Trev and Timmy walked inside to the kitchen. Sitting on the counter was a

paper bag, just like Erik said. Trev opened it up and pulled out two pairs

of thin white cotton panties. He looked at them and giggled.

"Check these out, Timmy." He showed Timmy the panties. "We're gonna look

so silly."

"Let's put them on."

They both pulled off their oil-soaked briefs and slipped on the panties.

Their oily bodies soaked through the cotton almost immediately. Trev

looked at Timmy. His red hair was shiny and plastered to his head. His

smooth chest was all slippery with oil, his tiny boy dick was hard and

basically exposed once the oil had turned the cotton see-through. Timmy

turned around and Trev could see his bouncy butt crack through the cotton.

The panties barely covered their sweet smooth bubbles, which was probably

what Erik was thinking.

"You have a little dick, Timmy. Look at your little baby bro dick in your


"You too, Trev. You've got like a perfect little bro dick, all small and

hard. I can see your little boy balls too."

"You ever compared your dick to your big bro's penis?"

"Nope. He's so big. It'd look so silly."

"Yeah, Erik's penis makes mine look like a little kid's. It's weird, cuz

I'm 18 and I feel like a dumb kid around him."

"Yeah, Alex's dong is so big and fat, that mine just looks tiny. But I

kinda don't mind, I mean, I kinda like it..."

"Yeah me too," said Trev.

They both stood there for a bit, all stupid and silly thinking about penis.

Big bro penis. Their mouths started to fill up a bit with little bro spit.

They felt that tingle in their pink pussies, and a brand new clicking in

their heads.

"Let's go upstairs," said Trev.

Timmy giggled.

"We look so dumb, I love it, Trev. Hey, I kinda love you too, bro. I'm

having so much fun with you. I like having another little bro around.

It's cool."

Trev smiled and they hugged, their slick chests rubbing against each other,

getting their nippies all hard and sticking straight out.

Erik and Alex were in Erik's parent's bedroom, in their BIG BRO briefs,

boned up as usual. They were both flexing in the mirror, checking

themselves out.

"Damn Erik, you look bigger."

"Alex, you saw me like last week."

"I know bro, but shit, you look fucking swollen, like huge."

"Maybe it's cuz I'm playing with my real little bro. My fucking penis is

getting huge. Remember when we measured I was like 9 inches? Check this

shit out."

Erik pulls out his giant boner and a measuring tape.

"Measure that shit, bro."

Alex rolled out the tape along his buddy's boner.

"Fuck, Erik. You're like ten and a quarter. What the fuck!"

"You get any bigger?"

"Shit, measure me, bro."

Alex hauled out his fat pale boner, Erik measured.

"What were you before?"

"Eight and some change."

"Bro. You're like an even nine now. Fuck. My buddy Alex's got a fat nine

incher. Sweet."

There was a knock on the door. The bros put away their boners in their


"Come in!" said Erik. The door opened and there stood Trev and Timmy, in

those slicked up white panties. Their tiny baby bro dicks hard and

intense. Tiny balls. Sweet.

Erik and Alex both sat down in some chairs. Their boners were straining to

get out of those tight cotton briefs.

"Come over here, Trev. Be a sweet little bro."

"Hey Timmy. Come here little bro."

Trev and Timmy walked over to the boys, drawn by the stink of their pits,

the bulge in their briefs, pulled towards penis. Erik opened his legs

wider and smiled at Trev. Trev walked between his big bro's legs.

"Hey big bro." Trev ran his finger along Erik's muscle thigh.

"Hey Trev." Trev's finger reached the inside of his thigh and met the

cotton from his briefs. Trev slid his finger inside a little bit, tickling

Erik's testicle.

"Penis," whispered Trev.

"What was that, Trev?"

"Penis. Penis. Penis."

"Ohhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm Trev?"

"Yeah big bro?"

"Are you saying penis to your big bro?"

"Yeah Erik. I'm saying penis to my big bro."

"What are you saying to your big bro?"




"Three times."

"Penis! Penis! Penis!"

"Yeah, that's so sweet Trev. Look how much bigger I'm getting. You see

that Trev?"

"Yeah I do Erik."

"Ohmmm Trev?"

"Yeah big bro?"

"Are you horny for my penis?"

"Yeah I am."

"Say it."

"I'm horny for your penis, Erik."

"Say 'Trev is horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee for his big bro

Erik's fat peeeeeeeeeeeeeeenisssssssss."

"Trev is horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee for his

big bro Erik's fat pppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenissssssssssss!"

"Yeah, Trev! Fuck yeah, good job, bro. I'm fucking boned up here in my

briefs. Fuck!"

Erik looked Trev up and down.

"Hey Trev, i like your panties, all oil-soaked and slick."

"Thanks bro."

"Looks like you got all sloppy outside, huh? You get all silly and covered

in oil? And then you put on these sweet little cotton panties and got them

all wet and sloppy?"

"Yeah bro."

"You a sloppy little bro?"


"Say it."

Trev giggled. "I'm a sloppy little bro."

"Yeah you are. All sloppy and dumb in your panties. Come here."

Erik grabbed Trev's bouncy cheeks through the wet panties. He slid his

thumb inside the cotton and finds that sweet pucker, all smooth and

slippery. Erik popped his thumb inside his brother's puss. Trev whined a

little and start to bounce a little on his big bro's thumb in his butt.

"You are so ready for your big bro, huh?"

Trev just whimpered.

"You ready for your big bro's fat fucking boner in your pussy? You need

penis in your puss, huh? You need it, huh, Trev? You need my penis in your


"Yeah big bro!"

"You need my boner in your butt?"

"Yeah big bro, I need your fat penis in my pussy. I need your fucking

boner in my butt!"

"Fuck yeah, Trev! That's it, bro. Just fucking ask for what you need!"




"I wanna hear you mean it! Louder!"


Erik smiled and looked up at Trev, screaming PENIS PENIS PENIS. He slipped

out his boner with a boing!

"Trev, there it is, bro. Climb up in my lap. Yeah that's it. Sit on it,

bro. Sit on your big bro's big fat penis. Yeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, that's it

Trev. Ease that smooth puss down on that fat bone. Take inch by inch.

Yeah. Say penis."




"Fuck yeah Trev. Look at you, taking your big bro's boner like a champ.

Mmmmmmmmm yeah Trev. Sit on it, I love feeling inside your pussy with my

giant penis."

Trev took it all inside his puss and could feel Erik's blond pubies

tickling his pucker. Erik grabbed the back of his head and smashed his

tongue against Trev, finding his lips and pushing his tongue deep inside

Trevor's mouth as his penis boner puffed out those puss lips and pushed the

head of his boner against Trev's stupid boy brain.

"Come on, Trev. Bounce like a good bro."

Trev smiled and giggled and started to bounce his bubble up and down bro

boner. Bouncy butt boy full of fat dong. Dong in his bouncy bubble butt

like a good bro. Bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down, till he

got dizzy and silly, all full of penis. He looked over and saw Timmy

bouncing on Alex's fat penis. Trev made eye contact with Timmy for a

second and they both burst out laughing and giggling. And bouncing up and

down on their big bro's boner dong.

Erik looked to Alex.

"Hey Alex. You got your little bro bouncing on your boner."

"Hey Erik. You got your little bro bouncing on your boner too."

Erik had one hand on Trev's bubble and he stretched the other hand out

towards Alex. Alex grabbed it and squeezed. He pumped his boner up in

Timmy's puss. Timmy yelped a little and stuck out his hand to Trev, just

as Erik pumped his boner into Trev who grabbed Timmy's hand and squeezed.

They were a circuit of bros.

"Come on, fucking bounce hard on my cock. Bounce up and down, slam down on

my boner! Fuck yeah Trev! You're gonna get my babies, my fucking hot bro

sperm, ropes of it inside you, Trev. How about you Alex? You gonna fill up

Timmy like he needs? Get him all knocked up with your babies? Fuck that

puss and fill it with your sperm!"

"Fuck yeah, Erik. Your buddy Alex is slamming his boner into his little

bro's sweet cakes, fucking bouncy boy butt posting on my fat fucking penis,

yeah, Timmy? You like that? Huh? You like your big bro's swollen penis

slipping inside you and tapping that boy brain deep in your puss? You like

that, right?"

"Yeah Alex, fuck yeah big bro. I need your sweet penis in my hot smooth


"Yeah, little bro? You want my fucking gooey sloppy big boy sperm swimming

inside you? Making bro babies in your belly? Get you all swole up with my

fucking cum? Yeah? Your belly full of my swimmy sperm fucking sliding all

up inside you?"

All of the sudden, Erik picked Trev up off his dick and threw him on the

ground. Trev landed on his belly, his arms protecting his head, his bouncy

bubble high up in the air. Erik leaped on top of him, like a fucking tiger,

and slammed his fucking swollen penis boner deep inside Trev's puss and

started bucking his hips fast, fucking him hard with penis. Trev could

only yelp and whine and grunt. Like a good little bro.

Alex picked up Timmy and stood up, bouncing his little bro up and down on

his fat ginger penis. Alex carried Timmy around, fucking his pussy, like

he weighed nothing. Alex slammed Timmy against the wall and slammed his

fat penis inside him. Then put him on his back on the ground, his legs

over his head and watched his giant nine inch boner swell up Timmy's cunt

lips, stretching that pussy wide.

"Come on Alex," said Erik. "Sperm up in your bro. You wanna do it at the

same time? Huh, Alex?"

"Fuck yeah, Erik. Let's both fill up our little bros with our gooey


The little bros kept bouncing harder and harder on their big bros,

desperate for their cum.

"Ohhhhhhmmmmmmmm Alex? Are you ready to sperm up your bro?"

"Ummm Erik?"

"Yeah Alex?"

"I'm gonna fucking blow my babies deep inside my little bro's shaved up


"Fuck yeah!"

Alex bucked his hips hard and shot his load inside Timmy.

Watching made Erik lose it and he let his sperm shoot out of the head of

his swollen penis deep inside Trev's belly.

The little bros felt something kind of electric inside them. It poured out

of their big bros, shooting out of that fat boner head inside their puss

and filled them up. They both felt like they could fly. They were both

holding hands and they could feel the electricity flowing through them from

little bro to little bro. Finally it faded, and they fell onto their big

bros muscly furry chests. The blond hair on Erik tickled Trev's super

smooth boy chest. The red hair on Alex's chest tickled Timmy a little.

Timmy looked up at Alex, smiled and started nursing on his big bro's muscle

tit. Alex let his head go back and relax. Trev found Erik's nipple with

his mouth and started nursing too, making soft sucking noises, swirling his

tongue around that nippie, nursing so sweet on his big bro's tit.

And all four of them fell asleep. For a while.

Uncle Craig opened the door a bit and peeked in. He saw Trev in Erik's

lap, his arms around his big bro. And Timmy was just the same in Alex's

lap. Everyone sleeping like bro babies. He walked over to Trev, gently

picked him up, and placed him over his shoulder like he was a sack of

flour. He walked over to Timmy and picked him up, gently placed him over

his massive muscular shoulder. He picked up Trev's smooth blond body and

placed him right on Alex's lap, his red pubies mixing with Trev's blond

pubes. Then Uncle Craig walked over to Erik's furry blond body and put

Timmy's smooth ginger body on his lap. He arranged their little bro arms

around the big boys' necks. He put Erik's hand cradling Timmy's bubble

cheeks. He wrapped Trev's hand around Alex's semi hard penis.

Uncle Craig kneeled over to Alex and whispered into his ear, "Get up and

take your little bro to the other room."

Alex just stood up and carried Trev over to the bedroom next door. Uncle

Craig followed them and when he saw them lie down on the bed, he closed the

door and left them alone. Then he went back to the room with Erik and

Timmy. Uncle Craig really wanted to slide his big penis into Timmy's puss.

He wanted Erik to do it with him. He wanted to feel Erik's huge boner

against his while they both fucked Timmy silly.

Trev woke up in a dark room holding a penis that was not his big bro's. He

knew that much. His eyes adjusted to the dark and he looked at Alex. He

was surprised and confused but he didn't take his hand off Alex's big fat

dong. It was so thick and it felt different than Erik's. Not quite as

long as his big bro's. But super fat. Alex had a super fat boner.

"Say it out loud," said Alex.


"I can hear you thinking it. Say it, Trev."

" have a super fat penis."

"Ohmmmm did you say that your buddy Alex has a super fat penis?"

"Yeah, Alex. I did. I said that my buddy Alex has a super fat penis."

Alex's hands traveled down Trev's back to his super fat bubble.

"Ohmmm Trev?"

"Yeah, Alex?"

"You have a super fat bubble butt."

"I do?"

"Fuck yeah you do. Man, this ass is some prime bubble puss. Fuck!"

Alex mashed Trev's cheeks in his hands, he couldn't get enough of that

bubble puss. One of Trev's hands was working Alex's super fat boner.

Getting it all boned up in his baby bro hand. His other hand was on Alex's

chest. It was a mound of pale white muscle with pink nippies, all hard and

super sensitive. Trev leaned over and licked Alex's nipple. Alex pulled

his boner out of Trev's hands and quickly slipped it up inside Trev's

pussy, just pushing fat dong into Trev's smoothed up puss hole. Fat boner

in Trev's butt. Super fat boner in Trev's super fat bubble pussy, all

puffy from bone. Little bro's puss puss all puffy from penis. Fuck. It

was perfect. By bonding with Trev, Alex was bonding with Erik, his best

buddy in the whole wide world. Alex realized right then that Timmy was

with Erik. It only made his boner bigger. Expanding his penis inside

Trev's fat pussy.

"Ohmmm, Trev?"

"Yeah Alex?"

"You realize that my boner in your pussy makes us bros. You and I are

bros, you know that, right? Trev? You know that I'm your penis bro. You

got my penis in your puffy puss. Your fat sloppy puss lips wrapped around

my super fat penis. Penis in your pussy."

Alex started to pound Trev's hole with fat dong.

"Say it Trev. Say Penis in your pussy."

"Ummm penis in my pussy."

"Fuck yeah, again, say it nice and loud, Trev so your big bro can hear you

next door."

"Penis in my pussy!"

Alex kept slot fucking Trev's hole when through the wall they heard Timmy's

soft voice.

"Penis in my pussy," said Timmy through the wall.

"You hear that, Trev?"

It made Alex so horny thinking about his best bud Erik with his enormous

fat boner in his little bro's butt. He picked up Trev and put him face

down on the floor.

"Pooch up that bubble for your penis bro. Yeah, that's it, Trev, stick it

up. Arch that back, I wanna see you stretch that spine and expose your

puss to me!"

Trev arched and stretch as much as he could.

"Yeah, open up your mouth too, Trev. Stick out that tongue. Open up for

me, right there, on the floor like a good baby bro."

Trev stretched open his mouth, sticking his tongue as far out as he could.

Alex walked around to face him. He slid his finger along Trev's top lip.

Placed the head of his slick super fat boner right on Trev's outstretched


"Next door, your big bro is doing this to my little bro. Fuck! Doesn't

that fucking make you so horny? Fucking stupid on it, bro!"

Alex suddenly grabbed Trev's head with both hands and shoved his fat boner

down Trev's throat, all the way down to his chili-red pubes. Fucking

cherry-red pubies tickling Trev's nose. Trev spit up a little on that fat

boner, but Alex held him still. Spit started drooling out of the side of

Trev's mouth. Alex held on.

"Give it up, Trev! Give me your mouth, bro!"

Trev finally relaxed and Alex fucked that mouth hard, Trev's little body

shaking from the pounding boner in his mouth. Cherry red boner sliding

fast, in and out of those big puffy bro lips. Alex looked down at his

boner making Trev's fat puffy lips flap back and forth, the sound of his

slick penis thwip thwap and Trev's gurgling when he choked a little bit on

bone. Trev opened his mouth as wide as he could but still Alex's fat dong

stretched out that sweet pink boy mouth.

"Look up at your bro, Trev. Check out my body."

Alex flexed his arms, making those pink biceps bounce. He played a little

with his nipples and then shook those muscle tits for Trev. Alex rubbed his

hands up and down his thickly muscled abs, pale white skin and cherry red

pubies. Alex pulled his fat penis out of Trev's mouth. Trev gasped and

drooled. And started to giggle and laugh.

"You like that, Trev? Tell me you love that penis."

"I love your penis, Alex."

"Lap on my balls with your sweet tongue. Get it all wet and sloppy. Lick

that sperm sack."

Trev looked up at Alex, big spermy boy balls in his mouth, puffing out

those cheeks like a chipmunk, little bro full of nut sack. He slid his

tongue up and down those balls, smiling up at Alex.

"Fuck!!!" Alex picked him up in his arms, Trev wrapped his arms around

Alex's thick neck, his legs around his trim waist and slid his huge swollen

big boy boner inside Trev's stretched out pussy.

"Bounce on the dick, bro. Bounce on the dick. That's it, Trev. Bounce on

the dick. Bounce on it. Bounce on the peeeeeenis. Bounce on the

peeeeeeeeeeenis, Trev. Yeah. Fuck yeah."

Alex walked to the door, with Trev hanging on his body, bouncing on the

penis. He opened up, stepped out in the hall. "Keep bouncing, bro.

Nothing should stop you from bouncing on the bro bone. Feel yourself

bouncing and posting like a baby bro on boner. That's it.


Alex opened the door to the next room. He looked in.

Erik was right by the door, little red-headed Timmy hanging on his blond

muscle body, bouncing, bouncing his bubble up and down on that SUPER FAT


Alex and Erik grinned at each other. "Bounce, little bro," they

said. "Bounce on the bone. Fuck yeah..."




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