I knock on the door of your dorm room, waiting for you to answer and let me in. I glance at the time, it's not too early. I knock again and wait. I decide to see if the door is open, you are expecting me; perhaps you've had to pick up some last minute items for your trip. The door is unlocked and I slowly open it and enter your room.

I see you standing there staring at the bed, clad only in jeans. The jeans hug your tight ass and are riding low enough I can see you have chosen to wear white briefs today.

"Caleb, did you not hear me knock?"

You turn slowly and smile. "I was trying to decide on which shirt to wear."

I see that you have two choices on the bed. A white polo shirt and a long sleeve light blue button down shirt. I smile, for I have seen that long sleeve shirt before, many times. I say to you, "That is quite a contrast in choices my friend." Giving you a grin, letting you know I recognize the blue shirt, from two nights ago.

"Are these your only bags, I need to load?" I pick up your back pack and duffle bag.

"Uh...yes, but do we have to leave now?"

"Yes, I think that is best."

You stand there bare foot and shirtless with your legs shoulder width apart, you roll your feet to stand on the sides of them, your eyes looking at me longingly.

"Come on buddy, let's not make this any more difficult then it is. I need to get you home and besides you will only be gone for a short time." If only I felt that way inside, I think to myself.

"I just thought that we could..." You bite your lower lip.

I smile; damn he is trying and doing a fine job too. "I'll meet you in the car." I leave your room with your bags.

After I place the bags in the trunk of the car, I wait for you. I smile, amused at the fact you are inside finishing getting dressed, I am curious as to which shirt you will choose. I picture you as I left you barefoot with your feet rolled like that, those hungry eyes looking into mine. I cannot help it, the signals that your are sending off this morning, very apparent that a passionate send off is what you are wanting in these final minutes together. I almost feel guilty, making you feel like that is not in the plans. Checking the time, it has been 10 minutes since I've left your room, plenty of time for you to finish getting dressed. I head back up to your room; I can play along with your game.

"Caleb, what gives bud? Let's move it along."

Still barefoot but in the long sleeve shirt, with only three buttons fastened. I watch you curl your toes.

"I just have to put on my socks and shoes."

I have to give you credit; you are pushing all the right buttons. You are good; you know what sends me into a frenzy. Still, I know we can't. I won't give into you, not now. I stand at the door, not moving with my feet planted firmly. I take a deep breath as I watch you put on your socks and shoes.

"Let me check my hair, and then we can go." You move to the mirror and run your fingers through it, giving it a shake and one tussle with your hand.

I have to smile, damn he's hot. I could just push his ass to the bed now.

That would be just what he wants too. Stick to the plan Kyle, you can do it. I turn to leave ahead of you. As you stare in disbelief that I've left. Now it is your turn for a deep breath as you look into the mirror.

Your eyes reflecting back at you, even you can see the look. Your eyes filled with desire and anticipation; now turn to despair and frustration.

Knowing I can't hear you, "Fine, just fine!"

As you enter the car you toss your jacket in the back seat, your frustration obvious as you close the car door. The car filled with silence, you stare out of the window, your eyes blinking rapidly. You turn your face to look at me, our eyes looking into each other. You push you lower lip in and bite it softly, as faint smile forms on your lips. The sparkle returns to your eyes as you take a deep breath.

I place the back of my hand on your cheek and stroke it gently. You relax as my hand moves to the back of your neck, my fingers twirling your hair.

Nothing needs to be said, your shallow breathing is communication enough as you become satisfied with my attention. My hand slowly moves to your thigh and you place your hand on top of it, not stopping it but to lock our fingers together. Minutes pass and I shift my hand moving inside our thigh. A slight moan escapes your lips, as your eyes close. Your breathing becomes more rapid as my hand moves down your left thigh, slowly to move up the right one as well. You scoot your body down in the seat as you spread your legs. I slowly remove my hand and you open your eyes.

Reaching into the glove box, I remove a small package. I gently toss the small box which is wrapped in black paper tied with a silver string bow.

You catch the gift and smile.

"Open it now, sweet prince." God how I spoil him, but he is so worth it.

He is a remarkable young man. I will miss his attentiveness while he is away. But yet another life experience for him. I only wish for him the best; I always have and always will.

You smile and feel so warm inside, forgetting how disappointed you where just minutes ago. Your fingers shake as you open the package, releasing the string first, letting the paper fall open. When you look at me, the reflection in your eyes says it all. I've seen it before, the silent understanding of who I am and what we have together. Gently you lift the lid of the box, inside you find a key. Your face beams as you clutch the key in the palm of your hand.

"Oh, you are so bad. This is the key to the cabin. Please tell me we are going there!"

Smiling at you, "I wouldn't ever let you leave without a proper good bye.

Without having a few magical moments with my sexy boy. You might call it a royal send off for my prince. However you define it, just know I plan to give you a reason to sleep on the flight."

As we turn onto the road leading to the cabin, you smile. "Thank you, Kyle, thank you for everything."

"You are welcome, special one."

The car stops and before we move to get out, I take your hand and pull you close. Our lips just inches away from each other. You slowly close our eyes as I tilt your head for a kiss, the kiss that you have been waiting for. Placing both of my hands on your cheeks, holding your head as we kiss deeply and with pure desire for each other. Breaking away you say, "Let's get inside."

I chuckle and reply, "You've got the key bud."

We quickly run to the cabin porch, your fingers shaking as you unlock the door. I let you step in first; I look at your tight butt, the back of your shirt just riding up those perfect cheeks. As I close the door, you turn and push me against it, pressing your chest to mine. My fingers find the buttons of your shirt, letting them open one by one. Once your shirt is open, I run my hands over your chest, feeling your hard muscles under my fingers. The touch of my hands causes you to moan and gasp as my fingers find your nipples. Removing my right hand from your chest and placing it at your neck, while my left hand slides down to your abs. I pull you in close and kiss you hard, as we work our tongues in unison with each other.

Your shirt slips off of your shoulders and falls to the floor. You quickly kick off your shoes as I remove mine. With our embrace broken, I remove my shirt and socks. In a quick firm motion I place my arms under your legs and scoop you up and hold you close to my body, carrying you to the bedroom.

As we enter the bedroom, I lay you on the bed and tenderly remove your socks. I place your right foot at my lips and kiss the sole softly as I place your left foot upon my chest. Your toes curl over my pectoral muscle grazing the nipple. I gently suck your big toe, causing a gasp from your lips and your foot to fall from my chest.

Damn, I cannot stand it anymore, I move up over you. I reach for the button of your jeans and open it, slowly unzipping your jeans. In a quick movement your jeans are tugged off and your briefs soon follow. I step back and look at you, watching you stare at me as I remove my jeans and briefs. As I take in your perfect form, I see you begin to stroke your hard cock. You slowly work the hardness of your cock, squeezing firmly. I can see a clear bead of pre cum forming on the head. I move closer and push your hand away, replacing it with my mouth. In one slow, steady movement my lips close around the head and move down your shaft. My fingers find your balls and gently move them in your sack as I have half of your cock deep in my mouth. Releasing your cock with a pop, the head is very sensitive.

"Oh fuck, fuck, oh fuck!" You moan, as my mouth moves deeper down your hard wet cock. Swallowing harder, I have almost all of your cock in my throat. I look up at you, seeing your head thrashing from side to side.

The saliva running out of the corners of my mouth, coating your balls. My head bobs up and down, faster and with more pressure. I take some saliva and smear it over your balls, causing a whimper from you. Faster my mouth works your cock, up and down a little deeper each time. My eyes still watching your body as it shakes and you give in to the feeling of my attention to your throbbing cock. While I work your balls in my hand, you begin to push up wanting more of your cock in my mouth. I push your leg aside and you can feel my finger circle your tight hole, your pucker twitches as I make contact with it. Faster I move my mouth, up and down, taking you yet deeper. Fuck, I want it all! I take one big breath; I go all the way down, taking your seven inches deep in my throat. Once my lips are locked around the base of your cock and you can feel it in my throat, I push my finger into your asshole. I push firmly and fast, circling inside you, twisting around. "FUCK!" You scream! I suck harder for I feel your prostate and push faster on it milking you from inside. I move faster and harder, sucking your cock with long deep movements. Pulling back and just letting the head of your cock remain in my mouth. Quickly I move back down to the base as I finger your hole faster and with more pressure, pushing in a second finger. I release your cock only long enough to say, "I want your load! Fucking shoot it in my mouth!" I gulp your pulsating cock deep and feel your body tense; your hole tightens around my finger. Your cock throbs in my throat and I can feel you jerk. You gasp and squirm under my sucking. As my mouth moves to the head of your cock, you shoot! Shouting,


My mouth is filled with your juice, your cock spurting off 4 volleys of cum. I swallow, but I can't keep up with it as you continue to shoot, spurts 5, 6, 7 and 8. Your cum begins to run out of my mouth and down my chin, I take my tongue and lick the head of your cock as the 9th and 10th spurts coat it.

Your breathing is rapid and heavy as you are panting to catch your breath.

I move up close to you and kiss your lips, pulling you close.


"Yes, Kyle."

Softly I say, "I think we should shower. We can go into to town for something to eat. Caleb, when we get back, can I have you again." Of course I smile.

My smile is welcomed back with yours as you reply, "My flight does not leave until tomorrow."

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