I wake Rod up in the morning by grinding my ass onto his hard-on as he spoons me. I feel him awaken by moving about and then with a quick tug my satin panties are down and I feel him push. I whimper as he impales me. He rolls me over to my tummy and begins fucking me. 'Good morning, Baby,' he says soothingly. I respond in kind as he fucks me relentlessly. My body quivers with each mighty thrust. I writhe under his weight as he pins me to the mattress. The pastel-pink satin sheets almost seem to caress me as he drills me with his engorged cock. I coo and playfully squirm under his weight. It occurs to me how much I love him making love to me. I wish this moment could last a lifetime. He doesn't ask for much, but he gives me so much in return. All he asks is that I submit to him physically and sexually and in return he'll provide the necessities and occasionally the comforts of life. He is in complete and utter control. I have surrendered to him fully and he knows it. I am his bitch regardless how many niggers fuck me. In fact, I think he actually likes watching men fuck me... he doesn't seem to mind sharing me. Of course, he's admitted to me that if I do fuck 30 men in one night, he's going to want to get me tested before he'll even kiss my 'skank ass' - his words, not mine. Hopefully he's kidding. I mean, hopefully he'll have the 30 tested before he lets them enter me.

His thrusts become sporadic as he grunts and thrusts wildly. I feel him explode inside of me, I coo as he collapses on top of me. I squirm under his weight but he just ignores me. I whine, 'Baby, get off me!' He snaps, 'You telling me what to do?' I immediately reply, 'No... no Master, I would never...' He interjects, 'Shush! I was merely teasing you, Princess. Today is the last day you wear your breast forms, right?' 'Mmm-hmm,' I respond. 'I'll take you out tonight. You said you liked billiards... pool, right?' he inquires. I haven't shot pool in years, but I used to love the game. 'Yes, Sir,' I replied, as he let me up. As soon as I was free, I rolled over to my back and he was still towering over me. I quickly gave him a hug, 'thank you,' I added. 'Don't thank me yet, I still can change my mind,' he teases.

This evening, when we go out, I want you to wear something different. I look at him with a puzzled look on my face. He grins. 'It'll be a surprise, alright?' he says. I am giddy with excitement and I can't contain the huge smile that's on my face, 'okay,' is all I manage to say. He gets up from the bed and heads for the shower. I head downstairs to start the coffee and make breakfast. Over breakfast he talks about the film industry and about how much money we could make since there is no genre for 'Interracial TS/TG/CD' - which he explains is an untapped market because most of the black, male porn stars are afraid of ruining their image if they make a move with a transsexual/transgender/cross dresser. He says, 'once they get an eye of you, they may change their mind.' 'I don't need any false hope, Rod,' I tell him. 'Baby,' he ensues '... you're a natural!' I blush and of course thank him. 'I mean, you genuinely LOVE black cock! When you worship black cock, I believe you!' he says emphatically. 'Rod, you should've stopped while you were ahead,' I tease him as I kiss his forehead. 'Oh no!' he exclaims and proceeds to pop my fanny. 'Oi!' I squeal and then start running, but too late... he grabs me by my arm and spins me around as I wind up in his clutches and he plants the softest, most loving kiss on me I've ever experienced. I melt in his arms. What resistance there was is gone now. I throw my arms about his neck and kiss him passionately. His hands explore my body, stopping on my ass as he palms my buttocks and grinds his erection into me. 'Again?' I proclaim. 'What?' he asks as he chuckles. 'Come on, Baby?' he asks. The significance of this was not lost on me. Out of a hundred times of making love to him, he'd never once asked... he just took it whenever he wanted. I told myself, 'Heather, don't read too much into this, it was probably just a slip of the tongue, but I couldn't help wonder... is he seeing us more as a couple now?' I know it's silly. In fact, this is the man that has you fuck every nigger within a five-block radius. I'm probably more like a pet to him than I am a girlfriend, besides this is the guy who knew me as a guy but didn't reveal that he knew until after he made me his cuckold. 'Why did he do that?' I keep asking myself. When I was a white guy working security he never said two words to me. Perhaps the reason was because I was always in uniform or the fact that I was armed. I may never know unless I ask, but I'm his bitch now so how would you propose asking a question like that? Well, I have started to ask on more than one occasion, but as soon as he turns to me and is looking at me I get scared. When I worked security I weighed over two hundred and fifteen pounds - I could defend myself, unlike now where I'm one hundred-fifty pounds soaking wet and he can throw me around like a ragdoll - in fact, he has on more than one occasion.

Back in the day 'Daddy' would come by and fuck me while I was dressed as a girl, but I was more like a cross dresser than a transsexual back then. I wonder if Rod knew that's why 'Daddy' dropped by was to fuck this white, black cock slut. I need to ask. I will ask - one day, just not today. Of course, back then I'd drive down to Orangeburg dressed like a little, black cock slut in a short skirt, panties, stockings with garter, high heels, dolled up with makeup and jewelry, one of my wigs and let Corey fuck me too. He loved taking chances so he'd sneak me in through his bedroom window knowing that if we got caught we'd both be killed because his family was deeply religious. He would sit me down on his bed and stand in front of me and whip out his cock so I could make him cum first then he'd fuck me, but only after I swallowed a load of his cum. Of course, since losing the weight and the Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) both Corey and 'Daddy' said they were pleased with what I'd done. In fact, both of them refused to kiss me until after the FFS. I guess I looked too much like a guy in the face to kiss. Of course, now I look at myself in the mirror I see a babe looking back at me and if I could - I'd fuck me. Oh well, too late to take it back now... the FFS cost me twenty-five grand, the breast augmentation that I'm undergoing tomorrow morning costs another five grand, the hair removal another five grand, my wardrobe consists of nothing but women's clothes because Rod threw away all my male clothes - and it is probably a couple grand for just my Victoria Secret items alone, the hormones are not cheap either. I guess I'm pretty lucky to have someone like Rod to take care of me.

Later that afternoon Rod gets home and he calls me into the foyer. I go to him and he's waiting there with a garment bag draped over his shoulder and a few boxes in his spare hand. Upon seeing my reaction he knows I'm giddy with excitement and a huge smile comes to his face. 'You are happy, no?' he asks. 'Oh Rod!' I say unable to hide my excitement. I dart to him and place my hand on his chest and entice him with a pucker of my lips. He kisses me tenderly and says, 'Here, put these on to see if they fit. We have dinner reservations at Mirage at six. It's four now, so you have an hour to get ready.' 'Thank you, Rod!' I blurt excitedly. I take the boxes and make my way upstairs.

I open the garment bag first. 'Oh my god, it's beautiful!' was my first reaction. I couldn't believe my eyes. He said I'd wear nothing but short dresses, but this was a full-length evening gown made of that lycra material that looks metallic. He got me the gold one although he knows my favorite color is silver. He didn't buy this for me, he bought it for him. He wants to see me in it. Well, I hope I don't disappoint him. Next I open the shoe box and within it is matching gold sandaled heels. 'Oh my god!' I fight back the tears. The next box contains a matching purse. Lastly, I open the small box and within it is matching earrings and necklace. I can hold it no longer, the tears start flowing! From behind me I hear, 'You like it?' As I fight back the tears I tell him, 'I love it.' 'Then why are you crying?' he queries. 'I'm sorry.... I'm sorry, but you... you really see me as a lady,' I explain. He attempts to console me, 'Shhhhhh,' he says and proceeds to embrace me and stroke my head as we hold one another. 'No need for tears,' he assures me. 'Yes sir,' I reply. 'Now get ready, we've got to get moving or we'll be late,' he asserts.

'Ouch!' I scream. As I turned to go to the bathroom, Rod took the opportunity to spank me on the fanny - really hard! I know he left a handprint. It stung. I cooed as I cut my eyes at him threateningly. 'Hey, it's hard to miss such a big target!' he taunts. I gasp. I couldn't believe he said that. 'Are you saying I have a big butt?' I implore. Rod replies, 'I plead the fif! F-I-F... FIF!' as he mockingly recites a line from the Dave Chapelle Show. 'Rod!' I scream. 'I'm teasing, Baby! You don't have a big butt,' he asserts. He really thinks I have a big butt because I've seen that look before. He is only saying that to keep me quiet, but he genuinely thinks I have a big butt.

I take a quick shower and fix my hair. My hair isn't nearly as long as I want it, but I put it up so it at least looks neat or stylish, but perhaps not elegant. I can't wait until it gets longer. I spend most time on my breast forms realizing this will be my last time wearing them. I want them to be perfect and since I won't be wearing a bra, I put additional adhesive on so they won't go anywhere. I put on the gown, shoes and doll myself up - darken my eyes, but not too dark and my favorite passion-pink lipstick. Lastly, I put on the earrings. 'Rod?' I scream. 'Yeah, Baby!' comes from downstairs. I quickly go downstairs with the purse and necklace in my hands. 'I'm going to need help with the necklace,' I tell him. He looks up and freezes. 'You... you look amazing,' he says adoringly. I think I'm either going to cry again or my heart is going to explode. I fight back the tears and I can hardly contain my approval. I grin from ear to ear. 'You're beautiful,' he adds. Here comes those tears again. 'Fight it! Fight it!' I tell myself as I fight back the tears. If he wanted to have sex rather than dinner I would've gladly foregone dinner right now. He knew exactly how to push my buttons and he was pushing away. I'd never felt so alive. I'd never felt so feminine, or so wanted for that matter. If I had a pussy, I'm sure I would be flowing with juices right now. I just wanted to jump his bones at this moment, but instead I said, 'My necklace?' 'Oh, yeah right,' he says as he gets to his feet and takes the necklace from my hand. He helps me with the necklace and then promptly grabs his blazer and puts it on as he walks to the front door. 'Come on, Sweetheart, let's not be late,' he chides.

We make our way to our car and a few of the neighbors whistle and howl at us. Rod hollers at a few of his buddies sitting on the steps across the street. What they said I didn't really hear but it drew chuckles from the group and a snide comment from Tyrone Abrams - something about me, but I chose to ignore it. Tyrone is the only one who refuses to address me as a person, but only as Rod's 'ho.' I really despise him, and I can only hope that I'll never have to fulfill my promise to Rod and one day take his black dick. I've been lucky so far that the opportunity has never arisen. As we continue walking down the street Rod scolds Sammy - a teenage boy whose aunt lives closeby, 'Put your eyes back in your head!' Sammy really doesn't come across too threateningly, but he does try to act like a thug. He averts his eyes as we pass, but as soon as we clear him he yells to me, 'Damn, Baby, why don't you come sit on my motherfucking face, Bitch! Come be with a real nigga instead of that old gramps! You know you want it!' Rod whispers, 'Just ignore him.' I squeeze his wrist and gaze up at him lovingly and affectionately. 'Rod,' I say, 'I love you.' Rod remains quiet as he escorts me down the street. We get in the car and make our way to the restaurant.

Upon arriving at the restaurant he treats me with the utmost respect and gentleness. He treats me like a queen. My feet never touch the ground the whole night. We go out to the dance floor and allowing him to lead was something new to me, but we were very graceful on the dance floor together. Although the front of my gown didn't show much cleavage the back was a low-cut back. While on the dance floor I could feel him caress the small of my back. 'You're so silky smooth,' he declares. I thank him again. He's been complimenting me all night. Tonight is the best night of my life.

After about my fifth glass of wine I get brazen. Sitting at our booth I reach over and open Rod's fly, dig into his pants and gasp as my hands discover an erection... well, semi-erection. Ignoring Rod's protests I pull out his plump black pole. I feel it throb in my fingertips. I coo and look at him wantonly. I lean in and kiss his lips as I start stroking his extremely large staff. I lick my lips teasingly and giggle at him as he just watches me. I disappear underneath the table and engulf as much of his throbbing cock as I can muster. He is so massive it hurts my jaw to open my mouth so wide. His massive anaconda fills my mouth and throat as I try to stroke his engorged cock with my lips. I find my rhythm and start slowly, but soon quicken my pace as I inhale his healthy, black pipe. 'Mmmmm,' I coo as he releases a little precum into my mouth. Rod begins getting into it and starts fucking my mouth. I feel the throbbing of his cock intensify as I stroke his cock harder and faster. He groans a few times and then grunts loudly. He explodes into my mouth. I gulp down a large load of cum, but he keeps on cumming. I swallow again, and again. I keep my mouth on his massive cock although he bucked a few times trying to get me off his cock. I lap at his engorged cock like a hungry pussy. I clean him up and inspect my lipstick with my lighted compact before reemerging from underneath the table. As I climb back to my seat the spotlight from the stage focuses on our booth. The whole establishment erupts into applause. 'What's happening, Rod?' I implore. He whispers, 'My grunt caught everyone's attention... I mean everyone. All eyes were on me when I opened my eyes. Let's go!' I think I made him mad. He just wanted to get home - the sooner the better it seemed. He didn't say a word the entire trip home.

After arriving home he said he had to run by the store, but I should get ready for bed since I had an early day tomorrow. I couldn't help wonder if the attention embarrassed him or if I'd made him mad by ignoring his protests. I got dressed for bed and set my alarm clock for an early day tomorrow morning. The procedure was an outpatient procedure, but I'd have to be on antibiotics for a few weeks, apply lotions for weeks and even have my breasts wrapped in gauze for a few weeks with some tubes protruding from them for a few days. I didn't look forward to all the pain, but I was extremely excited about having breasts - real breasts - not breast forms anymore. I went to bed that night with Rod still out so I didn't lock all the locks as I normally would. I drifted off to sleep thinking about my breasts and what I could now wear because of the implants.



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