As soon as I close the door Daddy compliments me, 'Very nice, 'as he reaches under my miniskirt and pinches my ass. I yelp as I practically jump into his arms. He pulls me close and gazes into my eyes. I throw my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. He grinds his erect cock into me and as if he had to drive the point home, he grabs two big handfuls of my ass and pulls me even closer. He definitely made his intentions clear - he wanted to stab me with that weapon he was wielding. I became limp in his arms... submitting to him fully. This, of course, he acknowledged by becoming even more dominant - feeling me up from head to toe, nibbling my neck and ears and beginning to undress me.

He lets me go and barks an order, 'Take off your panties and get over there on the sofa with your knees in the seat because I want your ass in the air.' I quickly do exactly as he says because it's been well over a year since I've had Daddy's cock. With my ass up in the air and my elbows resting on the back of the sofa I turn to look with anticipation as I watch Daddy naked, holding his erect cock in his hand as he aims it for my ass. I feel pressure on my anus so I squirm a bit, gyrating my hips - THAT WAS IT! That was the adjustment Daddy needed as I feel a sharp pain as Daddy penetrates me. I gasp as he impales me with his massive, ebony rod of flesh. He lets loose a huge grunt as he drives it deeper into me taking my breath. I can hardly breath as he thrusts his massive tool deep inside of me again and again. I try to accommodate him the best I can by arching my back but my breathing is still heavy and my panting and moans become more intense. This seems only to invigorate him more - driving his cock into me even harder and faster I can hardly breathe! My pants become cries and he seems to draw pleasure from knowing that his cock is too big for me. I don't know how much more I can take. I start crying aloud, 'Daddy! Daddy-y-y-y! It's too big! It - it's - too - big! '

Of course, my cries go unanswered. In fact, it seems only to drive him to punish me more - his pace actually intensifies, drilling me with his massive cock I grapple the back of the sofa pushing back against him. I feel like he's about to split me in half. Although I wish this feeling could last forever, I worry that if he doesn't cum soon that I may black out. I can't breathe and I'm starting to get light-headed. The coos and moans almost seem distant... is that me making those sounds? Suddenly, he lets loose another massive grunt and drives his cock deep inside me and stops - releasing his sperm deep inside of me. I can breathe! I coo in ecstasy as I acknowledge my accomplishment of pleasing my man. Mission accomplished! I'm his bitch and just knowing I brought him to orgasm makes me feel complete as a woman. And like so many times before, Daddy grabs a washcloth, wipes up and quickly gets dressed and as he's going out the door he assures me, 'I'll call you.' Of course, being the obedient little bitch, I just say, 'Okay, Daddy, thank you.' Of course, he disappears just as quickly as he appeared back in my life.

The very next day, I get on the phone with the doctor that porn star namegoeshere got her breasts from. He's in New York, but for the look he gave her, I'm willing to travel to New York for breasts. I have an appointment for just a few weeks out. I also have my travel arrangements. I'll be flying American Airlines to New York City. I'm giddy with excitement. Wish me luck!

Of course, Mr. Williams just came by. He knows I'm home so he kept knocking and kept knocking. He's a weird man... a big man. As a guy he was always so nasty to me, but now that he doesn't know who I am since I got my Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) he has really been acting weird. He even left behind a package. I need to look into see what's in this bag. I guess that's why he came by to get all these pills back, but when he came back I wasn't decent and, of course, when he came by the first time I was dressed like a schoolgirl stripper. It was just so awkward the way he came into my apartment earlier. I mean, what if Daddy hadn't come by when he did? What was Mr. Williams up to? Whatever it was I'm sure it was no good.

Last night was such a blur. It's Saturday, and last night was Friday night... about four days since last time I wrote. I went out last night to one of the neighborhood clubs - a black club called 'Mandingo Club.' I went to it a few times before years ago, but this was the first time as a woman. I was wearing a black, lycra minidress which clung to me like a second skin and was so short it left little to the imagination. I, of course, was all dolled-up with a passionate pink lipstick, blush but an exotic eye shadow and mascara combination which I thought wicked... I loved it! I was wearing black, satin thong and some killer black stilettos that were almost 5 inches. I'm not short by anyone's standard - I'm 5 foot 9 but tell guys I'm 5 foot 8. Anyway, with those killer stilettos I'm over 6 feet. I just wanted to go out to dress and to see how black men take to my new look. I didn't plan on anything happening, but things don't always go to plan.

It was a late night, I didn't even go out until 1am. I go into Mandingo and after clearing the bouncer I could feel all eyes on me. I was like one of three white bitches in the whole place and not a single white male to be seen. I made my way to the bar and was about to order myself a drink when Mr. Williams asked if he could take the seat beside me. What else was I going to say, right? I, of course, consented. He buys me a drink and we begin to talk. To get closer to me so I could hear him he places his arm on the back of my barstool. He starts by telling me how pretty I am. Remember, Mr. Williams is ancient, he's like close to 70 years old - definitely in his 60's - old enough to be my father. Suddenly we're interrupted, this young thug comes up and asks me if I'd like to dance... 'FINALLY!' I think to myself... 'I'm saved from this old man,' I think. Mr. Williams was clearly upset by this, but as I stood I assured him that I'd be right back. Of course, when I stood up, the young thug was clearly 3 or 4 inches shorter than I was, but Mr. Williams clearly towered about me, but now he was only a half-foot taller than I was now. 'Wow,' I thought as I still strained my neck to still look up at him.

Of course, dancing in 5-inch heels is not the smartest thing I've ever attempted to do, but he was still grinding his cock onto me and dancing provocatively with me even though it wasn't even a slow song, but some rap music... of course, the lyrics were about what some brother would love doing to me. After the song I thanked him and made my way back to my barstool. Mr. Williams was very gracious and helped me to my seat - even at 5 foot 9 these stools were a bit high to climb into with such a short mini on. Mr. Williams doesn't miss a beat... even getting closer to me than the time before. I couldn't help wonder if he was trying to see down my dress to see if my healthy, heaving breasts were real. Mr. Williams was still a man - a dirty, old man - but still a man. He seldom looked at my face but was constantly talking to my DD's... my twins. Although I hadn't even finished my first drink... honestly, looking at my glass it was still about half full... my head was feeling light and I could see sparkle. I also noticed Mr. Williams voice started sounding kind of funny. It's like we were standing in a well because his voice echoed. I became fixated on his lips as he talked to me. Mr. Williams places his massive, black hand on my silky thigh and starts caressing my inner thigh. It felt so good, I wasn't about to ask him to stop. Mr. Williams stops me abruptly in mid-sentence and says, 'Rod... call me'Rod'.' Something wasn't right, I thought to myself.

'I should maybe go to the Ladies Room, ' I tell him as I struggle to stand. He just replies, 'Hurry back!' I go to the ladies room, but after I exit I figure I better go take some Motrin or something and it was in the console of my car. I make my way outside... very slowly because the whole parking lot was spinning and I didn't want to twist my ankle in these 5-inch stilettos - it's hard enough walking in these things without being drunk. I open the driver -side door and bend at the waist, with my shins touching the bottom of the door... I'm struggling to view the inside of my console compartment when I feel a presence behind me. I hear what I think is a zipper. I cry out, 'Hello?' but there's no reply. Suddenly, someone tugs and pulls up my minidress and briskly tugs down my panties to about mid-thigh. I can't stand erect because I'm still in the car, but I can't bend my legs because the car is pressing into my shins and I can't bend my knees. Suddenly, I feel a lubed finger enter my anus and just as quickly I feel something massive impale it. All I could muster was a coo... not a scream for help... not a cry, but a coo. Within minutes it was over. I couldn't see who my attacker was or even what race he was. I just stood there and let some stranger fuck me in the parking lot of the 'Mandingo Club.' It seemed so surreal as if it were a dream. I could hear my attacker mumble over and over, 'white slut.' For a moment there I thought it may have been Mr. Williams, I meant,'Rod,' because his voice and the slacks my attacker had on looked like those he was wearing. I ruled that out since I was convinced Rod probably couldn't even get it up anymore. Just as quickly as he descended upon me, he disappeared. Although I have some stranger's cum inside me, I pull up my panties and pull back down my minidress and make my way back inside. For one, I'd like to get rid of this sperm and two I think I need to tell someone. As I come back inside I see Rod at the bar with some friends and one of his friends gestures to him - pointing at me. He looks and comes over to me and asks, 'Oh, you went outside?' He then asked, 'Is everything okay?'

I start to cry. Rod embraces me and consoles me, 'Now, now, it can't be all that bad can it?' I start rambling about how I thought it was him and how I enjoyed it and how I felt guilty. He shushes me and offers to take me home. Of course, that's all I remember. I woke up this morning in Rod's bed. 'I slept with my grandfather,' I was feeling nauseous at the thought. I sit up in bed. Rod had satin sheets on his bed.

As I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, Rod comes up to me and whips out a massive, black cock that must be close to a foot long. 'Suck it!' he barks. I gaze up at him in utter amazement, he had a flat stomach and actually hints of a six-pack. 'Suck it, Bitch!' he barks again. I grab a hold of his massive snake - if it weighed one pound it must've weighed ten. It was huge. I couldn't even wrap my fingers around it it was so massive. I succumb to his demands and start sucking his massive cock. It was actually a beautiful cock. I worshipped his cock for almost an hour. I changed my rhythm and pace of sucking his cock a number of times - with some complaints from Rod, of course. 'Goddamnit, you whore, I was almost ready!' he exclaimed. Finally, about an hour later he cums in my mouth and barks another command, 'Swallow! Swallow it!' I don't know why I did, but I did as he commanded. 'Damn, Bitch, you're looking good,' he commends me. This is when he dropped the bombshell on me... 'Kevin, I like what you've done. I knew it was you the first time I saw you, that little birthmark about the size of my thumbnail that you have on your knee... I knew it was you, but damn, Baby, you are looking too good not to fuck! Oh, and by the way... that WAS ME in the parking lot last night. I must've cum inside you no less than 4 times last night.'

'What?' is all I could say. 'Shut the fuck up you cunt!' he commands as he slaps the shit out of me. Tears start streaming down my face. Rod either didn't see my tears or didn't care, but he just pushes his cock against my lips and commands, 'Kiss it! Kiss my nasty, black cock!' I give it a peck. He yells, 'That's it? Kiss it, Bitch! Put some feeling into it!' I take his cock slightly into my mouth - just the tip so that it looks like I'm puckering on his cock head. He gazes down at me, 'Yes, that's it, Bitch! Just like that! Love that cock! Revere it! Worship my cock!' In public you will address me as 'The Rod, ' but in private you will address me as 'Master Williams' or just 'Master,' ... you got that? Huh? Huh!

'Yes Master,' I whimper. He screams, 'Don't make me punish you... say it like you love it... say it cheerfully! 'Yes, Master' I say with a smile. 'That's it Babygirl! I have some friends coming over in about 15 minutes. Get ready because you'll have to entertain them. Oh, one other thing - make me a promise. Alright, can you do that? Any swinging black dick that wants to partake of you - you can NOT refuse, alright? That means if we go to a club and there are 30 niggers wanting to fuck you, you have to fuck all 30. Promise me,' he demands. I look at him in horror. He just laughs and then says, 'Don't make me fuck you up. Promise, Sugar.' I nod. 'Okay, I promise,' I whisper. 'What?' he asks. 'I promise,' I say. 'What are you promising, Sweetheart?' he inquires. 'I promise that I'll never refuse a black cock,' I say just as I gush with tears. He just watches me ball like a baby for a minute or two with this pleased look on his face. Finally he snarls, 'Stop it, stop it! ...our guests will be here any minute now. Go get washed up!' He adds, 'I went by your house and found this in your closet - put this on,' he commands as he throws me a hanger with my slutty maid's outfit. As I go get ready he begins ranting and raving, 'I always knew you were a closet faggot! I always knew you secretly wanted to suck my cock! Now, of course, it can't be denied because you've disfigured your face so you look feminine and there's no going back now, Bitch! You're mine! I own you! Now that you've lost all that weight and you're all prissy... there's no defending yourself against me now! You'll submit to whatever I demand! Fucking white cunt! I'll plant my nigga seed in you every night! I'll give you what you need - black male domination! You will eat, drink and sleep black cock until the day you die! Every nigga I bring to this house you will revere! will worship! will satisfy sexually! Got it! Oh, yeah! You goinna get it, Kevin... I mean, umm... Heather... yeah, Heather! You got that?!?! You're name is now Heather!'

I make my way downstairs wearing my slutty little Halloween costume that resembles a French Maid's costume. I approach my neighbor, Rodney Williams. 'Master,' I inquire, 'may I go to New York in two weeks? I'm supposed to get an operation in New York City in about two weeks.' He stops and asks about my operation. 'I am to get a breast augmentation in two weeks.' He laughs. 'Now why the hell do you think I would stand in the way of progress?' as he eyeballs my breasts. 'Now go get cleaned up, these niggas have heard a lot about you and want to taste you, Bitch! I want you to move in with me, so while you were getting ready, I took your keys and brought back all your dresses, minis, etc. You can go back and get all your heels. Also, we'll be destroying all your male clothes. You won't be needing those anymore, will you, Sweetheart?' I look at him not knowing what to say. 'We'll destroy your pants and jeans... from now on only miniskirts and minidresses for you,' he declares. The doorbell rings.



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