After more than a year of being Malcolm's bitch came the day that Malcolm's parole board hearing took place. To my dismay they told Malcolm that he could go free. Without Malcolm's protection my life quickly deteriorated into one continuous fight to keep my clothes on. Every day after Malcolm left, I lost that fight. Every day, I found myself begging for mercy... begging for my life. I stayed on my knees sucking cock.

Fortunately for me I got out less than three months after Malcolm got out. Michael is my probation officer and will be my probation officer for the next three years. I moved in with Tabitha in a small, dirty apartment but beggars can't be choosy. I truly enjoy my freedom. I can wear whatever I want whenever I want. Well, as soon as I got out of prison I made it by that club where Brutus worked and Brutus was very glad to see me. He and I hit it off again. I was such a dick-tease. I always wore short skirts, tight shirts and showed lots of skin. He treated me like a lady with respect in public, but in private he treated me like his 'ho.' I enjoyed Brutus' attention and dominance over me. He towered over me and he enjoyed showing me off to his friends because he loved how he had total dominion over me. I pampered him and I didn't care who was around so if he said do something, I did it. I was his bitch and appreciated everything he did for me. He said that I was his 'eye-candy, maid, slave and whore' all in one. He actually had his own 'glory hole' in his apartment so when he had friends over it was my job to suck them off and clean them. There were quite a few nights I developed tummy aches from drinking so much cum.

One day the neighborhood was having a block party in this little open lot on the next block. It had been an open block so long that it actually had a lawn of plush, green grass that Old Man Tucker actually attempted to nurture into respectable park. I always thought his efforts were valiant because I found the lot to be pretty with the blooms and plants he'd planted. I truly think most in the neighborhood thought the same thing, but no one wanted to tell Mr. Tucker so. See, Mr. Tucker was already a pompous, arrogant man anyway and no one wanted to compliment him on anything because he would probably only have gotten worse. Well, the block party was going on all day, but Brutus had promised to take me to dinner that evening so I was dressed for dinner. I was in all black. I wore black 4-inch stilettos and my black, Lycra minidress that was off the shoulder, low neckline and I had to constantly pull it down because Lycra is so stretchy it kept riding up barely covering my ass and crotch. It clung to me like a second skin and you could see my ribs through the shimmering, black material. You also knew if I became excited because you could clearly detect my nipples through the thin, silky material. There were no panty lines because the Lycra minidress came with a matching Lycra thong. Years of exercise, hormones and surgery had me filling that dress like only a bitch should. I knew I was hot too. I loved the way my ass was looking and believe me when I walked the streets I flaunted it. I wiggled and jiggled and shook just the way I thought would get me the most attention. I was always getting attention in the form of comments, whistles or guys just having to touch me. Black men are way less inhibited than their white counterparts. The numbers of times I've had a nigger brush his erection against me I can't count. In fact, one of Brutus' cousins one day snatched me off the sidewalk and pulled me into a side alley just so he could fondle my breasts and ass. He kissed me passionately on the lips, neck and thighs; and was undressing me until he fondled my cock. Apparently he didn't realize I was a transsexual because as soon as he found out, he let me go. Anyway, back to the block party.

Well, Brutus apparently forgot about his promise to take me to dinner because he came in and demanded, 'Let's go Bitch, we're going to the block party!' When we got there they'd erected a DJ booth just outside a van that was booming music for the party. They also had a few televisions erected and some guy was walking around with a video camera which fed directly into the screens. People could actually wave at the camera and look up at the televisions and see themselves waving from the screen. I have never seen so many people here before. It was practically standing room only. In this small block must've been packed no less than 300 people. I was one of two white people there, but Kirsten and I were accustomed to that because it was too early for the prostitutes in the neighborhood to be out. That's when it struck me that the majority of whites in this neighborhood were all whores. A smile came to my face as the realization struck me that we were all slaves to the black man. How ironic. Niggers like to play the victim, but here I was among a dozen women who had decided that submitting to niggers was sexually and socially satisfying. Regardless, all I knew is that most the niggas on this block had busted a nut either on me or in me - either my mouth or my ass. Sure, being a whore didn't bring much respect from many of the wives, but their husbands appreciated me. Of course, being transsexual afforded me distance, because many of these bitches just couldn't or wouldn't believe that their husbands would ever touch me because in public they all talked trash about me. Of course, some of the loudest and most verbally abusive men turned out to be the men who drew the most enjoyment from subjecting me to verbal and sexual abuse. I know I was a 'grudge fuck' for most of them, but the total submission to these men was so sexually satisfying that I didn't care. Looking up at black man as he's just abusing me, using me, manipulating me for his enjoyment is just so fulfilling. Bringing him to orgasm is most satisfying because I actually feel wanted and desired.

Well, Brutus sat on a sofa that they'd placed on the lawn. He pulled me down on him so I sat there in his lap and we sat there for like an hour just talking to friends, family and neighbors. Brutus slowly caressed my silky thighs as I sat there in his lap. His massive hands caressing my silky, white thighs were such a contrast because he was so dark. He randomly pulled me down to him to kiss me. The camera made its rounds catching everyone on camera. It was fun seeing myself on the television screens overhead. I felt like a star! Well, it was getting late - well after midnight - and after about fifteen beers Brutus started losing his inhibitions. It only got worse when the DJ put on 'Gimme Head' by E-40, Al Kapone and Bosko. I guess hearing the lyrics; 'Give me head, ho...' was enough for Brutus to pull out his cock. He exposed himself in front of everyone and since he barked an order for me to stroke it, I wasn't about to deny him - not in public. So I reached for his cock making sure that my long, manicured nails didn't gouge or scratch him. Even with his cock still soft my dainty hands couldn't seem to envelope this massive snake. I couldn't wrap my fingers all the way around it, but vigorously began stroking his cock while I sitting on his thigh. His hand that was resting on my thigh began to explore my inner thigh more vigorously. I think the DJ knew what he was doing because he then played 'Slob My Slob' by Murs. Brutus upon hearing, 'Fuck my face, I wanna see how it tastes,' he barked, 'Suck it, Bitch!' I slid out of his lap and kneeled before him. I began by anxiously inhaling the head of his cock which drew several gasps and comments from the crowd. Suddenly we were illuminated by a bright light. I glanced up at the television screen to find that the cameraman was focused on me! He was working every angle, trying to film the cock in my mouth. I was drunk so I ignored him and went about my business worshipping this engorged black cock that was throbbing in my maw. I struggled to take this massive slab of meat into my mouth and throat, but this cock is truly something to worship. While most men's cocks are comparable to a finger, Brutus' cock is more comparable to an arm. The fact that I was struggling just to wrap my lips around this mighty python drew cheers from the men in the crowd. The next song the DJ played was interestingly enough 'Gimme Head' by Three 6 Mafia. I worked his cock rhythmically to the beat of the song struggling to take as much of this massive cock into my mouth. I was actually only taking about 4 or 5 inches into my mouth - I could tell because that's the only portion of this huge, black cock that was glistening with my saliva. It apparently didn't matter to Brutus because with both my hands stroking his massive shaft and his adoring gaze down at me as I struggled to please him he was satisfied. He grunted as he withdrew from my maw and exploded onto my face. I closed my eyes and left my mouth open as he pumped jism onto my face. This drew cheers from the crowd. 'Yeah, fuck that white bitch!' and 'Cum-sucking ho!' were just two I heard. I opened my eyes to see the camera parked right over Brutus' shoulder. He wanted to capture on film the white whore get it in the face from the brother.

Brutus wasn't finished. After handing me a few tissues and wiping my face the next song was egging him on - 'D...k Almighty' by 2 Live Crew. I was ready to go and by 'go' I mean as in - ready to leave. If he wanted to fuck me he'd have to do it in the privacy of our own home. He was pulling at me to get on my feet. If I was getting to my feet, I wanted him to know that I was ready to go. I whispered, 'Not here. Let's go home.' He loudly blustered, 'Come on, Bitch!' as he tugged at me. I stood up and he immediately pulls me toward him but I bent at the waist. So here I was teetering on my stilettos - ass in the air - as I have a nigger who weighs twice as much as I do pulling me over. I was pushing as hard as I could away from him with my hands planted on his shoulders. My tits were dangling right there in Brutus' face. I wasn't wearing a bra so he decided to just feast on my teat for a while. My tight, little black minidress was off the shoulder so my titties were only half-covered anyway. He held me in place with one arm across the small of my back while he pushed the Lycra fabric holding my breasts down with a quick tug of a finger. Each of my breasts is the size of my head and the tight, black fabric could barely contain my large globes of tender flesh anyway. My breasts practically hit him in the face as they jiggled and bounced upon being freed. He suckles my teat and nibbles the nipple which sent a chill down my spine. I look up to see my bare ass on television. Since my minidress was riding up revealing my ass the little pervert was getting up-skirt pictures of my panties and ass. Seeing this I just screamed, 'No!' I then witnessed Brutus' expression change. I had just pissed him off. He went back to suckling my teat but then with his free hand uncovers my anus which was only covered by a thin, black strip of Lycra thong anyway. I screamed at the top of my lungs, 'I said 'no'!' He spit on his free hand while I was still pushing against him. When he started lubricating my ass with his spit, I begged him, 'No, baby, not here... let's go home.' He wouldn't hear it. I pleaded, 'No, Brutus, stop!' He then tugged so hard there was no resisting him. I collapsed on top of him. I could feel his throbbing rod lying on the back of my thigh as I lay on top of him. He shifted and aligned himself and then showing his dominance over me wrapped both hands around my waist and picked me up by my waist. I was writhing in his lap now and only watched myself being man-handled on the screen overhead. With one, swift motion he pulled me down onto his cock. I squealed as several inches of this massive tool penetrated me... ripping me. The pain was incredible. I couldn't breathe. I felt like he was splitting me in half. Tears streamed down my cheeks as he began forcing more and more of himself into me. I began crying, 'No!... no!.... noOoOo-o!' He ignored my pleas. I was squirming on his massive cock when his hand cupped the back of my head pulling me down to him. His mouth covered mine. He gave me a big, wet, sloppy kiss and then his tongue pierced my lips - piercing my mouth just as his cock was piercing my ass. My cries and squeals became muffled whimpers as his tongue impaled my mouth. Silencing my protests, the men in the crowd took that to mean I must have submitted so I heard a roar of approval. 'Fuck that Bitch,' and 'Yeah, Dawg!' were among a countless things I heard shouted to Brutus as he dominated me. The pounding inside my ass and the tongue shoved down my throat seemed like an eternity - I couldn't breathe. After awhile the pain was subsiding. I pushed away to get air and looked up to glimpse the erotic scene being displayed on screen overhead. I was actually impressed with what I saw. I was surprised to see something so lurid actually appeal to me as beautiful. The contrast of seeing this glistening, ebony rod being shoved into my quivering, ivory ass made me ooze. I decided that maybe I should just submit. I was tired of resisting anyway... besides he was inside me and his dominance over me was so complete he couldn't even tell I was resisting anyway. I submitted. My whimpers became coos and moans. I squirmed on his cock, arching my back in an attempt to minimize the pain and watched him fuck me on the overhead screen. The camera was glued to my ass as he rhythmically skewered me again and again.

The lewd comments from the men in the crowd just kept coming - egging on Brutus to punish me or to impregnate me or to just dominate me. Another nigger parked himself right over Brutus' shoulder and whipped out his cock in my face. It was a pretty, ebony staff so I inhaled his cock as I rode Brutus' cock. His cock glistened with my saliva as Brutus' glistened from my juices. The camera scanned out to show all of me. There I was a white transsexual being impaled by two niggers and it was broadcast for the entire neighborhood to see.

The tears still on my face, I looked up and gazed into the nigger's eyes that had his dick in my mouth. I searched for any sign of tenderness in his gaze, but I found none. I just found a hard, hateful stare. He intimidated the shit out of me and I couldn't hide the fear. Of course, this pleased him. He then smiled at the realization that I feared him. I'll never forget that smile. The pleasure he felt by dominating me must've been more than the pleasure he received from my blowjob. He then decided to taunt me, 'Yeah, you're nothing but a tawdry, white cunt who loves serving your Master! Serve your nigger Master, Bitch! Eat my cum! ...and every nigga here, Cunt!' With that he placed his hand on the back of my head and shoved his engorged staff down my throat. I had the gag reflex but his grasp was too tight. My moans quickly became muffled squeals. Fresh tears streamed down my face as I was overwhelmed with the sense of helplessness. I couldn't hide the panic as I was being fucked by two massive, black cocks. The one being shoved down my throat had me wanting to scream, but I could not. I felt him back out a little only to shove it back down my throat! I again resume squirming in Brutus' lap but neither one of these men would have me stop. They were both about ready to 'nut' inside me and wanted to cum soon. I was at their mercy as my muffled squeals apparently drew more admiration. I found myself surrounded by niggers. One by one I had them spanking my bare ass. I had one take my hand and guide it to his exposed, throbbing cock. Before I knew it I was pleasing four men at once. I had a cock in my ass, my mouth and in each hand. I struggled to keep pace with each cock as I was surrounded by groaning, panting, grunts and lewd comments. I must have been surrounded by a dozen niggers. After three or four men came on me I heard a scream from the crowd, 'Bukkakke!' I'd never heard this word before, but it is a word I will never forget. Soon I had niggers just masturbating on me and cumming on me. One by one, I had jism shot onto my face, head, shoulders, breasts, back - you name it. I was getting drenched in nigger seed. 'Mana from heaven,' I thought to myself. I have no idea how many men came on me but my face, neck, shoulders and my hair were all drenched in nigger semen. There were cackles and shouts of approval from the crowd as the rain of semen just kept raining down on me. The party came to an abrupt end when one old man pissed on me. I'll never forget his face or his cock. He was an old Africaan man. His hair was white as cotton, but his face, hands and cock were all as black as tar. As he pissed on me he made an effort to cover every square inch of me in his urine. I was utterly humiliated, but it didn't stop there. Although I was covered in piss the one in my mouth was determined not to stop and continued fucking my face. As he fucked my face I just sat on the ground. As he continued to ravage me another handful of niggers took turns pissing on me. There I was sitting on the ground with a nigger fucking my face, covered in nigger seed and surrounded by niggers pissing on me. I just wanted it all to end. Soon the nigger in my mouth grabbed the back of my head as he busted a nut in my throat. I pushed away with all my might as I could feel his load shoot down my throat. Grunting, he let me go. I collapsed to the ground as I attempted to clear my throat, coughing frantically. I had never taken a cock down my throat like that before until that night. I slowly got up and was helped to my feet by Rosalee, a neighbor. I don't know if she saw the whole thing, but I was glad to see her. Brutus apparently had too much to drink, because there he was just a few feet away sound asleep reclined on that sofa. Rosalee saw me looking over at him and said, 'Don't worry about him, I'll come back for him,' she assured me. 'He's a big boy, he can take care of himself,' she added. A smile came to my face because I realized what she was saying, 'I cannot move Brutus but I can tuck him in for the night.' Rosalee was an older black woman who had that sweet, old lady persona down to a 'T.' she was the sweetest, warmest person I'd ever met, but you didn't want to cross her. I recall seeing on numerous occasions her running off the young bullies down the street to protect the young children playing on our block. She wouldn't have any of that - not on her watch. We slowly made our way to my apartment. She guided me up the steps, through the door and ultimately to my apartment. She heated up some soup for me as I got out of that cum-drenched minidress, bathed and sat down with her wearing nothing but my pink, fluffy bathrobe. She pampered me for about an hour. She quietly stood up and commented, 'Now let's see if I have a blanket large enough to cover your husband.' I was about to correct her when it occurred to me that she was just being polite. We exchanged smiles, embraced and I thanked her for everything I could think of. I was so happy she was there for me. Her words and even her voice were just so comforting. She assured me that if I ever needed anything to call her. That night she became my adopted mother. Since then I go to her for everything. I've cried on her shoulder numerous times since then and she still just calls me, 'Baby.'

Of course, that night changed my life. I have an adopted mother who lives a few doors down, but that night changed my life another way too. My reputation as a black cock slut is indelibly imprinted on everyone's memory. Regardless how big Brutus is, he can't protect me from them. In fact, the alley just feet from my front steps of my apartment is what the men of the neighborhood call, 'Heather's spot.' Heather's spot is nothing more than a dirty, old mattress lying on the ground in that alley. Men in the neighborhood will now wait for me to come out and pull me into that alley. Most just want a blowjob, but I have been fucked on that mattress countless times. Since I wear miniskirts and minidresses all the time they just grab me, throw me down on the mattress, tug at my panties and at their pants and fuck me. The job of a dutiful black cock slut is never done.



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