The afternoon is cool, crisp, a picture perfect scene of the country. The leaves turning the shades of autumn, the wind just a slight breeze. The windows are down and the sweet smell of the countryside is almost intoxicating. You are as a small child on Christmas, curious as to where we are going. I smile amused at your inquisitiveness. I do love teasing you.

I turn the car down a small dirt road. The road has not been traveled much. A short distance down the road, it begins to rain. I smile at you and you smile at me. You know how I love the rain; it is almost like a relaxation technique to me. You reach over and stroke my thigh, my hand moves to the top of yours. I bring you fingers to my lips and kiss them, pulling the car up to the end of the road. I pull you close and kiss you deeply. Our breath is causing the car to fog up; even the wipers do not help. Pulling your face to mine, I kiss your cheek and nibble on your ear.

"Let's get out." I say.

Once outside, you gasp at the site. Taking your hand I pull you into a barn. A barn just like we have seen, like we have talked about. Inside the warmth and dryness of the barn, I again kiss you deeply. My hands find their favorite spot, your ass. I grip it and knead it in my hands, causing you to become putty in them. I am so taken by your weakness under my touch. Your hand back in mine, I lead you up the ladder to the loft. I let you go up first, that way I can watch your sweet perfect ass as you go up the ladder. Almost to the top, I must touch your butt. My hand again working those cheeks, a small smack! At the top of the ladder, into the loft you see, I have been there ahead of time. Preparing, preparing for a sweet afternoon. I have a blanket spread and on the blanket some cheese, crackers and fruit. I lie down and pull you atop of me, kissing you hard and wet. Our tongues working with each other, causing our temperature to rise. My hands again find your ass and back. I can't keep from touching you. You begin to unbutton my shirt, pulling it off, again kissing me.

Cody, I say asking you about the light meal I have planned. You straddle me and pull your shirt up and off, later you say and bend down and kiss me.

Grinding your chest to mine. You are so hot for it, you bite my lip. My hands on your back pulling you in deeper to me. I slide my hand down inside your jeans, damn I must feel skin. I want my hand on your ass, that ass I love. I roll us over so that I am on top, still grinding into you.

Fuck, kissing you so passionately. God, this is lust, as I pull your shoes and socks off at the same time. Stand up, Cody! I lie down and instruct you to place your foot on my lips. You stand over me as I lick the soles of your feet, my tongue working in between your toes. Oh God, I love making your squirm. I move up and unbutton your jeans letting your cock have some relief. I lower them down having you step out of them. I remove my shoes and socks, but remain in my jeans and underwear. I walk you to the other side of the loft. The hay softy tickling your feet as you walk.

I have stacked two bales of hay on top of each other and covered them with a blanket. I move behind you and place my hands on your waist, pull you close to me and kiss you. I squeeze your hard cock, causing it to push up some precum. I grind my hard bulge into your hardness. Slowly I begin to remove your briefs, as you step out of them; I leave them on the floor. I lower you to the hay bales, placing you on your stomach. It is the perfect height; I spread your legs wide, your cock and balls exposed. I push you forward so that your cock is being pushed back between your legs. Placing my hand on your back, you can feel me push you down, as I walk to the front of you. On the other side of the hay, I bend down and kiss you, taking your hands. I pull your hands up to the front of you, just to the sides of the hay bales. I have placed a rope between the two bales and now I secure your hands to the rope, binding you to the hay bales. I kiss you yet again as I move back behind you. My hands now on your ass, working it. Causing you to squirm and moan. My hands only are squeezing your cheeks, never moving to your crack or hole. You begin to whimper and push you ass up to my hands. I move up close behind you and let a glob of spit fall from my lips to your crack, it runs down so slowly. You gasp and slightly whisper my name. The afternoon is long my prince....

To be continued.


Anthony Ross

[email protected]


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