It was morning. Trev woke up slowly, confused, wondering if last night was

a dream, when he felt something inside him. He turned around and looked

behind him. His big bro's penis was still half hard and inside his butt.

Erik stirred a little, but kept his eyes closed and started fucking Trev

real slowly. Erik pushed his finger in Trev's mouth and his little bro

sucked on his muscle boy fingers, getting them all wet, while his big bro's

penis went in and out of his shaved up puss. It wasn't a dream. They were

being total bros.

Trev leaned against Erik. They were in the bathroom. Erik pulled down his

briefs and his fat bro penis flopped out. Trev felt the weight of it in

the palm of his hands. He loved his big bro's heavy penis. He cupped

Erik's huge balls with this other hand.

"You got it, Trev?"

"Yeah, big bro."

Erik smiled and closed his eyes. He relaxed and a stream of clear piss

burst out of that puffy penis slit. Trev guided his big bro's penis so the

piss would go in the water.

"This is so sweet, little bro. Getting intimate with my bro. Holding my

penis while I pee. So sweet, Trev."

Trev was concentrating on what he was doing. Erik slid his hand down

Trev's back and grabbing his little bro's naked butt cheeks.

"Ohhhh, feels so good."

Erik's piss just streamed out, clear and strong, like a powerful big bro


"Shake it, Trev."

Trev shook his big bro's dong, shaking the last of his big bro's morning

piss. When he was done, Erik totally plumped out and Trev was all of the

sudden holding his big bro's fat bone.

"Kiss it, Trev."

Trev leaned over and kissed the head of his big bro's penis. A little drop

of piss hung on to that penis slit. and Trev could taste it, all salty on

his lips.

"Get on your knees, little bro, and take your big bro's fat boner in your


Trev kneeled down, opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and Erik pushed

his swollen big bro boner down Trev's throat. Erik grabbed the back of

Trev's head and started fucking his face hard.

"Ooooooo fuck yeah, Trev. Yeah, use your tongue on the bottom of the

shaft, get super stupid sloppy on that penis."

Erik pulled back Trev's blond hair so he could see his little bro bob up

and down on his fat penis, using his tongue underneath and get all sloppy

with his little bro spit.

"Suck on my balls, bro. Get silly with them, use your tongue,yeah, smile

up at me while you lick all over my balls, little bro. You a happy little


Erik pulled out his penis. Trev smiled.

"Yeah big bro. I'm a happy little bro with my big bro's penis in my


"Good job little bro. Spit on my puffy boner head, Trev. Come on, spit on

my penis head and get all sloppy and wet. Fuck yeah, Trev."

Erik grabbed Trev's head and shoved his boner down his throat. He bucked

his hips a few times, slamming his blond pubies in his little bro's nose.

"Smell that big bro scent, bro? Huh? You love how your big bro smells, huh,

Trev? Right? You fucking love it, little bro."

Erik shot a huge, thick, spermy load deep down Trev's throat, deep inside

his little bro. Erik felt better, knowing his little bro had fresh big bro

sperm swimming inside him. He pulled out his penis and picked up his

little bro.

"Give me a kiss, little bro. Come on sweet bro. Give me a sloppy little

bro kiss. Mmmmmmmmmmmyeah. Like that, Trev, just like that."

He looked in Trev's eyes. Awwwwww his little bro was so sweet, so fucking

in love with his big bro.

Back in their parent's bedroom, Trev started to put on the little red


"Nah, Trev. Don't put those on. Those were your training briefs, little

bro. Now you're a real little bro and a real good one too, we need to get

you some new ones. We should go shopping. We need to get you some clothes

that fit you. Until then, put these on, Trev."

Erik threw a jockstrap to Trev.

"It's one of my real old ones, so it might fit you. Maybe too big in the

pouch but should be pretty snug on your bubble, bro. Put 'em on."

Trev slid on his big bro's old strap. He was right, way too big in the

pouch, his shaved boy dick and balls hung loose in that big old pouch. He

snapped the back straps into place. He felt the material press against his

butt cheeks.

"Show off your bubble to your big bro. Come on jiggle your bubble, bro."

Trev turned around and shook his butt for his big bro. Erik plumped up,

his bone all fat and swollen. Erik slipped on a pair of low-rise blue

briefs with black waistband. He shoved his boner into the pouch. Erik

threw a small pair of jeans and a tank top to his little bro.

"Put these on."

Trev held out the jeans, they were so small.

"Where did these come from, big bro?"

"They're yours, from a while back. I found them in the attic. Try them

on. I bet they'll fit. Especially with that little jock on.

Erik got so boned up watching Trev squeeze himself into those tiny jeans,

his big butt barely fitting in. Trev put on the tank top that just covered

his belly button.

Trev stood there with his long blond hair down, tiny tank and jeans. He

smiled at Erik.

"Aww fuck, little bro. So fucking sweet. I know I said we were gonna go

right now, but I have to fuck you right now, looking like that. Get on the

bed bro."

Erik picked up Trev and threw him on the bed on his belly. Trev giggled.

Erik straddled him, his bulge right on Trev's puss. Erik pulled down the

jeans just past that big boy butt. He pulled out his fat boner and put

inside his little bro's still wet, sloppy puss. He grabbed Trev's hair and

started to fuck him into the bed. Erik pounded his little bro real hard

for a while. Just grunts and whines and the slurping of his fat penis in

his little bro's cunt.

Erik picked Trev up, sat on the edge of the bed, and dropped his little bro

down on that fat boner.

"Bounce on my dick, Trev. Bounce on your big bro's dick."

Trev started bouncing on big bro bone.

"Grab my pubies while you bounce, bro. Come on use my pubes like a rein.

Ride my boner, bro. Ride your big bro's penis. Say penis every time you

drop down."

Trev held on to those long blond pubies and rode his bro. "Penis!"




"Fuck little bro. I'm gonna fill you with my sperm, ok? You want that?

You wanna go shopping with your bubble full of my sperm?"

"Yeah, big bro," said Travis, bouncing on boner, "I wanna feel your sperm

inside me when we go shopping."

"FUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK! Yeah, here I come, bro."

Erik filled his little bro with thick, creamy big bro boy sperm. He felt

like he accomplished something important. He looked at his little bro's

eyes, all shiny and silly and happy, full of sweet cum.

"Come on little bro. Let's get you some cute little briefs for being such

a good little bro."

It was a bright, hot, sunny day. Erik peeled off his tank and jumped into

his jeep in just cargo shorts, briefs and flip-flops. He pulled down the

baseball cap down to cut out some of the sun.

"Come on in, little bro!"

Trev was so psyched to ride around with his big bro in his kick ass jeep.

He was wearing that old jock, the tight jeans and a tank top.

"Take off the tank, little bro. Get a little color on that sweet smooth

body, bro. You're with your big bro now. Be fucking proud, bro."

Trev peeled of the tank top, jumped in the jeep and they drove off down the


Erik had his hand on Trev's thigh. Just touching his little bro, with the

wind and the speed and all the other cars full of people looking at him,

imagining him naked, thinking about his big penis, it all made him so hard.


"Yeah, big bro."

"I got a boner, bro."

"Yeah, me too, big bro."

"Yeah, you do?"

"Fuck yeah, this is so fucking hot being with you. This jeep, you're such

a kick ass bro."

"Pull out my boner, little bro."


"You know you want to, little bro. Come on, expose your big bro's boner to

the whole fucking world."

Trev smiled. He reached over and unzipped Erik's cargo shorts. He reached

in, pulled down those briefs, and pulled out Erik's huge fat penis, hard as

a rock and sticking straight up. Trev leaned back in his seat and stared

at his big bro: shirtless, baseball cap, his big hand on the wheel, his

ripped-up body a little sweaty. And that enormous fucking big bro penis.

Trev started to lean towards it.

"Yeah, that's right, little bro. Put my penis in your mouth. I know you

can't stop yourself."

Trev took his big bro's whole boner all the way in his mouth and held it

there for a second. Then pulled it all the way out, spit spilling out of

his mouth onto that fat bone.

"Like that, big bro?"

"Just like that. Except take off those jeans."


"Yeah little bro. Don't be shy. I want to see you suck my penis in that

jock while I fly down the road in my jeep. Like bros do."

Trev slipped out of the tight jeans. He got on his belly on the seat,

sticking his puss up in the air in the tight jock.

"Open up, Trev."

Trev opened his mouth wide, his big bro bucked his hips and shoved that fat

boner up inside his little bro's throat. One hand on the wheel, the other

squeezing Trev's bouncy butt cheeks, Erik smiled, happy. This is what was

supposed to happen.

They pulled into the parking lot, Trev giggling and licking his lips. He

tasted his big bro's cum on his lips and it made him glow. It made him

feel dumb...but like the kind of dumb where everything was okay. He was

with his big bro, and it was cool to be dumb. He pulled up his pants,

slipped on his tank top. He walked in the store, holding his big bro's

hand. Trev loved his big bro.

In the clothing department, Erik told Trev to look around while he went to

get something.

"Pick out what you like bro. Just make it fit. Fit tight. Bros have

nothing to hide, Trev. I want to see your fucking hot little bro body even

when you're dressed, cool?

Trev nodded.

"Cool. I'll be back in a sec."

Trev picked up a couple of t-shirts, shorts, jeans that fit right. He

found a pair of light purple speedos. Kind of wandered around and then

headed to the fitting room.

In the fitting room, Trev pulled of his tank top and his jeans. He looked

at himself in the mirror in his jock, his blond hair almost to his

shoulders. He pulled down the waistband and exposed his shaved pubes and

boy dick. There was a knock on the fitting room door.

"Trev? Can I come in?"

Trev smiled. He opened the door. Erik walked and followed by...oh shit,

thought Trevor.

"I found Uncle Craig, Trev. He found something for you, little bro."

Uncle Craig stepped into the fitting room, closed and locked the door. He

turned around and look at Trev. And smiled.

Trev stared at Uncle Craig, in his mid-30s, about 5'10". shiny thick black

hair cut a little long, liquid brown eyes that made him look tender but

thick shiny lips that looked like a wolf or something. Uncle Craig was

thickly muscled, covered in black hair. Some stuck out of his wifebeater.

He wore a gold necklace with a big fat cross that sat right between his big

muscle pecs.

"Awww Erik. Fuck yeah. Good job cleaning up your little bro. Look at

you, my fucking little nephew, Trev, all shaved up and pretty."

Uncle Craig faced Trev and pulled off his tank top. He motioned with his

finger for Trev to come to him. Trev looked at Erik. Erik smiled and


"It's okay, little bro. This is our uncle. It's cool."

"Come here, Trev. Put your hands behind your back and come here."

Trev walked up to Uncle Craig, his hands behind his back, his eyes down.

"Trev. Look at me. Come on, Trev, be a sweet boy, let me see your pretty

face. Yeah, that's it. Smile for your Uncle Craig. So sweet. Yeah come

real close to me. Yeah, feel how smooth you are next to my hairy muscles.

See that big cross? Kiss it, Trev."

While Trev kissed that big fat cross, Uncle Craig slid his hand down Trev's

back, pulled hard on the straps of Trev's jock.

"Aww fuck, Erik. Look at that big fat bubble on your little bro. So

sweet. Put your arms around my neck, Trev. Let me get my hands on that

bubble. Oh fuck. That is bouncy. Fuck. Erik, take that jock off your

little bro."

Erik made brief eye contact with Trev. Erik smiled at his little bro, let

him know it was cool. Then Erik pulled down that jock strap. Trev's butt

cheeks bounced out of his jock. Uncle Craig's hand squeezed a cheek while

his other finger slid down that smooth crack and found Trev's shaved up


"Awwww Erik. Good job with your little bro. Feel that sweet puss. You've

got a sweet little puss, Trev. That's pretty, huh? You like your Uncle

Craig puffing out those lips with his finger, huh Trev? That's sweet, I

like that."

Uncle Craig lifted up Trev's chin. He smiled at his nephew, then kissed

him on the lips. His moustache tickled Trev's smooth face.

"Open that sweet mouth, Trev."

Trev couldn't stop himself, he opened up his mouth and Uncle Craig drooled

a little bit of spit onto Trev's tongue.

"Unbutton my pants but don't take your eyes off me, Trev."

Trev struggled a bit finding the buttons of his uncle's jeans. Uncle

Craig's hands showed him. Trev's mouth still open, his uncle's spit

sitting in a pool on his tongue, just like his big bro taught him. Trev

unbuttoned his uncle's jeans.

"Pull them down."

Trev pulled down the jeans exposing his Uncle's tight green briefs with an

enormous fat penis bulging out.

"Put both your hands on that sweet bulge, Trev. Feel how big your uncle is.

Yeah, that's it, just like that, don't move your hands, Trev."

Trev could feel a very thick, very hot penis behind that cotton. And a lot

of pubies, thick black pubies.

"Erik, pull down your briefs. Expose that big penis. Come on, Erik. Be

proud of that big fat boner. Show off for your little bro. You're a big

motherfucker, Erik, be fucking proud of it! It's just us boys here, Erik.

Come on."

Erik stepped back and stared at Trev for a sec. Trev felt a shiver go

through his whole shaved up baby bro body. Erik pulled off his tanktop,

exposing his big bro's fucking perfect torso. Erik smiled and lifted his

arms, flexed his biceps. Wiggled his pecs, made them dance a bit, rippled

his stomach, laughing the whole time.

"Like that, Uncle Craig?"

"Fuck yeah, Erik, just like that. Come on, keep going, turn this boy to

fucking stupid jelly. Keep it up, bro."

Erik leaned over flexing his shoulders, smiling, giggling. Trev couldn't

stop smiling, his little boy dick rock hard. Erik felt his body, playing

with his big nipples, the blond hair on his chest. Erik played with his

belly, all flat and hard and ridged, like a good big bro. Trev was so into

it and he started to bounce a little, like a silly bro. Uncle Craig stared

at Trev's puffy boy butt bounce and shake and jiggle. Uncle Craig gave it

a good smack.

"Your big bro has something to show you. Pay attention, Trev."

Erik unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the floor. Erik stood,

wearing a tight pair of blue briefs with gray ribbing and waistband. In

blue letters across the waistband, it said BIG BRO right in the center,

above that huge oversized big bro penis, blond pubies spraying all around

the waistband. Erik stood there, his hand cupping his balls, so proud of

his big fat dong in his big bro briefs, proud to show off for his little


"Uncle Craig has something for you, Trev."

Uncle Craig reached into a paper bag and pulled out a pair of yellow briefs

with white ribbing and waistband. And in yellow letters across the front

of the waistband it said little bro. They were very small.

"Put 'em on, Trev," said Erik. Uncle Craig knelt down and opened them up

for Trev to step into. Trev put his feet through the holes and Uncle Craig

pulled them up his smooth legs and up over his shaved pubes. Uncle Craig

had to work a little harder to get them over that smooth pink bubble. He

barely managed it, the waistband just below the top of Trev's smooth butt


"Show your big bro, Trev. Show him your real little bro briefs. You've

earned them, Trev. Good job!"

Trev turned around and showed off his briefs to Erik. He felt silly and

Erik laughed.

"Go stand next to your big bro, Trev. Go give him a kiss."

Trev walked over to Erik. Erik put his arms around Trev and pulled him

real close. His hands went to squeeze Trev's big fat bouncy bubble in

those yellow briefs. They kissed, Erik sliding his tongue inside Trev's

hot mouth. Erik rubbed his boner bulge all over his little bro's belly.

"Bend over, Trev. Erik put your penis in his mouth. Yeah, like that, Trev.

Mmmm show me that bubble, come on jiggle it for me. Trev pull down those

briefs a bit. Fuck yeah, Erik. Is your penis bigger than mine?"

Uncle Craig walks over and puts his boner right next to Erik's.

"Fuck, Erik. You're just bigger than me. Bigger than your uncle. You

proud, boy?"

Erik nods and smiles. Uncle Craig puts his fingers in Trev's mouth,

opening it up wide. Erik holds his fat swollen penis and pushes it inside

Trev's wet mouth.

"Fuck your little bro's mouth. Yeah."

Uncle Craig kneels behind Trev and slowly pulls down the tight yellow

briefs until that fat bubble pops out. Craig pulls apart those sweet butt

cheeks and licks that shaved up puss in one long stroke. Then lots of

little ones, then plunges his tongue in his nephew's pink, tasting perfect

little bro hole. His cross slaps against Trev's thighs. Uncle Craig licks

up his shaved boy crack until that metal cross slaps against his puss.

Trev shivers, opening his mouth wider to take more of his big bro's swollen

blond boy penis down his throat. He feels the bone in his throat and the

tongue in his puss. A shiver of electricity connects his mouth to his puss

and his little boy dick almost shoots it's so hard.

"Don't shoot, little bro. Keep it together, Trev."

Uncle Craig stands up and slides his super thick uncle penis inside Trev's

sweet shaved pussy. Deep inside, sliding along the ridges inside of Trev's

puss, Uncle Craig pushes his fat dick in deep. Then stops, all the way in.

Erik pushes his fat boner all the way down Trev's throat.

"You feel that, Trevor?" says Uncle Craig, "Say Uh-huh."

Trev makes a dumb cock-in-his-mouth sound.

"Good job. This makes it absolutely official, you're Erik's real true

little bro."

Uncle Craig starts to slot fuck Trev hard. Banging his penis in that puss,

his black pubies smacking against that white bubble. Thwack.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwip-thwip. Thwack. Suddenly Uncle Craig pulls out.

"Get on your knees. Both of you. Quick."

Uncle Craig handfucks his boner fast, Trev and Erik kneel down next to each

other in front of Uncle Craig's fat penis.

"Open your mouths. Both of you."

Trev opens his mouth. Erik opens up wide. Uncle Craig gives two sharp

tugs. Huge spurts of uncle penis sperm shoot out.

"Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, drink that sperm, boys, be my spermy

boys, eat your uncles thick white cream sperm. Yeah!"

He tugs one last time and a last spurt of cum shoots out, slapping against

Trev's face. Erik leans over and licks it off his little bro's cheek.

Back in the jeep, Erik and Trev drive slowly home, both of them dreamy,

still stinking of cum, hard in their briefs, Erik in his BIG BRO briefs,

Trev in his little bro briefs. Both of them knowing exactly what they are.

When they pull into their driveway, they see a red not-too-flashy sports


"What the fuck?" says Erik, "That's my buddy Alex's sweet-ass vehicle."

Erik jumps out and runs into the house.

"Alex! Yo! Bro! Alex!"

Trev sits in the jeep for a second, kind of stunned that there might be a

new person, someone he doesn't know. It was all still so new. The

passenger door on the sports car opens and a kid steps out. Short and

skinny, maybe 5'3" at the most, and shoulder length red hair. Skin super

pale and white and almost glowing in the sun. The kid turns around and

Trev can see that he's a bit older than he thought, probably 18 like him.

Trev jumps out.

They stand in front of each other looking at each other. The red head's

shirt rides up a bit, and Trev can see a white waistband with yellow

letters. Trev takes a step towards the kid and lifts up his shirt a bit

and pulls his jeans down, exposing the little bro briefs. The redhead kid

smiles and exposes his.

"Awww cool, Trev. You met Alex's little bro Timmy," said Erik, bounding

outside. Behind him was Alex, short muscly and stacked, 5'10, buzzed red

hair, big green eyes, strong jaw and a fucking tight ripped up chest and

belly. A fat penis bulged out of his board shorts. Red pubies sprayed out

of his shorts. He wore a green tank top, tight like cotton skin.

"Sweet bro. Nice to meet you. I'm Alex."

Alex held out his hand to Trev, who shook it.

"I'm Trev."

"Yeah, I know, you're Erik's little bro. Good job, Erik, Trev looks so

sweet. Are you a sweet little bro for Erik?"

Trev giggled. "Yeah I guess. I try to be."

"That's it, Trev, that's all you gotta do, bro. Try to be a good little

bro. This is Timmy, my sweet little bro. You guys meet already?"

Timmy smiles at Trev. "Kinda..."

"Hug each other like good little bros do."

Timmy and Trev giggled and hugged each other.

"Aww Erik bro. Trev has a big fat bouncy butt. Fuck. Check out Timmy."

Erik walked around and got all plump in his briefs when he saw Timmy's

round butt in his shorts. "Fuck Alex. Timmy's looks just like Trev's."

"Yeah?" said Alex. "I guess we should check that out real close when we

get 'em exposed, huh, bro?"

"Fuck yeah Alex. Come on inside. I wanna have a beer with my bro."


Erik and Alex ran inside. Timmy and Trev hung out for a sec.

"You like your big bro?" said Timmy.

Trev blushed a little. "Yeah. Kind of a lot. I don't totally get it. But

when he's around and I can smell him and see that bulge, just knowing it's

right there. It makes me so dumb and I can't help it."

"Yeah. I know. I got drunk once and it kind of feels like that when I'm

around Alex which is kind of always. So I'm always kind of stupid. You know

what I mean?"

"Yeah I do."

"You wanna be real silly little bros together?"

"Yeah I do."

"Let's take off our shirts. Ok, Trev?"

"Yeah Timmy." They giggle and pull off their shirts, exposing their pale

smooth bodies to the sun. Their hands run over each other's bodies,

checking to see how smooth the other is.

"You're as smooth as me Trev! I like that. Let's both stay super smooth

for our big bros, ok?"

"Yeah! I love it, I love how smooth you are too."

"Take off our shorts?"

Trev laughs. "Fuck yeah. We're just being silly little bros."

They pull off their shorts and stand in just their little bro briefs, one

little blond bro, and one even smaller redhead little bro. Laughing and

being silly, almost naked on the driveway.

Alex, already down to his white briefs with red waistband that said BIG

BRO, looks quickly out Erik's window. He sees the little bros.

"Awwww fuck. Erik! Come here, check this out!"

Erik, wearing his gray briefs with blue waistband that said BIG BRO, looks

out the window. Seeing the two pale bros down to their little bro briefs,

being silly and stupid in the sun, makes his fat penis bone up, fast and

hard. Alex opens the window. He yells out.

"Turn around, Timmy! Bounce that sweet bubble for us!"

Timmy looks up and sees his bro, smiling, pawing at his bulge. Timmy

smiles, turns around. He shakes his boy puss for his big bro.

"Come on, you too, Trev!" says Erik. ?Show off with your buddy Timmy."

Trev smiles at his big bro, turns around. Bounces his sweet puss for his

big bro.

"Yeah! Fuck yeah!" Both big bros yell out the window, briefs pulled down

under their balls full of big bro sperm, their big hands wrapped around

their huge fat boners. Erik's blond pubies shiny in the sun, crown his

enormous fat penis all hard, his big balls hanging. Alex's penis is pale

and veiny, thick and long, about an inch shorter than Erik's but just as

fat. Red pubies sprayed out, just like Erik's. They went up and down,

letting out a stream of spit onto the heads of their massive boners and

jacked up and down, up and down, up and down, staring at those big round

little bro bubbles bouncing, the yellow briefs tiny and tight.

"I have an idea!" said Timmy and he ran to his bag and pulled out a bottle.

"Come here!"

Timmy ran behind the house with the bottle and Trev followed, laughing.

"Fuck where are they going?? said Alex. He and Erik ran to the window on

the other side of the house. Outside, Timmy was pouring some kind of clear

oil all over Trev, his hair, his face, his smooth chest and back. Trev

turned around and Erik could see some oil pooling in the top of his butt


"Oh fuck, Erik. Trev is so fucking hot."

Erik walked up behind Alex and looked at Timmy. "Fuck Alex, you're little

bro is making me so hard. Feel it?"

Erik pushed his boner up against Alex's exposed big bro butt cheeks. "You

feel that, Alex, feel my boner?"

"Yeah." Alex's heart started beating hard.

"Remember when you used to play with my big fat penis, Alex? When I was

telling you about bros?"

"Yeah I do."

Erik started slowly humping on Alex's round pale butt. "You still keep it

smooth for me, Alex?"

Erik's finger slides up Alex's hard muscle butt crack. "Yup. You do. Nice

and smooth so your bro Erik can slide his giant fat penis in there while we

watch our little bros get all slick and shiny and oiled up for us? Right,


"Yeah bro. That's it exactly. I keep my puss nice and smooth for you so

you can slide your enormous bro boner inside me. Look at our fucking

little bros all slippery and shit. Aww fuck, Erik."

Erik spat on his big fat penis and pushed hard inside Alex.

"Ohhhhhh fuck Erik. Yeah, I missed your fucking alpha boy penis. It's the

biggest fucking bro dong ever!"

"Yeah? You like my big alpha dick slot fucking your smooth beta puss while

we watch our little bros getting all sloppy outside?"

"Fuck yeah, bro. Fuck! I totally forgot how fucking huge you are. "

"You want me to slam you fucking hard? Like a good fucking boy? Take my fat

penis in your puss like we used to, Alex?"

"Big penis. Big fat fucking penis, Erik, in my hole."

"I can't give you my babies cuz they're for Trev, but I'm gonna fuck you

hard for a while."


"Fuck Erik!"

Erik leaned over and shoved his tongue in Alex's ear. Alex yelped. He

looked out the window.

Trev and Timmy were covered in oil and rubbing their smooth bodies against

each other. Their little bro undies were soaked with oil and pulled up

tight in their smooth boy cracks, exposing their soft pale bubble butts.

Both of their little bro dicks were rock hard in their pouches. They

grinded their boners together and sucked on each other's lips, spit

drooling everywhere and the sound of their silly bro giggles rang

everywhere. They were laughing so hard and having so much fun and so lost

in their dumbness that they didn't hear a pick up truck pull up in the

drive way.

And they didn't hear a man walking around back to see what the noise was


And they didn't see Uncle Craig in a white wifebeater, his big fat cross

shiny in the sun, his tight jeans around his bulge, watching the two little


They didn't hear when Uncle Craig pulled down the zipper on his jeans and

stepped out of them. They didn't hear when he whipped off his wifebeater.

They didn't hear when Uncle Craig walked up to the baby bros, they didn't

see him in his tight black speedo, black pubies spraying everywhere. Black

fur all over his belly and his chest and his pits and his legs and that big

fat gold cross shining between his big muscle pecs.

But Trev did feel it when in one swift move, Uncle Craig had his hand down

Trev's undies, a finger in his puss. And he did feel when Uncle Craig put

his hand on that big fat penis in those speedoes.

"Hey Trev." Uncle Craig gave Trev a sweet kiss on his cheek. "Who's this?"

Uncle Craig pointed to Timmy, his red hair plastered to his head and his

skinny pale body shiny and oiled up.

"That's Timmy, Uncle Craig. He's the little bro of one of Erik's friends."

"Sweet. Turn around, Timmy. Show Uncle Craig your bubble."

Timmy smiles and turns around.

"Awwwwwwww. Now that is a sweet pussy. Come here, Timmy."

Timmy walked over to Uncle Craig who once again swiftly had his finger up

inside Timmy.

"Pull down my speedo, boys."

They did it together and Uncle Craig's sweet fat penis popped out like


"Trev, cup my balls. Timmy stroke that fat penis. Yeah. This is sweet.

Both of you have fucking perfect pussies." He dug his fingers deeper inside


Upstairs, Erik had Alex on the floor on his belly. Erik was on top of him,

bucking his hips hard into his buddy's puss, slamming his giant bro boner

dong inside him.

"Say it Alex! Tell me you love my big fat bro dong in your puss."

"Fuck yeah, I love my bro Erik's big fat bro dong in my puss. Awwwww it

feels so good bro."

"Awwww yeah, two muscle bros, fuck yeah. My fat penis dong in your hot

muscle ass. Sweet muscle puss full of bro dong, fuck yeah!"

Erik's giant blond muscle body slid on top of Alex's huge ginger muscles, a

film of sweat making them both shiny, like thoroughbred horses, fucking

beautiful muscle boys sliding on top of each other, muscle pussy full of

fat dong.

"Alex, you dumb on my dong, bro?"

"Fuck yeah, Erik. I'm fucking dumb on your fat dong. Fuck yeah."

"You dumb on my dong, boy?"

"Yeah Erik, your boy Alex is dumb on your dong."

"Yeah? You dumb on dong?"

"Yeah I'm dumb on dong."

"You my beta bro?"


"You my beta bro and you got alpha dong up in that puss, right?"

"Fuck yeah. My puss is full of big fat alpha dong."

"Yeah it is."

Outside, Uncle Craig had Trev and Timmy on their knees, their mouths open

and full of big black pubies and fat penis.

"Yeah, Timmy suck on my balls, get all sloppy and dumb on those balls, yeah

like that with your tongue, oh yeah, smile while you do it bro, show me you

like those balls. Yeah. Yeah. Awwww so fucking sweet. Trev, open up,

take your uncle's fat penis in your mouth. Show me what Erik taught you."

Trev looked up at his uncle, smiles, opens his lips a little. Uncle Craig

opens it real wide with his fingers and slides his massive boner in Trev's

mouth and down his throat until Trev's face is full of black pubies.

Timmy had a mouth full of testicles. He liked to pop them in and out of

his mouth and then pop them up and down on his tongue, drool spilling out

of his mouth, just getting stupid on man balls, full of hot sperm.

"Fuck yeah, both of you, stick out your sweet pooch, come on, show Uncle

Craig your sweet baby bro cakes. I'm gonna beat some cakes today, bros.

Gonna fill you both with fat uncle dong and then cum on your sweet baby bro

faces. Fuck yeah. You want that?"

"Yeah Uncle Craig" said Trev.

"What about you, Timmy? You want some sweet dong in your puss and sperm on

your puffy lips?"

"Yeah I do, real bad," said Timmy.

"Come on Redhead, keep tonguing my balls, yeah, get noisy with it, bro, get

all spitty and sloppy."

Thwip thwip thwip.

"Yup. That's it. Get my balls all juicy and shiny. Aww fuck, Trevor.

Take that dong down your throat, come on, choke on it a little."

Trevor bobbed up and down on that big fat boner while Timmy lapped on Uncle

Craig's egg-sized balls.

"Both of you, take turns on my boner. Get it all shiny and sloppy, cover

it with your boy spit. Look how fucking swollen my penis is, fuck! Both

of you take turns on it. Yeah."

Erik had Alex all hemped on the floor, his legs over his head, his beta

puss exposed to Erik. Erik squatted down and plunged his fat alpha dong in

Alex's insides. Fucking him stupid. Getting him nice and dumb with his

big fat dong. Big muscle blond boy thoroughly owning his ginger bro with

fat penis in bro puss. Fucking like boys do, being boys together. Erik

looked out the window just as Uncle Craig was spraying the boys with his


"Open up your mouths, boys, stick out your tongue! Take my fucking cum

down your throat! Fuck yeah! Take my sperm in your mouth, rub it all over

your face with my fat penis. YEAH! FUCK YEAH! That's it, boys, fuck!"

It was so hot that Erik had to pull out of his buddy's puss or else he

would've blown his load and he was saving it up for Trevor.

"Fuck Alex! I wanna flow right now, get you all fucking moist with my

sperm, bro, let's get those boys up here."

He walked over to the window and, with his fat boner standing straight like

a flag pole, he yelled out the window, "Uncle Craig! You done yet? Send my

little bros up here. Tell them to put on what's in the brown paper bag on

the counter! Cool?"

"Yeah Erik! No worries, your Uncle Craig's all over that shit."

Uncle Craig turns to Trev and Timmy, "You heard your big bro! Get going!"

Timmy and Trev ran inside the house. Uncle Craig gave Trev a good swat on

his bubble as Trev ran past and then pulled him close.

"Give your uncle a kiss."

Uncle Craig shoved his tongue in Trev's mouth and gave him a deep spit


"You tell your big bro, Erik, that there's only one way to make a pack of

bros. You gotta switch fuck. Those are the rules. He'll know what I


Trev nodded. Then ran inside.

Uncle Craig watched him leave. "So sweet...some prime tight pink...Fuck


End Part IV



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