Trevor closed the bathroom door. It was the first time he'd been alone

since his big bro came home. He felt tired and confused but also so

relaxed. Erik had told him to take a bath and get real clean. He told

Trev to use his fingers to play with his puss and not to touch his little

bro dick. Big bro had lots of rules.

Trev looked at himself in the mirror, his hair pulled back in a ponytail,

in a pair of very small red briefs with a white waistband. It was so

weird, he'd never looked like this before. Trev pulled down the waistband

a bit and exposed his shaved pubes. He touched where his hair used to be.

It was weird but because Trev liked it. Trev really liked how this felt,

but he wasn't sure why. Trev felt his butthole, all shaved. He loved how

smooth he was, though he wasn't sure it wasn't because his big bro loved it

so much. He liked his big bro a lot. That much he knew. Trev pulled down

his briefs and, naked, got into the tub.

The hot water felt so good. He pulled out the hairband and got his long

blond hair wet. He pushed it back out of his face. He went again to where

his pubes used to be, feeling how smooth it was, what a good job his big

bro did shearing him. Then his fingers felt his butthole, his shaved puss

that his big bro loved to play with. Trev closed his eyes.

Erik walked in his blue speedo, his big fat penis bulging, his heavy balls

full of sperm. He shut the door and looked at his little bro, all wet and

stupid on his hole. Erik smiled. He kneeled down next to the tub and put

his hand in the water to Trev's puss. Trev opened his eyes and smiled when

he saw his big bro. Erik took his finger and put it slowly inside his

little bro. Trev shivered it felt so good.

"Little bro. I know you feel a little confused about what's going on. I

want to explain something to you."

Erik slid his finger deeper into his little bro's puss.

"All those weird feelings you've been having, the tingling, the clicking."

Erik slid his fingers in even deeper, looking for something.

"It's because I'm putting you in touch with something inside you, who you

really are. You're starting to become aware of Boy Brain. That's where

you get all silly and stupid and sloppy and dumb with your big bro, you

give up and have fun with your big bro. That's the silly little bro I


Erik pushed his fingers deeper, and found Trev's spot. He pushed. Trev

shook. Tingle. Click.

"So little bros get into Boy Brain through their bubble butts. That's

their special way to get to that dumb, silly bro place, which is who you

really are."

Erik stood up. "Big bros like me do it with their big boners. That's our

special way, bro. And my job as big bro is to play with your puss, love it,

take care of it, open it up. Your job as little bro is to take my penis

inside you. To pay attention to my penis. To kiss it and talk about it

and put it in your mouth."

Erik slid his fingers back and forth across those puffy puss lips.

"And in here, little bro. My penis is supposed to go in your butt, little

bro. My big fat big bro boner is supposed to go into your butt. That way

we'll both go into Boy Brain together. And I'll fill your puss full of my

big bro sperm. I really need your puss full of my sperm, little bro. You

really need my sperm inside you. That's what's happening, bro."

Trevor started to giggle. He wiggled his butt on his big bro's finger.

"Look at you, Trev. All fucking dumb on my finger. Yeah, little bro. Just

let go. Bounce on my finger, Trev. Yeah. Good."

Erik pulled his fingers slowly out of his little bro.

"K, bro. I'm gonna be in mom and dad's room. That's where I'm sleeping

this week. You come in and say good night after your bath, k, bro?"

"Yeah big bro. I'll come in after."

"Cool. Have fun, Trev. Oh and get all shiny with some lotion and oil after

your bath. K, Trev? I like a shiny little bro."

"Ok, big bro."

"K, see ya."

Erik left the bathroom. He went into his parent's room. Being in here

knowing what he was gonna do with his little bro made him hard. He pulled

off his speedo and stood naked for a second, checking himself out in the

mirror. He felt different now that he had a real little bro. His penis

was bigger, he felt bigger all over. His balls were so full of sperm and

it made Erik hard knowing that the sperm in his balls right now was gonna

be inside his little bro soon.

He fluffed up his blond pubes, flexed in the mirror, changed his briefs a

couple of times. He finally stopped on a pair of low-rise white briefs

with a blue waistband. It was one of Erik's favorite pair. It had a nice

pouch, big enough to hold his huge penis. He lay down on the bed and

closed his eyes for a second.

Erik was thinking about when he was a freshman in college, about his first

roommate, Scott. The second he saw Scott, this skinny nerdy kid, Erik was

pissed off. Why was he stuck with this little fuck? When Erik first got

to college, he was obsessed with working out and his buddies at the gym.

Anything else was stupid. He didn't join a frat cuz they were dumb fucks;

he fucked some pussy now and again but it wasn't that big of a deal and too

much work as far as he concerned, plus he didn't want to get some girl

pregnant. That's what happened with his Dad.

Erik was rarely ever at his dorm, because he couldn't stand Scott, plus

Scott made him a little nervous, but he didn't know why. When he hung

around the dorm, bulging out of his briefs and tank top, as usual, Scott

would look at him with this fucking intense look and it was fucking

annoying. His gym buddies were cool, they looked at him with appreciation,

admiration, but not that look that Scott gave him. It was weird and made him a little boned up, which freaked him out. I mean

it's one thing to be hanging out with other muscle bros and get boned

because they all were so full of boy hormones and cum, it was hard not to.

But this little shit? He was full of math equations or something. It was

so fucked up.

Scott was maybe 5'4", shaggy curly brown hair, big liquid blue eyes and

soft puffy lips. He was pale white and skinny, didn't weigh more than 110,

just fucking little. The times when Scott wouldn't go into the bathroom to

change, Erik saw Scott pull down his tighty-whites and he'd catch a glimpse

of Scott's little boy dick and balls, and just a little bit of brown down

for pubes, a little bit of hair in his pits and that was it. The kid's

butt was the only thing that had any meat on it. It was nothing compared

to his little bro Trev's, but it was round and peachy and bouncy and white.

Erik liked that, even though he didn't know why yet, and it pissed him off

even more.

One day, Erik was in the bathroom, taking a piss. He had just gotten out

of the shower, so he was wet and shiny and his penis was half-hard. He had

his hands on his head, taking a long piss, when the door burst open.

Scotty was about to say he was sorry when he saw Erik, naked, and Erik's

fat floppy penis. Scotty just stood there staring, feeling his body tingle

all over and his brain just go static. The sight of Erik and his big fat

jock boy muscle dong just threw Scott automatically into Boy Brain. Scott

felt saliva build up in his mouth.

"What the fuck, Scott?! Get the fuck out of here, faggot!"

That word 'faggot' snapped him out of it. He'd been called that too many

times in too many mean ways to take any pleasure out of it.

"S-s-sorry, Erik."

Scott shut the door. Erik shook his head. So fucked up. His nerdy-ass

roommate checking out his junk, what the fuck was that? And Erik felt bad

he called him a faggot, which was also weird.

The next day, Erik hung out in the dorm room, in a pair of tight green

briefs and a black tank top. He was lifting weights in the main room, when

Scotty walked in. When he saw Erik, he gulped and walked to his bed. Erik

still felt bad about what he said to Scott.

"Hey Scotty. You ever work out?"

"No. Not really."

"You wanna learn?"


"Why not? Just sit on your bed and watch me for a bit, then you can do it.


Scott blushed. It was the first time Erik called him 'bro.'

"Sure, Erik."

Erik walked over to Scotty's bed, about a foot away. He took off his tank

top. And started to lift. Curls, some shoulder presses. Scott never took

his eyes off him. His eyes looked at every part of Erik, but always went

back to the same place. That big fat penis bulging out of those green

briefs. The blond pubes sticking out of the white waistband. Erik loved

how Scott looked at him. It was different than his buddies, but it gave

him that warm feeling in his belly....and it started to bone him up.

Scott's eyes got all big watching Erik's penis plump up and swell, watching

the cotton get tighter and tighter and tighter.

Scott looked up at Erik, who was looking at Scott.

"Why are you always checking out my junk?"

"It's not junk. It's the best."

"Whoa, Scott."

"It's awesome, Erik. You should be so proud of your penis."

Erik shifted his legs.

"What do you mean, Scotty?"

"I don't care if you hate me for saying this, I'll find another dorm if you

want but you have a very big penis. It's perfect."

Erik was feeling confused. He didn't know why every time Scott said

'penis' his dong got all fat. And he started to feel a little dumb, a

little stupid.

"I feel so lucky, Erik. That I get a roommate with a big penis. You have

a big penis, Erik. The biggest penis I've ever seen."

Erik was fat in his briefs, bulging and swelling and puffing up. He felt

so dumb, just a silly dumb bro with a big fat penis. He loved it.

"You're like the big bro I never had, Erik. A big bro with a big fat


Erik's hands went to Scott's head and held it.

"Say that again, Scott."

"You're a big bro with a big fat penis."

"Fuck! Again."

"You're a big bro with a big fat penis."

Something inside Erik was raging. Deep inside his big bro boy brain was

exploding open.

"Erik. Big bro. Can you show me your big bro penis?"

Erik squeezed his bone hard. Something clicked.

"You want to see my big bro penis?"

"Yes, Erik."


"Yes. Big bro."

"Fuck yeah. I'm gonna expose my big fat big bro penis to you now, Scotty."

Erik pulled down his briefs and his boner went boing as it popped out of

his briefs. It was big and it fell on Scotty's nose. Scott breathed in

the scent of Erik's big boy penis. That was how Erik first started

discovering the rules.

There was a knock on his parent's bedroom's door.

"Come on in, little bro."

Erik stood up, his penis was all plump and stupid from his daydream. His

pubies were spraying everywhere above the thick white waistband. Erik

wanted to buy some briefs that said Big Bro on the waistband and get some

for Trev that said Little Bro. He knew the place to get it too.

Trev walked in, his hair was wet and loose, his skin looked shiny. He

must've lotioned up like his big bro told him. The little low-rise red

briefs were tight and snug on Trev. The waistband in front came up to just

above his penis, so Erik could see how shaved and smooth his little bro

was. Trev turned around to shut the door and Erik stared at the bouncy

bubble pushing against those briefs, the crack above the waistband in the

back. Some oil was pooling a bit at the top of that crack.

"Come here, little bro."

Trev walked up to Erik. Erik slid his finger in that crack and rubbed in

the rest of the oil.

"All better."

"I look ok, big bro?"

"You look so fucking hot, Trev. You're the sweetest little bro ever. You

ready to get silly with your big bro?"

Trev smiled and nodded.

"Say it."

"I wanna get silly with my big bro."

"Say it, Trev."

"Trevor wants to get silly with his big bro Erik."

"Good job! Come here and sit on my lap."

Erik sat down on the edge of the bed. Trev sat on his lap. He felt that

big bro boner up against his shaved puss in his briefs. He started to

bounce a little on it.

"Aww that's sweet baby bro. I like that. Bounce on your big bro's bone.

Yeah, just like that."

Erik reached around and grabbed Trev's nipples, all erect and hard. He

gave them a squeeze.

"Trev, after tonight, you're gonna be my real true little bro and you're

gonna be a real good little bro too. I just know it. But you have to

know, bro, there's no real going back. Once we do this, and that little

switch in your brain gets flipped to Boy Brain, you can't undo it. You can

try, but you're just gonna be sad and miserable. Do you still want this,

little bro?"

Trev kept bouncing on that boner. When had he ever been this happy before?

A little bit with Dalton, Trevor thought, but that was all so confusing.

This made perfect sense. This was my real brother, like blood brother, and

he was the most beautiful bulging boner bro, with his sweet big bro penis

that he couldn't get enough of, and that made him feel so good. Trev kept

bouncing on it. Erik slipped his hand on Trev's shaved pubes, his

fingertips just inside the waistband. Trev could feel Erik's fingers on

the base of his boy dick.

"Yeah, Erik. I want this. A lot."

"You do? Fuck yeah. So that means you love your big bro, huh?"

"Yeah, I do. I love my big bro Erik."

"Awww that's so sweet, Trev. I love you too, little bro. A fucking lot.

You love your big bro's penis?"

Erik bucked his hips, so Trev could really feel it hard. Trev whined a bit.

"Yeah. I love my big bro's penis."

"Ohmmm, you know, after tonight, you're gonna need my penis and I'm gonna

need your puss and that's just gonna be the way it is. You're gonna need

my sperm deep inside you all the time, and I'm gonna need to spray it

inside you, to inject you all the time with big bro sperm. You know that,


The whole thing made Trev rock hard in his little briefs and his boy puss

get all tingly.

"Yeah, I know that, big bro. That's cool."

"Turn around in my lap. Let me see your sweet face, those puffy sweet


Trev turned around, put his legs around Erik's waist, his arms around his


"Kiss your big bro."

Trev smiled. He'd never kissed anyone. Not like this. He leaned forward,

closed his eyes until his lips touched his big bro's. Then he pulled away.

Then back again, his lips grazing his big brother's. They kept like that,

while Erik bounced Trev on his bone, only the cotton keeping their bro

parts separate.

"Open your mouth a little, Trev."

Trev opened his mouth, just a little. Erik slipped the tip of his tongue

in between Trev's puffy lips. Erik's tongue found Trev's tongue and they

went even deeper. Their arms were around each other, squeezing each other.

Erik's hands dropped to his little bro's sweet bubble, his hands pulling

apart those puffy cheeks in their briefs.

Erik had had enough. He stood up and picked Trev up. He smiled at his

little bro as he bounced him in his arms and then threw him onto the bed.

Trev giggled. Erik jumped on the bed with him. They wrestled around a

little. Little Trev was stronger than he looked. Or was Erik letting him

win? It didn't matter, they both were hard and horny as shit.

"You horny, little bro?

"Yeah big bro, I'm so horny.

"Yeah? You horny as shit, bro?"

"Yeah, big bro. I'm horny as shit!"

"Yeah? Awesome, bro. Say it again. "Trevorrrrrr is horneeeeeeeeee as


Trev looked at him funny.

"Just say it, youÕll see."

"Trevorrrrrrrrr is horneeeeeeeeeeeeee as sheeeeeeeeeet."

Something popped in his head. He felt himself get a little dumb.

"You feel all stupid, huh, little bro?"

"Yeah. Dumb."

"Say it again. Really make it sound stupid."

"Trevorrrrrrrrrrr is hornnneeeeeeeeeeee as sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet."

Trevor giggled and whimpered at the same time.

"Aww fuck little bro. K, get on your belly, put your puss up in the air.

That's it. So sweeeeet. You're a sweeeeeeeet little bro, with a

sweeeeeeet bubble butt. Make it jiggle. Yeah, jiggle your bubble for your


Trev wiggled around and jiggled his bouncy butt. Erik reached up and

pulled the waistband of Trev's briefs down, until they were tucked under

his butt cheeks. Erik sat back and looked.

"Show me where I shaved you, little bro. Expose your puss to me."

Trev reached around and pulled apart his butt cheeks. He giggled cuz it

was silly and he loved it.

"You getting all silly over there, Trev?"


"Good. Let's see what this does."

Erik leaned over, grabbed Trev's thighs, stuck out his tongue and licked up

that sweet crack. Trev almost collapsed.

"What was that big bro?"

"That was my tongue tasting my real little bro's sweet pussy for the first

time. I can still taste it, so sweet, like cotton candy or something,

little bro. I fucking love it."

Erik leaned over and lapped at that puss. Thwip thwip thwip, his tongue

went fast over those puffy puss lips. Thwipthwipthwip. Thwipthwipthwip.

Erik pushed Trev's hands away from his butt cheeks and took over spreading

apart those bouncy bubble cheeks.

"Put your hands behind your back, Trev."

Trev did and this smooshed his face into the bed. He could feel his bro's

hands on his butt and his tongue spreading open his puss lips. Weird, Trev

thought. I have a pussy. I have a smooth little bro puss and my big bro

is licking it right now. Fuck yeah.

Erik was slurping on his little bro's boy cunt, getting super sloppy with

his tongue and his spit, getting that pink all shiny and wet. He slid his

tongue up inside the puss and playing with the lips with his fingers. He

loved how puffy his little bro's puss lips got, a sweet puffy puss. Trev

was squirming on his tongue, pushing back on it, trying to take more.

Erik picked Trev up and slid underneath him, so his bulging bone was in

Trev's face and Erik could still lick that pussy. He loved that sweet

bubble puss.

"Expose my boner, bro. Kiss it, and say Penis."

Trev sloppily pulled down his big bro's briefs and that fat penis popped

out like boing right in Trev's face. He kissed it.

"Penis." Thwip thwip thwip went Erik's tongue in Trev's hole.

"Say Big Fat Penis."

Trev kissed the head of his big bro's penis and said "Big fat penis."

"Take it all the way down your throat, little bro. Get it all wet and

sloppy with your spit. Fuck yeah."

Trevor held Erik's fat penis deep in his boy throat. Then pulled it out

and it was covered in his thick little bro spit.

"That spit is your special little bro spit, that you get when I push my

penis deep inside your mouth. Here, give me more."

Erik put his cupped hand right in front of Trev's mouth. Trev spit his

thick saliva into his big bro's hand. Erik took it and slopped it on

Trev's butt crack. Tapping on his little bro's pucker, Erik watch his lips

puff up.

"Ok, bro, it's time. Get on your belly. Yeah, that's it."

Trev got on his belly. Erik pulled off his briefs. He lay the shaft of

his swollen penis in his little bro's buttcrack, all slicked up with his

thick little bro spit. Erik lay down on Trev, wrapping his big arms around

his little bro. He started moving his penis boner back and forth in his

brother's sloppy smooth but cheeks.

"You feel that, little bro? You feel your big bro's fat penis in your butt

crack? You feel that, see how nice my penis feels on your shaved up puss?

You like that little bro?"

"Yeah big bro. A lot."

Erik chewed on his little bro's neck, wrapping his arms tighter around his

baby bro, his boner going back and forth between his smooth bubble cheeks,

he slid his hand around to his little bro's shaved pubes.

"You feel my pubies on your puss, bro? Remember, how I have blond pubies

around my big fat penis and you don't have any cuz you're all shaved up and

sweet, like a good little bro? Huh? You feel that, bro? Feel my pubies on

your puss? Feel my hand where you were shaved smooth? Yeah. Fuck yeah."

Erik sat up and pushed Trev's back into the bed. He grabbed his little

bro's hands and held them behind his back.

"Puff up your butt for me, little bro. Stick it up, come on, wiggle your

bubble in the air, yeah."

Erik put the head of his penis right up against those puffy cunt lips.

"You feel that? That's your big bro's fat boner poking at his little bro's

puss. Let's play a game, bro. Every time you say 'penis' I'll push my

boner deeper inside you. Okay? You want more you just say penis, ok, bro,

ok? That cool? You wanna play?"

Something clicked in Trevor's brain and all he wanted at that very moment

was to feel his big bro's fucking fat boner pushing inside him, inside his

puss, up into his asshole, deep inside his body. He wanted to be as close

to his big bro as he could, he wanted to be real intimate with his bro, he

wanted that huge swollen penis to push into his bubble and fill him with

big bro dong.

"Penis." Trevor whispered.

Erik smiled and he slowly but firmly pushed his boner inside his little bro

one inch. Erik looked down and saw his penis head inside his bro's butt

and thought he'd explode right there, it was so hot, that huge swollen

cockhead spreading open those puss lips, that shaved little bro pucker. He

grabbed Trev by his arms.

"Trev, turn around and look at your big bro's bone in your butt."

He pulled Trev up and Trev turned his around as much as he could.

"Do you see that, bro? Fuck yeah. Say "Boner in my butt."

"Boner in my butt."

"Yeah, boner in your butt."

"Boner in my butt."

"Yeah, big fat boner in your butt."

"Big fat boner in my butt."

"Say it."


Erik pushed another inch of his bone. He grabbed Trev's chin and kept his

face turned around, looking at the boner in his butt.'

Trevor whined a little, then let out a giggle.

"Yeah, little bro. You're doing so good, Trev. Here's a new rule. When my

boner is in your butt, you can only say what I tell you. You can whine and

giggle all you want, but I tell you what and when to say. Say 'boner in my


"Boner in my butt."

"Big bro boner in your butt, yeah."

"Big bro boner in my butt."

"Trevor loves his big bro's big fat boner in his butt."

"Trevor loves his big bro's big fat boner in his butt. Penis!"

Erik pushed another inch in. Three inches of his ten-inch boner were

pushed inside that round bouncy butt. Smooth pussy lips all puffed up from

his cock, spread open, red and shiny like a good little bro puss.

"Say 'Trevor has three inches of his big bro's boner in his butt."

"Trevor has three inches of his big bro's boner in his butt. Penis!"

Erik pushed another inch. Four inches of boner in his little bro's bubble.

He gave those ass cheeks a slap and watched them jiggle around his boner.

"Say 'Boner in my butt.'"

"Boner in my butt."

"Big fat boner in your baby bro butt."

"Big fat boner in my baby bro butt."

"Say 'I have four inches of my big bro's boner in my little bro butt."

"I have four inches of my big bro's boner in my little bro butt! Penis!


Erik pushed two inches more of his slicked up bone inside his little bro.

Six inches, four more to go. Trevor moaned.

"Yeah you feel that, huh? Feel my bonerrrrr in your butt! Fuck yeah, feel

it slide deeper inside you. Six inches of big bro bone. You're made for

this, little bro. Made to take your big bro deep inside you. Fuckkk. Say

it again."


Another inch of penis. "Penis!" Another inch of penis. "Penis!" Another

inch of big fat boner.

"Dude, little bro, you are so full of penis right now! Nine inches of big

bro penis. I'm gonna give you this last inch for free, bro. You don't have

to say shit, little bro, cuz you're gonna take ten inches of fat swollen

big bro penis in your pussy. Ready?"

Trevor whined a little. His head was swimming with so much penis in

him. He could barely stay lucid.

"Ready, little bro?"

Trevor could only wiggle on the penis.

"Say, Yeah big bro!"

"Yeah big bro!"

Erik slammed the last inch inside his little bro's puss.

The last thing Trevor remembered before he surrendered to stupid boy brain

was the feel of his big bro's blond pubies against his smooth bubble butt


Erik had only done this once before with a boy. Scotty had slowly

convinced him that to be a real big bro, he had to learn how to put his

penis in a tight boy hole.

"It's different than fucking a chick," Scotty had said. "Let me show you,

Erik. Can I show you? Can I show you how to push your big fat boner in a

little bro's hole? Please, big bro?"

Listening to Scotty beg him made his boner get harder, he was so swollen in

his black briefs with a red waistband. Scotty smiled a big stupid smile

watching Erik's penis get fat and swollen and stupid. Scotty opened up his

mouth, stuck out his tongue and looked up at Erik. Scotty started to pant,

like a puppy, with his big liquid blue eyes looking at Erik.

"What do you want, Scotty?"


Erik pulled down his briefs, took out his boner and shoved it in Scotty's

mouth, all the way down his throat.

"You sure you want this big boner in your butt, Scotty? It might hurt a


Scotty just choked a bit, never taking his eyes away from Erik. Erik slowly

pulled out his boner.

"I'm sure, Erik."


"I'm sure. Big bro."

Now here he had his big boner up his real little bro's round bouncy bubble

puss. All the way in. Ten inches of big bro penis boner inside his little

bro. Erik pulled his little bro up, so they were both sitting up, his

little bro's smooth back against his blond furry muscle chest.

"You having fun with your big bro, Trev?"

Trevor giggled, "I'm totally having fun with my big bro. I feel so dumb

right now, big bro."

"Yeah you are. You feel that fat penis deep inside your butt, like way up

inside your little baby bro body?"

"Yeah I do. I feel my big bro's fat penis deep inside my butt. Way up

inside my baby bro body."

Trevor started to giggle like a good little bro.

"You're so silly, little bro. Be a silly little bro and bounce on my

penis. Awwwwww fuck yeah, so sweet, little bro, bounce up and down, up and

down, up and down, fuck yeah. Get posting on my boner, little bro. Yeah,

fuck yeah. So good, bro, such a good job little bro! You're such a good

little bro."

Erik wrapped one arm around Trev's neck, the other around his belly and

started to fuck his little bro's pusspuss, sliding in and out of those boy

cunt lips, faster and faster, puffing out those pink lips as they scraped

against Erik's thick bush of blond pubies. His bone was stretching out

that little bro pink.

Trevor had a big dumb smile on his face, stoned on sweet penis, high on

bone, big bro fat boner, boner, boner, penis boner. Penis, sweet big bro

penis deep in my puss, Trevor thought, dumb stupid boner up my silly boy


Trevor started to bounce as Erik fucked him, slamming that bone even deeper

inside, scraping those pubies against his wet and puffy puss. Fluffing the

pubies with his puffy cunt. Little bouncing bro, posting on his big bro's

bone. Feel how that huge boner shaft stretched open his little bro lips

and the flared out swollen head of his big bro's giant penis pushed deeper

inside his insides, he could feel the hard boner shaft rub against the

ridges of his insides. Pushing, pushing, pushing, that big fat boner

pushing against that little bro spot, that boy brain deep inside him,

behind his little boy dick.

Erik could feel his balls tight up against his bone. He could feel the

head of his giant boy dong slamming against that little bro spot deep

inside Trev. Erik kept pushing himself against that spot, trying to get

deeper inside his little bro. He wanted the head of his big bro penis to

push against his little bro's heart. He wanted his whole little bro body to

be full of big bro dick, swelled up fat boner all the way in. Erik put his

arms underneath that bubble and started picking up Trev and dropping him

down on his boner.

The second his boner hit Trev's little bro spot, Trev started to sperm. He

creamed the pouch of his little red briefs. Erik slipped his hand inside

his little bro's briefs and felt Trev's wet slippery cum. This made Erik

crazy and he dropped Trev up and down on his boner a couple more times and


"This is it little bro! I'm gonna fill up your whole body with my sperm,

I'm gonna fill you up with sperm and knock you up with my babies, get you

all pregnant with your big bro's sperm, fill you up, ready, little bro?


Erik's hips bucked as he kept pumping load after load of creamy thick

sloppy big bro sperm inside his little bro's puss. His boner was all the

way inside still, but the wet sloppy cum was already oozing out Trev's

puss, finding its way out and around the big boner still spreading open

swollen puffy puss lips. Erik slowly pulled out.

"Trev, quick, turn around, bro. Get your mouth on that bone, bro. Get it

on there, bro, quick."

He pushed his little bro's mouth down on his bone about halfway in, when he

started bucking his hips and injecting another load in his little bro's

mouth, puffing out Trev's cheeks with cum. He pulled out and told Trev to

climb on his bone.

"Hold that cum in your mouth bro, yeah curl your tongue like I taught you,

bro, yeah show me your big bro's cum in your mouth, while I fuck you and

put more sperm in your hole."

Erik pumped a few more loads into Trev's puss. Trev opened his mouth and

played with his big bro's cum in his mouth, so it looked like the load Erik

was pumping in Trev's puss was coming out of his mouth, filling him up so

full of big bro babies swimming around inside his little bro body. This

made Erik come even more.

"Come on little bro, get sloppy with that cum in your mouth. Drool it out,

yeah, suck that cum back in your mouth. Yeah, fuck yeah. You feel my sperm

pumping in your butt, bro? Are you my butt bro? You are, bro. You're

full of my cum. Yeah get sloppy with my sperm in your mouth. Here, spit

it out in my hand. Yeah, now lick it back up, Trev. Yeah! Wipe your face

in my cum, bro, get sloppy, bro!"

Finally, Erik's hips stopped bucking and he shot his last load of big bro

sperm in his little bro. He kept his boner deep inside his bro. Trev

could feel his big bro's sperm all over him, inside him, everywhere. Trev

look at Erik.

"I love you big bro."

Erik smiled at Trev and licked off his cum from his little bro's face, then

opened up Trev's mouth with his fingers and drooled the cum back in Trev's


"I love you too, little bro. Now swallow."

Trev gulped down his big bro's sperm.

Fuck yeah.

End Part III



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