting them into the air & flinging them far into the forest. Landing on the ground the werewolves found that they had changed back to their human forms. Try as they might, they could not change into werewolves again. Panicking, they ran.

Throughout the blast of energy, even though it did not touch him, Thoron struggled to keep his werewolf form. He could feel the surrounding energy from the young man trying to change him back to his human form. When the other werewolves were gone & the energy dissipated, he looked to the young man standing close to the shelter. Furious is not the right description, for the first time in his life he was ready to take a life. He started walking towards the young man, ready to rip him to pieces.

He felt the energy around him disappear a second later. That was when the young man's eyes rolled up in his head & he collapsed. There he was, on the ground, unconscious. What he saw & felt made him take a step back. He had never had this feeling towards another person before in his life. He lost all control over his body & changed back to his human form. The young man in front of him was stunning. In all his time of being alone, he'd always fantasize about the person who would be his soul-mate, knowing it would never happen. Here before him lay someone who was more than he could have imagined for. Perfect for him in every sense.

Scared out of his wits at what was happening, he ran for it. Not looking back at all. He had never been this scared in his life.



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