The next morning I woke up at about 10 and went down for breakfast.

'How was the film, sleepyhead?' my mum asked as I walked through the living room into the kitchen.

'Dead boring!' I replied. 'Totally not scary. We left after 20 minutes.'

'Oh, that's a shame.'

'We saw Mrs Brabinger there with Lucy. I saw Lucy clinging on to her mum, so they must've found it scary, but we thought it was just stupid.'

'Oh well, never mind, at least the tickets were for free. What did you do instead?'

Oh shit. 'Er... We went to McDonald's for a milkshake, then we just went for a drive. We thought all the pubs would be full by the time we got into town, and Chris didn't really want a drink anyway.'

'Did you go anywhere interesting?'

'Keep it simple,' I told myself. 'Not really. We just drove through Campers Park, past the duck pond, and then home again.' That was easy to remember. I just had to remember to text Chris about where we had gone, just in case.

After the interrogation was over I got myself some Coco Pops and plonked myself down in front of the TV. Dad was sort of watching Saturday Kitchen while reading the local paper.

'Good film?' he asked. Oh here we go again!

'No, boring. We left after 20 minutes.'

'Oh well.'

That's the thing about dads, they don't need to know every detail.

After I'd finished my Coco Pops and was watching two celebrity chefs try to cook an omelette in as quick a time as possible on TV, my mum announced that she and my dad were going to visit my gran to help her in the garden, and that they'd probably have lunch there. As soon as they were out the door I texted Chris to see if he wanted to come around, but he said he had to help his mum with something, so that left me all alone... with just a few blankets from the car to wash and dry before my parents got back.

Over the next 5 or 6 weeks we kept up the pretence of me tutoring Chris. As far as the teachers were concerned, Chris was coming on leaps and bounds in both maths and English, and every Tuesday and Thursday, without fail, we'd meet in the library for a heavy snogging session. The library was usually empty at that time, and Miss Nicoll, the librarian, would most often go to the Staff Room for a coffee leaving us alone. Monday afternoon was the time we would be guaranteed a good fuck. We'd casually stroll up the path to the gate and, once we were out of sight of the school, would practically run to either his house or mine. We would occasionally get lucky if either of our parents had something to do on Saturday or Sunday, but Monday was 'the day'.

We seemed to get into a routine that it would be Chris who fucked me before I fucked him, and to be honest I liked it this way. Having him plough my arse really got me going and by the time it came for me to fuck him I was like a caged animal set free.

One Monday in early December there was an 'In-service Day' at school. That's when the teachers have to go to school for some sort of training but we get the day off. As we had met at Chris's house the week before, this week it was my house. As soon as my mum had left for work I texted Chris to say it was safe to come over, and within 20 minutes there was a knock at the door.

'You took your time,' I teased, once he was inside. He took off his biker jacket and hung it up and soon my arms were around his neck and our lips were meeting in the first of several passionate kisses. 'Come on,' I said, leading him upstairs.

I knelt on the bed while Chris stood in front of me. If undoing someone's belt and getting their jeans and boxers down ever became an Olympic sport I could easily get a silver. Within seconds his rock hard cock was standing to attention right in front of my face, calling out for a service. I looked up at him with a big smile and saw him smiling back. I took his cock in my hand and tenderly licked the head, pushing up his foreskin and then pulling it back to reveal the head again. I did this a few times before licking down his cock, his balls cupped in my left hand while I held onto his bum with my right hand. As I went back up his cock I gave it several small kisses, and when I reached his cockhead again I licked around it with my tongue once or twice before taking it all in my mouth.

'Mmm!' he sighed.

I held onto both of his bum cheeks as my head went up and down on his dick. He moved his hands to my shoulders, gently rubbing them, before moving them up to my head as he guided it up and down on his dick.

'Yeah,' he said breathlessly.

He dropped his hands from my head and I was able to twist my head from side to side as I went up and down his cock, my sucking increasing as the speed increased. He then stepped out of his jeans and pulled the t-shirt from his head and got onto the bed. He positioned himself at my feet and reached up to untie my sleeping shorts pulling them down and throwing them to the side. He then lay on top of me and kissed me, first gently, then with greater passion. I could feel his hands at my waist, and then I felt him moving my t-shirt up and over my head. He resumed the kiss, cradling my head in his hands as my hands explored his back. My legs were now wrapped around his lower back, and as our kiss became more intense I could feel his body rubbing up and down against mine. I knew what was coming, I just didn't know how long it would take.

He moved his left hand down and started to rub my cock, which was now brick hard. I then noticed something unusual, and realised that he was now rubbing both of our cocks with one hand. He broke off the kiss and straightened himself up, still continuing to rub our cocks with his hand. He slowly moved down the bed, my legs now lying apart, and he reached up to my chest, his fingertips lightly dancing over my sensitive nipples. As he did this he then bent down and took my cock into his mouth. I thought I was going to explode.

'Fuck, Chris,' I blurted out.

He took his mouth off my prick and asked, 'Want me to stop?'

'No fucking way!'

He smiled and went back to work on my dick. He varied from taking me all the way to licking down my cock, his tongue flicking the underside as he went down and then licking all the way as he went back up before taking the head in his mouth again. This had the effect of bringing me close to cumming but then easing me back gently. This was going to be torture and I was loving every second of it. He took his mouth off my cock again and this time I raised my up to kiss him, our tongues duelling as our mouths collided.

I wrapped my legs around under his bum and using my arms behind me as leverage I lifted my chest to meet his. His arms came under mine and he pulled me into a deeper kiss. We had never kissed with such fervour before and I put first one arm around his neck then the other and pulled our bodies tight. He straightened up his body so he was sitting on his calves with me wrapped around him, my arms clinging to him as if my life depended on it. He then lay me back down and his hand reached for my cock again and he pumped it a few more times before straightening up, a twinkle in his eye.

With my legs still wrapped around him I twisted my torso to the side to reach into the drawer of my beside table and pulled out a bottle of lube.

'I got a different kind,' I said with a grin. 'Less runny!'

He popped the cap and squeezed some onto his hand which he then massaged into my bum. He then took some more and worked it into his cock. He handed me back the lube before leaning down to kiss me. He then slapped my balls with his cock a few times before rubbing it up and down against my hole. Finally, when I thought he'd never get down to business, he pushed his rock hard cock through my sphincter and began a slow pumping motion.

It felt so good to have his cock inside of me. I loved the feeling of him pushing in and retracting, but most of all I loved it when he hit that spot.

Initially I gave low moans of pleasure, but as his pace quickened I became more vocal.

'Yeah, oh yeah!' he cried out as his balls slapped my arse.

'God, you're so big,' I said. 'Do it to me, come on, really do it.'

As his pace quickened he grabbed hold of my ankles and started to really slam into my arse. 'Fuck yeah!' he said.

I could only reply with a loud moan of pleasure.

As he continued to fuck my willing arse he brought my legs down to the side and repositioned himself behind me. I turned around to kiss him and felt him kiss my neck before finding my lips. It was a short kiss but its effect went straight to my head. I reached around and with my right hand I stroked his arse cheek.

His fucking was no less intense than when I had been on my back, and now I felt him reach around to grab my cock and start to pump away before moving his right hand up my chest where his fingers rubbed my sensitive nipples.

'Oh shit!' I exclaimed as his fingers flicked my right nipple.

I felt him kiss my shoulder and neck again before he raised one of my legs and pulled my body around so that we were now facing each other again. I reached up and ran my hands across his chest, my thumbs paying attention to his prominent nipples.

I then repositioned my legs so that they now encircled his bum again. He was now leaning over me, his cock buried to the hilt within my arse, moving in what seemed to be a figure of 8 motion. This was driving me wild, and each time he rubbed my prostate I let out a loud moan. We were both now moaning loudly, with the occasional 'fuck' and 'yeah' thrown in for good measure. My head was incapable of producing anything more meaningful, it was focused solely on the pleasure coming from deep within my body. I raised up my head to kiss him, and when our tongues met that seemed to send him over the edge.

'Fuck, oh fuck,' he called out with each of his ejaculations.

'Oh Jesus!' I called out.

'Fuck,' he repeated one last time before lowering himself onto me. He gave me one long kiss on the lips before taking his cock out of my arse and lying beside me.

Propping myself up on an elbow I looked at him, smiling.

'That was a bit more forceful!' I said.

'Yeah,' was all he could say, although the smile on his face spoke volumes.

'Getting tips from the internet again?' I asked.

'Yeah,' he replied, his smile widening.

'I approve,' I said, before leaning down to kiss him.

This was another long, lingering kiss, and in fact it never seemed to stop. As we were kissing I positioned myself between his legs and started to run my hands all over his body. Eventually I broke off the kiss and kissed him gently on the lips before moving my attention to his nipples. I flicked the left nipple with my tongue, before kissing it and swirling my tongue around. I then lightly pulled on it with my teeth before flicking it a few more times with my tongue. I then repeated this on the other nipple. In the meantime my hand had reached down to his dick and was now fondling his balls and stroking his still-hard cock.

After a few minutes spent playing with his nipples my mouth returned to his and we continued our kiss from where we had left off. I cupped my arms under his armpits and they met under his head, which I now held, as our tongues searched out something new in what was now familiar ground. Slowly I started to grind my crotch into his, our rock hard cocks battling against each other.

I broke off the kiss and reached over for the lube. After applying a generous amount I lined up my cock with his hole and pushed through. Whereas our first time together had been uncomfortable for Chris, now his arse was a perfect fit for my dick. I started to slowly pump in and out of his arse and reached down to kiss him again. This was going to be a slow fuck. Long and slow.

As we kissed, my cock searched his arse looking for the magic button. It didn't take long to find and I knew when I had found it. As we continued the kiss I gradually increased the rhythm of my fucking. After a few minutes I straightened up my body and looked down at him, smiling. I lifted up his arse, still impaled on my cock, and repositioned him slightly so that my cock was now invading him from below as opposed to from the front. He wrapped his legs tighter around my arse, and the bounce in the mattress helped keep a steady rhythm. Soon Chris was moaning with pleasure.

My moans became louder with each thrust, each of which was echoed by Chris who was obviously enjoying what I was doing. I leant down to kiss him again and put my arms under his back. Without warning I then lifted him up and repositioned my legs so he was now sitting on my cock.

'Oh fuck yeah!' he cried out, as my thick cock invaded as far as it could. 'God, you're fucking stretching my arse,' he said, the look of ecstasy on his face telling me I wasn't doing badly at all. He moved his legs slightly so he could now use them to control how much he went up and down, and put his hands on my knees for support. I wrapped my arms around his back, exploring, feeling, remembering, while my tongue went in search of his nipples. I drew my head up from his chest and began another kiss.

His bum was giving my dick a good workout, his sphincter contracting and relaxing producing new sensations that my brain was having to process. As he squeezed tighter my tongue seemed to delve deeper into his mouth. Each time our tongues clashed it sent even more hormones rushing around my head. Soon Chris was rocking back and forth in my lap, his arse taking exactly how much it wanted, and with the moans of pleasure he was producing, I'm guessing he was enjoying it.

Again without warning I rolled Chris onto his back again, my cock never leaving his bum, and I continued to pump away, quite slowly, but with definite force.

'Faster,' Chris called out, 'do it faster.' I happily complied. 'Yeah, that's it.'

I raised up my torso and began slamming into his arse. 'Oh yeah!' I called out. 'Uh!'

'Yeah, that's it. God, that's good!' he called out.

I leant down to kiss him, reducing the speed I was fucking his arse and reducing the amount I was going in and out. He reciprocated the kiss and started to play with my nipples, flicking them at first, then tweaking them, before rubbing them gently with his thumbs.

I could feel myself building up so I started to increase the thrusts again, both in intensity and speed.

'Fuck! Yeah! Fuck!' I called out as I started to cum inside his arse. After several more ropes of cum shot out I collapsed on top of him, reaching up for one final kiss.

I rolled off and lay beside him, panting slightly, a glow spreading across my face.

After a moment or two of silence, Chris said, 'I see you've been doing your own research!'

I blushed. 'Maybe,' I said teasingly.

He was about to say something when I stopped him.


'What is it?'

'Wait.' I paused. 'Do you smell that?'

'Smell what?' He sniffed the air. 'It smells like...'


The blood drained from my face.

'I think my dad's home.'



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