Finished, finally my project is complete; I just need to save it to my flash drive. It feels good to have that accomplished. I glance at the clock on the computer; it is almost 9:00 p.m., a good time to be done.

The room is dimly lit as the glow of the computer screen and desk lamp illuminates one side. The corner simply brightened by the light on the table near the bed. The room is quiet, almost silent. The only sounds being made by my fingers on the keyboard as they save the project to a flash drive. From the corner of the room, on the bed, Caleb is turning the pages of his book as he reads and completes the reading assigned to his class.

I close my eyes to rest them; the computer work has drained them a bit. I roll my neck and begin to relax, knowing I am finished. I just have to submit the project. I will let Caleb read it in the morning; he always reads my work before I send it off. As I open my eyes with my head tilted, I catch the glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. He is so disciplined with his college work; he makes sure to have it completed before any recreational activities. He has been good for me, he keeps me focused too.

I slowly spin the computer chair around and look at him, just watching him read. He sits on his bed with his back braced on the wall; he reads and does not know I am watching him. He is concentrating on his work; I can tell he is relaxed though. I am sure he does not even know he is curling his toes as he reads. I smile as I watch his feet, funny how he will curl his toes under until he completes the reading of the page on the left. I notice when his head moves to read the right page he begins to wiggle his toes. This pattern goes on for a few pages, it is cute. I won't say anything to him about it; I wouldn't want to embarrass him. I can just keep that knowledge to myself, something that only I know about him. The silence of the room is broken by the snap of his book as he closes it. He tosses the book on the table by the bed and he stretches his arms above his head. Our eyes meet.

"Are you all finished reading?"

"Yes, how about your project, did you get it completed?

"I did and I would like for you to read it in the morning. You can just e-mail me with your thoughts."

"How long have you been finished?"

"Not long ago, about 4 pages of your reading." I smile and wink at him.

"Oh, so you were watching me again." He also smiles as he pulls his bottom lip in and bites it. His hand moves to his hair and he pushes it back and gives it a tussle and a shake. His eyes piercing mine while he stares into them.

"Somebody is relaxed and in a good mood." I continue to watch his moves as he tilts his head and smiles.

I move closer to the bed and kneel at the end of it, my knees touching his feet. I place my hands on his knees and slide them down his legs. Our eyes never breaking contact with each other, the silence is communication enough. I now move my hands back up his legs and as I get to his knees again, I pull his legs apart and move up to lay between them. My hands find his and our fingers interlock. Our lips just inches from each other.

I stop and listen; I can hear his heat beat as it begins to race. I smile at him, as our breathing becomes heavier, as the room being filled with the sounds of our passion. Our heartbeats and our breathing increases as does the lust for each other. He moves his lips closer to mine and we kiss softly.

He moves his hand up my shirt and rubs my back. Our kiss continues and I move my hands under his back and pull him closer to me. As our lips move apart, I kiss his forehead and lightly kiss down his cheek. He tilts his head back allowing me to kiss and lick his neck. My right hand caressing his lower back as it moves up under his shirt. I let my hand linger a few minutes on his bare skin and begin to move it to his stomach, tracing his abs. Oh God, he feels great under me. I begin to move my hand along his abdominal muscles and I can feel him tense under my touch. I can feel him push his crotch up against mine. Damn, our cocks are so hard and pushing against each other. I kiss him deeply, our tongues working over each other.

I whisper to him, "Relax Caleb."

He whispers back, "Kyle, I want you. I always want you."

"Slow down, sexy boy." I reply as I nibble on his ear.

I move off from the top of him and pull off my polo shirt. He smiles as I pull him up to a sitting position and remove his tee shirt from over his head. I pull his mouth to mine for another lingering kiss as I gently lower our bodies back to the bed. My fingers tugging on the button of his cargo shorts as his hands squeeze my butt over the top of my jeans. I can hear the sound of the fabric rubbing as our bodies grind against each other. His tongue pushes into my mouth as we kiss deeply. I notice his hands moving as they fumble to undo my jeans, first the button and then the zipper. I gasp as his hand makes contact with my throbbing cock through my briefs. My hand moves along the waistband of his black briefs and my fingers tease the skin just under the band. My fingers inching slowly toward his warm, pulsating cock. I wrap my hand along his rigid shaft, causing him to moan as I push up the cum tube.

"Fuck, oh fuck! Kyle that feels so good."

I quickly move up and to the end of the bed and with one swift motion I pull his briefs and shorts off tossing them to the side of the room. I lay back on top of him; I can hear him suck in the air as it fills his lungs.

I listen for him to exhale, as he does, I move my arms under him and pulling him close to me. Our chests are touching and our bodies begin to sweat as I hold him tightly. I kiss him softly, keeping the room as quiet as I can. I only want to hear the sounds of our intimacy. I whisper to him.

"Hold onto me Caleb, wrap your arms and legs around me."

He smiles as I roll him over and place him on top of me. I pull him down close and give him another kiss, this one more aggressive than the last one. He begins so kiss down my neck and my chest. Teasing my pecs and slowly sucking on my nipples. He moves from side to side giving each one the same attention. Occasionally he will look up at me and smile as my nipple begins to harden under his flicking tongue. Gently he moves along my chest, kissing my stomach. While he edges down the bed he takes my jeans and slowly pulls them off. I smile at him, giving him permission with my eyes. Again the only sound in the room is that of my jeans hitting the wall as he has thrown them against it. I look at his hot body; it is perfect in my eyes. I can see the head of his cock as the pre cum glistens in the dimly lit room. I watch it bounce with each beat of his heart; it becomes thicker as he begins to remove my briefs. He smiles as he slowly rolls them down along my legs, very teasingly as he takes his time to get me naked. Once he has taken them completely off, he slides his hands along my legs as he brings them back to my cock. Taking my hard cock in his hand and slowly stroking it with his right hand as his left one cups and jiggles my balls.

"Oh fuck, Caleb!"

I move myself up on my elbows and watch him stroke my cock. He works his fingers along the shaft, circling the head with his thumb. Slowly down and with steady pressure on the up stroke. His thumb swirling the head each time. His eyes fixed on my facial expressions. I can hear my breathing as is increases with each of his strokes to my cock. I can hear the sound of my pre cum as he smears it along the line of my cock. He begins to jerk my cock faster and faster. He works and plays with my balls as his pace picks up some friction. I tilt my head back and gasp. I look at him and he smiles back as he pulls his lip in and bites it. He knows that drives me crazy. His thumb pushes against my slit.

"Damn! Caleb you have to stop! Hold on, not yet! Oh fuck!"

I push his hand away and pull him up on top of me. He places his head on my chest as my breathing slows back to normal. I begin to twirl his hair as my fingers trace the hair line at the back of his neck. He moves up closer and kisses me. Our bodies on top of each other chest to chest, cock to cock. He places his legs on the outside of mine and begins to grind his cock into mine. My hands moving along his back as we hump against each other. He takes his hand and wraps it around our cocks pushing them tight together as he jerks them off as one. The room is so peaceful, only a slight moan from his lips and a whimper from mine. I pull him in for a passionate kiss, slow and deep. I smile at him and whisper.

"I want you now Caleb, please. I want to be close to you."

I gently move him to the side and placing my hand on his chest I slowly push him to his back. He smiles as my right hand moves along his side, stopping at his hip. Taking my left hand and using my fingers to lightly caress his skin as I slide down and rest upon his left thigh. The quiet of the room is broken with his gasp. My hands move under his legs and I lift them up and push them apart. I move along the bed and starting from the back of his knee I lick his inner thigh to just next to his balls.

"Oh God Kyle! You are fucking driving me crazy. Just do it already, please!"

I only smile and move to his other leg and lick it in the same manner.

This time I press my tongue against his balls and flick them with it. I begin to swirl my tongue along his ball sack and gently suck each one of his nuts. I suck on his balls and swirl them with my tongue, savoring the taste in my mouth. I push his legs back against his chest and lick under those full heavy balls. His balls are moving up and down as I lick under them, just inches away from his tight hole. He can feel my breath against the ring of his ass. I take my hand and pull his balls up and lick around his pucker. I can feel his hands on my head as he runs his fingers through my hair. As my tongue darts at his closed butt, he lets out a yelp.

"Fuck, damn it eat me. Eat my butt, Kyle!"

I pull his ass cheeks apart and lick up his crack; he is shaking as I do this. He hooks his arms at the back of his knees and pulls his butt up, giving me full access to his sweet spot. I lick around the rim of his tight pink hole, causing it to twitch under my wet tongue. I flick the sensitive edges of his ass and he pushes my face deeper into the crack of his tight butt. I dart my tongue in and out, taking the time to listen to his panting as I eat his jock ass out. He is squirming about under my mouth as I continue my tongue lapping of his most private parts. I take my hand and pull his cock back pointing it to his balls and I lick up his rod sucking the pre cum off of the head as I do. Letting his cock release from my mouth with a pop, he groans and pushes his cock deeper in my mouth. I remove my mouth and flick my tongue along the head of his cock. Working the line just under the head of his cock, he shakes and is sweating as I suck the tender slit. Taking a deep breath I lower my mouth to the base of his cock, my lips wrapped tightly around it. I begin to suck his wet cock, mixing my saliva with his pre cum. Bobbing my head up and down the length of his hard seven inches. His pubes are becoming matted with the wetness of my sucking. The sounds of my mouth working over his cock, the gulping of my throat as I take him deep to the root. His fingers pull my hair as he pulls me off of his twitching cock.

"Kyle you're going to make me shoot. Let me get my breath."

I smile, "Wow we have both had to stop. This is intense, I fucking love it! Will you fuck me Caleb? Fuck me now!"

He moves off the bed. "Is the lube in your bag?"

"Fuck yes, yes it is. I want you so much. I want to feel you inside me."

My words being whispered to him. The room is quiet, all but silent, if not for our heavy breathing. I hear the sound of the lid pop on the lube. I watch him as he pours some on his hand and begins to stroke is cock. He takes a few steps to the bed and holds the bottle up a bit higher and squeezes some lube letting it fall from the air to his bouncing cock. He smears the lube around the head mixing it with his pre cum. He kneels on the bed and smiles, shaking his head causing his hair to move away from his eyes. He pushes it back and gives it a tussle; damn he is driving me crazy with lust.

"Get on your hands and knees, Kyle. I want to fuck you like that. I need my cock in your hot hole."

I tilt my head back and roll over on my stomach and raise myself up on my hands and knees. Arching my back and pushing my ass out to him. Damn, I want him so bad. I want him to fuck me hard and deep. It has been awhile since he has topped me. I feel the coolness of the lube on his fingers as he puts a generous amount on my hole. He smears it around teasing the tightness of my ass. He pushes my legs apart and I can feel him move up behind me. He leans in and kisses the back of my neck and I feel his lubed cock rest in the crack of my butt. His cock slides up and down my crack, teasing my hole. He turns my head so that he can kiss me. Our mouths meet and we hold the kiss and I feel him move away. The head of his cock lined up at its target. My back arches and I gasp as I feel the pressure of him pushing forward. I feel the sensation of him penetrating me. He puts his arm under me and pulling my back close to his chest I can feel his heart as it beats. Grasping my cock firmly as he lunges into my hole.

"FUCK!" I yell, that being the first time we have not spoke in a whisper.

"Oh Caleb."

My arms begin to shake and I feel him push the remaining inches of his cock deep into me. He nibbles on my neck as he waits for me to adjust to his thickness. With his arm still wrapped around my waist and his hand placed on my stomach, I cover his hand with mine. He knows I am ready now. I am ready for him to fuck me. My fingers intertwine with his as I tilt my head back to look into his eyes. There is no need for words. My body can feel what he needs and he can feel what I want. His cock moves in and out of my ass, I gasp each time. I feel so close to him. He moves up and begins to pump into my ass harder and faster. I squirm under him and let out another scream as he hits my prostate. I push back against him letting him get in deeper. He begins to pull out and push back in, just allowing the rim of my hole to begin to close. He shoves it back in and the sensation is intense as his pace speeds up. He pushes up and hits my spot again. He continues to pound against the sensitive knob inside my ass, causing the pre cum to flow in a steady string.

"Fuck, keep going! Caleb! Caleb! Fuck oh fuck!

His hands are on my hips has he pushes faster and faster. He fucks my ass harder and harder. I know what he is trying to do. He wants to fuck the cum out of me, he wants me to cum while he is drilling my ass. He can do it, I am so close. God, he is hitting the right spot and the pressure is so incredible. Oh God, it is amazing. I push back with each of his thrusts. I want him to shoot deep in my ass, as he pounds the juice out of me. As he reaches under me and twists one of my nipples. It is as if he is twisting the cum from my balls. He moves faster and harder, my back is covered in sweat both mine and his. He pushes hard and up on my sweet spot.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Caleb don't stop! Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

My cock jerks and pulsates as the cum shoots out hitting the bed under me.

As Caleb continues to fuck me pushing the second, third and fourth spurts out of my cock. He shifts his position and moves up deeper in me as the fifth and sixth ones spurt. I feel his body tense and his breathing shallows.

"Hold on Kyle, damn oh damn! FUCK!

His load begins to fill my ass. Shots, one, two and three go deep inside me as my seventh and final eighth spurt dribbles from my cock. His cock throbbing in my butt as he continues to dump his seed into me. With each surge of cum he grabs my waist and pulls me onto his cock as shots four through six are released from his balls. I can feel his cock jerking as the last two spurts are emptied into me. Gently we move flat to the bed, with him still inside me, coupled together as one. The room is silent. He moves his arms under me and holds me close. I feel his lips on my ear as he whispers.

"Kyle, will you stay with me tonight? I want you to sleep in my arms."

I turn my face, his eyelashes flutter against my cheek as his nose nuzzles my neck.

"Yes Caleb, my prince, I will."

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