I woke up the next morning to find myself snuggled up behind Chris, who was lying on his side. Both of our heads were on one pillow and my right arm was lying across his chest next to his, my fingers between his. My already erect cock was resting in between his bum cheeks. I lay like that for a minute or so, soaking it all in.

'Morning,' he whispered.

I kissed his shoulder. 'Morning,' I whispered back. 'How long have you been awake?'

'Fifteen, twenty minutes.' We untangled our fingers and he turned over to look at me. 'Long enough to feel you getting hard.' I smiled. 'Morning,' he repeated, as he kissed me gently.

I put my arm over him again and snaked one of my legs between his. 'How did you sleep?' I asked.

'Like a log. You?'

'The same.' I studied his face and smiled.

'What?' he asked.

'I'm lying in bed with Edward Cullen.'


'With your hair all messed up like that, you look a bit like Robert Pattinson. You know, that English guy in those Twilight films.'

'Should I take that as a compliment?'

I kissed him. 'You don't have his shifty, druggy eyes. But yes, it's a compliment.'

He kissed me back. 'That's ok then.' His right hand, which had been stroking my back, he brought up to my head and he pulled me closer for a long, passionate kiss. Our tongues danced around as my heart started to beat quicker. After a few moments I became aware of a sensation down in my crotch. With our legs intertwined his hardening dick was struggling to break free, so I reached down and released it. I also played with his balls, pulling them down, and swirling them in the palm of my hand. His hand was now running through my hair, pulling it back from my forehead, and twisting it between his fingers.

He rolled on top of me and now held my head in his hands, seemingly trying to pull me even closer to him. I wrapped my legs around his and felt his body start to move up and down against mine.

'Mmm!' I moaned, quietly. I had no idea what time it was, and if my parents were still in bed I didn't want to embarrass them. I reached down and started to pump his rock hard cock. I ran my thumb over the slit and felt precum forming at the slit. I smeared some of the precum on my own cockhead and started to jack both of our pricks at the same time.

He broke off the kiss and said in a low voice, 'You'd better stop that, you know. We don't want to make a mess on your nice new bed.'

I smiled up at him. 'Maybe you're right,' I replied, but I didn't stop.

We continued like that for a few minutes, him rubbing his body up and down while I slowly wanked our dicks. All the while we were looking into each other's eyes.

'You'd really better stop!' he said, with a glint in his eye.

'Ok, ok,' I replied. I let my own cock go free and continued to pump away at Chris's cock, faster and faster, harder and harder.

'I'm gonna cum!' he said quietly, 'I'm gonna cum!' And then several ropes of cum shot up my chest.

'Now look what you've gone and done!' he said with a big grin on his face. He kissed me lightly on the lips before reaching down to the floor to pick up a t-shirt, which he then used to wipe down my chest. 'What a mess!' he said sarcastically. 'What... a... mess!'

'I don't know HOW that could have happened!' I replied. Using the muscles in my dick, I made it swing back and forth, and looking down at it, I said, 'So, what are you gonna do about THAT?'

He shook his head and smiled. He reached down and took a firm grip on my hard cock before starting to pump, gently at first, but then with more force and speed. He reached over and kissed me before returning his attention to my cock. 'Tell me when you're gonna cum,' he said.

'It won't be long,' I replied. After a minute or two I could feel myself getting close. 'It's coming,' I said, 'any minute now...'

He quickly moved around in the bed, and as he continued to pump he positioned his mouth over my cockhead.

'I'm gonna cum...' He suddenly took my cock in his mouth and started to suck, and within seconds my load was blasting into his mouth.

When I finished, he smiled. 'You see?' he said. 'Much less mess.' He reached down and brought the quilt back up to cover us, and soon our bodies were intertwined again.

'What a way to start the day!' I grinned.

After a few minutes of lying there, he asked, 'So, what have you got planned for today?'

I thought about it and said, 'Well, I'm guessing mum won't make us go to church this morning. But I need to go and do some Christmas shopping. Then there's a huge pile of homework I have to do. Spanish test tomorrow. And physics.'

'Mmm,' he replied.


'Same. No idea what I'll get my gran for Christmas. And I've got some geography homework to catch up on.'

I put my head on his shoulder and we lay there in silence for a few minutes. 'Come on,' I said eventually. 'We'd better go down and get some breakfast. My parents will think we're dead up here. I don't normally lie in bed so long on a Sunday.'

He kissed my temple and ran his fingers through my hair again. 'Ok.'

I jumped out of bed and watched him swing his legs out of the bed and get up. I pulled on my boxers and went over to my wardrobe to get some clean t-shirts to replace the messy ones from the night before. I threw one over to him. 'Catch.'

'Morning boys,' my dad said when we went downstairs. 'How was the rest of the film?'

'Excellent,' Chris said. 'It put me in the mood to watch the other two. I might watch them tonight.'

'Where's mum?' I asked.

'She's already gone. Look at the time!' I looked at the clock and saw it read 10:30.

'Oh!' I said.

'Oh indeed!' he grinned. I could tell he wanted to make a sarcastic comment, but thankfully he resisted.

After breakfast we went upstairs. I showered first then Chris went in after me. Once I'd finished getting changed I noticed that Chris had turned my computer on. I moved the mouse to get rid of the screensaver, and was presented with a Word document Chris had started. There was a picture of Jesse Santana and Phenix, and below it Chris had written, 'Not as hot as you :-)' Just at that point he came in with a big grin on his face.

'Ah, you found it then.'

I smiled back at him. 'What if my parents had seen that?!'

'Then they'd know that you're not as hot as them. Duh!' I could only laugh.

When we went downstairs my mum was already home. 'I saved you the newsletter, you sinners,' she said. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

'Thanks for letting me stay the night,' Chris said to them both.

'It's not a problem Chris. You're always welcome here.'

'Thanks. I'd better be going. I've got a busy day today.'

We said goodbye and I walked him to the door. I wanted to kiss him goodbye so I looked around to make sure my parents weren't looking. Both my mum and dad were craning their necks with big grins on their faces.

'Mu-um! Da-ad!' I said. They both laughed and went away. 'I want to say something, but don't know what to say, so this'll have to do,' I said. I took his face and pulled him towards me and planted a big kiss on his lips.

'Message received and understood,' he said, before giving me a light kiss back. 'See you tomorrow.'

'See ya.'

When I went back into the living room my dad lowered his newspaper slightly and looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. He didn't say anything, and he resumed reading the paper.

'So,' my mum said, 'I was thinking.'


'Well, it's about Christmas. Since we got you all that new stuff for your bedroom you won't get such a big present this year...'

'That's ok,' I said. 'I didn't think I would.'

'But I thought maybe we could go into town today and look at some clothes for you. I think you need a new jacket, maybe some sweatshirts and jeans. Since I know you're very particular, I thought it would just be safer to take you along and see what you like, and then I can choose something myself tomorrow. How does that sound?'

'Sounds great,' I replied.

After lunch, mum and I set off for the Wells Centre. For jackets, my mum pointed out some nice ones in H&M and Zara, and there was another nice one in Debenhams. While we were in Debenhams I spotted some leather jackets. I really wanted to suggest one, but they were expensive and they'd just spent hundreds on my new room, so I kept quiet. We also saw some nice sweatshirts and hoodies there, and some more in H&M and Next, and I dropped a hint about a pair of Timberland boots when we were passing Schuh. We stopped into Costa for a coffee and a slice of cake, then I said I wanted to go and do a bit of my own shopping and I'd make my own way home.

Waterstones and HMV gave me what I needed for mum and dad, and I bought some smelly stuff for my gran in Marks and Spencers. That just left me with what to get for Chris. Should I buy something meaningful or fun? Practical or silly? Clothes? Jewellery? Underwear? I'd toyed with the idea of both of us getting a nipple pierced - I could only afford one nipple each - but decided that maybe causing the person you love excruciating pain wasn't the best way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And how much was appropriate to spend? I didn't want to spend too little and seem cheap, but I didn't want to spend too much and embarrass him. Who knew buying presents could be so complicated?!

After trawling around the shops for an hour I went into Gap, and the perfect present was jumping out at me. It was a grey zip up hoodie, no logos, plain, perfect. Even better, it was on sale. Happy with my shopping I went home.

'I'm back,' I called out when I went home.

'Get everything you need?' my dad asked.

'Pretty much. Where's mum?'

'Oh, she nipped back out to the shops. She said she'd forgotten your gran's present... or there was something wrong with it, or... I don't know. The game's on, I wasn't really paying attention.' When football was on TV, even the threat of war wouldn't move my dad from his chair. 'Come on!!!!!!' he shouted at the TV. 'Stupid fucking blind...'

I went upstairs, stuffed everything into my wardrobe and got down to studying. This was going to be a short week, as we were finishing on Wednesday at midday, but our teachers had decided to cram as many tests into those two and a half days as they could.

On Monday morning I woke up really early to finish cramming for the physics test, and then I was on my way to school. Before lunch I had the physics and Spanish tests, and after lunch I had a maths test. I felt I'd done ok, but as soon as I put my pencil down, all I could think of was Chris introducing his long hard cock to my arse and fucking my brains out.

'Did you get all your Christmas shopping done?' he asked as we made our way to his house.

'Yeah. You?'


'How was it when you got home? Did your mum say anything.'

'Not so much my mum, but I met Jack.'

'You'd never met him before?' I asked surprised.

'No, he was always 'just a friend', so there was never any need.'

'Oh, was it awkward?'

'Er... not really. But get this. After the introductions and blah blah blah, mum said she'd told Jack that I'm gay.'

'Oh, how was it?'

Chris laughed. 'His brother is gay and a cousin is gay!'


'Honestly! And get this! He said that his cousin, who's a bit younger than him, owns a gay club in town!'

'Which one?'

'I can't remember. Something to do with flowers.'

I thought for a moment then laughed. 'Garlands, you moron. Judy Garland.'

'Shit, yeah!' He shook his head in embarrassment. 'Anyway, he said he'd see if we could maybe get a free entry some time.'

'Oh, that would be cool... I think.'

'Yeah. I've never been to a gay club before. What do you think they're like?'

'I dunno.'

We both walked in silence a bit, wondering what on earth a gay club could be like. After a minute or two, Chris said, 'Well, I guess we'll find out. And that's not all.'

'There's more? HE'S gay?!'

'Ha ha, not quite. My mum said that, if you wanted, you could stay over at our house sometimes. We could use the guest bedroom - it has a double bed.'

'Aw, excellent!' I replied with a big smile.

'Today,' he said, 'we'll just stick to what we know.'

When we got inside his house he said, 'Oh shit! Wait. Don't come up!' He ran upstairs and then a few seconds later he called down, 'It's safe now.'

Walking into his bedroom, I said, 'What, you've got another man in here?'

'Something like that. I forgot to hide your present.'

'You didn't have to get me anything,' I said.

'Yeah, sure. My first boyfriend, our first Christmas, and he doesn't get a present. What do you think I am? ... Don't answer that.' He took off his biker jacket and opened the wardrobe door a crack as he put it in. He then turned to me, smiling. 'And of course, you have no idea where it's hidden.'

'But really, you didn't need to.'

'Oh, and so you don't have anything for me?'

'Ok, maybe I do.'

'Yeah, 'maybe' you do. Come here.' He took my hand and pulled me towards him. Our lips met and eventually parted, letting our tongues dart in and out. He gently pulled my lower lip down with his teeth, and then let his tongue play around my mouth before gently licking then nibbling my ear and kissing down my neck. I took his head in my hands and we began our kiss in earnest. My cock was straining in my boxers, trying to get out, so I undid my belt and trousers and let them fall to the ground. Chris pulled the waistband of my boxers and said, 'Looks like somebody's dying to get out.' And with that he pulled down my boxers.

Now on his knees in front of me, Chris licked the head of my dick, lapping up the precum with his tongue before running it around the head and flicking the frenum. He then licked up and down my shaft a few times while playing with my balls. Instead of giving me a blowjob, as I thought he would, he got up quickly and undid his shirt and tie and took down his trousers. His big cock was swinging around and he swivelled his hips so it danced around even more. He looked at me and grinned. My shirt and tie were already off, and then he lay across the bed so that his head was hanging off the side.

'Fuck my mouth,' he said.

I moved towards the bed and felt his tongue guide my dick into his mouth. I took it slowly at first, allowing him time to get used to my thick cock, then I started to fuck his face with a little more effort. I leant across his body and took his hard dick in my hand. I pumped it a few times before enveloping the head with my mouth. While my head was bobbing up and down on Chris's dick I was aware of how much I could force into his mouth. With a bit of work Chris was able to take it all the way, but I didn't want to suddenly just ram the thing down his throat.

I felt his hands clamp my arse cheeks, pulling me in closer so I increased the tempo of my thrusting while at the same time intensifying my action on his cock. I then felt his hands grip my arse and his head came up as he deepthroated my cock.

'Ohhhhh!' I groaned. When it was all the way in I felt him twist his head a few times before allowing it to retreat a little. His head went back down and he was now licking the head, kissing it, then he took it in his mouth again. Again he took it all the way and again I moaned with pleasure. 'Jesus!' I thought, but with Chris's nine inch cock halfway down my throat the only thing I could do was moan. He then started to move his head up and down my cock faster and faster, sucking more and more. I lifted one of my legs onto the bed, hoping Chris would realise that I now wanted us side by side on the bed. He moved around and I lifted my other leg onto the bed. We were now lying side by side, our heads bobbing up and down in rhythm, both of us letting out moans of pleasure as we worked each other's cocks.

Without warning Chris started cumming, his hot seed pumping down into my mouth, blast after blast. I swallowed as much as I could, but truth be told, sometimes Chris was a gusher. I felt some of his spunk dribble down my chin, and just the image of his cum on my face set me off. Three... four... five bursts shot into Chris's mouth and he didn't waste a drop. As he moved around to kiss me, he licked his cum from my chin. 'Hm, I need more fruit in my diet, I think,' he said with a big smile on his face.

He lay beside me and rested his head on my chest. 'I can hear your heart beat,' he said after a moment. 'Ba-boom, ba-boom,... ba-boom.'

I ran my fingers through his hair then let them wander down his arm, making swirling patterns. He moved up the bed slightly, so we were now face to face. 'I was thinking,' he said, giving me a little kiss on the lips.

'Yes?' I replied, giving him a little kiss back.

'Well,' he said, giving me another little kiss, 'on Wednesday...'

'Yes?' I asked, returning the kiss.

'Maybe,' - another little kiss - 'you'd like to stay the night.'

I reciprocated the kiss. 'No school on Thursday.' Then I kissed him before he had time to kiss me.

He screwed up his eyes, as if to say, 'Not fair!'. 'Exactly. Do you think your parents would be ok with it?'

'I don't see why not.'

I felt his leg push between mine. 'Good.' He gave me a final little kiss. 'Very good.'

We lay like that for a few minutes, face to face, smiling, and just happy to be together.

'I'd better get going,' I said.

'Do you have to?'

'If I don't, I'm gonna fall asleep here, and I don't want your mum to walk in on us naked in bed together. She might have second thoughts about me staying the night.'

'Ok,' he said, a little disappointed.

'Besides, I've got 2 more tests tomorrow.'

'Ok, ok, go. Leave me here alone. Poor child. Product of a broken home.'

I laughed, rubbing my nose against his before kissing him on the lips. 'Wednesday. Wednesday.'

'Wednesday,' he repeated.

We didn't meet on Tuesday, as I had my chemistry test straight afterwards, so when Wednesday finally rolled around it seemed like an eternity since we'd seen each other.

Walking up the path to the school gate, Chris asked, 'Were your parents ok with it?'

'Yeah, totally. I don't know how happy they'd be if I was a girl going to stay, but I'm not, so that's that.'

We walked to my house so I could get changed and pick up some clothes. We also had lunch there, then once I'd packed a change of clothes into my backpack we were on our way. Just before we left, Chris said, 'Oh wait. I brought an extra t-shirt and boxer shorts and socks. Could I go and put them up in the drawer?'

'Sure, no problem.'

On the walk to his house, Chris took out his cigarettes and lit one up. 'Last one for a few hours,' he sighed, looking at the burning tip. 'I hope the bed's comfy,' he said, as we approached the front door. 'The only person who's stayed there is my gran.'

'I'm sure it'll be fine. We can always squeeze into your bed if the worst comes to the worst.'

'Oh yeah, I can just see it, you waddling across the landing with my cock buried in your arse while my mum comes out of the bathroom.'

'Did you have to mention your mum? That sounded quite hot.'


When we got inside, the house was dark and a bit cold. 'I forgot to set the heating to come on before we arrived. It'll take a wee while to warm up. We can snuggle up on the couch in the meantime.'

'Sounds fine with me,' I replied, as I hung up my jacket.

'Let's take your things upstairs,' Chris suggested.

In his room he went over to his chest of drawers and opened the 2nd one. 'I made some room,' he said coyly.

I saw he had cleared out the whole drawer for me. I dropped my bag and gave him a huge kiss. 'Thanks,' I said with a big smile. I took out my stuff and laid it in the drawer, then we went downstairs.

'Do you want something to drink? Maybe something hot? There's hot chocolate with pistachio.'

'Ok, sounds great.' I sat down on the couch and noticed he'd left out the DVDs of the Bourne Supremacy and the Bourne Ultimatum. 'So, we're going to have a Bourne afternoon?' I asked when he came through.

'Yeah. You mind?'

'No, love them.'

'The kettle's just boiling.' He stuck in the disk of the Bourne Supremacy and turned on the TV, and while the logos and legal notices were appearing he went to get the drinks. 'Here,' he said, handing me a big mug. 'Careful, it's hot.'

I slurped a little from the top. 'Mm, really nice!'

'Yeah. There's also marzipan. We can have that later.'

We sat side by side on the couch, leaning against each other as we watched the film. After he'd finished his hot chocolate he put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me closer. About half an hour before the film finished his mum came home. As soon as I heard the key in the lock I sat bolt upright and Chris removed his arm.

'Hi boys,' his mum said as she came into the living room. She saw we were watching the film and said, 'Don't let me interrupt you!' and went into the kitchen. We looked at each other and smiled.

Once the film had finished Chris flicked through the channels, looking - in vain - for something interesting to watch. 'There's nothing on,' he conceded.

'No, probably because it's before Christmas. They show all their 'special' stuff.'

'Did you get all your Christmas shopping done, Greg?' Chris's mum asked when she came through. She took the remote from Chris and flicked through until she found Rosemary and Thyme on ITV3 or 4.

'Yeah, it was dead easy. Books for my mum, and for my dad I got the Band of Brothers box set on bluray. It was reduced from £40 to £15. I'm sure he'll like it. He likes stuff about the war.'

'What books did you get your mum?'

'Er...' I had to think. 'The Time Traveller's Wife and the next book by the same author. There's a film of the first one, so I thought if she liked it she could rent it.'

'That's a good idea. And it's a good book. Very sad.'

'And how about you, Chris? Did you get all YOUR shopping done?' she teased.


'There's a card on the mantelpiece from your dad, by the way.'

'How do you know it's from him?' he asked suspiciously.

'Well, how many people do you know in Egypt?!' she replied, shaking her head and smiling.

He got up and opened it as he came over. 'He wishes us all a Merry Christmas, says it's baking hot, and he'll be spending the day with his 'mummy'. His jokes don't get any better, do they?' Then he smiled. 'He says the cheque should keep me in cigarettes for a week. It's £500.'

'That was nice of him,' his mum said. There didn't seem to be any bitterness in her voice. 'Any idea what you'll spend it on?'

'Maybe I'll just save it for a bit.'

'Even better.' Then looking at me, she said, 'We're having lasagne tonight, hope you like it.'

'Oh!' I replied, my face lighting up. 'Lasagne's my favourite!'

Over lasagne we talked about Chris's mum's work, and one of her recent cases. She's a paralegal, and once she'd explained what it was - I felt stupid for asking - she explained what kind of things she had to do. It was easy to see where Chris got his brains from. Once we'd finished, she said, 'You boys can do the washing up, and there's some dessert in the fridge.'

'What are you doing?' Chris asked surprised.

'Well, if you don't mind, I thought perhaps that I might go and visit Jack tonight.'

Chris smiled. 'Good for you mum.' Then he said, 'You know, you can bring him over any time you like.'

She laughed. 'I'm getting dating advice from my son?!'

'You know what I mean,' he said, a little embarrassed.

'I know, I'm just teasing. Thank you. It means a lot to me.'

While she went upstairs to get a few things, Chris said, 'Come on, let's go outside, I want a smoke.'

'You go on out,' I replied, 'it's a bit cold. I'll do the washing up.'

'No! Leave it to me!'

'Go! Go!' I said.

His mum came down and saw me doing the washing up. 'Hey, where's that lazy son of mine?' she asked.

I smiled. 'He's outside having a smoke.'

She tutted and smiled. 'You don't have to do that, let him do it.'

'No, it's ok, I don't mind.'

She knocked on the kitchen window and motioned that she was leaving. I saw him stubbing out his cigarette on the sole of his shoe then he came inside. 'Bye mum,' he said.

'Bye boys. Remember to make sure everything's off before you go to bed.'

'Will do,' he replied, kissing her on the cheek.

'If I don't see you tomorrow, Greg, Merry Christmas.'

'Merry Christmas, Mrs Adler.'

Chris saw her out and then came back. 'You really should've let me, you know. Let me dry.'


After we'd put away the washing up we settled down to watch the Bourne Ultimatum. Chris closed the curtains and turned off the lights, and a soft glow coming from the hall. 'Oh! Wait!' he said. A minute later he came back with more hot chocolate. 'Marzipan this time.'

As we watched the film I curled my legs on the couch and lay into Chris's side, my arm disappearing behind his back. We changed positions a few times, but either he was leaning against me, or me against him.

Once the film had finished, he said, 'Join me outside for a smoke?' This time I agreed.

Once he'd lit up, I asked, 'Why do you smoke with your left hand? You're right-handed but you smoke with your left.'

He changed hands and took a drag on his cigarette, but instinctively his left hand took it from his mouth. 'I don't know,' he said after a short pause. 'Just do.' He shrugged his shoulders. 'I'd never thought about it before.' He took another drag.

'Do you think you'll tell your dad that your gay?'

'Hmm... I've thought about it. I think I'll tell him when I see him.'

'I see,' I replied.

'I'd just rather do it face-to-face, you know? Now that I've told mum, I think it'll be easier with him.'

'Yeah, probably. How do you think he'll handle it?'

'I don't know. I think ok. He and my mum are quite similar. He's very bookish and a bit more laid back. I think he'll be ok.' Chris finished the cigarette and we went back in.

'Oh, dessert!' he exclaimed. 'I'd completely forgotten! You want some?'

'Of course!'

We went to the fridge and saw there were 2 slices of cheesecake. 'Excellent!' Chris said. He took out the slices and put them on plates, and we ate them standing either side of the breakfast bar.

'No, don't,' I said.

'Don't want?'

'You were going to feed me a piece, weren't you?'

He smiled. 'Maybe.'

'Just to let you know, you can give me all you want, but this slice is mine. Just like Joey on Friends, I don't share food!'

He laughed. 'God, you don't watch that do you?'

'Are you kidding? It's hard to get away from. There's about 6 episodes every day. Sometimes it's the only thing worth watching.'

He groaned and shook his head. 'Ok, then, no romantic feeding each other in the kitchen.'

I then cut off a piece and brought it up to his mouth. 'But maybe I can make an exception.' Once he'd swallowed I kissed him.

'Wasn't so hard, was it?'

'That wasn't hard, but I can tell you something else that is...'

His eyes suddenly got bigger and he moved around the breakfast bar beside me. 'Mm, you weren't wrong!' he said, his eyes dancing as he felt my crotch.

We left the unfinished cheesecake on the countertop and went into the living room. As he turned off the TV I was pulling off my hoodie and t-shirt and left them in a pile on the floor. He reached for me and started to kiss my chest, sucking each of my nipples, before giving small kisses up my chest, up my neck, then finally on my lips. His arms encircled my body as his tongue dived into my mouth. I lifted up the bottom of his sweatshirt and pulled it up his body. He pulled it over his head and our kiss continued.

He pushed me into an armchair and said, 'Stay there.' He dashed up to his room, and within seconds he was back with the bottle of lube. We kissed some more, then he started to undo my jeans, pulling both them and my boxers off at the same time. My hard cock slapped my belly when it was set free. He reached down for my balls and rolled them around in his hand, before starting to lick up and down my hard cock, looking deep into my eyes as he did so.

'Mm!' was all I was capable of saying.

He undid his own jeans and was soon standing there in all his glory. 'And these!' he said, as he pulled off his socks. I laughed. He knelt down between my legs, then almost immediately got up and fetched a cushion from the couch which he threw on the floor and knelt on. He reached forward to kiss me and I wrapped my legs around his lower back, pulling him into me. Each time our tongues collided I felt a jolt running through my body.

Chris reached across for the lube and dribbled some down his cock before adding more to his hand and smearing it around my anus. He capped the lube and then worked it into his cock, going up and down his nine inch shaft a few times. He pulled my bum closer to him and pushed his cock through.

'Fuck!' I cried out. He was usually gentler than this, but it was not a complaint. As he increased the speed of his thrusting I saw the lust in his eyes. He reached down and kissed me again, a noisy, passionate kiss, his tongue finding mine, exploring my mouth, licking my lips, and then him sucking my tongue. I could feel his balls banging against my arse with each thrust. He broke off the kiss and repositioned my legs, with my knees almost in my armpits. Holding the backs of my knees he thrust ever harder, then without warning he stood up, his cock still buried in my arse, and repositioned my whole body so that my back was now in the seat of the chair while my arse was sticking right up.

He continued to fuck my hole, now from above. I had no idea where this power was coming from but God it felt good. 'Uh, uh, uh!' I cried out as his hard cock invaded my arse. He was now glistening with sweat but he didn't slow down his tempo. I had my arms arched around the arms of the armchair for support, offering up my arse for him to take.

'Oh fuck,' he called out, 'fuck.' He continued to slam my arse. 'Fuck yeah. Yeah!'

'Uh, uh, uh!' was my only response.

'Oh shit, oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Uh. Uh.' I could tell that he was close.

'Oh fuck yeah,' I managed to call out. 'Fuck.'

Three more thrusts later and his seed was shooting up my arse. 'Uh! Uh!... Uh!' he sighed. And then he collapsed on top of me.

I held his face against my chest and felt his breathing slowly, very slowly, return to normal. After a minute or so he raised his head and looked at me with a big smile on his face. He let out a big sigh. He raised an eyebrow and nodded his head, as if to say, 'So, good, eh?' I nodded my answer. His cock was still fully engorged and still buried in my arse. He reached behind him and picked up his t-shirt then removed his cock from my arse, putting the t-shirt under my arse cheeks.

'Where the fuck did that come from?' I asked.

He sighed. 'Are you kidding? No fucking on Sunday, a measly blow job on Monday, no fucking on Tuesday... I had it building up inside of me. I didn't have one single wank this week. Saving it all for you!'

I got out of the chair and pulled him up to me. 'It was worth the wait,' I said before kissing him. 'You know, you're surprisingly fit for someone who smokes.'

'And how fit should someone who smokes be?'

I paused. 'I dunno. Like my dad.' I put my arms around his neck and pulled our chests together.

'Yeah, but he's old, though. I'm only 18. And full of life!'

'Yeah, suppose you're right.' We were starting to sway back and forth, and Chris put his arms around my back, his thumbs making circling motions against my skin.

'Besides, I do do SOME THINGS to keep in shape you know.'

'Do you?' I was genuinely surprised.

'Don't sound so shocked. Every Sunday... well, apart from last Sunday,' he smiled, 'I do jujitsu.'


'Yeah, I've been doing it since I was 10.'

'Shit, you must be quite good then.' I could feel our cocks pressed against each other as we continued to sway. This felt so nice.

'I've seen worse,' he replied.

'Then for whatever I may do in the future to piss you off, I'm sorry.'

'Duly noted.'

'Shall we continue this upstairs?' I asked with a gleam in my eye.


We left our clothes strewn around the room and we went up to the guest bedroom. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at his naked body in front of me walking up the stairs. His arse looked good enough to bite into and I could make out the definition in the muscles on his back that I suppose must have come from his martial arts training. God, I was hard already and I wasn't even looking at his face or cock. In the bedroom he turned on one of the bedside lamps and pulled down the quilt.

Before he even had time to climb into bed, I said, 'Uh-uh!' and bent him over the bed.

'Mm!' came his reply. 'Here,' he said, passing me back the lube. I lubed up my middle finger and slowly worked it into his hole, teasing at first, not quite pushing all the way through, then finally my finger was enveloped by his hole. 'Mmmm!' he moaned in pleasure. I slowly moved my finger in and out of his hole, massaging his prostate, taking my time, and building up the suspense.

I reached my other hand around his body and went in search of his cock. It wasn't hard to find, and it was most definitely hard. I moved the foreskin back and forth, as slowly as his arse was being penetrated by my finger. I then slowly started to stroke his shaft, letting my thumb rub across his cockhead, smearing the precum around and then pushing the foreskin back over the head.

'Hurry up,' he said hoarsely.

'Uh-uh. We're going to take this slowly.'

I removed my hand from his dick and started to trace up and down the area between his balls and his hole with my thumb, gently and delicately.

'Oh wow!' he exclaimed. 'Mmm!!'

I noticed that he was now moving his hips back and forth, responding to the attention I was giving his prostate. His sphincter occasionally clamped around my finger, not allowing it to retreat, so I had to limit my work to inside his arse.

He moaned in pleasure again. I kissed from the small of his back all the way up to his neck, then whispered, 'Are you ready?'

'Oh fuck yeah!' he replied.

I pushed another digit through his hole and started to twist my fingers around, stretching slightly, but still caressing the magic spot.

'Come on!' he cried out.

I kissed his shoulder blade and whispered, 'Ok.'

Without any lube on my cock, I lined it up with his hole, and almost as soon as I removed my fingers I thrust the full length of my rock hard cock into his waiting hole.

'Oh fuck!' he called out.

'Well, you wanted it,' I teased.

I held onto his hips and started to pump. I was soon pounding away quite forcefully, and was being rewarded with loud grunts each time I forced my way further in. I thrust away for a few minutes before stopping and telling him to get on the bed.

'No, not all the way, just your back.'

He swung his legs up to his head, his hole now hungrily waiting for my dick, which with this bed was at the perfect height. Again there were no pleasantries I just forced my dick in, and I saw his face contort with pain as it broke through, but then I saw the ecstasy wash over his face once he had got used to it and I was fucking his hole.

He closed his eyes and surrendered to the pounding of his arse, breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure. His face screwed up a few times but I didn't slow down, I just kept pumping away, my cock buried deep within his arse. After a few moments I slowed down a little, and allowed only the first few inches into his arse, massaging all the right places. He put his hands up to his head and ran his hands through his hair before letting his arms flop on the bed beside him.

'Oh fuck yeah, Greg!' he called out. 'Shit!'

I couldn't agree more. I switched my attention from his face to his arse. I loved to watch my cock disappear inside his hole and I loved to watch the way the skin around his hole seemed to be pulled out as my cock retreated. This would have made me harder, had it been possible. I was now so turned on I couldn't stop myself, and I started to pound away harder, faster. Sensing that he was moving up the bed slightly, I grabbed his thighs and yanked him forward, my cock disappearing completely inside his arse, my balls now slapping his arse cheeks.

'Oh Jesus!' he called out as his eyes popped open. He looked down at me, his face a mixture of shock and sheer delight. His mouth was hanging open and he stared to bite his lip. I continued to thrust away, as fast and as hard as I could.

Suddenly I removed my cock all the way and swivelled him around on the bed. I climbed on top and positioned myself between his legs. When I came, I wanted to be looking down into his eyes and I wanted him to see the look in my eyes as my seed coated his arse. I lined up my cock again, and this time I entered his arse more gently but it didn't take me long to build up the momentum. I steadied myself on the back of his knees, forcing them up to his shoulders.

Each thrust I made was now accompanied by a grunt. Even if my parents had been in the next room I couldn't have controlled myself. The hormones rushing around my brain were bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I leant down to kiss him, our tongues meeting briefly before our lips parted.

I could feel it building, it was going to come any second, just a few thrusts more. Here ... it... was.

'UH!!!!' I shouted with the first volley. 'Uh, uh! Uh!' Uncotrollable spasms took over my body as I emptied myself into Chris. I looked down and saw his face was glowing. I gave several deep breaths before I lowered myself down to kiss him on the lips, then I lay on his chest, my heart racing. His arms crossed my back and he hugged me.

As my heart rate slowed I lifted myself up a little and kissed him, and let my still-hard dick exit his arse. I lay down beside him, a huge smile on my face. Chris propped himself up on one elbow and leaned over to kiss me. He kissed me on the lips, the tip of my nose and my forehead.

Neither of us could say anything, although we didn't need to. We just lay there looking at each other, smiling. After a few minutes Chris got up, saying 'I'd better go down and make sure everything's off... Don't go away!'

I smiled back at him. 'Wasn't intending to. Hurry, I'm getting cold here.'

I heard him running down stairs, and I imagined his big cock swinging to and fro as he went down the stairs. God, I was getting hard again! A minute or so later he came back, with our clothes gathered up in his arms. He dropped them at the foot of the bed and jumped in beside me, pulling up the quilt.

'Done.' Then noticing my hard cock, he said, 'And what's going on here? Wasn't that enough?!'

I grinned. 'Oh yeah, but...'

'But what?'

I paused. 'I was just imagining you running around with your big cock swinging from side to side?'

'You ARE a horny devil, aren't you? And it's not even a full moon!'

I turned over onto my front. 'Well, here's a full moon for you!' I chuckled, turning back to look at him.

He groaned. 'That's the worst joke ever.' Then he leant over and kissed me. He turned back to switch off the light, then he pushed one of his legs between mine and lay his arm across my chest. 'But I love you anyway.'

'God, Chris, I so love you, I really do.' I pulled his head towards mine and gave him a long, sloppy kiss.

When I pulled back from the kiss he looked into my eyes and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. 'Me too,' he said quietly. 'Now put that thing away and let's get some sleep.'

I kissed him back and said, 'Ok. Good night, Chris.'

'Good night, John-boy.'

We were woken the next morning by the phone ringing downstairs.

'Shit, who could that be?' he asked. 'Maybe it's mum.'

He ran through to his mum's bedroom to pick up the extension.

'Dad!' I heard him say in surprise. 'Merry Christmas to you too. You're a day early, but Merry Christmas.' He was now walking back to the bedroom. 'Uh-huh... Uh-huh...' He was now standing at the door of the bedroom. Then he laughed. 'Thanks for the money, but I've spent it all. On cigarettes of course.' He laughed again. 'Uh-huh... Uh-huh...' Then he paused. 'Oh, she told you.' He looked directly at me, a little worried. 'Oh!' His face brightened up. 'Yes,' he said, with a huge grin on his face, again looking at me. 'Greg...' His smile was getting wider and his eyes were dancing. 'Yes, he's good looking!' He was biting his lip. 'Da-ad!!' He paused. 'Yes, it's big!' His shoulders were uncontrollably moving up and down as he laughed. 'Er...' he looked at me suspiciously, then he said quietly, 'yes, I do. Can we not talk about this right now...? ... He's here, looking at me!' He laughed again.

I loved the dimples in his cheeks when he laughed. He looked so cute and so sexy at the same time.

'In bed... No, not a thing!... She's out... Yes, with Jack... Yes she knows! Yes... Uh-huh... Yeah, he makes a hell of a noise.' He was laughing again. 'Da-ad!' he said as he slapped his forehead, then looked at me, shaking his head. 'I don't really want to know that kind of thing!' Another pause. 'Shit, really?! You mean it?!' He looked at me, his eyes wide. 'Of COURSE!' A pause. 'Ok, listen, I'll call you back later, about lunchtime, ok? No, lunchtime here. Ok. Bye... Bye!'

He put the phone down and crawled into bed. 'So, that was my dad and he says hello.'

'Hello to your dad.'

'So, mum told him about me being gay.'

'Yeah, I figured,' I replied, a smile on my face.

'He wants to know what you're doing at Easter.'


'Yeah, he says he wants us both to go and see him. He says he wants to meet the boy with the monster cock,' he said, laughing.

'Really?! Wow. I don't know if my parents'll be able to afford it.'

'No, he's gonna pay. He insists. Won't take no for an answer.'

'Well, I guess I'm going to Egypt then!' and I pulled him towards me and gave him a big kiss. 'Er... Why did you slap you head?'

Chris shook his head. 'He said that mum used to be a screamer!'

I slapped my forehead. 'Oh shit!'

'Yeah,' he replied, shaking his head. Then he laughed.

'Wow, Egypt! I've never been there before.'

'It's a cool place. Well, hot, but cool.'

He looked at the clock on the bedside table. 'You wanna get some breakfast?'

'Yeah, ok.'

He got up and from the pile of clothes he threw my boxer shorts at me. 'We can leave the t-shirts,' he said with a twinkle in his eye.

We went down to the kitchen, and on the breakfast bar there were the two half-eaten slices of cheesecake. 'I've never left a piece of cheesecake before.'

'We don't have to waste it,' I replied, finishing off my slice.

'What do you want? Corn flakes, Frosties or Coco-Pops?'

'Coco-Pops. Did you know... they're so chocolatey they turn the milk brown?'

'Yeah, I did hear a rumour to that effect.'

While we devoured the Coco-Pops (I guess we really needed to replace that lost energy from the night before!) we talked about plans for Christmas Day. Chris would be spending it at his gran's house with other members of his family while I'd be at home while my gran and my dad's sister and kids came to us. As there would be no real chance for us to meet, I suggested that later that evening I come back with his present.

After breakfast we decided we should get cleaned up and then I'd be on my way home. It was a tradition that I went with my mum to deliver presents to our relatives, so I didn't want to be home too late. Upstairs, Chris said, 'You know, we can share the shower if you like.'

'I like.'

He fetched another towel from the linen cupboard and made room on the heated towel rail so it would be warm when we'd finished. He stepped in and turned the water on then stepped out and closed the door.

'I'll let it heat up for a second.' He pulled down his boxers and stood with his hands on his hips, wiggling his hips so that his cock swayed from side to side. 'Is this what you imagined it looked like when I was running around?' he asked.

'Something like that.' I moved my head from side to side, as if contemplating something, then said, 'Of course, in my head it was bigger. Much bigger.'

'Come on,' he said eventually, 'let's get in.'

I followed him into the shower, thankful that it was more than big enough to fit the both of us.

'Hold out your hands,' he said as he squeezed a big dollop of shower gel into them. I ran my hands over his chest, creating a good lather, then over his shoulders and down to his cock and balls. I spent perhaps a little longer down there than necessary, but he didn't seem to mind.

'You can do your own crack!' I said. 'I'm not putting anything of mine near that thing!'

He chuckled. He took some gel and lathered it up and then washed his crack, seemingly making sure that it was pristine clean. He rinsed his hands and then put more gel on them and started to wash my chest. My nipples were sensitive again, and when his fingers brushed over them I could feel my cock begin to stir. By the time he turned his attention to my cock and balls it was already at half mast. He tutted several times.

'Whatever will we do with you, Mr Stevens?' he said sarcastically. He then started to pump my cock, harder and harder.

'It won't take long,' I said, 'it never does in the morning.'

Chris continued to jack my cock, faster and faster. After a few minutes I could feel myself building up to my release. 'It's gonna come,' I said, and within a few seconds my spunk was trickling down the shower door.

He took the shower head and rinsed down the door. 'But what about me?' he asked, in a pathetic, sad voice.

I kissed him on the lips then bent down, my arms against the wall. 'Use me and abuse me,' I said.

It didn't take long for Chris to get hard, and with the water and soap everywhere it wasn't difficult for him to push his cock through. 'Ohh!' I sighed. It was only 9am but I knew it was going to be a good day. Chris started to pump in and out of my arse, holding onto my hips. Soon he was pounding away, and I felt him slap against my arse cheeks each time he thrust. I then leant down further, holding on to the little shelf where the shampoo and shower gel were, and I could feel Chris invade my arse even further. It seemed like each of his nine inches was now buried inside my arse and fuck it felt good. I could feel his cock moving up and down inside me, and the image of his cock ploughing my arse made me hard all over again. Had I not just cum a few minutes earlier I would easily be on the verge by now.

I straightened up and twisted my head to kiss Chris, the water from the shower falling like rain on our lips. I put my hands back against the wall and leant down a bit further. Chris started to fuck my hole harder, faster, and I could feel the power of his thrusts. After a few minutes, he called out, 'I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!' And then I felt him unload inside me. He quickly removed his cock and turned me around to kiss me.

'So, that's another place we can tick off our list,' he said.

'What do you mean?'

'Well, we've done it in a park, we've done it in a shower. Maybe we should do it in a lift next time? Maybe the glass one at the Wells Centre!'

I laughed. 'Yeah, or maybe not.' I could feel his cum leaking down my leg so I took the shower head and washed it all away. He turned off the shower and we stepped out onto the mat. He passed me a towel and put one around his shoulders as he started to dry off my chest. Once he'd finished, I reciprocated, then we tied the towels round our waists and went out into his bedroom to get changed. I watched him as he pulled on his boxers and put on a t-shirt.

'What, you're just gonna sit there and watch?'

'Well, it's better than the internet,' I replied.

He smiled and shook his head. 'Come on, your turn.' I sighed and eventually got dressed. 'There, wasn't so difficult was it?'

'No, but now there's no reason to stay. Now I should go home.'

He came over and kissed me. 'You'll survive.'

The rest of the day was like a typical Christmas Eve. My mum and I drove all over the city dropping off presents, and listening to my uncle's kids telling me what they expected to get from Santa (spoiled brats!). In the evening I told my parents I was going to Chris's house to drop off his present and that I wouldn't be long. I went up to my room and wrapped the hoodie as best I could, then I set off for Chris's house.

He answered the door wearing his shorts and t-shirt and once he'd closed the door gave me a quick kiss. 'Long time no see!' he said.

'Hi Greg,' his mum called from the living room.

'Hi Mrs Stevens.'

'Can I get you something to drink?'

'No thanks, I'm not staying long, I just came to drop off Chris's present.'

We went into the living room and Chris went over to the tree and picked up a small present. Judging from the shape, it looked like it was going to be a book.

'Hope you like it,' he said shyly.

'I'm sure I will.' I opened my backpack and took out his present. 'Hope you like this.'

He squeezed it and looked at me curiously. 'I'm sure I will.'

He saw me back to the door and gave me a long kiss. 'Merry Christmas,' he said. 'I hope Santa's good to you.'

I smiled a broad smile. 'Same to you. And have a good day tomorrow.' I then said goodbye to his mum and I was off home, wondering what on earth the present could be.



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