I lay there for a few seconds then hurriedly pulled on my shorts and t-shirt and gingerly made my way downstairs.

Sitting in the living room, drinking a cup of coffee, was my dad.

'Hello,' I said sheepishly.

'Hello,' he replied. I couldn't really gauge his opinion or reaction. 'So...' Again, I couldn't tell what he was feeling.

I gave a deep sigh. I tend to do that when I'm nervous.

'Go upstairs and bring him down.' He paused. 'With his clothes on,' he smiled.

As I made my way upstairs me legs felt like lead. Chris was sitting on the edge of my bed looking as nervous as I felt. 'What did he say?'

'He asked me to come up and bring you down.'

'Oh shit.'


We made our way downstairs. Dad was standing by the fireplace now, his coffee in his right hand.

'Hello Chris,' he said, as we entered the living room.

'Er... Hello Mr Stevens,... sir.'

'Sit down both of you.' He didn't seem to be angry, but I couldn't say what he was feeling. We both sat on the couch, at opposite ends.

'I'm sorry, dad,' I said. 'I'm sorry.'

Then Chris said, 'No, it's my fault.'

'Boys, boys,' my dad said, in a calming voice, 'there's nothing to be sorry about.'

At that point the front door opened and my mum came in. I suppose he had been home long enough - and had heard enough - that he'd had time to call my mum.

'Mum!' I said, shocked.

'I'm sorry Mrs Stevens!' Chris said.

'Chris, it's ok. Why don't you pop off home. I think we all have a lot to talk about.'

Chris looked at me. I gave a weak smile and nodded.

'It's ok, son,' my dad said to him, 'Greg will phone you later on.'

'I'm sorry, sir,' Chris repeated. He got up and went to get his jacket and my mum let him out.

Once he was gone I repeated that I was sorry.

'Greg, Greg, there's nothing to be sorry about,' my dad said. I gave another deep sigh and started picking my nails. I do that a lot when I'm nervous too. 'At least we know all your bits are working,' my dad laughed. I gave a nervous laugh.

'So,' my mum began, 'are you gay, Greg?'

I felt a huge lump in my throat, which I tried to swallow away.

'Yes,' I managed to whisper. I cleared my throat. 'Yes,' I repeated, a bit louder. 'I'm sorry.'

'Greg, stop saying you're sorry, there's nothing to be sorry about,' my dad said. 'We still love you.'

'Oh, of course we do,' my mum added. She then came over to me with her arms out. I got up and she gave me a huge hug. I could feel tears welling in my eyes.

My dad came over and he gave me a hug too and it was then that I started to sob a little. He hugged me tighter and kissed me on the cheek. 'Greg, it's ok,' he said softly in my ear. He then stepped back and held me by the shoulders. 'Greg, it's ok,' he repeated.

I gave another deep sigh and sat in one of the armchairs. My mum sat down on the couch and asked, 'So, how long have you known?'

'Well...' I began, 'I've sort of known for about 6 months, but it wasn't until I met Chris that I was sure.' I added, 'But it wasn't his fault!'

'It's nobody's fault,' my dad said. He was doing a very good job at calming me down.

'He didn't make me do anything I didn't want to!' I said.

'Well, I think I know that!' my dad said, laughing. 'You seemed to give as good as you got.'

'Dad!' I said, a little embarrassed.

'Does his mum know?' my mum asked.

'No, I don't think so.'

'Ok, that's ok,' she said.

'You're not angry?' I asked. 'Not disappointed?'

'Oh Greg,' my mum said, 'it doesn't work like that. We just want you to be happy and healthy.'


'Listen, son,' my dad said, 'as long as you're happy, that's the main thing.'

'But you're not disappointed?'

'What is there to be disappointed with?' my mum asked. 'We've got a handsome, intelligent, kind and decent son. Who you are attracted to doesn't enter into it. There's nothing wrong with being gay and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.'

'It's ok to be gay,' my dad chuckled.

I gave another deep sigh, but this time I didn't feel so bad. 'Thank you.'

'Greg, you're our son, we love you, you don't have to thank us for anything,' my mum said. I smiled. It was then that I became aware of how hard my heart had been beating - it was practically jumping out of my chest.

'Now go and phone that lad,' my dad said, 'and tell him he is just as welcome here as he always was. He's a good lad.'

'Thanks dad,' I said as I went over to give him a hug. I then hugged my mum and ran upstairs.

Even before the first ring had finished Chris had answered the phone. He must've been sitting there with the phone in his hand. 'So? How did it go?'

'Great!' I said. 'They're totally ok with it and they said they still love me and that you're welcome to come here whenever you want.'

'Wow, that's good! I was really worried. I thought... you know...' he said in a gentle voice.

'Thanks.' I was now smiling. 'I'm gonna go. I'll speak to you later, ok?'

'Ok. Bye.'


As soon as I hung up I started crying. There was no particular reason, but the mix of emotions that was running through my head was too much. After a minute or two I heard a knock at my door. 'Greg?' my mum asked softly, 'are you ok?'

I opened the door and she came in.

'What are you crying for? Is everything ok?'

'Yes, it's ok. I'm just...' I paused. 'I don't know. I'm just relieved.'

She hugged me. 'It's ok, Greg, it's ok,' she said, rubbing tears away from my cheeks.

'Thanks,' I said, smiling.

'Well, I think on Saturday we'll need to go out and buy you a bigger bed, don't you?'

I was shocked. This was completely out of the blue.

'Oh...' I said.

'Well, we would've needed to get you a new one eventually anyway. It makes no difference that it's a boy you'll be sharing it with.'

I hugged her. I'd heard so many stories of people being thrown out on the street, or being beaten up, and my parents really didn't seem to have a problem with it.

She squeezed my knee. 'I'd better be going. I just said I had to pop home because I forgot to lock the door. Your dad was only home to get something from his other suit. I'll tell him it's safe for him to come up and get it now,' she said, with a smile on her face. 'Bye, love,' she said.

'Bye, mum.'

The next day at school seemed to really drag by until Period 6 when Chris and I met in the library. Usually when I got to the library Chris was waiting for me, but today he wasn't there. He still wasn't there after 5 minutes and I was beginning to worry. My overactive imagination told me he was going to dump me because my parents had found out, or that he was embarrassed to be seen with me, or...

He showed up 10 minutes late. He scanned the room, looking for Miss Nicoll, and seeing she wasn't there he gave me a warm kiss on the lips. 'Sorry I'm late. I was talking to Miss Brown.'

'I thought you were never coming!' I said, relieved.

'No chance. So, tell me how it went.'

I told him everything that had happened the day before, including the cry after I'd spoken to him on the phone.

'And guess what!' I said.


'My mum said they're going to buy me a new bed!'

'No shit, really?!'

'Yeah! I didn't know what to say. She said they would've got me a new one anyway, and that it didn't matter if I was sharing it with a boy.'

'Jesus. Won't that be... a wee bit embarrassing? You know, your parents in the next room?'

'I'm not sure how I'm even going to bring up the subject of you coming over. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.'

Chris squeezed my knee and kissed me again. Then a dark look crossed his face. 'I don't know when... IF I can tell my mum,' he said, downhearted.

'You don't have to tell her, at least not until you're ready. And you know that if you do tell her, I'm here for you.' He smiled, although he wasn't really happy. 'Just because my parents know, don't feel like you have to tell your mum. My parents won't say anything - they don't even know your mum.'

He reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze. 'Thanks,' he said. The smile this time was warmer. He then leant over and gave me a good, proper kiss.

Just then we heard the door handle turning. It was most likely Miss Nicoll. There was no chance of anyone seeing us, since we were behind several rows of bookshelves, so I gave his cock a quick squeeze. 'Time up,' I whispered.

'Hi boys,' Miss Nicoll called out.

'Hi Miss,' we answered in unison.

'How's it going today?' she asked as she approached her desk at the front.

Gathering up our sheets, I said, 'We've just finished. We didn't have too much to do today.' We went forward to the desk and handed her the key she'd left me, just in case I had to leave early. 'See you on Thursday, Miss.'

'See you, boys.'

On Friday evening when my parents got home, my dad said, 'Come on, let's go up and measure your room.'

'What for?' I asked.

'Well, tomorrow we'll be going to get you that new bed, and maybe we can see what else we can get for you. Maybe update it a wee bit.'

'Really? Thanks dad!'

After measuring the bedroom dad made a few notes on a piece of paper and said, 'All set. We just need to find something you like.'

The next day we all headed for a huge furniture shop that was in the same complex as the cinema Chris and I had been to for Midnight's Kiss. We spent a while looking around until I found a double bed that I really liked.

'That's a nice one,' my mum agreed.

At that point a sales assistant came over and asked if he could help.

'Well, we'd like this one,' my dad said, 'but does it come in a bigger size?'

'Bigger?' I asked.

'Well, you're two strapping lads, you'll need room!' I couldn't help but blush.

'Yes sir,' the salesman said, poker faced. 'This one is 140 x 200, but there's also 200 x 200.'

'Then we'll take that,' my dad said. 'Now, could you point me in the direction of some bedroom furniture. We'll be looking for a chest of drawers, and maybe a new wardrobe.'

This was more than I had expected. I thought maybe he'd get me a bigger computer desk or something. To be honest, I didn't think I needed anything new, but I wasn't going to complain. And I figured this would be an early Christmas present. After spending another 20 or 30 minutes looking around, we'd chosen a new wardrobe and some drawers to go with it, and they all went with the new bed. We were told they'd be delivered on Monday.

'That's fine,' my dad said, once he'd handed over his credit card. 'We can get Chris to come over and help put them all up. Do you think he'd mind?'

'Er... no,' I replied. Suddenly I had the coolest dad in the world.

On the ride back home I texted Chris to fill him on our day's shopping, and I mentioned him helping put everything together.

'Excellent!' was his one word reply.

Finally Monday came and I was a bit nervous. This would be the first time my parents had met Chris since they'd found out I was gay, and I wasn't sure how they'd react or treat him. We met as usual as if we were going home for our regular Monday fuck, but I told him that my dad would be there as everything was going to be delivered that afternoon.

'That's ok,' he said. 'We'll have plenty of time for fun next week, won't we?'

'I fucking hope so!' I laughed.

We walked home in the bitterly cold December weather and saw the furniture van outside our house. 'Just in time boys,' my dad called out when he saw us coming. 'They've unloaded it all but we'll have to move all your old stuff out before we can put the new stuff in.'

Between the three of us it didn't take us long to swap the old for the new, and once it was all in my room looked great. There was a little less room to manoeuvre but that hardly seemed to matter. My wardrobe was bigger and I had more drawers for all my stuff.

'I thought,' my dad said, 'that maybe you could leave one of the drawers empty...' His voice trailed off as he nodded in Chris's direction, giving a wink. Then looking at Chris he said, 'Listen Chris, Helen and I want you to feel comfortable here. Our son is gay and we are ok with that. And we are ok with you coming around and staying the night, or staying the weekend if your mum will let you.'

'Aw, sir, you're the coolest!'

'Hey!' my dad said in a stern voice. 'It's Joe. No 'sir', no 'Mr Stevens'. It's Joe, ok?'

'Yeah. Thanks Joe.'

'Now, let's get this tidied up before your mum comes home. She said she's going to buy new bedding on the way home from work.'

'I should probably be going now,' Chris said. 'On Mondays we go to my gran's for tea. Family tradition.'

'Ok, then.' He paused. 'Er... I'll give you two some privacy...' he smiled, leaving the room.

'Thanks for this,' I said, planting a big kiss on his lips. 'It would've taken us ages to get it done.'

'No problem... I just hope we can get to test it out soon!'

'Oh I don't think that'll be a problem.' I then patted him on the bum twice before saying, 'Now be off with you.'

I walked him downstairs, and once he'd gone I thanked my dad for buying me the bed and new furniture.

'That's ok, Greg. You probably should've had a new bed a year or two ago, you're a big lad now.' Then he smiled. 'I just hope it's not too long before... you know...' he said, winking.

A huge grin spread across my face. 'We'll see.'

The rest of the week went by in a blur, although we made full use of our Tuesday and Thursday appointments in the library. We even helped Miss Nicoll put up some Christmas decorations in the library after one of our snogging sessions, and it was at that point I started to really feel in the festive spirit. But it also got me wondering what I could get Chris for a present...

On Friday at lunchtime, Chris approached me in the school dining hall. 'Hey,' he said casually, noting who was around us.

'Hey. What's up? You want to go to the library for a bit for some more work?' I asked, trying to sound as disinterested as possible.

'No, I'm sick of all that shit. But I've got a favour to ask.' Oh, this was different, publicly asking me for a favour. 'Could we meet after school? I've got something to ask you.'

'Yeah, whatever,' I replied. 'School gate, 3:30?'

'Yeah, fine.'

As he walked off I tried not to follow him with my eyes, but I needed just a quick look. Hands in pockets, his head slightly hunched down, God he was sexy. I had no idea what he wanted, however. I ran through things in my head - to meet up tonight... unlikely, to meet tomorrow... why would he want to discuss it now?, cancel our 'tutoring' sessions... oh I hoped not! I couldn't think of anything he could want to discuss.

Finally the end of school bell rang and I made my way to the school gate. There he was, leaning against the wall, smoking (of course). 'Let's walk,' he said. He seemed worried. He smoked his cigarette quicker than usual, and fumbled for the zip on his biker jacket.

'What's up?' I asked, when there seemed to be nobody around.

He sighed. This didn't bode well.

'Is everything ok? Is something wrong?'

He sighed again. 'I don't know. I have a favour.'

'Yeah, you already said that. What is it?'

'Could you come home with me?' He had never specifically asked me to go home with him. Whenever we fucked it was taken as read that we would go to either his place or mine. Something was most definitely up.

'Of course. What's wrong? What is it?' I asked, the concern evident in my voice.

He turned a gave a weak smile. 'I've decided.'

'Decided what?'

'I've decided to tell my mum I'm gay.'

I stopped walking. 'Oh.' This WAS serious. 'Are you sure?'

'Of course I'm sure I'm gay!' he answered with a cheeky smile.

'Not THAT! Are you sure you want to tell your mum?'

We continued walking. 'I don't know if I want to, but I have to.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well...' He paused. 'If I ever want to spend the night with you... I don't see how I can do it without letting her know.'

'I'm sure we could think up something. You really don't have to, you know.'

'Oh I know, but...' He tutted. 'I think I should. I do sort of want to tell her, but... I don't. You know?'

'Yeah, trust me, I know.'

As we approached his house I noticed we were slowing down.

'Are you sure you want me there? Don't you want to do it in private? Maybe seeing me there will just make it worse for your mum.'

'I've thought about that, but... I want you there.' As we approached his front door we could see lights on in the living room. 'Oh, she's home already. I'd sort of hoped to get home before her.' He sighed.

'You don't have to do it today, you know,' I said, hoping it sounded encouraging. 'You can do it whenever you want. My bed is going to be there for a long time!'

He turned and smiled. 'Thanks.' He sighed again. 'No, I want to get it out now. Come on, let's go.'

He turned his key in the door and we went in.

'Hi mum,' he said in a rather flat voice, 'I'm home.'

'Hi Chris,' she called through from the kitchen. 'Oh, hi Greg,' she said with genuine affection when she saw me. I had a feeling that affection might go when she heard what Chris had to say. She saw Chris's face and sensed something was wrong. 'What is it, Chris? What's wrong? Did something happen at school?'

I sat down on the couch.

'No, er... nothing at school.' He sighed. 'I want to say something.'

'Oh, this sounds serious,' she said, worried. 'Let's sit down.'

'Er... It's easier if I stand.' His voice sounded rather weak. My heart went out to him. I was happy telling my parents this news had been taken out of my hands.

'Ok,' she said slowly, obviously concerned about what he was going to say. 'Is there something wrong? Are you in some kind of trouble?'

'No, it's nothing like that, no trouble.'

'Ok, then what's wrong?'

He sighed and brought his left hand up to his forehead, rubbing his temples.

She looked at him quizzically and sat down on one of the armchairs. 'Chris, whatever it is, you can tell me.' She looked over at me, as if to ask what was going on. I could only give a weak smile and look back at Chris. I wanted to jump and go over and hold him, stroke his hand, tell him it would be ok. But I had to sit there and watch, seeing him try to find the words to tell his mother that her only child was gay. My heart was racing, but I couldn't say anything. Chris had to tell her.

'Well,' he said, sighing again. 'You see...' He paused again.

His mother started to smile, trying to encourage him. 'Chris, it's ok. Whatever it is, it's ok. You can tell me whatever you want. If it's a problem, we can deal with it, if you need help, we can get it, whatever it is you feel you need to tell me, you can.'

I could hear him swallowing, trying to find the words. His mum stood up and went over to him. She took his hand and rubbed it gently, smiling.

'Mum,' he said, 'I'm...' He cleared his throat. 'I'm gay.'

His mum didn't say anything, she just kept rubbing his hand, then she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

'I thought as much,' she said in a quiet voice.

She took his head in her hands and I saw her moving her thumbs across his cheeks, so I guessed her had tears in his eyes. I could hear him sniffing. She stood back and smiled.

'What do you mean?' he asked.

She stood back and looked over to me, smiling warmly. 'Sit down,' she said to Chris. He came and sat beside me. 'Ever since Greg came over that day back in October, all you talk about is Greg said this, Greg said that, Greg did this, Greg did that.'

'Oh,' he said, surprised.

'I didn't think too much about it, but then a few weeks ago the school phoned me to ask how you were getting on with Greg helping you with your schoolwork and I knew something was up. Clearly neither of you needs help with anything, and so I put two and two together.'

'So you've known all this time?'

'Well, I wouldn't say I knew, but I suspected.'

'And you didn't say anything?'

'I thought you'd tell me when you were ready. Or maybe you wouldn't tell me. I didn't know. But let's say it's not as much of a shock as you thought it would be.'

'And you don't mind?' he asked, genuinely surprised.

'Well, I mind more that you smoke!' she laughed. 'But no, I don't mind.'

'Oh.' He seemed puzzled. 'Can you tell that we're gay?'

'No, Chris, it's nothing like that. If I saw either of you on the street I would never in a million years think you were gay, and I know quite a few! So, no.'

'Oh.' He sounded relieved. His act at school was safe, nobody would suspect he was gay, or that we were together. That also took a load off my mind. School is still not a place you want people to know that you're gay, there are enough problems as it is. 'Oh,' he said again, his brain clearly processing all the information.

'I can see how happy you are,' she started. 'In these six years at St Francis you've never mentioned one person in your class, never had a friend over, never gone out to a party with anyone, not a sausage. You're like a whole new person. Happier.'

He paused for a moment then looked at me. 'Yeah,' he said. 'I am.'

'So what's the problem? My son is happier, he has a friend, and I suspect that friend is happier too,' she said, looking at me.

My cheeks flushed. 'Yes,' I said. 'I am.'

'Hm.' Chris said. 'Then I have a request.'

His mum smiled. 'Yes?' she asked, drawing the word out.

'Would it be ok... Would it be ok if I spent tomorrow night at Greg's house?'

She looked at us both and thought about it. 'If it's not a problem with his parents, then that's fine with me.'

'Really?' he said. I could hear the excitement in his voice.

She chuckled. 'Really.'

'And I was also thinking...' he paused, and he had a grin forming on his face. 'I thought maybe you could invite Jack over to spend the night.'

She looked shocked. 'Jack?'

'Mum!' he said, arching an eyebrow.

She moistened her lips and smiled, and bowed her head a little. Then looking at him she said, 'Yes, I think that would be very nice.' They were both now smiling.

'Er... I think I should be going now,' I said.

'I'm making spaghetti Bolognese,' his mum said, 'you're welcome to stay, Greg.'

'No, it's ok, Mrs Adler. Maybe you want to spend a bit of time with Chris.'

'That's very considerate of you.' She went off to the kitchen leaving us alone.

'That wasn't so bad, was it?' I asked.

He exhaled. 'No, not bad at all!' He then kissed me on the lips, a long, tender kiss. 'Oh... I didn't think to ask if it would be ok for me to stay tomorrow!' he said, a little embarrassed.

'I think I can handle it. What time do you want to come over? Three-ish?'

'Yeah, I think that would be great.'

I kissed him back. 'See you tomorrow.'

I made my way home, walking on air. I couldn't believe that tomorrow I'd be spending the night with Chris. It hadn't even occurred to me how awkward things might be, I was just ecstatic to have my boyfriend stay the night.

'Hi mum, I'm back,' I called out when I got home.

'Oh, you're in a good mood today!' she replied, 'What's happened?'

I told her about Chris and his mum and I asked if he could stay over on Saturday night. She agreed and I went upstairs to change. When I came back down my dad was home. He was in the kitchen standing behind my mum who was at the cooker, giving her bum a squeeze.

'Hm-hm!' I said, entering the kitchen.

'Well, I hear we have a guest tomorrow night. That'll be nice. Need to buy some earplugs.'

Oh my God! I was so embarrassed my eyes almost popped out of my head

'Joe!' my mum said, 'Leave the poor boy alone. But make them big ones.'

'Mum!' I said, mortified.

'Oh we're just teasing, Greg. No more jokes, I promise.' Then looking at my dad, she said, 'What about those things workmen put over their ears when they dig up the road?'

I shook my head and left. I heard my mum give a little squeal - I guess my dad had just pinched her bum again.

The next morning at breakfast my mum asked what time Chris would be coming over.

'About three, I think, why?'

'No reason. I just need to figure out what to get for tea. Maybe he wouldn't mind a takeaway? We could get Chinese or an Indian.'

'Oh that would be great.' Then I thought about it. Spicy food made me fart. Not the best option for our first night together, I didn't want to blow the quilt off the bed! 'Maybe Chinese. We haven't had one for ages.'

'Ok, Chinese it'll be. When Chris comes have a look at the menu on the net and let him decide what he wants. You can text us your order and we'll pick it up on the way home.'

'Oh, where are you going?'

'Er... Your gran's.' That didn't sound very convincing. 'She wants help to put up her tree and hang some of the decorations.' Let's say I believed her, although I knew she and my dad just wanted to give us some time together.


After breakfast I went upstairs to tidy my room. It wasn't all that untidy, but I just had to do something to keep my mind occupied. I couldn't believe he was coming over to spend the night. I felt a little like a child on Christmas Eve, waiting until it's time to go to bed so that Santa could come. The tidying took all of half an hour, and so I then kept myself busy looking on the net for ideas for Christmas presents. My mum and dad were easy - books and films - but for Chris... I had no idea. I went to Amazon, Argos, HMV, Waterstones, Play... Nothing. This was hopeless. Finally I gave up and started watching clips on YouTube and FunnyOrDie.

The rest of the morning and the first part of the afternoon really seemed to drag by. After lunch I went back upstairs and continued my quest to find something that was actually funny on YouTube. I heard the doorbell downstairs at about 2:30 and didn't give it much thought.

5 minutes later Chris burst into my room. 'Ha! Caught you looking at porn!' I was taken aback but a smile quickly spread across my face. He dumped his backpack on my bed and came over and gave me a lovely, soft kiss.

'God, I was SO bored today,' I said. 'I didn't know what to do with myself. I was just waiting and waiting.'

'Me too. That's why I came over early. Hope you don't mind.'

I reached down his trousers and gave his cock and balls a good feel. 'Don't mind one bit!'

From downstairs my mum called up, 'We're off out now boys. We're going to your gran's then we'll go to Tesco. Remember to have a look at the menu and text us what you want.'

'Ok mum,' I called down. 'See you later. Give my love to gran.'

And then the door shut.

We just stood there, looking at each other, neither saying a word. I saw the corners of Chris's mouth start to curl up and a broad smile etched its way across his face.

'So...' he said.

'So...' I replied.

Then his lips were on mine and his hands were fumbling with the button and zip on my jeans. I had unhooked his t-shirt from his jeans and my hands were now reaching up his chest and around his back. I brought them back around to the front and soon his jeans were lying on a heap on the floor.

'No boots today,' he said as he stepped out of his jeans and kicked off his trainers. 'They take up too much time,' he winked. And then we were kissing again. The kiss started off playfully, the tips of our tongues lightly caressing each other, advancing and retreating, teasing. As more clothes came off the more serious the kiss got, and soon I was holding Chris's face in my hands as our tongues licked and probed, swirling around each other's mouths.

Chris broke off the kiss and started to kiss my neck, nibbling my ear, then he started kissing down my neck again, down to my chest where he playfully tweaked my nipples. Soon he was kneeling, my fully erect cock dancing in front of his face. I took it in my hand and brushed it across his face, then let go, allowing him to take charge. He took the head in his mouth, his tongue dancing around, sucking gently. He then took a bit more, and I could feel him rolling my balls around in his hand before giving them a playful tug. Soon he was taking most of my thick, hard cock in his mouth, his head bobbing up and down, his nostrils flaring. He took my cock out of his mouth and pumped it a few times before licking and kissing the head. He pushed my foreskin up, covering the head, then slipped his tongue between the foreskin and my cockhead. Pulling the foreskin back down he took my cock all the way, pausing when his face was buried in my pubes.

'Oh God!' I cried out.

I held him by the head and pulled him up into an intense kiss.

After we had been kissing for a minute or two I broke it off and asked, 'Do you mind if we...' I paused.


'Do you mind if we just fool around a bit? I want tonight to be a bit... I dunno. Special.' I smiled. 'I bought some soft glow bulbs for my lamps. To make it a little bit... romantic.' I felt almost embarrassed saying the word.

'Of course I don't mind.' He had a warm smile on his face.

'You sure you don't mind? I know it's silly, but...'

He kissed me on the lips. 'No. I don't mind. We don't always have to fuck, you know.'

'I know, but...'

He kissed me again, I think to shut me up. 'You're funny. I like that about you. And I like this too,' he said, grabbing my still rock hard prick. He started to pump up and down. Even after all these weeks, having someone else work my cock still produced a variety of sensations I wasn't used to.

I backed towards the bed, Chris still holding my cock, and lay down.

'Mmm,' I sighed. I straightened up in the bed and watched Chris pump away before he positioned himself between my legs and started to lick my cockhead. 'Mmm!' I said a bit louder. As he deepthroated my cock he cupped my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze before letting his other hand explore my chest. When he found my nipple his other hand reached up searching out my other nipple, and all the while his head was bobbing up and down on my dick, sucking for all he was worth. I brought my hands down and held his head in place while I started to fuck his face. 'Fuck,' I said, involuntarily.

I saw him reach down and start to stroke his own prick, standing proud from his body.

'Move around,' I said a little hoarsely, before clearing my throat.

He took his head from my cock and moved so that we were now lying beside each other, his dick waving in front of my face. Without saying a word he resumed his sucking action on my cock. I took his nine inch cock and licked the head and then immediately took him all the way.

He gave a low moan of pleasure and when I moved my head up and really started to suck his prick he took my cock out of his mouth and said, 'Oh fuck yeah!' I went back up and down on his cock before taking it all the way, burying my face in his pubes. 'Oh yeah, oh shit!' he cried out.

I felt him holding my prick and give gentle licks all the way down and then back up again, then he started to lick my balls and take one, then the other, in his mouth. With his cock buried in my mouth I could only moan with pleasure. I started to rub my own chest, caressing and tweaking my sensitive nipples. I've no idea why God gave men nipples, but he did, and BOY did I love the sensations they produce.

I started to caress his leg, gently at first, then with more vigour as I reached for his arse which I playfully slapped before letting my finger go in search of his hole. He realised what I was doing and soon I felt a visitor to my own bum. Without lube there was a bit of resistance getting my middle finger through his sphincter, but once it was there I began prodding his hole in time with my sucking. Chris took his time before he introduced his finger to my anus, but once he did I let out a loud moan of pleasure.

After a few minutes of this, I took his cock out of my mouth and concentrated only on fingering his arse. The low moans he was producing told me he didn't mind this change of action. My finger went quickly in and out several times before I introduced another digit.

'Ohhhh!' Chris moaned, all the while sucking my cock with fury.

After a minute or so of this I went back to sucking his cock, but kept both of my fingers in his arse. Suddenly he raised his head of my cock and said, 'I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum.' A few seconds later, hot jets were blasting the back of my throat. 'Oh shit! Oh shit!' he said, with each spurt of cum. His head was soon back on my cock, however, sucking with greater intensity as his finger invaded my arse, again and again, deeper and deeper.

I felt another finger breaking through my hole and I felt his fingers twisting around, searching, prodding and hitting that spot. I was breathing deeply and moaning with pleasure as Chris sucked and fingered me. Without warning I started to cum.

'Oh fuck!' I cried out. 'Fuck! Yeah! Oh yeah!'

When the last blast of cum had shot out, Chris quickly moved around in the bed and came up to kiss me, the taste of my cum still in his mouth.

'Mm!' I smiled. 'Sorry about that. It just came from nowhere.'

'No problem at all,' he grinned, before kissing me again.

We lay like that for a few minutes, side by side, our legs intertwined as we kissed. Finally I broke it off and said, 'I feel like all my Christmases and birthdays have come at once. I can't believe you don't have to rush off.'

'I could do, for old times' sake,' he said, pulling his body away from mine.

'Don't you fucking dare!' I shot back, a huge smile across my face. He made another pathetic attempt to push me away but I only pulled him closer. 'You're not going anywhere, Chris Adler, at least not for the next 24 hours!'

A look of mock sadness crossed his face. 'Oh shit, 24 hours with you. I'll go out of my mind.'

'I fully intend to try!' I grinned back at him. We lay like that for a while, my head on his shoulder, my arm draped across his chest, and my left foot gently rubbing up and down his.

He raised his head and kissed me on the nose.

'What was that for?' I asked.

'Just because.' He paused. 'I like this. Just being together.'

'Mm,' I agreed.

As we lay there, I became aware of his breathing, and the rise and fall of his chest. It was hypnotic, and I realised that if we didn't get up and do something I was likely to fall asleep in his arms.

'Come on,' I said, 'let's go for a walk.'

'Do we have to?' he said in a mock whine.

'If we don't I'm going to fall asleep here in your arms. Nice as it is, I don't want to waste this time.'

'Ok,' he agreed.

Once we'd got dressed he put his things in the drawer I'd left empty for him, put his toothbrush in the bathroom, and we went downstairs. 'God you look good in that,' I said when he'd put on his biker jacket.

He smiled. 'You really do, don't you? You've made enough comments about it.'

'I know. I can't help it. I've always liked guys in leather jackets. Especially biker jackets. Justin Timberlake loots hot. Orlando Bloom. Wolverine. Even John Travolta in Grease...'

'And John Travolta in Wild Hogs?'

I laughed. 'Ok, maybe not.'

Our walk took us around the neighbourhood, past our church and my primary school, and past some shops. That's when I remembered. 'Shit!' I said, all of a sudden.

'What is it?'

'I'm meant to text mum to tell her what you want. We're having Chinese tonight and I was supposed to show you the menu.'

'Oh that's easy, I always have the same - satay chicken and fried rice.'

I typed out the text and a minute or so late my mum had replied and said they'd be home in about 45 minutes.

We continued our walk, and went through the cemetery where we sat on a bench and looked out at the view over the river.

'I've never been up here,' Chris said, looking around. 'Seems a shame to waste that view on them, don't you think?'

'Yeah,' I laughed. 'I like it here. You can often see bunnies scampering around.'

He took out his cigarettes and put one to his mouth. He took it back out again. 'Why do you do that?'

'Do what?'

'Look at me like that when I smoke.'



'I think you're so fucking sexy when you smoke. I love watching the way you do it.'

He laughed. He put the cigarette towards his lips then put it back down again. 'I can't do it when you watch!'

'Then just pretend I'm not watching.' As he put it in his mouth and lit again, I said, 'Remember that first time I spoke to you in the bike sheds?'

'Yes?' he said, exhaling.

'You lit up then and I just stood and watched.'

'Yeah,' he said, 'I think I remember that.'

'That night in bed I must've shot 3 metres in the air!' He turned to look at me and shook his head, a wide smile on his face. Making sure there was no-one around I put my hand on his thigh. 'I don't think you realise just how good looking you are.'

'Oh stop!'

'No, seriously. I always thought you were good looking. Now you're fucking sexy.'

He was blushing slightly.

'And you're MINE!' I said, then gave a devilish laugh.

He shook his head again. Once he'd finished his cigarette we made our way home. Not long after we got home mum and dad arrived.

'Grub's up, boys,' my dad called as he came through into the living room.

Over tea we talked about this and that, what was on TV, films on at the cinema and school.

'The Bourne Identity's on TV tonight,' my dad said.

'Oh, that's a great film,' Greg said. 'I've seen it a million times, but it always gets me when suddenly that guy comes through the window in his flat in Paris.'

Once we'd finished tea we went through to the living room where both my dad and Greg had a cigarette. This time he was eyeing me up as he lit his cigarette, watching me watching him. He shook his head with a broad smile on his face. We watched some stupid sitcom on BBC1 followed by Top Gear and the Real Hustle on BBC3 and then at 8, just before the film started, my mum said she was going to bed to read, as it wasn't her kind of film.

'Night boys, see you in the morning.'

'See you in the morning, Mrs Stevens.'

My dad got up and asked, 'Do you boys want a beer?' I'd never drunk alcohol with my dad before. I didn't know what to say. Chris replied for me. 'Do you want a glass or is the bottle ok?'

'The bottle's fine,' I managed to say.

Coming back into the living room with the beers, and noticing we were sitting at either end of the couch, he said, 'You know, you can sit closer if you like.'

'Er... No, it's ok,' I said. I thought it might feel to awkward. We would take it slowly.

'Ok, that's fine,' he said, handing us the beers. 'Cheers!'

Halfway through the film, and a couple of beers later, my dad was really starting to yawn, so he excused himself and told us to enjoy the rest of the film. Once he was gone Chris moved up the couch beside me. 'That's better,' he said, running his hand up my thigh. We watched the rest of the film side by side.

'I quite like Matt Damon in that,' I said once it had finished.

'Like him-like him, or just... like him?' he teased.

'Well, let's say I wouldn't kick him out of bed.'

'What about if I was in the bed, who would you kick out?' he said, looking at me suspiciously.

'Yeah, so..., I think we should be going up now, don't you?' I laughed. He leaned over and kissed me. I turned the TV off and stood up.

Chris also stood up and put his arms around my waist. He kissed me gently on the lips before asking, 'So, who else do you like?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, apart from Matt Damon and Justin Timberlake,' he tutted at the name, 'who else is my competition?'

I laid my arms around his neck and leant back a little. 'Well, let's see... There's Gethin Jones, he's quite hot. And that Alex from the Real Hustle.' I paused. 'He also wears a biker jacket sometimes,' I smiled. Chris rolled his eyes. 'And there are two...'

'Two what?'

'Er... two 'actors', let's call them.'

A grin appeared across his face. 'Mm-hm?'

'Maybe it's easier if I show you.'

Upstairs I suggested we get changed and ready for bed and when I got back from the bathroom Chris was in his shorts and t-shirt.

'Hm, I remember those shorts from the first time I came to your house.'

'Do you remember what's inside them?'

'You might need to remind me...'

While Chris went to the bathroom I turned on my two bedside lamps and turned off the ceiling light, then sat down and started up my computer, and just when it had finished loading he was back. He looked up at the ceiling light, then to the lamps, and smiled. I clicked on Greg -> Videos -> Documentaries.

'Documentaries?!' he asked.

'You think I should just label the folder PORN?'

'Ok, you have a point.'

Within seconds, Jesse Santana was sitting on a bed beside some equally handsome guy.

'I quite like him,' I said, pointing at Jesse.

'Oh yeah, I like him too. I like his pierced nipples.' Chris was now standing behind me, and I felt his hands on my shoulders, rubbing them slowly.

'He really seems to get into it, doesn't he?'

'Yeah, especially when he bottoms,' Chris replied. 'In the newer ones he has his ears pierced and gauaged. Also kinda hot.'

I turned up the volume a little so we could hear what was going on. 'The dialogue is so important, I find!' I said sarcastically. The video moved from Jesse and the other guy kissing to the underwear coming off and finally Jesse going down on the other guy. As the action got hotter, Chris's hands worked harder on my shoulders, almost like a massage. Then he bent down slightly and started kissing the back of my neck. His hands moved down my t-shirt and then he started to rub my stomach, gently, tenderly. Soon on the video Jesse was being given head by the other guy and Chris slipped his hands down my shorts to find my cock hardening.

'He's got a big one, doesn't he?' Chris said softly in my ear.

'Mmm,' was all I could reply. Chris was now pumping my cock slowly as he kissed the back and side of my neck. 'Prefer yours, though. Probably the same size, maybe a bit bigger. And it's real.'

Chris nibbled my earlobes gently and pumped a little harder on my cock. I leant my head back so he could kiss me and I was rewarded with a soft kiss, followed by a longer, full on snog. I got up out of my seat and pulled my t-shirt off then put my hands under Chris's t-shirt and moved it up his chest. He threw it on the floor beside mine and we went back to our kiss.

From the monitor there were the low sounds of Jesse being fucked and enjoying it. We both looked at the screen and then I slipped my hand in Chris's shorts and took his rock hard dick in my hand and started pumping. 'Much prefer yours,' I whispered. He moved my shorts a little down my legs and I wiggled my bum to make them fall to the floor. While I continued to pump his dick he moved his shorts down and kicked them over to where mine were before taking my face and giving me a good hard kiss.

'I should probably turn this off,' I said, turning round to the computer. As I leant down over the desk he came up behind me and started to rub his cock across my bum cheeks. He then placed his dick in the crack and started to gently move it up and down. Although the computer was now off I stayed leaning over the desk, Chris continuing to move his dick up and down the crack of my bum. I straightened up and turned my head to kiss him, our tongues connecting as his dick finally penetrated my anus.

'Mm,' he said, once I broke off the kiss.

He slowly worked his cock in and out of my arse while his hands explored my chest. I turned my neck to kiss him again and I ran my arms down his. I took his right hand and placed it on my rock hard cock and he started to pump away again.

'Oh yeah,' I said in a low voice. I lifted one leg and placed it on my swivel chair, intending to give him more room to move, however it slid across the floor, and Chris's cock slid out of my arse. I laughed.

'Come on,' he said, taking my hand and leading me towards the bed. We both got in under the covers and I kicked the quilt down to the bottom of the bed. Although the central heating was now off, my room was still warm enough for us to lay there naked. We faced each other, smiling then I leaned across and kissed him, my tongue searching for his. As we kissed our hands explored each other's bodies, first searching out our sensitive nipples then I let my arm explore his back, pulling him closer to me. I rolled Chris onto his back and moved on top of him, grinding my cock into his crotch. We continued like this for a while, our hot bodies rubbing against each other, our cocks duelling as our tongues danced around our mouths.

I reached over to my new bedside cabinet and took out the lube and smeared some on his dick and around my hole. I then turned over so that I was now lying back against Chris and moved my bum down until I could feel his cockhead at my arse. Without using my hands I managed to line up his dick with my hole... and then it was through.

'Mmm,' I moaned. I loved the feeling of his cock breaking through my sphincter - the pressure, then the pleasure. I was in charge now and I moved myself up and down Chris's body, his 9 inch stiff cock massaging all the right places. I gave a deep sigh and almost immediately he let out a quiet moan of pleasure. With my arms for support I raised myself slightly off Chris's body and was now able to move more freely, allowing more of his cock to invade my hole. I felt Chris kissing my neck, and then I felt his arms reach around and start to caress my chest, running up and down, his fingers gently rubbing my nipples before moving down. He moaned again and then started raise his hips so he was now fucking my hole.

'Oh yeah,' I whispered, 'oh fuck yeah.' As his cock reached up I moved my arse down so that the entire length of his shaft was buried deep within me. I was now beginning to breathe harder as the pleasure intensified.

After a few minutes of this I raised myself up and repositioned myself so I was now facing him while I straddled him. With my right hand for help, I guided his dick back into my hungry anus, and soon I was going up and down on his dick. I bent down to kiss him and steadied myself on his chest, my thumbs brushing over his nipples. I raised my arse up so he was now able to fuck me from below and while our kiss continued my eager hole was receiving the attention it demanded. His thrusts were getting more powerful and the action was getting quicker. I knew that soon he would be unloading himself within me so I suggested we swap positions so I was on my back while he fucked me. This is how I liked it best. I could see his sexy face and I could feel the power and desire in each of his thrusts.

Soon he was slamming my arse like a piston, him grunting with each thrust as I moaned in ecstasy. I held onto the underside of my thighs giving him as much room to fuck my hole as I could and I was rewarded with the attention my prostate was receiving.

'Oh fuck,' he called out, 'oh fuck.'

I knew what was coming. He leant down to kiss me and then almost immediately he started to fire his cum up my arse, shot after shot. Despite the fact we had both cum earlier he seemed to fill my hole with his seed. Finally he stopped and snapped his head back, to get the hair out of his face, then leant down to kiss me, his dick still in my arse.

'Phew!' he said eventually.

'Yeah!' I replied.

He lay back in the bed and let his breathing calm down. Then suddenly he leaned out of bed and scooped up a t-shirt. I looked at him quizzically. He put his hand under my arse to lift it up then smoothed the t-shirt out under my bum. I gave him another curious look.

'For the sticky stuff,' he smiled, as he leant over and gave me another kiss.

'You think of everything,' I said, kissing the tip of his nose.

'One of us has to!' he replied, wrinkling his nose. 'So... Good bed! Sturdy. Big.'

'Just about big enough for your ego.'

He smiled. 'I hope we weren't too loud!'

'Nah, don't worry about it. Both of them are heavy sleepers. My dad speaks in his sleep quite a lot, which my mum never hears, so if she can't hear the man lying next to hear talking, I don't think she'll hear us.'

'That's good... I couldn't stop myself.'

'Me either.' And I couldn't. I don't know why I never heard my parents make any noise but I just couldn't control myself.

My fingers were now gently running up and down his chest, up and down, slowly, gently.

'Who's the other one?' he asked.

'The other one who?' I said, not know what he was referring to.

'The other porn guy. You said you liked 2. Jesse Santana and...?'

'Oh yeah,' I grinned. 'I don't know his surname, he just goes by Phenix.'

'Oh, him with the pierced cock?'

'Yeah,' I smiled. 'Not so fond of his tattoos, but I liked that ring in his thing, and he has a cute smile. Probably thick as mince, but nice to watch.'

'Yeah, he's ok,' Chris agreed. He reached over and took my wilting cock. He moved his hand up and down a few times, pushing the foreskin back and forth over the head. 'Must've hurt like hell to get it done.'

'So they say, but it's a short sharp pain.'

'How do you know?!' he asked puzzled.

'I've read about these things,' I replied, kissing him.

'Oh, I see. Thought maybe you had a secret to share.'

'No!' I replied. 'Not yet!' I chuckled.

Chris had continued the motion on my prick and it was now standing to attention.

'Well, look at that,' he said, eyeing up my dick. 'Looks like he's ready for some action.'

'With you, always.' I kissed him and felt down for his dick, which was still hard. Did it ever go down?! He reached behind him and passed me over the lube, which I duly applied to my dick and his hole.

I rolled him over, flat onto his stomach, then began to finger his hole. After a few thrusts I lined up my dick with his crack and gently pushed through.

'Mmm!' he said appreciatively, before letting out a sigh.

I started a slow pumping action, to let his anus get used to my thick cock. As I was going up and down I kissed the back of his neck, then his shoulders and down a little of his back. I then started to speed up, ever so slightly. Chris brought both of his hands up under his face and turned it to the side. I could see the smile on his face as my cock invaded his hole. I continued like this for a few minutes, my dick slowly and gently sliding in and out of his arse while I kissed his neck. I then stopped, and while my dick was still inside him I pulled up his arse until he was kneeling. Holding onto his thighs I then started to pump harder into his bum, small grunts escaping from my mouth.

He soon started to reciprocate, pushing his arse back to meet my invading cock. Each thrust got harder and faster, and soon I was lost in the emotions. Something inside me told me to stop otherwise I'd be cumming soon, so I pushed him forward onto the bed again, and slowed down my fucking, taking more time and thrusting with less force. I started to kiss his neck and shoulder blades again, then ran my hands under his body, searching out his nipples. As my fingers tweaked them he let out a moan, and again I saw the smile on his face widen.

I withdrew my cock and whispered for him to turn over, and he happily obliged. He lay there with his hands behind his head as I let my dick invade his hole once again. The smile crept across his face as I started to pump in and out. I bent down to kiss him and we started an intense snog, him holding the back of my head down so that even if I'd wanted to I couldn't escape. Our tongues clashed as they darted in and out of our mouths and my moans became more frequent as his sphincter clenched around my cock, almost milking my cum from me.

He let my head go and I straightened up, and using his legs as support I started to really thrust into his arse. His hands reached down and started to rub his nipples before he reached up to my chest and started to rub and tweak mine.

I repositioned his bum slightly, giving me a better angle to fuck his hole, and holding onto his bum I started to thrust with all my might. With each thrust I let out a moan, and soon Chris was echoing my moans, his eyes losing focus as his breathing got deeper.

'I'm gonna cum,' I said, 'I'm gonna cum,' and I could feel him grip my cock with his anus, willing my cum to spurt out. And it did. Rope after rope blasted out, coating his insides with my seed. 'Oh fuck, oh fuck,' I called out, trying to keep my voice low.

I then collapsed on top of him, exhausted, but happy. He kissed my forehead before saying, 'Fuck, that was intense. It feels like you rammed a Coke bottle up there.'

Breathing heavily, I said, 'Sorry. Couldn't help it.' I lay back and turned to look at him, and saw a broad smile on his face. 'But maybe it wasn't such a problem.' I let out a sigh and smiled.

After a minute or two of lying there together, I said, 'And you don't have to rush off now.'

'No,' he replied, slipping his arm under my neck and bringing me in to a long, deep, intense kiss. I reached over him and turned off one of the lamps, then rolling back I turned off the other one. I then reached down to bring up the quilt. It was now pitch dark, and the only thing I was aware of was the sound of Chris breathing. Snuggling under the quilt I draped my arm across his chest and lay my head on his shoulder. I felt his hand start to caress my arm, delicately, his fingers slowly running up and down before resting on my shoulder.

I reached up and kissed him. 'Ni-night,' I whispered. 'See you in the morning.' He couldn't see it but I had the biggest smile ever on my face. Here I was, lying in bed with my boyfriend, the lights off, just like any other couple in the world. I listened to him breathing and felt the rise and fall of his chest.

'I love you,' he whispered. I squeezed him tight.

'I love YOU,' I whispered back. And I did. I really did.



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