'I'm quite nervous,' I said as we approached my house.

'What for? There's no need to be. I'm just a friend coming for tea.'

'I know, but I just have a feeling that my parents are going to... know.'

'That's silly,' Chris told me. 'And what if they did know?'

I paused for a moment. 'I don't know I'm ready for that.' I paused again, before saying, 'It's all very well having this hunk's huge, hard cock in my mouth, but it's something else knowing my parents know I have that hunk's huge, hard cock in my mouth!' I turned to him, smiling. 'You know?'

'You're nuts. And they won't know. Look at me. I'm the hardest boy in school. Who's gonna believe I love cock?'

'And what? I'm some mincing Alan Carr?' I teased.

'Yeah!' he deadpanned.

We got to my front door and I waited a second. 'Ok, let's go in,' I said to Chris.

'Drama queen!' he chuckled.

'Hi mum, it's us,' I called through as I opened the door.

'Hi Greg,' my mum called back.

We went into the living room. 'This is Chris,' I said to my mum who was holding a wooden spoon in one hand and a packet of rice in the other.

'Hi Chris,' my mum said, 'nice to meet you. I'd shake your hand but I'm in the middle of making the curry.'

'Hi Chris,' my dad called from somewhere, out of sight. He was probably putting the shopping away.

'Nice to meet you too, Mrs Stevens. And thanks for this, for inviting me over. You didn't have to. And I love curry.'

'Nonsense, it's nice to meet Greg's friends. He hardly has any over.'

'Come on,' I said to Chris, 'let's go upstairs until tea's ready.' As we went into my room I closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. 'That's over!'

'You're funny, you know that?' Chris said, walking over to me and giving me a peck on the lips.

'I know,' I replied, smirking, before taking his head in my hands and pulling him in to a deep, sensual kiss. Coming up for air, I said, 'Your leather jacket really does it for me. I can't believe how fucking hot you look in it.'

Chris blushed slightly, his dimpled cheeks looking even cuter than they normally did.

'Do you wanna play some X-box?' I asked.

'Sure, I've never played before. What kind of games do you have.'

For the next 40 minutes or so we played Call of Duty, and although he had never played before he wasn't doing badly. Then my mum called us down for tea.

While we ate, both my parents quizzed Chris on various aspects of his life, and got really interested when he mentioned his dad being an archaeologist in Egypt. Once we'd finished, my mum told us to go through and watch TV for a bit, and then she'd bring in some ice-cream.

My dad joined us and took out his packet of cigarettes. 'You don't mind if I smoke, do you?' he asked Chris.

'No, go ahead. It's your house after all, and I smoke myself.' Oh God, why did he say that? My parents were going to think that I smoked, or that he would lead me astray, then they'd tell me to not see him so much.

'Oh,' my dad said surprised. 'I thought kids these days were really into healthy living and stuff like that.'

'Well, not me.'

'Do you want one?'

'Thanks, Mr Stevens.' Oh my God! My dad was offering my friend a cigarette. This felt somehow wrong. Parents shouldn't be smoking with their son's friends! He should be lecturing them on why he regretted taking up the dreadful habit.

'Call me Joe,' my dad said. 'My dad is 'Mr Stevens'. Makes me feel really old!'

Chris reached over and took one, and from his pocket he produced his lighter, which he offered first to my dad before lighting up his own.

And oh God did he look sexy.

My dad flipped on the TV, and while looking through the programme guide asked when Chris had started smoking.

'Well, quite young,' he said.

'Well, you're only 18 now!' my dad said in amusement.

'I was 14. As I told Greg, I was in Egypt with my dad, and he had some students with him, and one of them offered me one. Not wanting to look like the stuck up son of the lead archaeologist I accepted.'

'Well, that's even before I started. I started when I was 16.'

'Dad!' I said, a little too loud. 'I never knew that!'

'There's probably a lot you don't know, Greg!' he said, winking. 'You don't smoke, do you Greg?'

'Er...' I paused. 'I've tried a few at parties,' I lied. I suddenly felt like the most boring, square person on the planet. Here was my dad, smoking with my friend, sharing stories about when they started.

'Oh Greg!' my mother called through from the kitchen. She was obviously disappointed.

'Oh leave the boy alone, Helen,' my dad called back. 'He's only young. There's probably a lot more he's done we don't know about... and with people we don't know about, eh Greg?' he teased.

'Dad!' My face was turning every shade of red on the spectrum.

'I'm just happy to hear that you live a little. You seem to spend all your time so seriously!'

'Dad!' I said again.

From the kitchen, my mother called out, 'Remember your earring?'

'Oh God!' my dad said, chortling, 'don't remind me'.

'You had your ear pierced?' I asked, incredulously.

'Ohhhh!' my dad said, recalling what was obviously a funny memory. 'It was when I was 16. Me and my pals got totally smashed at a party and I decided I'd pierce my ear. So we went to his mum's sewing box and took out a needle... Hurt like fury! But I thought I was the coolest boy there. And when I went home your granddad was NOT too happy!'

'I bet! What did he say?'

'Nothing. For 2 days he didn't say a word to me. I kept it in for a month, but in the end I decided I just didn't suit it.'

'I can't imagine you with an earring, dad!' I said.

'Well, who knows what I'd get pierced today if I was your age,' he said with a twinkle in his eye.

'Dad!' I repeated. This was a whole new man to me. I'd never heard him speak about anything like this before. And I started to feel like all those years I'd been the model son had been slightly wasted. If my dad had gone out drinking and smoking at 16, and pierced his ear, what did I have to show for it?

All the while I kept looking at Chris. He looked so handsome, so sexy, smoking. Everything about him. The way he held the cigarette, the way his fingers moved when he took it to his lips, holding it in his mouth while he inhaled, the exhale. I didn't want to keep staring, but I was going to have sweet dreams tonight, that was for sure.

'Oh God!' my dad said.

'What?' I asked.

'I just remembered my perm.'

'Your WHAT?'

'My perm! You have to remember, this was the early 80s. The decade that style forgot.'

'You permed your hair?' Chris asked.

'I'm telling you, it was all the rage back then. Loads of footballers had them. And we had the New Romantics in the charts, so men were quite experimental with their hair back then.'

'Oh he did look good, though!' my mum called through again.

'And your granddad REALLY wasn't happy about that!' my dad chuckled.

'What did he say?' I asked.

My dad laughed. 'He said, 'You look like a fuckin' poof!'' I shot a glance at Chris, who caught my gaze. This was not going to be the night to tell my parents I loved sucking cock.

'What did you say?'

'I told him, 'So what if I am?' That really put the wind up him!' My dad laughed again. 'He knew I wasn't, but sometimes he just pissed me off, so this was a way of getting back at him.'

'Oh,' I said, not really sure how to react.

'But you've got to remember, this was a time when Boy George and Marilyn were in the charts. Homosexuality was just starting to be seen as being ok, guys were playing around with their image, some wore makeup. It didn't mean they were gay, but the early 80s was... Well, it was different to now.'

'Yeah, I suppose,' I said.

'Back then,' my dad continued, 'the only gays on TV were Kenneth Williams and that one with the catchphrase, 'I'm free'. And even though they were accepted, it still wasn't acceptable, if you know what I mean. Even Elton John was married to a woman back then!'

'What?' Greg asked. 'Elton John had a wife?'

'Oh yeah. Of course, he was high as kite on drugs for most of the 70s and 80s, but being gay was really taboo then.'

'Who was that little astrologer fellow?' my mum asked, bringing through a tray of ice cream.

'Oh, that's right!' my dad laughed. 'On breakfast TV. What was his name? Camp as Christmas!'

I gave a nervous laugh, and took a bowl of ice cream (stracciatella - my favourite) from the tray.

'And George Michael. What a waste!' my mum said wistfully, as she walked back to the kitchen.

My dad said in a loud whisper, 'She really used to fancy him you know!' and gave a wink. 'He was a looker back in the day, not that bloated thing you see today with that porn star moustache!'

I couldn't help but laugh. I had no idea where my parents' feelings lay on homosexuality. On the one hand they didn't seem too bothered by gays, but on the other hand my mum had said that it was a 'waste' that George Michael was gay. I was confused.

Although watching Chris take the last drag on his cigarette before stubbing it out brought me back to reality. Sex on legs! And in my house.

'Russell Grant!' my mum suddenly shouted out from the kitchen. 'That wee fat astrologer, Russell Grant!'

'Russell Grant!' my dad agreed.

After we finished our ice-cream I suggested we go to the park. I just wanted to get out of the house.

'Thanks for the curry, Mrs Stevens, it was great. My mum never makes curry like that!'

'Oh, I'm glad you liked it, Chris,' she said.

'Bye Mr Stevens... Joe.'

'Bye Chris,' my dad said, shaking his hand.

I handed Chris's jacket to him and then we were off.

'That wasn't so bad, was it?' Chris asked.

' 'Strange' is what it was. I never knew my dad had his ear pierced! Or that perm! I'll need to get mum to dig out some pictures.'

We walked through the park, talking about this and that, until we reached the entrance close to Chris's street.

'I'd better be going.'

'Yeah, me too,' I said. 'I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow.'


The air was a little tense. This weekend had been so intense, we had shared so much, but it had only been two days. We still had a whole week of school ahead of us.

We both just stood there, not quite knowing what to say.

'I think...' I began. 'I think it's probably best if we carry on not talking to each other. Best for both of us. You can look all moody and sexy, and I'll ... I'll just plod around listening to my iPod.'

'Yeah,' he said slowly. 'It probably is best.' He thought for a minute. 'But we still have to study together, don't we?' he asked, smiling.

'I suppose we do,' I smiled back.

'We'll work something out.'

He looked around, made sure nobody was around, then gave me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips.

'See you around, stud!' he laughed as he walked down the street.


Back home my mum and dad were watching the news.

'He seems like a nice boy,' my mum said when I went in.

'Yeah, he is,' I said. 'He's really intelligent.'

'Yeah, seems like a good lad,' my dad said.

'I'm going up to do my homework now,' I said, hanging my coat up.

'Damn,' I said to myself when I got to my room. 'Why did I tell them he was intelligent? They're going to wonder why he needs tutoring. Damn. Shit. Fuck. They're gonna know what we're up to. Fuck.'

The next morning I got to school early so I could talk to Mrs Brown. I wanted to see if it would be ok for me and Chris to skip PE to do our 'tutoring'. She said she'd try to square it with our PE teacher, but since Chris never went to PE anyway, and I wasn't exactly in bad shape, I didn't think it would be a problem.

During the first break I went to see her again and she said it was ok, so I went to find Chris. It wasn't hard to guess where he'd be.

As I approached the bike sheds, the butterflies returned to my stomach. I could see the other lads smoking, and eyeing me up with suspicion.

'Hey,' I called out, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

'Hey,' Chris replied, sounding equally disinterested.

'Mrs Brown said we should meet this afternoon instead of PE.'

'I never do PE,' Chris stated.

'Then it won't be difficult for you to miss,' I replied sarcastically. 'Listen, Mrs Brown says we have to. I don't care if you don't come. I'll just go home early.'

'Whatever,' he replied. His pissed-off act was very good. If he hadn't had my rock hard cock down his throat yesterday I would've been scared. 'Now fuck off.'

I was genuinely taken aback with the last comment, although walking back to the 6th Year Common Room I remembered he'd said the same thing on Thursday, so I guess the others wouldn't have thought anything of it.

The rest of the day went by in a blur until finally it was period 7, when I should've had double PE. Instead of waiting for Chris in the library I waited for him downstairs in the main corridor. I saw him approaching, but as there were other pupils about I didn't know how I should handle this.

'Hi,' I said disinterestedly.

'We going up to the library for this shit?' he sneered.

'I thought we'd go back to my place,' I said. 'I left the sheets at home.'

He tutted. 'Whatever. Let's go.'

As we were walking up the school path to the exit, Mr Miller, the headmaster, called after us. 'Hey you, boys! Where do you think you're going?'

'Shit!' I said under my breath. We turned and headed back.

'Where do you think you were going?' he asked sternly.

'I'm sorry, Mr Miller. Chris and I are doing the peer tutoring programme, I'm helping him with maths and English. We were supposed to work together in the library this afternoon, but it's full of first years. They're making a racket and we couldn't concentrate. I thought it would be better if we went back to my house. It's quieter there and we'd get a lot more done.'

'I'm not sure about this. You should be on the school grounds during school time.'

'I know sir, but really, they're unbearable.'

'Well, Stevens, since it's you, I know you won't be getting up to any nonsense.' Facing Chris he said, 'I hope you appreciate this, Adler.'

'Yes sir. He's helping me a lot.'

'Very well then. On your way.'

Walking up the path, Chris said, 'That was close!' in a loud whisper.

'Tell me about it. I thought he'd make us use an empty music room or something.'

'That would be a good place to do it!' Chris said, winking. 'We could try some plucking!'

I laughed.

Once we got to my house, Chris said, 'Won't your parents be home?'

'No, not for a few hours. Mum doesn't finish work at the bank until 5 and dad is usually home at 5:30 or 6ish.'

'How WILL we entertain ourselves?' he asked sarcastically.

I hung up my school blazer while Chris hung up his biker jacket, and we took our backpacks upstairs. I closed the door behind us. 'A man in uniform! How romantic!' I said. Taking his tie I pulled him towards me and kissed him. 'I've been wanting to do that all day!' We both started to tear our clothes off, sending them flying over the room. When Chris bent down to untie his boots I moved behind him and started to rub my crotch between his bum cheeks while holding him around the waist.

'God, you ARE horny, aren't you?' he said, surprised.

'I just can't get enough of you,' I stated. And it was true. It was hard to believe that 4 days ago I'd been dreading these meetings with Chris, but over the weekend my life had been turned upside down.

He finished untying his boots, let his trousers fall down and stepped out of them. He then turned round and hugged me tight. I could feel his erection pressing against mine, straining under the material of his boxer shorts.

'I think we should get out of these,' I said, pinging the waistband of his boxers. 'Don't want to rip them, do we?'

'Hold on,' he said. He went to his bag and took out a little carrier bag from Boots.

'What's that?' I asked.

'I nipped out at lunchtime. I thought we might need this.' From the bag he produced a bottle of KY lubricant. 'I'm not sure if it's the right stuff, but I'd heard of the name. Just hope it doesn't superglue our cheeks together!' he laughed.

I fell back on my bed, not taking my eyes off him for a second. He put the lube on my bedside table and got in beside me. The heat from his body was palpable. As had become the norm, we started an intense kiss, our tongues duelling inside our mouths. I moved my hand down to feel his cock, which was most definitely standing to attention. He rolled on top of me, our tongues still producing sparks, and supported himself on his arms. He then started gently moving up and down against me, our cocks rubbing against each other. Again, this was a whole new experience, and my cock felt like it was going to burst. I put my hands to his head and pulled him even closer. Even though he was right there with me, our bodies together, skin rubbing against skin, I still wanted him closer. He started to move his body more, up and down, slowly, our cocks sending sparks of electricity running through our bodies. My nipples had become sensitive again, and when he rubbed against them it was like they had a direct link to my brain. I gave an involuntary moan and instinctively I moved my legs from under him and wrapped them around his lower back.

He broke off the kiss and raised his torso up. My legs were still wrapped around him. I didn't want him to get away.

'Pass me the lube,' he said.

I reached behind my head and passed it over to him. A trace of fear swept over my face.

'Don't worry,' he said, 'we'll take this slowly.'

He untwined himself from my legs and lay beside me.

'Er... how much do you think I should use?' he asked.

'Search me,' I replied. 'Maybe just a little bit on your fingers first?'

He popped the cap and let some dribble onto his fingers.

'At least you're expecting it this time,' he grinned, as he leaned in to kiss me.

'You bastard,' I smiled back.

I opened my legs, giving him access to my hole. He smeared a little of the lube around my anus, then squeezed a little more onto his fingers. I could feel him circling my hole and then gently pressing his finger against my hole. With a little more force his finger was through. I exhaled.

'It's not too sore, is it?' he asked, genuinely concerned.

'No, it's fine,' I replied.

As he finger fucked me he came in for another kiss. The feeling of having something invade my body like this was still relatively new, but the sensations were not unwanted. He stopped the kiss and added more lube to his fingers, then continued fingering my hole while we kissed. I then became aware that another finger was trying to make his entrance. When finally it was through I gave a small gasp. It was more out of shock than pain, as I was starting to enjoy this experience. I felt strangely filled with his two fingers there, probing and retreating. I wondered what it would be like to have the real thing there.

I moved my head away from the kiss and looked deep into his eyes. 'Do it,' I said.

'You sure?'

'I want it. I really want it.'

'How should we do it?'

'I want to look at you,' I said, softly. 'I want to see your face.'

He took one of my pillows and placed it under the small of my back and reached for the lube again. This time he poured a more generous helping onto his hand and smeared some around my anus. He then dribbled some lube down the length of his shaft and rubbed it around. He then bent down to kiss me again.

Chris positioned himself between my legs and lined his cock up with my hole. He slowly pushed the head of his cock against the hole until it went in. I gasped.


'Yeah. Just... It's fine.' It was a lie. I felt red raw.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Chris allowed the full length of his dick to enter my hole until his balls were touching my arse cheeks.

'I'm all the way in. I'm gonna take it slow, ok?'

'Yeah... I can feel you. It's funny. In a good way.' Fuck.

He then slowly started to pull out before pushing back in. I lay there, breathing slowly but deeply. 'Kiss me,' I said. Chris lowered himself and I brought myself up to meet the kiss. It was a deep kiss, and all the while he slowly moved his dick back and forth in my arse.

'You can go faster. It's ok now.' The pain had subsided a little, although it wasn't yet what I would call pleasure. Like when he had used his fingers, I felt filled. Chris quickened his pace, looking deep into my eyes. Soon he was making deep thrusts while making low grunting sounds. I became aware that I was beginning to breathe more quickly, echoing Chris's grunting. And there was a definite sensation of pleasure somewhere in the mix.

'Yeah, that feels good,' I blurted out. 'Oh yeah.'

Chris quickened his pace further, and started to really slam into my arse, my involuntary moans of pleasure urging him on. 'Oh that feels good,' I said again. 'Yes, I can feel you inside me. Uhhh...'

He was becoming hotter, with beads of perspiration beginning to form on his forehead. I began to make my own panting noises as my arse was being invaded. Chris again lowered himself to kiss me, although this kiss wasn't as deep as the previous one. As Chris's thrusts got harder I became lost in the sensations running through my body, and my involuntary moans became more frequent. Chris repositioned my legs so he was now holding my ankles, his thrust seemingly more powerful.

'Oh yeah,' I gasped. I was still getting used to having something inside me, but I was definitely growing to like it.

'Yes,' Chris said. 'Oh yeah.' He was now starting to pant as his thrusts got harder. Within a few minutes we were both moaning with pleasure as Chris kept up the pace. As Chris fucked me, I tried to reciprocate somehow, bringing my arse up when he came down. 'God you're so tight,' he said. 'Uhhh.' The hormones were racing around my head as I really started to enjoy having a man inside me.

Then, a few minutes later, Chris said, 'I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum.'

I felt Chris unload himself inside of me with the final thrusts, although it's a feeling I couldn't really describe. Chris withdrew his engorged dick from my now deflowered arse and then lowered himself onto me, spent. We lay there like that for a moment before Chris rolled to the side.

'Fuck,' Chris said.

'Yeah,' I agreed.

Chris lay there panting. 'Was it... was it ok?' he finally asked.

'Yeah, it was more than ok. I feel...' I paused. 'I feel empty now.'

'Wasn't it... sore?'

'At the beginning. But that goes away. And when you hit that spot. Fuck!'

I lay there smiling. I just looked at the ceiling and thought, 'I've lost my virginity! I finally lost my virginity. And to someone I l...' I stopped myself short. Did I love Chris? It had only been a few days. And my brain was still swimming in hormones. Whatever, I was no longer a virgin. I turned over and kissed Chris on the forehead. It was a tender kiss, and one that he hoped conveyed what I was feeling.

Eventually Chris said, 'Do we have time for one more round? You haven't got off yet and I want to feel you inside me.'

'That's the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me,' I teased.

Chris shuffled across in the bed and positioned the pillow under his bum. 'Take it slowly,' he said quietly. 'You're not as long as I am but you're definitely thicker. It might hurt.'

'Trust me,' I said, with a twinkle in my eye, 'it's DEFINITELY gonna hurt.'

He passed me the lube and I smeared some around his sphincter and pushed my index finger through, working the lube around the hole. I then drizzled some on my cock, which now felt like it was made of steel, and worked it in. I leant forward and kissed him gently on the lips.

I put some more lube on my fingers and worked two of them into his hole, going back and forth a little so my cock wouldn't be such a shock to him. Then, slowly, I put the head of my cock to his sphincter and pressed. The head popped through with not too much resistance, and then I slowly pushed my cock further in.

'Holy FUCK!' he said, his eyes wide with shock. 'I never thought it would feel like THAT! Fuck!'

'Is it too much?' I asked, genuinely concerned.

'I'll ... I'll get used to it.'

'Try to relax a bit more,' I suggested. I didn't move, but waited, with my dick still inside my lover, for Chris's sphincter to relax a bit. 'That's it.' I pushed in further. 'He's all the way in,' I said, lowering myself to kiss Chris, who gladly reciprocated. 'I'll take it slowly, ok?'

I slowly pulled back and gently pushed forward again. Chris was taking short breaths. 'Relax, it'll be ok. It's a bit painful at first, but it does get better.' Chris smiled back. I continued the slow movements, smiling at Chris.

'You can go a bit faster,' Chris suggested.

I quickened my pace slightly, hardly believing that I was actually having sex. Chris was beginning to take deep breaths and puff and closed his eyes tightly. I could see that he wasn't really enjoying it so slowed down. 'Are you ok? How about we try a different position?'

'Yeah, ok.'

I withdrew from Chris and suggested that he lay on his side. I took some more of the lube and worked it around my cock before slowly pushing into Chris's bum. 'Ok?'

'Yeah, that's better.'

I slowly started to thrust.

'Oh yeah, that's better,' Chris repeated.

I took this as a sign to intensify my thrusts, kissing Chris's neck as I did so. I pulled Chris's left leg up so I could get a better angle and continued to increase the speed and intensity of my movements.

'Yeah, oh that feels good,' Chris said. He started to moan in time with my thrusts, meanwhile I was becoming more vocal every time I pushed further down. Soon I was thrusting away, my balls slapping against Chris's arse. 'Yeah, do it!' Chris shouted out. 'Oh yeah!' I guessed there was still some discomfort for Chris, but he was also enjoying it at the same time. 'Oh that feels so good. Yeah.'

Our bodies were beginning to glisten with sweat. I reached over and started to fondle Chris's nipple before moving my hand down to his cock. I was a little surprised to find it was bone hard again. Maybe I was doing it right after all. I grabbed the penis and started to move my hand up and down, not quite in rhythm with my own thrusts. Chris turned his head back to kiss me, and I willingly kissed him back.

From lying on our sides, we gradually rolled over so Chris was lying face down while I was pumping form above. I couldn't see him, but the way he was controlling his sphincter muscles I guessed he was enjoying it. As I had done earlier, Chris was becoming more vocal in his appreciation.

'Oh God, yeah!' he cried out. 'You're so big, yeah. Oh! Yeah! That's it. Oh yeah, that's the spot.'

At this point I was almost having an out-of-body experience. I could almost see myself fucking Chris's arse for all I was worth and it turned me on even more. I was fucking a guy, and Chris Adler at that, and his hole felt so tight. My cock was getting a really good work out as Chris raised his arse to meet my thrusts. I leant down to kiss him on the neck again. This was more than just raw sex, it was with someone I cared about, and holy fuck did it feel good. Wanking would never be the same again.

We rolled back on to our sides so Chris's big erection was bouncing around. I again felt around and gave another few tugs.

Shortly I said, 'I'm gonna cum, I can feel it, I'm gonna cum,' before shooting my load inside Chris's arse. After a few jerks of my body I rolled to the side, panting, my cock still in Chris's arse,

'Keep going,' Chris said.


'Keep going, I'm gonna cum too.' He was still beating off. I repositioned myself and started thrusting into Chris's arse again. 'Yeah, do it. I'm gonna cum.' A moment later Chris's cock erupted with a rope of cum. I stopped and lay back while Chris turned over and kissed me.

We both lay thereon the bed, panting, exhausted.

'Fuck,' Chris said eventually. 'That was mindblowing. You really stretched my arse, but... Wow. It felt good.'

'And you came again.'

'I know!' Chris said, surprised. 'Once you started hitting that spot, I just couldn't help myself.'

Looking at the mess on the bed, Chris said, 'I think you're gonna have to change your sheets!'

'Yeah, I think you're right,' I smiled.

We lay there for a few minutes in silence. Chris again put his hand under my head and brought me in to a hug. My heart was still pounding in my chest, both from the fucking but also the emotions. I was well and truly a virgin-free zone.

'I think we should clean up,' I said eventually. 'That was... sweaty work!'

'Tell me about it,' he grinned. 'I could get used to physical labour!'

Our shower was smaller than the one Chris had, and could only accommodate one person, so I went for a shower first, while Chris waited patiently watching me lather myself up and rinse myself off. While he showered I dried, although I couldn't stop looking at his hot, naked body in the shower. We then went back into my room and changed back into our school uniforms.

'What about this mess?' Chris said, pointing at my cum-covered sheets.

'I'll just tell mum I spilled coffee or something on them. She'll believe me, I'm always doing that kind of thing. Not very good with my hands!'

'Oh, I wouldn't say that,' he grinned, before kissing me. 'Listen, I'd better be off. Your mum'll be home soon and you'd better get that cleaned up. Give me some of those sheets to take home and do, and I'll go and see Mrs Brown tomorrow to show her what excellent progress I'm making.

I fished a few sheets out from the folder and he stuffed them into his bag. I walked him downstairs and watched him put on his jacket. Without warning I grabbed him and pulled him towards me for a big, long kiss.

'Just so you don't forget me,' I said, breaking it off.

'No chance,' he replied, a huge smile spreading across his face.

'See you tomorrow.'

'See you tomorrow.'



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