As told, I make my way to the front door wearing my slutty French Maid Halloween costume. I recite the Serenity Prayer to myself - 'Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.' I figure I better play the role, besides this could be kind of fun. I open the door, curtsy and with my best French accent I greet Rod's guests, 'Monsieur.' I didn't get a good look at them because I averted my eyes as I swung open the door.

The remarks start flying, 'Damn, Baby!' and 'Shit, Rod didn't say he got him a French ho!' I look up and greet his guests with a smile. There are three black men and although I'm over 6 feet with these heels on, all three were taller than I. 'Do you speak English, Sweetheart?' one inquires. I didn't answer because I figured it might be more fun if they truly believe I'm French. I continue to smile at him. 'Damn, she's perfect! A bitch that doesn't talk back,' he taunts. 'Bitch, you going be my little ho tonight.' Rod greets them with some elaborate handshake. One of his guests inquire, 'This... this girl used to be a guy?' Rod replies, 'he still is... see for yourself. He's a transsexual.' His guest does exactly that - comes up to me. He was massive. His arms were as big as my legs. Without flinching, as he approached I stood my ground although I confess I desperately wanted to backpedal as he made his way over to me. I keep forgetting I'm a girl, because as a guy, I would've never let a behemoth like this get too close. He looks down at me as I gaze up at him. He matter-of-factly reaches out and clasps my groin - feeling me up. 'Yep, a guy,' he proclaims to his buddies. Their responses were reassuring to me however. 'No fucking way!' one exclaimed.

The one who just felt me up immediately opens his fly and pulls out a massive black cock and demands, 'Suck it!' I immediately kneel before him and commence to sucking his cock. The other three black men all started laughing. 'See,' one says, 'you merely have to train white motherfuckas to service us. They love and fear us all at the same time!' While I'm sucking this one nigger's cock the other three seem to be busy moving furniture or something. I was worshipping his cock. As I sucked his cock he grunted and groaned. The others call for him to bring me into the next room. My lips are a little numb from all the work I'd done on his massive tool. As I come around the corner I can see that they've erected many lights and a large video camera. 'Honey, we're going to make you a star,' Rod assures me. I had a sinking feeling. The three quests were all nude by this time. The one that sits on the sheet-draped sofa pats his lap and says, 'Come over here, Sweet-cheeks... come rest that lovely, fat ass right here.' I make my way over to him and stand before him. He commands, 'Now take off your panties. Face me. Leave your heels on. I want you to straddle my lap.' I do as he says but as soon as I'm in his lap he slaps a lube-covered finger in my ass. I gasp as he penetrates me with his finger. He begins coaching me, 'Now, lower yourself down... right here. Yeah, lower. Lower.' I feel what I assume to be the head of his cock against my anus. He grunts as he thrusts upward, 'Ye-aw!' I quiver as he impales me with his massive, black tool. I let loose a loud moan, 'OoAh-oh!' He starts slowly churning into me... plunging again and again. His thrusts become more and more pronounced. Before too long he has me bouncing in his lap. I just follow his lead as he fucks me harder and harder. I submit to him fully and honestly it's quite a turn-on. Being dominated in this way is extraordinarily arousing. I become like a limp dishrag in his lap. I can hear our flesh slapping rhythmically as he fucks me hard. I look down at him covered in sweat as I am just his little plaything. The other two flank me and place their cocks near my face. I start sucking both their cocks - one, then the other. I can't believe it, this is a dream come true. I've always dreamt of being gangbanged by a bunch of black men. This was so satisfying knowing that I aroused three men to erection. These three massive, black rods were mine to play with and I loved it. They took turns fucking me while I sucked the other two off. All this was happening under the watchful eye of my Master - Master Rodney Williams. He'd scream commands at us to get us to hold certain positions or to hold that 'shot.' He was constantly moving to get what he called his 'penetration shots.'

One of the three pulled out a spoon, a white powder and a lighter. He put the some of the white powder in the spoon and then heated it with the lighter. It appeared to be cooking because it seemed to liquify in the spoon. One of the three questioned, 'Damn nigga, what the fuck you doing?' And the one holding the spoon says, 'This is for her.' He then turns toward me and says,'Time for your medicine.' I turn and look at Rod, he is just standing behind the camera which is now off and gestures. Rod doesn't look pleased, but all he says is, 'Go ahead, Sweetheart, take your medicine.' I turn back to the one holding the spoon and he gestures with a straw to snort the contents in the spoon then hands me the straw. I do as instructed and snort this stuff in the spoon. Within seconds I'm feeling light-headed or drunk. The one who handed me the medicine leans in and kisses me passionately.

I don't remember much more about last night, but I know they got a little rough because my nipples are raw and so is my ass. They must've truly worn me out. I wish I could remember, but as soon as I see Rodney perhaps he can tell me.

Of course, over breakfast with Rod he just says, 'Wait to see the video. You were great.' Some reason that isn't the answer I wanted. I was worried that I couldn't remember anything. Throughout most of the morning Rod was in his studio working on that video, but from time to time - about every three hours or so he would come find me and either demand head or he'd fuck me on the spot. I would, of course, drop whatever I was doing and submit to his demands even though I was sore. Of course, he didn't want to hear how sore I was anyway. He came to me again at 3 in the afternoon and said, 'Make sure you're in your nurse's costume by 5 - you have company coming at 5 and you need to be in that costume.'

Before he leaves to go back to his studio, Rod practically sweeps me off my feet and kisses me passionately. He pulls up my mini and pulls down my panties to about mid-thigh and bends me over right there in the foyer at the base of the steps. He uses his saliva to lube me. 'You ready, Bitch?' he asks. With just a nod he knew I was ready, but I really wasn't. He plunged his engorged cock into me. I felt like he was going to split me in half. I heard a scream as he impaled me, but couldn't decide if that was really me that made that noise. He asks for my hands, but I didn't quite understand what he meant so he then barks at me, 'Give me your Goddamn hands, Bitch!' I reach behind me and he assertively grabs me by the wrists. I guess this was his way to ensure that I stayed bent over because after he grabbed my wrists, there was little else I could do but just stand there, bent over and take the fucking he was giving me. Of course, as he's fucking me, he then wants to talk. 'You like that?' he asks. I struggle to answer and nod. Of course, what came out of my mouth seemed little more than a coo or a whimper as I struggled to express myself with an affirmative answer. He didn't seem to care about my answer because he just kept rhythmically drilling me as he tightly held my wrists. He compliments me for being such a good, little bitch, but adds, 'For a white ho, you ain't half bad.' With that he purposefully starts ramming his cock into me harder and deeper - I guess he wanted me to make more noise because that's what he got. I was struggling for breath, but with my arms up behind me there was little I could do to protest. My cries became louder. My breathing became labored as he fucked me harder and harder. My moans and coos echoed through the house as he fucked me. I struggled for breath as he impaled me. My moans matched the rhythm of his thrusts into me. I couldn't help it, but each thrust into me just overwhelmed me with feeling.

I was still in the maid's outfit that he liked. In fact, he liked it so much he had me order another 4 of that exact same outfit. He teased me that he'd always wanted a French maid. He even wanted me to use my French accent all the time. He said, 'I know you don't really speak French, but stay in character while in that French maid outfit, alright?'

Of course, while getting fucked as hard as I was getting drilled it's hard to stay in character - a moan is a moan, regardless of language. As he's fucking me he asks, 'You like being my little, white slut?' I answer with a, 'Mmmm-hmmm!' He taunts me, 'What was that, Sweetheart? Come again.' I struggle to answer during this pounding. I reply, 'Ye-es Mas-s-s-s-ter.' He replies, 'That's my girl.' He ensues with the taunts, 'You like big, black cock don't ya, Sweetie?' He's not letting up or slowing down so I muster a response, 'Oh Gawd - oh gah-awd ye-es... yes-s-s Mas-s-s-ter! I-I-I luh-uh-uh-uhv your big... black... cock-k-k, Mas-s-s-ter.' He chuckles at my response. 'Good, good,' he says, 'You like being my white ho don't you, Bitch?' I wanted him to know how much I appreciated his cock inside me. I answered, 'Ohhhhhhhh, Mas-s-s-ter! I do - I do - I do... ple-ease don't stop! Fuck m-m-mee-eee! Ohhh-oOoooOoh, ple-ease... ple-ease don't stop!'

At hearing my plea, he ups the tempo. My moans become cries as I can barely take the onslaught. My coos echo throughout the entire building as I get louder and louder. I scream, 'Oh yes... oh yes... FU-u-UCK M-m-M-eeeeeee... GI-i-IVE M-m-M-ee-E-eeee THA-a-AT BIG, B-b-Black Coc-c-c-K!' He quickly answers, 'Oh yeah, I plan to Bitch! Here, take this!' I can feel him explode inside of me... filling me with his black seed. I coo and squirm on his big, black cock as he pants heavily - leaving himself deep inside me - filling my chasm with his man juices. He withdraws from my ass and lets go of my wrists. I collapse onto the floor. I look up at the large, black man standing over me. His massive cock the size of my arm is still erect. It glistens from my and his juices on it - a glistening black rod... if I wasn't so worn out, I'd suck it. To be so old, he has a beautiful cock. I'd drain him dry if given the opportunity. He asserts, 'Now go get ready, your guest will be here in little over an hour.'

I don't have any white sneakers, so the only thing I have to go with my nurse's outfit is white stilettos. Some reason I don't think my guest will complain. I'm still getting ready when the doorbell rings. I scream, 'I'm coming, Master!' Just a few finishing touches. I quickly head downstairs and open the door. There is no one there. I head to Rod's studio. Rod stops what he's doing and comes over to me and picks up a pill and a glass of water from the coffee table. 'Oh, I get it... I'm a nurse,' I say. Rod looks at me sternly, 'No Sweetheart, this is for you. This will help you loosen up a bit.' I hesitate, but without protest I take the pill and wash it down with some water. Rod adds, 'This is for your patient,' as he hands me another pill. 'Don't worry; I'll be right behind you. He's in the last bedroom to the left,' he advises. I recall seeing a hospital bed in that room earlier. Now it makes sense to me.

I make my way down the hall swishing back and forth as I get into the mood. The nurse's outfit is even tighter and shorter than the slutty maid outfit. I'm wearing nothing but white - white stilettos, white thigh-high stockings, white garter, white thong, white bra and, of course, the outfit is white with both the minidress and hat both with a red cross on them. I open the door and go into my role, 'Okay, time for your meds... Mr. ...' I pause as I wait to see if he'll introduce himself. 'He volunteers, 'Mr. Smith.' I quickly respond, 'Alright, Mr. Smith, time for your meds. Can you sit up for me?' He shakes his head no. 'Let me give you your medication, Mr. Smith,' I say again. He weakly says, 'Can you put it in your mouth and give it to me that way?' 'That dawg!' I think to myself. I smile and say, 'Of course I can, Mr. Smith.' I let down the rail on the left side of the bed. The remote must me either out of batteries or it's broken because that bed is way too high for me to reach his mouth anyway, so I'd have to climb up to get to him anyway. In the corner is a step-stool which I grab. I climb up on the bed near the feet. About the only way to make this work is to straddle him. I pull my skirt up a bit and straddle this large, black man in his hospital bed. 'Oh gosh,' I think to myself, 'I've put that pill in my pocket.' While straddling this large man, I sit on him. 'Dear Gawd! This man is hard! He's ready to fuck and I'm sitting right on top of it! This man is shrewd!' I think to myself. I dig the pill out from one of my pockets. I look up to find him gazing at me. I place the pill in my mouth and ask, 'Ready?' He smiles. He grabs me and rams his tongue down my throat. 'Oh dear Gawd, did he just make me swallow that damn pill?' I whimper. He grabs my ass and starts grinding into me. 'Oh yes, Bitch, you're mine!' he says as he kisses me passionately. I whimper and coo. I didn't even notice Rod turn on all the lights and start filming. The large, black man whispers, 'Get under the covers with me.'

I help push the covers down to his knees and straddle him again - exactly what he wanted. He then grabs my ass and tugs my thong to the side. I feel pressure to my ass. I reach back to help him aim. I begin squirming atop of him and feel him push. I gasp as he finds the right spot. He thrusts again and a sharp pain goes throughout my body. I coo as he finally thrust into me. Within seconds I'm riding this big, black cock. He has me lean back but bounce on top of him. I can't believe I'm taking the whole thing into me. Up and down, up and down I bounce on this massive tool. He grunts and groans. The whole room is spinning.

'Alright, Bitch, it's hammer time!' he proclaims. Like a little ragdoll he throws his arm around my waist and before I realize it, I'm on the bottom and he's still inside me. He throws my feet over his shoulders and commences to teach me a thing or two. Apparently as I was bouncing up and down on him I wasn't taking everything because now that he's on top he seems to have grown a few inches. He commences to drill me - hard! I can barely breathe as he pins me to the bed and impales me with his love rod. I coo and cry... begging for more, although I know in all likelihood if he could give me more, he's probably kill me. I'm just holding on for dear life as he towers over me. This massive, wide-shouldered nigger that is dripping sweat on me is just dominating me. He aggressively kisses me as I struggle to keep up. I break the kiss in order to breathe, but he quickly overtakes me again. I break the kiss again in order to catch my breath, but he quickly ensues again... literally smothering me in big, wet kisses. I think to myself, 'This isn't a man, but a machine.' He continues pounding me at the same rhythmic pace with no signs of letting up.

That was the last thing I remember. I woke up hours later in that hospital bed with only my bra and breast forms on and my stockings and garter belt on. I was sore all over. I just lay there for about five or ten minutes when Rod came in. 'I was just checking on my star,' he says. 'Star?' I ask. He says, 'Yep, seems the production company likes the films we've been making and are even willing to edit the ones we've already shot.' 'Great,' I reply. Rod quickly interjects, 'Don't worry, Baby, you won't have any more visitors before your surgery, alright?' I nod and drift back to sleep.



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