I look at the clock, checking the time, knowing I have plenty to do before I can leave for the cabin. I must go shopping for a few supplies and some food. Gather up some clean linens, sheets and towels. Glancing in the mirror, seeing I look a little scruffy, I should have shaved. I can take care of that when I shower and get ready for this evening. As I turn to leave the bathroom, there you stand in the doorway. You've returned from your morning workout at the gym. Standing there, bare foot in you sweat pants and a tee shirt. The tee shirt, darkened with the perspiration from your workout. Your arms crossed, one foot behind the other, as you prop yourself against the door frame. I jump, startled at your presence, not hearing you return. This causes you to become amused and you chuckle a little.

"You are still here. I am glad I did not miss you."

"I'm just heading out. I have a list of things to do to get ready for our week end."

"Do you have to go now?"

"Yes, I do.", I say firmly.

As I am watching your reaction, your smile drops to a little pout. I reach out and rustle your hair, damp from your workout. Your smile returns and you bring yourself closer to me. My hand pushes against your chest, feeling the tight muscles and the wetness of your shirt. I stop you from moving closer.

"It's not going to work, Caleb. We don't have time. Besides we have all week end together."

Pushing past you, I leave the bathroom. Damn, he smells so hot, the little fucker. I look at the clock, damn! Brushing my hair form my forehead, I can smell your body on my hand, the hand that I pushed you back with. I linger to the smell, the mixture of your "Brut", shower gel, sweat and just pure Caleb. I grab my bag and begin to move to the door, knowing I have a large list of things to accomplish. I turn as you call my name.

"Hey, Kyle!"

You toss your tee shirt at me. I catch it, dropping my bag. I smile and press it to my face, smelling you all over again. Your scent is breath taking to me, putting me into a trance like state. I watch as you move slowly toward me.

"So are you going to push me away again now?"

Our eyes meet, locked on each other's gaze. Just watching, as two animals watch each other, waiting to see who makes the first move. I think to myself, God he drives me crazy with lust. No, I will not let him control this one. I told him no, we had no time and I will stick to that. Still watching you, I see you lick your lips. Damn him! I breathe in deep. You pull your bottom lip in and bite it slowly. Run your fingers through your hair pushing it back and now shaking it, rustling it up, giving it that messy look. You take a few steps closer. Oh fuck, he is good, damn those instructions, he should not retain everything I tell him. With my hand, still clinging to the tee shirt as I watch your every move. Knowing we really don't have the time, just adds to the sexual tension.

"Well, do you still have to go?"

Trying to clear my head and not wanting to give in to you. Trying to hold off for tonight, after all it will only be fourteen hours from now. Fuck, fourteen hours, damn! In an attempt and hoping to change the course of the moment, I ask.

"How was your work out?"

"You tell me!"

You move closer and place your hand at the back of my neck and pull me to your right pec. As you push my face to the hard muscle, I breath in, smelling your body up close. God, I slowly lick your right nipple, circling it with my tongue. Your fingers running through my hair as you push my face harder to your chest. You take my right hand and place it on your left pec and my fingers begin to teak that nipple while my mouth and tongue tease your right one. My left hand moves to your back as I try to pull away, damn it, I can't. I want you so bad. I lower myself to my knees and lick your abs, my fingers now pinching and twisting both nipples.

With my mouth never leaving your stomach I look up at you, my eyes glaring at you with that "FUCK, you did it to me again look". You smile as if to let me know you are enjoying my mouth on your body. Placing your hand on the back of my neck you guide my mouth to your rigid cock, pushing my mouth over the bulge. I lap at your hardness soaking your sweat pants, turning them darker as I soak them with my saliva. I work my way up and down your hard cock, causing it to pulsate under my tongue. I put my teeth on your waistband and tug at it, working your sweat pants over your thick cock.

Pulling your sweats down with just my teeth, I bunch them at your ankles and press my mouth to your jock and sniff. Oh fuck, the smell of your workout now combined with your sexual arousal. Fuck, I suck your cock through your jock, flicking my tongue up and along the fullness of your cock. I suck hard at the head, forcing the pre cum to form at the tip. I suck your juices from your jock. Your fingers play with my hair as you keep my face planted firmly on your cock. I feel the pressure of your fingers as you push me lower, wanting me to give your full balls some attention. I begin to suck and work them through your spit soaked pouch.

I suck hard enough for you to feel it through your jock. Quickly you pull me up and kiss me. God, you are in control of this morning, determined to release the lust from within your body. You push your jock down and pull it off, kicking it away with your foot. Smiling at me, you slowly turn and arch your back, bending slightly; you push your butt to my face. I take my hands and place them on your ass and move my tongue up along the underside of your ball sac, flicking it as I go. I take my tongue and move it along your crack licking up your crevice. You moan and replace my hands with yours as you pull your butt cheeks apart. You want me bad; you need to feel my hot tongue work over your hole. You want me to rim your tight ass and make you moan. I push my tongue at your hole and jab the tip in. You yell and pull your ass open wider.

"Fuck, do it, eat me Kyle. Fucking work me over. Damn it, don't tease me, fucking stick your tongue up me!"

I jab my hard wet tongue in your tight hole, it quivers and pushes out to accept my tongue. I flick over your pucker, soon the tightness of your hole opens and I push in a little deeper and harder. Faster and with more pressure I eat your tight track boy ass. God, you taste so fucking hot. I jab and continue to lick your hole. Your right thigh quivers and the muscles spasm, your legs become weak as I eat you out. Your legs shake and you moan.

"Oh fuck, don't stop, fuck don't stop."

Reaching around I begin to jerk your cock. Pulling it back and pointing it down to the floor. You know what comes next, as I release it and let it smack your abs, causing pre cum to spurt on you. I jab and tongue fuck your hole. Harder and faster, I want you to feel it. I spit in your hole and smear it around with my finger and move my mouth to your hole. I continue to tease your sweet hole, owning it, making you squirm and push back. Fuck you need my tongue up your ass as much as I want it there. I smile inside, telling myself "He thinks he's in control. Look who's panting and squirming over my face."

"Oh fuck, Kyle, I'm close. Do it, make me cum! Oh fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck!"

With one last jab and flick of my tongue, pushing it in deep and holding it in your hole. Flicking your insides with my tongue and moving it around.

That's enough to send you over the edge. You moan and push back as you cock unloads. Your cum shooting high and hitting your chin. Your chest is hit with the second and third spurts. My tongue continues to work over your hole as it quivers and pulsates with each surge of your orgasm.

Reaching around I take your spurting cock in my hand as the fourth and fifth ropes coat my hand. The last three landing at your feet and the ninth and final one hits the top of your foot.

Standing up I pull you close and kiss you deep. Our tongues working over each other. I rustle your hair and kiss your cheek as I reach down and give your ass a smack.

"Here is some money for the cab to get you to the cabin. I suggest you pack light, you won't need much. Be sure to pack at least one pair of white briefs."

I pick up my bag, turning to look at you standing there naked, as your cum is running down your chest. I smile.

"By the way Caleb, you might have got what you wanted this morning. But tonight I'm in control. You might also want to fit a nap into your schedule sometime today. Trust me, you will need it."

I move close and with one last tussle to your hair and soft kiss to your forehead. I leave you, all warm and filled with anticipation about our week end together.

"I need you, my sweet prince." I say as I leave.

The door closes, the room is silent. You can only hear your shallow breathing and the beat of your heart.

"I need you too Kyle."

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