Vincent walked away from Glenda's cottage with the sneaky feeling that there was something that she was not telling him. 'Ah, well. Whatever will be will be'. Going through the protection around Glenda's home, he realized that the sun was about to set. 'Oh hell', he thought. I have to get somewhere safe. And soon. He picked up his pace.

He was almost at the clearing of the previous night, lost in his thoughts, when he heard it. A deep, guttural, menacing growl. He froze in his tracks, looking around the forest. He knew there was animal or something nearby. From all the knowledge he gained with the awakening spell, he started to pull energy from within him to defend himself. Another growl, this one starting to turn into a roar. He turned toward the growl. Out of the forest walked the werewolf from last night. Black as night with a snow white diamond on his chest. He could see the rage in the creature's eyes. But he somehow knew that he would not harm this creature & it would not harm him. He let his power dissipate. Fate had brought them together.

Thoron woke the next morning in a state of total confusion. What the hell had happened the night before? Drawn to the clearing on his hunt, not knowing why. About to be killed by his old pack, out of the shelter come this mortal man, naked as the day he was born & does something to the pack. Thanks to his royal blood, he had struggled to keep his werewolf form. The rage he had felt at someone else trying to force his change was murderous. He had gone over to the young man when he collapsed to kill him. What he found, totally blew his mind. He scrammed.

Anybody who has power over a werewolf like that, has to be destroyed. Immediately. He was boiling over with anger. He had to get out. Leaving his camping site, he changed to werewolf. He went to one of his hunting grounds & brought down a stag. Hunt finished, changing back to human form, he took a dip in a pond close by. Feeling replenished & sleepy, he lay down on the grass & fell asleep, knowing that anyone coming into this area would not be able to see him. He was able to blend into the surroundings. Another gift from his bloodline.

Upon waking, he realized it was just after sunset. He set out for his camp. In his human form, he could still use his werewolf senses. A familiar scent came to his nose. It was the same scent from the young man the previous night. Rage flaring up again, shifted to werewolf form & started to hunt. Tonight would be the end of the young man, he would see to it. No-one had the right to so much power.

The scent was getting stronger. Close to the clearing of the night before, he saw the young man through the trees. Now was the time. Walking slowly & growling, he closed in on his prey. The closer he got the stronger his rage became. His growl became a roar as he left the trees. There, in front of him stood the young man. At that moment he launched his attack. At fifteen feet from the young man he came to a standstill. The young man was not fleeing. He was looking at Thoron with a peculiar look on his face.

Thoron couldn't move. There was no magic holding him in place, he just couldn't move. The young man started walking towards him. He could smell fear from the young man. But he just kept walking towards Thoron. Thoron wanted to turn around & scram, but he couldn't. The young man was two feet from him. He got ready to attack when the young man suddenly lifted his right hand & laid it over Thoron's heart. The shock of this young man's touch froze him is place. The young man looked straight into Thoron's eyes, lifted his head & bared his neck as sacrifice to Thoron.

The werewolf leapt into action, charging him. Vincent knew this had to happen. He was scared, but he stood his ground, not moving. Fifteen feet away, the werewolf came to a dead stop. Vincent looked at the werewolf for five seconds & started walking towards him. He couldn't believe it, in five seconds flat he had falling for this beast. He would give his life if he had to. Going to the werewolf just felt right. Two feet away from the werewolf he stopped. Looking the werewolf straight in the eyes, he lifted his hand & placed it on the werewolves' chest over his heart. Still looking into the werewolves eyes, he lifted his head & offered his neck as sacrifice. The werewolf lowered its head & closed its muzzle softly over Vincent's throat.

Try as he might, Thoron could not close his muzzle on the man throat. Then he gave in to his feelings, when he realized what was happening. The young man was offering himself to him. Laying his clawed hands on the man's shoulders, slightly digging his claws into the skin, he waited to see what would happen. The man didn't flinch, but moaned his desire. Looking down, Thoron saw that the front of the man's pants was bulging, his package was trying to break free from its confined space. Thoron saw the man's other hand lift up & it was placed over his fur covered manhood. Having someone touch him down there let the hounds of hell loose. Immediately his ten inch manhood started expanding. When it was fully erect, it stood at 14 inches long & 4 inches thick & uncut, the head just peeking through the hood. Being a virgin in all aspects of sex, he just couldn't help himself. He had have sex with this man, no matter the cost. Tonight he was going to have his first sexual encounter.

With a flick of his claw, both straps of Vincent's backpack was on the ground. Using his claws skillfully, he ripped Vincent's shirt off his body, looking at his torso made him hunger for more. His chest was well defined, a light dusting of hair, nipples the size of dimes pointing straight at Thoron with desire. Lower down, a well formed six-pack with a cute bellybutton. A thin treasure trail ran into his pants. The bulge still straining to get free. Not caring for the clothes, he ripped them off Vincent, still being careful not to hurt him. On seeing Vincent naked up close, Thoron almost lost his load. All the hair on his body was white as snow, even his nether hair. His manhood was uncut, nine inches long & three and a half inches thick. He wanted to eat it then & there, but knew he couldn't in his current form. Slowly he started changing to his human form, but Vincent shook his head. "Don't change. I want you as you are right now. I give myself to you to do with what you will. I know you will not harm me."

Turning Vincent around he bent him over, Thoron sank to his knees & using his werewolf tongue, started licking Vincent's virgin bud. Vincent was moaning in ecstasy, never having had this done to him before. Thoron's tongue suddenly entered Vincent's hole, causing him to shiver & moan louder. A werewolves tongue is long & can cripple a person with desire, leaving them at the werewolf's mercy. Thoron was having the best time of his life. Licking Vincent out & lubricating his hole, giving Vincent's bubble butt a nip now & then. Going deeper into his hole he found Vincent's G-spot. Thoron licked over it with his rough tongue. Vincent went crazy, crying out, "Please. Please have sex with me now. I want to come when you come." Thoron didn't know if he should, given the size of him. He shook his head 'No' to Vincent.

Vincent took that decision out of his hand. Using his magic, he thrust Thoron on the ground roughly & jumping on top of him, legs spread on either side of his broad werewolf body. He lowered himself slowly onto Thoron's manhood, relishing the feel. With the help of his magic, Vincent manipulated his hole to accept the oversized member. As always, even with magic, the initial entrance of Thoron's member brought burning pain. His virginity was gone forever. He also gave Thoron more intense feelings in his whole body.

This was the last thing Thoron expected from this experience. Thoron was shocked at the new feelings flooding into his body. Everything became more intense. Never would he have thought that sex would be this exquisitely amazing. He just lay there enjoying this new experience. His whole body was extra sensitive. Vincent was all the way down on Thoron's member. He sat there for a few moments enjoying the sensation of being filled up.

He had been missing a lot, even if he was sexually active, he would still give it all up for this experience. Slowly, he lifted up until just the head of Thoron's member was in him. Down he went again. Leaning forward, he started playing with Thoron's nipples. With all the hair on Thoron's body, his nipples were visible. He took one nipple in his mouth & started nibbling & sucking on it. A minute later he went to the other nipple. Both were erect. Mouthing one, he used his hand on the other one. Thoron lay his hands on Vincent's back, massaging him with his fingers & lightly scratching him with his claws.

Vincent could feel the veins on Thoron's member rubbing over his prostate. This really set him in motion. He didn't go too fast, for he wanted this to go on for longer. He was really enjoying the experience. He manipulated his insides to give Thoron the best sex of his life. Thoron could feel Vincent's insides flexing over his member, the sensation mind-blowing. He thought he was going to come soon with all these sensations. He then realized that Vincent was prolonging this experience with his magic. He didn't care, he was in paradise. Besides, he could also prolong his experience if he wanted to. At this moment he was at the mercy of this boy/man & he didn't give a damn. The whole world could be destroyed, he wouldn't take notice of the destruction, because he was lost in the sensation of his first sexual act.

Half an hour later Vincent felt his balls drawing close to his body. He knew he was about to come. He gave Thoron a little extra sensitivity on his cock head. He shouted into the night that he was coming. Thoron realized that he was about to come as well. He grabbed Vincent in a tight hug, threw his head back & howled as he ejaculated inside Vincent. Vincent started coming as Thoron came. He dug his fingers into the hair on Thoron's back, threw his head back & cried out loudly at the intensity of his ejaculation.

Coming down from their high, Thoron & Vincent fell to the forest floor exhausted. Vincent fell asleep instantly. Thoron shifted slowly into his human form, turning Vincent around & hugging him to his chest. For the first time in his life he felt calm. Gone was the rage he had for this boy/man who was an unknown element to him. He didn't even know his name. What was he to do? He couldn't bring this person into his world, where he was being hunted by werewolf packs & vampires.

He'd already fallen for this, in his mind, picture of perfection. This was the one he'd been looking for, for all his life. He was human, albeit with magic. He would never lay the curse of werewolf upon this young man. He had to get away to protect to protect him. With what had happened the previous night, his old pack would be searching for the creature who had had done such damage to them. That is if they could shift to their werewolf forms. To protect this young man, he would have to go as far away as possible, lead his old pack away from him.

Feeling comforted holding Vincent in his arms, he made the decision to leave him before dawn. But keep watch over him until he woke up. With that he fell into a deep peaceful sleep. Dreaming of a future with Vincent, he knew would be impossible.



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