Erik woke up to Trev lapping on his fat boner. Trev was squeezing the base, making his big bro's penis head flare out and get all red. Trev's other hand cupped Erik's big balls. He could barely fit both of them in his hand. Erik had real big tanks. Trev liked to stare at Erik's balls, looking at the veins running around underneath the skin, thinking of all the gooey sperm inside them. It made Trev's mouth get all full with bro spit. He smiled at Erik and drooled a big wad of boy spit onto his big bro's shiny flared out boner head. Trev was totally dumb on dong.

Erik had his hand on the scruff of Trev's neck, running his fingers threw his blond curls, watching his little bro's tongue go up and down on his penis.

"Lick my penis. Lick my penis, little bro, like a good pup. Get slurpy on it, yeah. Fucking sloppy, bro."

Trev opened up his mouth real wide, and let Erik slide his huge dong down his throat, It was what Trev waited for every morning. His day was kind of bleary until he had his big bro's shaft down his throat. It made him think clearly. And what he thought about was penis. Peeeeeeeeenis. PENIS. PENIS PENIS PENIS.

Erik was also thinkin about dong. It had been a month since Erik started getting real sloppy with his litlte bro, Trev. And Erik's penis had gained at least 2 inches. Erik was waiting for his buddy Alex to come over so they could measure their dongs. It was part of their routine, part of what they did every day. This is what bros do. And they did it kind of constantly.

Erik made Trev do tons of squats every morning after his throat had been deep dicked. Erik wanted Trev's glutes to be fucking huge, tight, puffy, bouncy, smooth. Erik and Alex had a kind of competition to see whose little bro could be more fuckable. Erik and Alex were so dumb on puss, and fucking stupid when they saw the faces on their little bros, the way Trev and Timmy stared at their giant penis dongs, their massive big boy boners. It made them want to pin them down on the floor with dick and fuck their smooth pussies until they filled them full of gooey bro sperm. Erik loved the way Trev's belly pooched out a little when he was full of cum.

"Hey Trev,let's play kiss the penis, 'kay bro?"

Trev nodded, pulled Eriks penis covered in that drool you only get from deep penis. Trev kissed the shiny head.

"Penis," said Trev. He kissed again. "Penis."

Erik slapped that penis head on Trev's cheek, leaving a sloppy spit mark on his face. He slapped that boner harder against Trev's face.

"Say BONER!" Erik dong slapped his little bro.

"BONER!" said Trev. Erik dong slapped him again. "BONER!"

"Yeah, little bro. Get up and do your squats."

Trev smiled, giggled, and got up.

"Put your briefs on. The bright yellow ones, the real tiny ones. Yeah, those."

Trev slipped the tight yellow undies on started his squats.

"Squeeze your glutes on your way down, hold it there, yeah, then squeeze 'em again on the way up. Come here. Let me support your back while you do it."

Trev got real close to Erik, still lying in bed stroking his big penis. Erik put his hand on the small of Trev's back.

"Yeah now pooch out that bubble and work it, Trev. I wanna see you get sweaty."

Trev started squatting up and down, up and down, his bubble gettin' bouncy, a pool of sweat in the very top of his puss crack.

"Fuck Trev, I wanna go SPLAT right on the top of your bubble crack, SPLAT! Just pool up my cum right there, watch it drip down into your hole, watch your fucking shaved up pussy suck it up. Fuck Trev! Keep squatting."

Erik reached over and gave Trev a little wedgie with his briefs, pulling them up and stuffing them in his boy crack, so he could see those bouncy cheeks squatting up and down.

"That's it, bro. Just keep doing that, up and down, bro."

Erik took Trev's hand and put it around the base of his fat swollen boner.

"Hold on to your big bro's bone while you squat. Feel how fat you make my penis. Fuck yeah. Come on, squeeze that puss, while you squeeze my dong, little bro."

Trev jerked Erik's penis boner while he did his squats like a good little bro.

"Say BIG BONER while you squat, bro. Come on. Say it."

"Big Boner."

"Louder, Trev."


"Keep saying it."


"Fuck Trev, get your mouth on that penis. come on! Get your puffy mouth lips around that PENIS, bro. I'm gonna give you my sperm for breakfast, bro. Make you stay stupid on penis all day bro! Fuck yeah, open up, bro!"

Trev opened up his mouth and Erik shoved his fat dong inside. He shoved his fingers in Trev's mouth and opened him up wide, watching his massive boy dong go back and forth on the sloppy tongue covered in little bro spit.

"You read, bro? you ready for my sperm, bro?"

Trev nodded and made a silly gurgle noise.

"Here I come, bro! Come on, Trev, curl up that tongue!"

Trev curled his tongue and Erik fuck gooshed a couple gallons of boy sperm, filling up Trev's mouth until the pooched out like a fucking chipmunk. Erik cupped his hand in front of Trev's mouth.

"Spit it out into my hand, Trev. Come on, expose my sperm, I wanna see my babies drool out of your mouth."

Trev looked up at Erik and opened his mouth up a bit. He let the cum drool out slowly into Erik's hand, filling it up, never taking his eyes of his big bro's. He loved playing like this. And he swore he got drunk on the taste of Erik's sperm. He filled up Erik's hand, licked his lips and smiled up at Erik.

"Good job, bro! Fuck. You know what to do next, right?"

Trev nodded his head. Erik patted his blond curls.

"That's right, you do. Cuz you're a good little bro. The best little bro ever, huh? That's you Trev?"

Trev smiled and nodded.

"Go on, bro, drink it up. You deserve it little bro!"

Trev smiled, stuck out his tongue and lapped his big bro's cum out of his hand. Licked it clean. He could feel Erik's sperm sloshing around inside his belly. Sometimes after drinking his big bro's spooge, he swore he could feel his waist tighten a little bit, his butt get a bit bigger, his little boy penis get a bit smaller and his skin get softer. It was weird...but he kind of liked the feeling. And always the clicking and the PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS over and over in the background, his big bro's BONER BONER BONER BONER BONER like the sexiest fucking white noise ever. And the noise and the clicking and the voice in his head that kept saying BONER BONER BONER kept getting louder and louder until it felt like he went to sleep- but he didn't.


Alex sat in the driver's seat of his jeep, in his red baseball cap, tight green briefs and a pair of red and white air jordans.

"Come on Tim! Hurry up!"

Alex leaned back and played with the red pubies sticking out of the top of his briefs. He started to chub up in the cotton, thinking about his little bro. Timmy had gotten so much hotter in the last couple weeks since they started playing like real bros. His butt fucking exploded in sweet muscly bubbly puss perfection. They shaved it together every couple of days to keep it baby bro smooth. THe only hair on Timmy's body that Alex allowed was the red curls on his head. Alex was letting Timmy grow out his hair, it came almost down to his chin. Fuck, Alex was all boned up now, his massive penis dong stretching his briefs out all crazy. It was so funny when he took off his briefs how stretched out the pouch was. TImmy's pouch was barely stretched but the back of his undies were always all stretched out from his boy bubble butt.

"Timmy, come on! Hurry the fuck up, bro!"

Timmy ran out of the house in a pair of sneaks and the tiniest pair of red undies ever. He threw his backpack in the back seat and jumped into the passenger seat, next to his big bro. He leaned over and kissed Alex on the cheek. Alex put his muscle arms around his little bro, slid his tongue in that soft little bro mouth, and pushed his hand inside those tiny undies to grab a big handful of bubble. His middle finger found that soft sweet shaved up cunt hole and he went in tiny circles around those boy lips as they started to get all puffy and a little wet. Alex and Timmy smiled at each other. Alex stuck out his tongue and Timmy started to suck on it all sloppy, drooling all over himself, just going back and forth on his big bro's tongue. Alex pulled out his penis from his briefs and pulled down Timmy's, slapping his BONER against his little bro's pale bubble puss.

"Sit on my bone, Timmy."

Timmy adjusted a little and sat down on his big bro's fat penis boner. He felt that huge red penis head pop into his pale white smooth puss lips. Alex pushed down on TImmy's shoulders and the big boy bro boner went even deeper.

"Take it Timmy, do it quick, slide down on that PENIS. "

Timmy went up and down on that penis, taking a little bit more inside his puffy boy lips, feeling big bro penis fill up his pussssssssy.

"Say it, TImmy."

"I love my big bro's penis in my pussy."







"Fuck yeah, Timmy! Bounce up and down on my boner. Bounce on your big bro's boner. Come on, be my fucking little ginger bro, my sweet baby bro bouncing on your big bro's big boy dong. Come on, say BIG BOY DONG!'


"Bounce on that big boy dong, Timmy. That fucking penis is your flesh and blood, Timmy, it's your big bro's fucking penis in your butt."

Alex grabbed Timmy by his hair, clutching those sweet red curls in his big bro hands, pulling TImmy's head back, exposing his pale neck. Alex started to chew on his neck while he fucked him hard with his big boy dong. For a while they just sat in Alex's jeep, in the drive way, Timmy just bouncing on his big bro's penis. Timmy could feel Alex's huge penis head, sliding inside him. Timmy kept waiting for it not to feel so intense when his big bro fucked his puss, kept waiting to get used to how big his bro was, but it felt like Alex's penis kept getting thicker and harder and hotter. Alex's red bush kept getting redder and puffier and fluffier, more and more like a crown of fire around that pale white and pink boner. There were days when Timmy didn't think about anything other than his big bro's penis, big fat boner, big bro boy dong, PENIS.

"It's my duty as your big bro to keep-"

SLAM as Alex brought Timmy down on his huge bone-

"your sweet little bro cunt smooth-"




"and able to take big penis!"


"Because big penis is what it's all about, Timmy-"


"You know that, don't you? This is how big bros show love to their little bros-"

SLAM! Timmy whimpered and nodded. He was just a smooth pale boy doll, limp and sweaty on his big bro's penis. He wasn't sure if he could stay conscious, it felt like his big bro's penis was swelling bigger and bigger, filling him up. He thought he could feel the head of Alex's massive boy dong pushing against his heart, he could feel it in his throat, trying to come out of his mouth. He couldn't breathe for a second, and then it felt like he just passed out.


Trev was in some kind of gym; he knew that because of all the weightlifting equipment and the springy floor and the smell of...boys. Sweaty jock bros and their giant dongs hanging between their legs. Trev shook his head for a moment. He felt different, like he was dreaming or something. He looked at himself, he was in a pair of baggy skater jeans and a baggy t-shirt. Weird, he hadn't worn these in forever. Was he in a memory? But something was different, totally different. Trev took a breath of the bro penis stink and he felt a tingle in his puss. He reached into his jeans and felt his hole, a fine down of hair surrounded his puss. WEIRD.


Trev wheeled around and saw Dalton, in a gray sleeveless T with the most of the sides cut out, exposing his incredible abs and his big red nipple, a pair of green basketball shorts showing off his obvious boner, a pair of tube socks and sneakers. He was all sweaty and pumped. He threw something at Trev.

"Put these on."

Trev caught them. It was an extremely tiny jock strap, like for a real little kid. They were bright yellow with a thin white waist band and straps.

"C'mon, put 'em on, bro."

Dalton walked past Trev and sat down on a bench. He picked up pair of 50s and started a set of curls. Trev watched, confused, and mesmerized by Dalton's massive biceps swelling and releasing, contracting and expanding, shiny with sweat.

Not stopping, Dalton said, "Put on the fucking jock, bro, or I'll put it on for you."

It was totally in Trev's instinct to just put on the jock but something stopped him and he wasn't really sure what. He started to sweat and get real confused.

"Bro, you wanna know why you're all jacked?"

Trev turned around to see another dude standing in the gym. He was like 5'9", blond, blue eyed and fucking built. He was wearing a baseball cap, turned to the side, a pair of white briefs and some sneaks. Trev's eyes immediately dropped to the pouch and saw a big fat penis bulging out. The guy's hand started to play with his penis.

"You're jacked, bro, cuz you're fuckin' totally dumb on dong."

Trev stared at the bro's penis bulging, and the bro's thick fingers workin' his dong into a bone.

All of the sudden, Trev felt a massive boner against his butt.

"Alright, bro, you asked for it,"said Dalton behind him. Dalton's big arms came around Trev and roughly pulled down his baggy jeans and boxers.

"Pick up your feet, bro"

Trev picked up one foot then the other as Dalton slipped the jock on. It went over Trev's thighs easily enough and the pouch was big enough to cover Trev's boy penis, but those fucking straps stretched tight over that fat puffy bubble butt.

"Damn!" said Dalton. Then stuck his face right between Trev's crack. Dalton's wet sloppy tongue lapped on that puss until those cunt lips were all puffy and drippy and stupid ready for penis.

The other dude walked right up to Trev as his ass was getting eaten by a horny jock bro. He held out his hand.

"I'm Damian, bro."

Trev hesitantly held out his hand to shake Damian's. Damian smiled and shook his head. Damian opened his mouth and motioned for Trev to do the same. Trev slowly opened his mouth as Damian put two of his fingers in between Trev's lips, tapping his little bro tongue.

"Open up, Trev, bro."

Damian stuck his fingers deeper into Trev's mouth.

"Suck, Trev."

Trev slowly slurped on those big boy fingers.

"There you go, bro. Now listen up, k? Cuz I'm only gonna say this once."

Trev made eye contact with Damian. He immediately felt his whole body spasm, his puss opened up wide and his little boy dong got rock hard in his tiny jock, straining against the cotton. He felt his heart race. He could feel Dalton's tongue, reaching deeper inside him, his jock boy tongue abnormally long and snaking up inside him.

"So, like I said, bro, I'm Damian. I'm here to teach you about being in boy brain-"

Trev tried to say something but only managed to grunt and drool a little around Damian's fingers.

"No, bro, don't talk, just slurp on my fingers, theeeeeeere you go, bro. Slurp. Let me hear you make a sloppy sound."


"Yup, yup. That's it bro. Ohmmmmm, Trev? You see what a big boner you gave me?"

Trev looked down and saw Damian's enormous boner bulging out, it was so big it was kind of obscene and silly how it pulsed in his briefs. Just big bro boner dong doing what it does. Trev felt himself calm down, staring at the BRO BONER.

"You see that, you see how you relax? The second you focus on my PENIS? Even more than your big bro Erik's? Right? Right? Isn't that fucking awesome? Can't you feel your whole sweet bro body just relax, like you just took a shot of tequila? That's cuz I'm a BONER BRO. That's what I do. I'm the fucking number one BONER BRO, fucking alpha, bro."

Damian grabbed his BONER through his white briefs and squeezed his bulge, making his bicep get all tight and his face kind of screw up into a dumb bro face. Trev sat back on Dalton's tongue, so relaxed he just started grinding his pussy against Dalton's face.

"Yeah, that;s right," said Damian. "Just grind that ass on Dalton's tongue. Sweeeeeet. Makes my dong get so big. Grind on it, bro. Put it on a show for your boner bro."

Trev started to grind even more on jock boy tongue in his puss, so fucking deep, it felt like--like-

"He's giving you the heartlick, bro. His fucking jock boy tongue is so far up your ass, so deep inside you, he's fucking tongueing your heart. Yeah, bro."

It was true, Trev felt Dalton's tongue wrapped around his heart and it felt so good. He felt like he could just completely let go and Dalton's tongue would hold him.

"Yeah, Trev, yeah, that's it," said Damian, fucking jacking on his bone through his undies. "Totally chill. See that? Now, I want you to get a little dirty for me. Can you be a dirty little bro?"

Trev nodded.

"Yeah, you can." Damian walked closer to Trev. He took one of Trev's little hands and put it on his bulging undies. "Just hold it, bro. Relax and hold my pouch, bro. Hold your boner bro's hot pouch. You feel how hot that is. You feel my balls, all full up with boy sperm. Sloppy, sticky, stinky fucking boy cream. Stick out your tongue, bro"

Damian pulled out his fingers and Trev stuck out his little pink tongue. Damian stepped even closer to Trev and put his big red nipple right against Trev's lips.

"Suck on my muscle titty, bro. Nurse on my sweet bro nippies. Come on, Trev, be a good little bro and suck on my muscle nips. Yeah."

Trev sucked on Damian's nipple, like a desperate little bro. His hands cupped that massive bulge and he kept feeling Dalton's tongue just flicking inside his body. Trev felt himself giving up completely-

"Not yet, Trev. Hold on, there bro. Just focus on holding that pouch and sucking on tit. Make that be what keeps you here, k bro?"

Trev just sucked and cupped Damian's boner bulge and relaxed.

"Here, put your arms around my neck. Yeah, good bro, now your legs around my waist, nice and sweet, bro, i'm just gonna put my arms around your sweet butt and Dalton's gonna pull out his tongue. That was sweet of Dalton to get up inside you like that, felt good, huh? Make a silly noise if you get it."

Trev whimpered and nursed on boner bro muscle tit. Damian carried him around like a tired little boy pup.

"So let me tell you where you are first, okay, bro? You are in the fucking horny depths of your boy brain. You and your big bro opened up these fucking doors and asked for it, so you're gonna get it, bro? You are gonna get full on access to boy brain. Usually there are three types of bros who hang out here. There's the little bros, like you, Trev and your friend Timmy. There's big bros, like Dalton here and your big bro, Erik, and his buddy Alex. There's horny hairy daddies and uncles like your Uncle Craig. And then there's boner bros, like myself. What's a boner bro, bro? Glad you fucking asked cuz that's what this little fantasy is all about. For me, a fuckin' boner bro is a dude who is just all about his penis, no fucking compromises, no distractions. See, you spend all your time concerned with someone else's boner, not yours. In fact your boner is pretty much secondary to everything, right? And your big bro, while admittedly being very concerned with his massive dong is also fucking obsessed with your pussy. You wouldn't fucking believe how much time your big bro thinks about your bubble butt. Check out Dalton. Look at him. Fuckin' pathetic."

Dalton was standing in a blue jock strap and nothing else, his hand in the cotton jacking hard on his massive boy boner, staring at Trev's round bubble ass in Damian's arms.

"He is standing there so fucking horny over your round bouncy butt cheeks and your sweet puss. Remember how it was unshaved when you first got here? It's all fucking smoothed out from Dalton's tongue. THat's part of big bro's instincts, to keep pussy clean and smooth. They can't help it. Now me? I don't mind a hairy butt hole. Especially when it's dripping with bromones. Makes me chub up like that. Just fuckin instant wood in my briefs. No question. Anyway, Dalton?"

Dalton looked up for a sec.

"Say Big Fat Bouncy Bubble Pussy."

Dalton moaned, pulled out his boner, started jacking.


"Again, Dalton, keep saying it."

"bigfatbouncybubblepussy bigfatbouncybubblepussy bigfatbouncybubblepussy--"

"That's good, bro. Just keep jackin' your dong. THat's it."

He looked down at Trev.

"See, Trev, a big bro can't be 100% focused on his own boner. And I am, that's what a boner bro is. Just obsessed with his own penis. STick your hands inside my briefs, bro. Play with my big boner. Work it, while you suck on my tits. Dalton here is gonna fuck you now cuz he can't stand it anymore and I like things to be sweet around here."

Dalton swaggered his muscle jock boy body over to Trev and Damian. His boner was all swollen and purple, covered in veins with a super flared out head and he brought it up to Trev's shaved out puss and played with those puss lips, until they were all puffed out.

"Awww, fuck yeah, look at those sweet puffed out lips, fuck, bro.." said Dalton. He put his hands on his hips and started slowly pushing that swoled up mushroom head against Trev's puffy pink cunt lips. Back and forth, slowly, pushing it in a little deeper until Dalton smiled at the satisfying pop of boner inside pussy lips. POP!

"Pop! You hear that Trev? So fucking sweet when my boner pops inside you all squishy and hard at the same time. Fuck bro!"

Damian held on to Trev and slowly pushed him back onto Dalton's giant jock boy dong.

"That's it Trev, take Dalton's fat penis in your boy pussy, take it deep up inside you, let it fill you the fuck up, just like his tongue did, get full up on Dalton's enormous boy boner. Say BOY BONER."

"...boy boner...uhhhh..." said Trev breathlessly.

"Again," said Damian.

"Boy Boner..."



"Again, don't stop, trust me, something kick-ass is about to happen."


Trev felt something kind of shift in the muscles of his anus.


It was like he suddenly had a new limb, or just more control over his puss muscles.


Trev flexed his new cunt muscles and squeezed them around Dalton's enormous dong.


"Good job, bro!" said Damian. "That's what I wanted to show you, bro...if you're gonna be a kick-ass little bro, you gotta flex your muscles, bro, fuck yeah!"

Trev kept pumping his puss around Dalton's boner, pulling it deeper and deeper inside of him. It made Dalton crazy, and then it made him a little mad. Dalton took his hands and slipped his index finger into Trev's mouth, pulling back his lips, like a bit in a horse's mouth.

"Think you can control my bone? Fuck, no, Trev," said Dalton, as he started pounding Trev's pussy, pulling his head back by his mouth. "Come on, Trev, take the penis in your butthole! Fuck, bro, you're gonna let go and let me fuck you, bro!"

"Keep workin' him, Trev. Trust me, it's gonna change in a sec," said Damian. Trev kept milking his pussy muscles around that big fat boy dong and Dalton kept pounding that boy puss. And then it changed...


Trev snapped out of it and found himself still sitting in Erik's lap. Erik was staring at him strangely.

"You okay, Trev?"

Trev smiled a little, shook out his hair.

"Yeah. Ummm was I spaced out for a while?"

"Nope, just like a second, but it was weird. You all good, bro?"


There was a strange silence. Then-

"Hey Erik?"

"Yeah, little bro?'

"Do you love me, big bro?"

Erik smiled and looked Trev right in the eyes.

"Yeah, bro, I do. Fucking totally in love with you, little bro."

Trev wiggled a little and felt Erik's penis still inside him. He bounced real gentle on it, and pulsed his anus around it, squeezing the penis real gentle and smooth.

"Whoa." said Erik. "Is that what happens when I tell you I love you?"

Trev giggled. "Yup. Hey, big bro?"

"Yeah, Trev?"

Trev squeezed his big bro's boner, deep inside him, so deep. He felt Erik's flared out mushroom penis head pressing against his prostate.

"I love you too, big bro."

Erik smiled and started to fuck his baby bro real long and hard.



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