Vincent woke up with a start. Where was he? What the hell had happened? It was already two hours after sunrise & there he was lying in a clearing in the forest in his birthday suit. Struggling, he got to his feet & stumbled to the shelter. It was one hell of a task for him to get dressed. It felt as if all his energy had been sucked out of him. Rummaging in back-pack, he retrieved three energy bars & ate them in quick succession.

His thought were on what happened the night before. One minute he was watching the creature outside, next he ran, naked as the day he was born, into the rain to challenge the other creatures. Then everything went black. On exiting the shelter, he came to an abrupt stop. There not twenty meters from him stood a woman in a green cloak. She simple stood there & stared at him.

"Good Morning. Can I help you?" he asked.

"Slainte. Who are you?" she simply asked.

"I'm Vincent, Can I help you with something?" he replied.

"Vincent, I'm Glenda. Please follow me. We have a lot to talk about." she instructed.

"What do you mean we have a lot to talk about? "Asked Vincent, not totally trusting her.

"Please.", Glenda pleaded. "Your life is in danger if you stay here any longer."

Vincent followed her, unsure of what was going on. They walked deeper into the forest, Glenda constantly looking to see if Vincent was following. Vincent felt something strange happening. Not scary, but very different & calming. More & more animals could be seen in the forest. All the animals looked at Vincent & Glenda, but there was no fear in their eyes. Strange. Turning the corner on the path, Glenda simply vanished. WTF????? Glenda called out, "Come. Follow my voice, you will not be harmed in any way."

Walking forward, Vincent felt himself walk through an invisible shield & there was Glenda. "I am a Witch. I have placed a spell of protection around my home. All the animals know that no harm will come to them if they wonder onto the grounds. Those intent on harm get the feeling that they do not belong & go away." "You're a witch?" Vincent asked astounded. "Wait, don't answer that. If what I saw last night is true, then this has to be true." Glenda smiled, "Come, let us have some tea & talk."

Entering the cottage, Vincent was taken aback by what he saw. Instead of a dark foreboding interior filled with cauldrons, brooms, jars of ingredients for potions & a black cat, he found a cozy, sunny open home of a normal person. Seeing the look on his face, Glenda chuckled saying, "What? Did you expect to find a witches home to be like in the fairy tales? This must be a real eye opener for you. Come & sit down, the tea is ready."

Taking a sip of tea, Vincent found that his energy was fast returning to normal. He wasn't going to ask.

Glenda asked, "Who are your parents?"

"I don't know who my parents are. I am an orphan. I was found in the woods & placed in an orphanage", Vincent replied.

A shadowed look came over Glenda, "How long have you been practicing magic?"

Choking on his tea, Vincent gasped, "Magic? What do you mean, practicing magic?"

"Don't you know that you are a druid? And from a royal bloodline as well. There is something different about your aura though. I don't know or want to know what happened last night. But, I felt the power of what you did. At this distance, I lost all my power for a few minutes. I never want to feel that again."

"Now I'm confused. Why are you asking all these question, to which I don't have the answers?"

"The only way we will get answers, is for me to do a few spells. Don't look so concerned. Like I said, no harm will come to you. I can already see from your aura that there is a spell on you. We need to find out what has happened to you. Do you agree?"

Feeling uncertain about all that was happening, Vincent ruefully agreed. Drawing away the rug on the floor, Glenda revealed a circle with a pentacle in it. "Come, stand in the circle." she commanded. Standing up Vincent went & stood in the pentacle. Glenda started reciting a spell & the circle started glowing a golden hue. Each of the points started glowing a different color. White of snow, Red of fire, Blue of water, Green of earth & Yellow of the sun.

"Oh my gods. This I did not expect." Now terrified, Vincent asked, "What's wrong? What's going on?" Glenda sat down on the chair looking at him in shock. "You are from the druidic Royal bloodline, your highness. You are also part Elemental. But you are not immortal."

"What do you mean, part Elemental, not immortal? Please, explain this to me."

Now calm again, Glenda said to him, "The spell that has been placed on you is talking to me. It is an awakening spell. Once the spell has been activated, you will know everything. We have to do this quickly, there is someone coming for you. What is about to happen will change your life forever.

Standing up again, Glenda recited another spell. All of a sudden, it was like his mind was overloading. All knowledge of magic, he understood & how to use it. His remembered everything from the day he was born, who his parents were. His father was a druid prince, his mother an Elemental. His parents fell in love, but his father was forbidden from marrying his mother. His mother left his father without ever telling him that she was pregnant with Vincent. His father died in an accident, His mother gave up the will to live when she heard of his death, fading out of existence. She'd left Vincent in the woods for someone to find.

Glenda looked exhausted as she sat in the armchair. She asked, "How do you feel?"

"To say the least, I'm overwhelmed by what has just happened. Here, you helped me. I will help you in return." Stepping towards Glenda, he held out his hand. She pulled back, a little scared now. She had never come across someone with so much power. Vincent looked at her with concern. "Please. You are exhausted. You said no harm will come to me, to you I say the same." Glenda held her hand out to Vincent. On contact, she felt all her energy return to her. It was as if she had not even done the spell. "Thank you." she said. "It is time for you to go. Just two questions though." Vincent looked at her with curiosity, "Yes?"

"Do you mean to use your power for good or bad?" Shocked he replied, "I have never harmed another & never will. I am a lover not a fighter."

Feeling relieved, she asked, "When do you intend settling down with a wife?"

Embarrassed, he replied, "Never, I am gay. Why do you ask that?"

"Never mind. I was just curious. You must go now. Your destiny awaits you. Goodbye Vincent, I hope we see each other again."

'Thank you for your help Glenda. You will see me again. Goodbye"

As Vincent walked away, Glenda couldn't help but think of the prophecy. Just a pity he was gay. His life was about to get a lot harder. Going back into her cottage, she opened her Book of Shadows to the prophecy.

The Prophecy of Faye Clearwater

In times to come, there will be two

One mortal, One Immortal.

Both the same, yet different.

Both born of a Royal Bloodline,

Each from a different world.

Together they will form a bond

That will withstand all time.

When bonded, one cannot live without the other.

For their lives will become as one.

As one they will bring peace to all immortals enemies.

At the time of bonding all immortals will feel,

Momentarily loss of their powers.

Heed the warning all,

Those who rebel,

Arawn will cover you in his dark shroud.

One rule to abide for evermore,

To all, no harm will come.

Ps.: I know I promised sex. The first three chapters are to get the back grounds of our two Heroes. Believe me, all hell breaks loose in the next chapter.



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