My alarm woke we up early yesterday morning so I could make my doctor's appointment. I had surgery - well, more specifically I had breast augmentation surgery. I truly don't remember too much about yesterday because I slept through most of it. In fact, I'll probably end up sleeping most of today too since my breasts are so sore. My breasts seem huge and the nipples have progressively been getting bigger since I came back to the United States because I resumed my hormone treatments. There's gauze on my breasts and they're covered in sterilizing ointment to fight infection and tubes sticking out of them to help them bleed and avoid bruising. They look horrible! I'm going to take the collection of pills that the doctor gave me and then try and get some sleep.

It's Sunday - two days since having my operation and I'm feeling better already, but these things are really heavy. Lying down watching television they obstruct my view. It will take some getting used to. If I had to do it over again I honestly probably would've gotten the implants years ago, but hindsight is twenty/twenty. Rod came in to check on me and kissed me on the forehead saying, 'Remember, no turning down black cock.' We also talked about various plans and ideas including one about his plan to take me to Paris, France. I think I'm going back to sleep. I need my sleep.

It's been about three weeks since I last wrote. 'Oh... my... Gawd!' is all I can say. I am left speechless by the results of my surgery. My breasts are perfect! I can't help but strut around and show them off. I love them. Their size is 36DD. They bounce and sway and jiggle as though they were the real thing. Since I can now show more cleavage I have gotten many more heads turning. Since I can now wear more revealing clothes -which equates to 'sexier' clothes - I have gotten more stares. Of course, some of these merely boys. I'm old enough to be their mother, like Sammy, but since my clothes have recently shown more flesh some of these young men have become the ones most brazen. In fact, Sammy has become downright foul with his taunts to me.

The other day I was wearing one of my lycra minidresses. Lycra clings to the body leaving little to the imagination. I love this dress because it shows off my curves and most importantly - my cleavage and my large, round breasts. My brown hair is straight and getting longer. I love hoop earrings and today I was wearing some 5-inch silver hoops. Sammy - the young thug who spends more time in our neighborhood than he does at home - thought it'd be funny to stand in my way. I was in stilettos so walking too fast or running was not an option for me. I tried to sidestep him but he was right there - in my face. 'Where you going to, ho?' Sammy asks. Annoyed, I merely tried to sidestep him again. Sammy isn't that big, so it's not like I was afraid of him, in fact wearing my stilettos makes me about an inch taller than him. Next, he addresses my breasts - not me, 'Where you headed to in such a hurry, ho?' he asks. 'My eyes are up here, Junior,' I reply. Sammy merely laughs and snaps, 'but I like talking to the twins! In fact, I'd love to fuck the twins!' He suddenly grabs my free hand and places it on his groin. Through his baggy sweatpants I feel a throbbing python. He laughs. 'Damn, you like that huh, you fuck'n slut?' he inquires. He taunts me further, 'Yeah, you like that don't you, Bitch?' 'No!' I exclaim. He gazes into my eyes wantonly and whispers, 'Then why didn't you pull your hand away?' I immediately pull my hand back. How embarrassing this was. Busted. After grappling that throbbing python in his pants I was left speechless. 'How long was I holding his cock in my hands?' I asked myself. As I looked around, the group of men across the street were watching us intently. 'Oh God, they saw me feeling this boy up!' I thought. I became flustered. I considered going back inside besides the apartment door was much closer than the store I was walking to. 'Home,' I said, 'I'm going back home.' Sammy laughs, 'Damn, Ho, you work fast.' I turn to go inside and Sammy cops a feel of my ass. I was so anxious to go inside and hide that his grabbing and kneading my ass I ignored. I could hear the men across the street bustling, cackling, hollering, whooping about. Then a sting. 'Oooo,' I cooed. Sammy was following me up the steps and he popped me on my ass with an open hand. I swing open the door and attempt to spin around and close it quickly, but Sammy is pushing me back away from the door. Everything is a blur. He's overpowering me. The door slams behind Sammy. His hands immediately go to my ass and he tugs me to him. He grinds his cock into me. He buries his face in my cleavage and sighs. I'm leaning back, arching my back as he holds me by my ass. The only reason I'm still standing is he's holding me up. He then begins nibbling on my neck. I protest at first but the nibbles are very soothing - sending chills down my spine. I become limp in his arms. He groans and begins lying me down on the cold marble floor. He lies on top of me as he moves in to kiss me. We kiss passionately, but I break our lip lock to say, 'Not here.' He allows me up and I make my way to the sofa. I turn to face him and he has something in his hands. He ignites his lighter and heats up a spoonful of something and snarls, 'Here!' I take a hit from the drug and the room begins spinning. Any inhibitions I had are now gone and I tug at his sweatpants. I reach out and fondle his package. 'Mmmmm,' I coo. I lick my lips and kneel before him.

I take hold of his cock and anxiously inhale several inches of this massive, black cock. I'm so horny that I just want to feel that cock inside me. I pump that shaft - stroking its length vigorously. He moans and says, 'Let me see you.' I look up at him and we maintain eye contact as I continue to stroke the length of his shaft with my lips. He whispers, 'Oh yeah, that's it Bitch.' I continue inhaling his massive cock into my throat. He's very big for his height. He abruptly pulls out of my mouth and he cums on my face. He gushes onto my face. I close my eyes trying to keep the huge amount of cum from going into my them. I presses the head of his cock against my lips and I open my mouth. As soon as I open my eyes a flash blinds me. I hear a click... and another... and another. Sammy's taking pictures of my cum-covered face with his cock on my chin. As soon as I realize what's going on I turn away. I demand, 'What are you doing?' Sammy just laughs and says, 'This is my proof.' I implore, 'What?' He just laughs again and says, 'This is proof that I fucked your face, Bitch! Just do as I say and I won't show these to anyone.' 'Ok,' I respond, 'what do you want?' Without batting an eye he responds, 'I'm fucking you next.'

He and I both stand. I wipe some of his cum from my cheek and then lick my finger. I repeatedly eat his cum that I wipe from my face. He commands, 'Off with the panties!' My penis is still there but it is extremely small. My mini is pulled up to about my penis. He asks, 'What is that?' I pull up my mini and his eyes become as saucers. 'Holy Shit!' he exclaims. 'Yep,' I respond, 'you have proof now on that camera that you received head from a tranny.' He almost becomes pale. Silence. 'Spin around, Bitch!' he snarls. 'Please don't hurt me?' I beg. 'Kneel on the sofa!' he yells. Sammy spits. He lubes my anus with his saliva. Suddenly he rams his cock into me. I scream. He begins fucking me madly. The pain shoots through me. He continues to thrust wildly into me. I struggle to keep up. I can't breathe under such an assault. I beg him to slow down, 'Please, no... no... no...'. He roars, 'This is what you call a grudge fuck! I'm sticking it to the man... you needle-dick motherfucka.' There was little I could do. He continues to assail me endlessly and I struggle to breathe. I coo and moan... arch my back as he impales me with his cock... penetrating my ass with his hardened flesh. He grunts, 'Oh yeah!' and I feel him gush inside me. While still inside me I hear a click... then again. I turn to look as he remains inside me. He's taking pictures of his cock in my white ass. The difference in shade between our skin tones is striking. 'There, my first white ass,' he says proudly. 'Gotta go, Bitch!' he growls as he throws on his clothes. As he leaves he promises, 'I'm fucking you again, Bitch. We're not done here.'

I begin looking for Sammy every day. He starts making me beg for 'a fix' before he'll give it to me. He and his young friends run trains on me... taking turns fucking my white ass. After getting high one night, they take me for a joy ride in a car. As Sammy drives around town his friend Darin - a big boy for his age - has me sit in his lap in the passenger seat. He turns out to be an All State high school football star with scholarship offers to Georgia, Miami, Florida and a few others. As I sit in his lap he caresses my silky inner thigh and I feel his erection grow. Sammy anxiously barks, 'Let's get the fucking show on the road!' as he pulls down my top revealing my breasts. Darin begins fondling my breasts and kisses me deeply. I coo seductively. He tells me, 'When I say 'stand' I want you to take down your panties for me.' Darin pauses, then says, 'Stand.' As told, I pull my panties down then sit back down on his naked lap. He'd pulled his pants down when I stood. He then picks me up and seats me back on his cock. I reach down to help him aim and I feel pressure on my asshole. I wiggle my ass for him as he let's my weight carry me down onto his large, black pole. I gasp as he penetrates me and he impales me further. I coo and pant and moan as I squirm on his erect pole... wiggling my ass, gyrating my hips I ride his big, black dick in the passenger seat of his car. I turn to face him as I sit in his lap he fucks me as we cruise around town. Darin and I look up when Sammy makes a stop or two and we can hear the cheers from a crowd of people. One of the stops must've been the high school kid's stomping grounds because I saw what must have been a hundred pair of eyes on me bucking on Darin's cock. There were a few random cheers and jeers, 'Darin!' or 'Fuck her Darin!' but I was just too high and too horny to care. The other place we stopped was a club parking lot. Although I wanted to get out and tinkle, Sammy promised, 'We'll go there soon, but just not tonight.'

Sammy started giving me different addresses to meet him at specific times in order to receive 'my medicine'. I'd take a hit and I'd notice a stranger hand Sammy some money before coming over to me and raping me. Of course, I didn't protest and I allowed them to have their way with me, besides I got my medicine that's why I came by. The fucking was gravy. Besides they were all handsome, young black men with pythons of flesh. None of them disappointed me and although I felt like a zombie, I don't think I disappointed them - they all came - either inside me, on my ass or on my face.

I think the boy who carried home my groceries must either know Sammy or he recognized me from that night in the car because as soon as he placed them on the kitchen counter he exposed himself. I looked up from my purse and there he was in all his glory. He had a beautiful, black cock. Instead of just kneeling down in front of him and give him head, I decided I'd react a little differently - I pulled my minidress's straps from my shoulders and pulled the top down exposing my large, round melons. He pounces on me grappling my breasts and begins suckling on my breasts as though they were life-sustaining. He was a little rough, but he knew I was submitting to him so he became very brazen and very confident - barking orders to this black cock slut as though I was his bitch. He was young enough to be my son, but he had no trouble ordering me to get on all fours so he could fuck me. Which he did. He fucked me in like five minutes flat before he started cumming - pulling out and cumming all on my white ass. Since then he and I have become a weekly item.

One night after getting my 'medicine' this boy is fucking me in Sammy's back seat as we drive around when we get pulled over. We got busted. Being a transsexual caused a scene because they didn't want to place me in the holding cell with the men, but they didn't want to put me in the holding cell with the ladies either. I had a cell to myself. Of course, a guard decides he wants me to give him head so I received a visitor that night. He opens the door and steps up to me and says, 'You know what to do,' as stands over me. I kneel before him and open his fly and undo his belt and pants. I reach into his underwear and gasp as my fingers wrap around the throbbing shaft. I pull out an amazing specimen of black manhood - he's uncircumsized and the foreskin is immense. I inhale his cock into my mouth as he rocks back on his heels. He sighs, 'Yeah, bitch, that's it.' I work his cock rhythmically and briskly. Within minutes he's shooting his cum all over my face. He laughs as he locks the door behind him - leaving me with nothing to clean up with.

The next morning, Rod comes by and bails me out. He tells me, 'When I get home tonight, we need to talk.' Of course, before Rod made it home, Sammy came by with a few things in his hands. 'Here,' Sammy says as he hands my a hair bleaching kit. 'I want you to be a platinum blond by the time we leave,' he barks. I disappear upstairs while Sammy runs a few errands. Within three hours I'm a platinum blond. Sammy orders me to put my hair up in pig tails and asks if I have a schoolgirl outfit. I do, but it's a strippers outfit - plaid miniskirt, white thong, white thigh-high leggings, and a tie-top that is tranparent so you can see my nipples through it but you tie it in the front so the knot and bow are between my DD breasts. Sammy goes into my closet and picks out some black clogs. After he gives me my medicine I discover he is taking me to my audition for Platinum Plus - a gentlemen's club.

Sammy promises me that if I get up on that stage and entertain the owner afterward he'll give me more 'medicine.' I wiggle my ass up on the stage and even climb the pole. Swinging around... spinning. The owner, an older Italian guy claps sarcastically and says, 'Let's see what else she can do.' I go down and offer my hand to him. He escorts me to a dark corner and commands, 'Give me a lap dance.' I squirm and gyrate in his lap. He pulls out his pathetic white cock and I give him some head but then he has me spin around and sit on it. I easily take his tiny cock into my ass as he caresses my silky inner thighs. He moves his hand slowly up my inner thigh as he fucks me. Higher and higher he goes until he's caressing me through my satin thong. He continues fucking me as he digs his fingertips under my panties. He grunts and declares, 'Holy Shit!' He explodes inside of me and practically throws me out of his lap all at the same time. He jerks up his pants and cries, 'You didn't tell me your bitch was a tranny!' 'I just fucked a tranny!' he continues to scream. He scared me. I literally thought my life was in danger.

I didn't have a change of clothes but Sammy - as promised - gave me more medicine and took me to that club we saw weeks before. In my schoolgirl stripper's outfit we went to that club. I was like only one of maybe five white people in the whole club. The guy in the ticket booth was a massive guy. His arms were as big as my thighs. I flirted with him on the way in and he apparently liked me too because moments after entering the club Sammy approaches me and tells me to report to the ticket booth. I go in there and the guy only has a stool in this 3 foot by 4 foot room. I've had closets bigger. He smiles as he pulls down his pants just far enough to expose his beautiful, black cock. With one sweeping motion he pulls me to him, jerks my panties down just far enough to expose my asshole and commences to pull me down onto his erection. There was no fighting this guy. I literally scream when he drives his cock into me. He bounces me in his lap, rhythmically impaling me again and again. He only slows down and stops to ask patrons, 'How many?' and does his job counting change all while I feel his cock throbbing inside me. I'm just smiling at the patrons sitting in this giant nigger's lap as he conducts business. Then as soon as they walk off the grinding and pumping resume only to halt again as the next couple approaches. This one woman sneered at me as I sat there in his lap. She knew what I was doing there apparently - for one, he never stopped kneading my breast as he conducted business with one hand while the other stayed attached to my breast. I smile at them as though I'm supposed to be there. This goes on for half an hour. He'd fuck me silly until someone came up but he refused to pull his cock from my ass. Finally, he grunts and explodes inside me. He spins me around and rams his tongue down my throat and laughs. 'Thanks,' is all he says to me.

I put my thong back into place and turn to exit his booth... SMACK!...'why do men insist on smacking my ass?' I think to myself as spin to see if anyone heard my yelp. I turn to him to say, 'goodnight.' Bad idea. He grabs me around the waist and sweeps me off my feet with just one arm and grinds his erection into me again and his lips cover mine as he kisses me hard and forces his tongue into my mouth and down my throat. I have never been so 'man-handled' as this. I was utterly powerless to resist anything this guy wanted. His strength just made me swoon as he kneaded my ass with his massive hands. He then shoves a small piece of paper into my palm and whispers softly, 'Goodnight.' I look at it later. He'd scrawled his phone number down with the name, Brutus. He definitely lived up to his name because he was definitely was a brute.

Sammy tells me that we'll go shoot pool in the back room next. I swish my ass as we make our way to the back room and I notice that we pick up a few stragglers. There are only two tables in this room but the walls are lined with black men and no one is shooting pool. Sammy pulls out my medicine right there in front of like thirty black men. The room starts spinning and I hear a couple of men chuckle. I can barely see the table, much less the balls. 'How am I supposed to play pool like this?' I ponder. We choose teams and some older black man named Leon was my partner. Sammy and Darin is who Leon and I are playing. Sammy breaks. Every chance he gets, Leon cops a feel - either brushing against my ass or fondling my tits. Each time I just giggle and coo.

Each time I bend over to shoot Leon comes up behind me and dry-humps my ass. I feel him grow strong on my second shot. I can't see much of anything because I'm so light-headed and and my vision is blurred. I line up for my third shot and bend over - here comes Leon again - this time he couldn't wait any longer. He whispers to me, 'Schoolgirls have always turned me on.' Leon suddenly reaches under my miniskirt and pulls my panties down. It happened so fast I was in shock. I gasp as I feel a sharp sting in my ass and before I know it Leon is fucking me as I brace myself against the table. I am powerless to stop it and just stand there cooing and moaning. Turned on by Leon's total domination over me, a few others joined in - one climbs atop the table and kneels, throwing his erect cock in my face. I inhale as much as I could. Another two cocks find their way to my hands and I stroke their shafts as I'm fucked in the ass by Leon and I suck the cock of the guy on the table. I am stimulated like never before. I have never been gangbanged before but it was such a turn-on trying to please four men at once. Leon intensifies the pounding he gives my ass. Suddenly I hear him grunt and feel him cum inside me. 'Next!' I hear him say as he pulls his cock from me. I feel a cock fill my ass and rhytmically begins pumping inside me. The cock in my right hand suddenly explodes all over me followed by a hearty grunt. The guy in my face cums in my mouth. I attempt to remove his cock from my mouth but his hand on the back of my head keeps his cock spilling into my mouth - I swallow hard. The guy on the table screams, 'Next!' Another guy jumps up on the table and assumes the position with his cock in my face. I inhale him as I did the guy before him. Shortly the guy in my ass cums simultaneously with the guy in my left hand. After about five hours I am exhausted, filled with cum from about eighteen or nineteen guys in my ass, swallowed cum from about twentythree or twentyfour men and covered in cum.

Finally, it get's about closing time and Brutus from the ticket booth shows up. I hear him tell the room, 'I wanna taste the school slut again,' and the guy whose lap I'm bouncing in responds, 'I'm almost done.' Suddenly he claps my hips and attempts to pull me down onto his cock and explodes inside me. I coo and wriggle about on his cock. 'My turn,' Brutus says he grabs my waist and pick me up out of this man's lap and lays me down on a towel that he laid on the nasty-ass, concrete floor. He lays me on my back and places his hands on the back of my legs just behind my knees. He enters me aggressively and quickly. Placing his weight on his hands, my knees come back to my ears and he commences to wail on me. My coos and moans become cries. I can't breathe because each thrust just pushes all my breath out. I panic. I am scared and want him off me so I start telling him, 'NO!' He ignores me and pummels me relentlessly with his weapon. I beg him again and again, 'Please, stop!' My pleas only seem to inspire him as tears stream down my face. I beg, 'Pleas-s-s-se! NO!.... Stop!' Finally after what seemed like eternity - he grunts and I feel him explode inside of me. He laughs as he climbs off of me and lets me up. 'Damn, that white ho is good!' he says. I just lay there - exhausted. I can not believe how exhausted I am. I close my eyes and just lie there collecting my thoughts when suddenly Brutus lay ontop of me and kisses me deeply - shoving his tongue down my throat! I squirm under his weight and attempt to push him off, but there is no budging this massive man as he kisses me passionately. I feel his erection poke me down between my legs. I whimper as I attempt to push him off again. He raises up slightly, but only so he can get his hand between us as he gropes and fondles my breast. I whimper again as I fail to budge him. He raises up a little more but continues to literally smother me with kisses. I just can not budge this massive man so I run my hand down his torso and my fingertips find his throbbing staff. I gently begin stroking the head of his cock with my fingertips. He groans with approval. He suddenly sits up for a moment and I tell myself, 'Thank God, I can breathe!' but my celebration proved premature as he lifts my legs and finds his point of entry. Again, he plunges his massive rod into me. I gasp as he takes my breath again and again - only this time he seems intent on teaching me that he's my Master because he shows no mercy and begins fucking me violently. He skewers me repeatedly with his massive organ vigorously for at least half an hour. Powerless to stop him, I pant, I moan, I cry, I coo under his assault until he finally cums again deep inside me. He seems quite pleased with himself as he climbs off of me and leaves the room after pulling up his pants. He says simply, 'Goodnight, my brothers, Malcolm will love her,' and leaves the room. I pull my panties back up, tidy up and then head for home in my schoolgirl outfit. I can't help thinking, 'Wow, blonds really do have more fun.'



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