You've just finished up reading the last chapter you planned for review in order to prepare for next week's finals. As you get up from your bed, your bare feet shuffling across the carpet, you can't help but curl your toes.

You smile, thinking of how you always do that when we chat online. A quick glance in the mirror, damn your hair is a little messy, you can't' help but think of me and how I like it that way. You move your fingers to the back and twirl those curls, reminding yourself of how I do that. As you close your eyes, your cock begins to thicken. Slowly your move your hand to your chest and lightly tease your nipple, feeling it over the cotton fabric of your tee shirt. Quickly you pull your tee shirt off and flex, watching yourself in the mirror. You become startled with a knock at the door. You check yourself, to see if the bulge in your sleep shorts is visible; your briefs have contained the early stages of arousal.

Slowly you open the door, to find me standing there.

"Good, you're home. I brought you some lunch."

You smile as you take the bag from me. "Hey thanks, that was sweet."

"I thought you might be ready for a break and need something to eat."

As you open the bag and take a bite of the sandwich. Having just planed on dropping off a small snack for you, I turn to leave.

"Can you stay for a while?" you ask smiling at me.

"I suppose, if you not busy."

You reply, "Nope, just finished. I was ready for a break; your timing is perfect as usual." As you smile again with that sweet smile of yours.

I give you a faint smile back, just slightly confused, not wanting to misread you. Knowing be both have busy days and plan to see each other on Sunday. After all I just brought you a lunch, just a gesture of friendship. My confusion is cleared up as you place the sandwich on the table and hastily grab me and pull me close for a kiss. My hand is stoking your back and I am pulling you tighter with our lips locking together.

Pulling you in closer by the waist, my hands on each side of you, I push your body next to mine. I can feel your cock stiffen as I grind us together. With one swift motion, I pull my polo shirt off and push our chests together, as my hands find your tight track boy ass. Our kiss breaks and you gasp.

"Oh fuck!"

My hands slide down your waist and I slowly remove your shorts, leaving you standing before me in your light blue briefs. I trace the outline of your throbbing cock, stopping at the dime size darker wet spot. I smear the pre cum over the fabric of your briefs. Another gasp escapes from your lips.

I push you down to the bed and my mouth finds your bulge as I push my lips along the length of your shaft. I begin working my way up to the head, soaking your briefs with my saliva as I do. Your back arches and your hips push up as you grind your hardness into my face. I push harder and nibble on your thick hard cock. I move my mouth lower to work my tongue over your balls, as I push them around inside your briefs.

"Oh fuck, don't stop"

Your hands all over the back of my head as you push me down onto to your pulsating cock. I look up at you and see the bliss in your eyes as you begin to remove your briefs. I push your hands away, stopping you, only long enough to put the head of your cock, covered with your briefs, in my mouth.

"Fuck, please I want you to suck me. Please, Kyle I need it!"

Quickly I move away from your crotch and flip you over. Now your sweet ass is in my reach, taking both hands I firmly yank your briefs off and plant my hands on your butt cheeks. I begin to work that tight ass under my hands, making you putty under my touch. You push your ass up and into my grasp, letting me play with the firmness of your jock butt. I push you closer to the bed and spread your ass cheeks open, exposing that tight hole. I lower my mouth and blow onto your pucker, causing it to twitch and quiver. You whimper as your body gives into my touch, feeling my tongue graze the outer rim of your hole.

"Oh fuck, yes!"

I continue to lick and tease your hole. Soon it opens to my pushing and I can tongue fuck your hole. You push back and want me in deeper, your hands pulling at my hair, pushing my face yet deeper into your crack. One last lick and jab at your wet gaping hole and I roll you over onto your back.

Placing your legs on my shoulders I can look at your twitching hole. I pick up your left leg, slowly licking the calf as I move your foot to my waiting mouth. I gently lick your toes and slowly suck each one. While doing so, you begin to jerk your cock. Smiling, I reach down and rub your stomach, pushing on your abs, tracing them with my fingers, continuing to give your foot a tongue bath. I now move to your right foot as I continue to give it the same treatment. You are jerking your hard cock slowly and your left hand moves to cup and pull on your full balls. Your pace moves faster along your shaft as I suck your toes harder, sucking them as if they are a sweet piece of candy. I push you legs back, causing your hole to open wider. I smile as I can see it twitch with each suck of your toes.

Placing your big toe and the one next to it in my mouth and rolling my tongue over them. You moan and gasp with total surrender to me. Sucking harder and with much more pressure, you begin to finger your hole with your left hand. I watch as you pleasure yourself, jerking your cock and fingering your hole. The sight of you working over your body like that makes me suck harder and with much more lust. The harder I suck the faster you jack your cock and the deeper your finger goes into your tight hole. I lick between those toes of your right foot, still caressing your abs, applying pressure to your stomach. I try desperately to fit three toes into my mouth, knowing that will set you off. I want to see you shoot. I want to see you cum. Pushing on your stomach, our eyes locked together, knowing you are close. I continue my work on your foot, the saliva running down the sole and I take my tongue and lap it up.

You shoot and scream in release as you coat your neck, chest, stomach and cock with your hot boy juice. I only suck harder on your toes, causing your body to convulse. You jerk the last drops of cum from your cock, totally spent. I let your foot escape from my grip and lower my body onto yours. Our mouths meet for a kiss, a long passionate kiss. My chest laying on yours becoming smeared with your cum. Our fingers interlocking as I take your hands in mine. I kiss your forehead and smile. Stating...

"I only meant to bring your lunch."

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