Something stupid was on TV but Erik didn't care. He sat with his legs a

little spread open, in his white briefs, on the couch. His hands were on

his big thighs and he was flexing his half-hard penis in his briefs. Trev

was on the couch too, in his red briefs, watching TV. Erik looked at

Trevor, who was totally mesmerized by the TV.

I want Trev to be that into my penis, Erik thought. I want my little bro

to stare at my boner like it's a TV show.


"Yeah, big bro?" Trevor didn't take his eyes off the TV.

"Look at me, little bro?"

"In a sec. This is good."

"Do you wanna be a good little bro, Trev?"

Something clicked in Trev's head.

"You do, right? You wanna be a good little bro for your big bro Erik?"

Trevor looked at Erik.

"Yeah, big bro. I do."

"Look at my penis."

Trevor looked. It was bulging out of his big bro's briefs. It was so big

and fat and hot. He could feel the heat come off his big bro's penis.

"Good job, Trev."

"Thanks big bro. I like it when you tell me that."

"Yeah? You like it when I tell you 'good job'?

"Yeah, I do, big bro."

"Look at my penis, don't take your eyes off it. Ok?"

Trevor bit his lip for a second as the temptation to watch the rest of the

show flooded through him.

"Say it."

"Trevor loves his big bro Erik's big fat penis."

"Look at my penis. Get real close to it."

Trevor looked at the bulge. He felt Erik's hand on his neck, pushing his

head closer.

"That's it, little bro. Get real close. Take a sniff, ok, little bro?

Take a big sniff of that big bro penis scent."

Trev's face was in Erik's bulge. Trev took a big sniff of that big bro

penis and felt something inside him relax. He didn't care at all about the

stupid TV show.

Erik had his hand on Trevor's head. He slid his other hand down his little

bro's back.

"Stretch out your legs, Trev. Lie on your belly. Yeah, like that."

Erik looked at his little bro laid out on his lap. He could feel Trev's

hot breath on his muscle boy dong. He tugged a little on Trev's ponytail.

Slid his hand down that smooth back, his finger along the spine. To the

waistband of his little bro's briefs. He slid his hand inside those briefs

and took a handful of that fat muscle bubble that he loved. Trev made that

sound in again, and the vibrations of it on Erik's penis made him tremble.

He slid his finger down Trevor's butt crack, all smooth and shaved and

pretty. He tapped his finger on his little bro's smooth puss. His finger

went back and forth over those puss lips, getting them to puff out a bit.

He loved this. This was just what he wanted, being bros, hanging out on

the couch, being stupid.

Erik pulled back his little bro's undies and exposed that sweet little bro

bubble. He pulled back his bro's butt cheeks and exposed that sweet boy

pink. This was what he was waiting for. Lazily sliding his finger back

and forth on Trev's shaved puss, hanging out with his bro. He wanted to

throw his bro on the floor and fill that boy puss with his big fat cock,

just fuck his bro until he's squealing and then fill him full of his big

bro's sperm, breed that puss, make him pregnant with his big bro's babies.

He could really be a big bro if he knew Trev was full of his big bro's

sperm. It made his penis get rock hard thinking about those sperm swimming

up his bro's puss, deep inside him, filling him up with big bro cum. The

way things were going he knew it wouldn't be too long, but he couldn't yet.

Fuck! Just thinking about his fucking river of sperm pouring into his

little bro's sick pink puss. Shaved bro puss covered in his cum. Damn! He

couldn't even taste it yet, that came later. But fuck, look at that bouncy

boy butt jiggle when he tapped his little bro's puss.

Trev was about to pass out from the combination of the smell of his big

bro's penis bulge in his face, and feeling his big bro's fingers play with

his butt hole. He'd never really thought about his butt. Trev knew he had

a big butt but never knew that anyone would think that was a good thing.

Most of his friends had flat butts or maybe lean muscular butts. He had

this one friend for a second, Dalton. Dalton used to make all these weird

comments about his butt. He wasn't even sure why Dalton hung out with him.

Dalton was kind of a jock, like Erik, but shorter, but still bigger than

Trevor, maybe 5-11. But big, Dalton worked out every day in his basement.

Trev used to hang out down there with him, watching him lift weights.

One day Dalton told him he wanted to work out in just his jock, and since

Trev was there, he'd feel less weird about it if Trev wore one too. Trev

never wore a jock before, but Dalton threw an old yellow one at him, told

it was from when Dalton was in middle school. Trev remembered the look on

Dalton's face when Trev came out of the bathroom in the jock. It fit him

pretty good, the pouch and waistband were a little loose for him.

When Trev turned around, Dalton was like "Yo Trev. You have a big muscle


Trev just shrugged but Dalton wouldn't let it go. Made Trev let him touch

it. "Damn, Trev. You work out for that butt?"

Trev shook his head. "Damn bro. "

Dalton kept saying shit like that all day. By the end, Dalton told Trev

that he had to sit in Dalton's lap in his jock, while Dalton lifted. Said

he needs Trev's weight for balance. But when Trev sat on Dalton's lap, he

totally felt his buddy's boner against his butt. Dalton kept squirming

while he was lifting, digging his bone into Trev's bare butt. On the last

exercise, Dalton made him bounce up and down while he lifted. Trev kept

feeling Dalton's bone hit up against his hole. Trev thought it was weird

but he kept doing it until finally Dalton let out a weird noise lifting a

heavy weight. He kind of pushed Trev off and walked to the bathroom.

Trev snapped out of it when Erik shoved his fingers in Trev's mouth and

told him to get his fingers all wet and sloppy. Trevor's mouth was full of

spit and he got totally stupid on Erik's fingers, getting them shiny and


Whoa. Trevor was totally getting dumb on Erik's fingers. Erik knew he

wouldn't be able to keep his boner in his pouch for much longer. He pulled

his fingers out of his little bro's mouth and told Trev to kiss the head

through his briefs and say "Penis" like before.

Kiss. "Penis." Erik took his spit-shellacked fingers and slid them up and

down his little bro's crack, getting it all shiny.

Kiss. "Penis." Erik rubbed his middle finger in circles around Trev's

pucker, watching his little bro's puss lips get all puffy.

Kiss. "Penis." Erik took the tip of his middle finger and pushed against

those shaved up pink lips. Erik pushed real slow until the tip of his

finger popped in.

Trev made a guttural sound then kissed his big bro's boner head through the

cotton. "Penis."

Erik pushed his middle finger deeper inside his little bro's puss. Trev

made another sound. "Whine for me, little bro. Let me here you whine cuz

you like it."

From somewhere inside Trevor, a whine of pleasure came out of his mouth.

His big bro's finger was really freaking him out.

"Keep it up bro, keep whining and kissing my boner through my undies. Say

it bro, say Penis."

"Penis!" Trevor whined it a bit more. Erik had his whole finger inside him

and was going back and forth, against those puffy puss lips.

"Now kiss the penis, Trev." his little bro let out a bunch of spit as he

kissed his big bro's boner in his briefs. "Say it, little bro!" Erik finger

fucked his little bro hard.






Erik pushed his finger all the way inside Trev and his little bro whined

like a girl. But then he started to giggle.

"Yeah, little bro. That's it. Come on. Giggle like a happy little bro.

Get silly. Yeah."

Trevor couldn't stop giggling as he pushed his puss back and forth on his

bro's finger.

"Yeah bro. You're having fun, huh? Having fun with your big bro?"

Trevor just giggled.

"Say it."

"Trevor's having fun with his big bro!" Then broke out into giggles. Erik

couldn't help smiling. He loved seeing his little bro find out what it

means to be a little bro.

"ThatÕs right, Trevvy! Give it up and just have fun with your big bro."

Erik slipped another finger inside Trev. Trevor let out a whimper as he

got used to the second finger.

"Kiss the penis!"

Trev drooled all over his big bro's boner then through his spitty mouth he

said "Penis!" like he was underwater.





Then Trevor let out an even deeper giggle. Erik smiled big, that was it,

that was the real little bro coming out.

"You like your big bros fingers inside your puss, bro?"


"Yeah you do, cuz you're a good little bro?"

"Yeah Erik, I'm a good little bro for my big bro."

"Push your butt back on my fingers. Make your bubble jiggle for your bro."

Trevor pushed back and giggled as his bro's fingers went deep inside his

ass. He loved this. He loved his big bro. He loved his big bro's fat

penis in his face and his big bro's fat fingers sliding inside his pussy.

Trevor kept remembering Dalton and how much his buddy loved his butt. He'd

forgotten all about Dalton but his big bro was bringing it all out. It got

so that when Trev would come down, Dalton would just hand him a jock.

"Hey Trev."

"Hey Dalton bro."

"Hey put this on. I just found this one, it's real old. It's from when I

was in sixth grade, it should fit you, you're so skinny. At least your

waist is."

Dalton leered at Trev's bubble butt. He threw the jock at Trev. Trev caught


"That strap is so full of my sixth grade sperm, bro."

"Gross Dalton."

"Just put it on."

Trevor went into the bathroom and took off his clothes. He looked at the

old yellow jock, it was pretty small. He put it on and it fit his waist

snug. He felt the straps press hard into his butt cheeks. He walked out

into the basement.

Dalton was waiting for him by the door. Trev walked past him and he could

feel Dalton's eyes on his butt.

"Dude, Trev. Those straps in the back are totally pooching out your butt."


"Like the straps are pressing into your butt cheeks and they kinda push

your butt out a little. Sweet."

Dalton sat on the weight bench.

"Lap, Trev."

Trev got onto Dalton's lap and immediately felt a totally hard boner

against his butt. Dalton leaned into his ear.

"That jock you're wearing bro? I totally filled it full of sixth grade boy

cum, that jock you're wearing is so full of my boy cum."

Dalton started grinding his boner against Trev while doing some curls.

"Think about it, Trev. I'm 18 now, I wore that jock you're wearing in

sixth grade, that means I was eleven. I totally shot my babies into that

jock like a thousand times, bro. Just for you to wear on that big bubble,

Trev. You're totally wearing a jock full of eleven-year-old boy cum. Fuck

bro. You gotta bounce, bro. Time to bounce on your buddy. Come on Trev,

bounce up and down."

Trev bounced up and down on Dalton's jock-covered boner. His bare butt

cheeks spreading around Dalton's boner bulge while Dalton did bench


Dalton liked Trev to stretch.

"Spread your legs nice and wide, bro. Now bend over and grab your big toes

with your finger. Close your eyes and stretch. Don't come up until I tell


Dalton would sit back and jack on his boner in his jock staring at Trev

exposing his puss for him.

"Don't move bro. Hold that just like that."

Dalton walked up behind Trevor. He pulled down his jock and let out his

big boner. He leaned down and rubbed his boner back and forth over Trev's


"Don't fucking move, Trev. Just stay just like that for a little longer."

Dalton rubbed his hard penis against his buddy's exposed puss.

Trevor snapped out of it when Erik grabbed him by his face.

"Snap out of it little bro. You went too deep, Trev. Stand up."

Erik threw Trev off his lap and Trevor stood up, coming back to present.

"You good bro? Trev?"

Trevor looked at Erik, at his big bro's boner which was...huge. It was so

big. Bigger than Dalton's.

"Erik you have the biggest boner ever."

"There you are bro. Fuck yeah. Yeah I do, little bro. Come here on your

knees, Trev. Be a good little bro."

Trevor got on his knees between Erik's legs.

"Put your hands on my thighs, little bro. I like seeing your little hands

on my big muscle thighs."

Trev put his hands on Erik's thighs.

"Open up your mouth real sweet. Look at me. Open up your mouth, Trev."

Trev looked up at Erik. He opened his mouth wide.

"Stick out your tongue, Trev. That's it. Keep all that spit on your

tongue. Yeah, curl your tongue, bro, to hold all that boy spit. Yeah."

Trev had his mouth open, tongue out, curled up and full of saliva.

"Good job! Good job, bro. Now say 'Ahhhh." Like at the doctor's office.


Trevor managed to say, "Ahhhhhhh."

"Keep all that spit on your tongue and say it again.


"Longer, bro."


"That's it, bro. Nice. K, little bro, I'm gonna pull down my briefs and

expose my penis to you. You ready? Say 'Uh-huh."


"Look at me, Trev. This is important. Your big bro Erik is exposing his

big fat muscle boy boner to his little bro Trev. You love that boner, don't

you Trev? Say Uh-huh."


"Yeah you do. You love your big bro's boner and that's fucking awesome

bro. It's the best thing, right? Ohmmmm, hey guess what Trev? I got a

boner and I'm gonna show it to you. K little bro?"


"Yeah, so good, little bro. You are so good. I fucking love this. K here I


Erik pulls down his briefs and his boner pops out. It's bigger than Erik's

ever seen it. He reaches for the measuring tape.

"Let's see how big you make me, little bro. Ten inches...fuck. Aaaaand

seven inches around. Damn bro. You see what happens when you're with your

big bro? His penis gets even bigger. You like that, Trev? Huh little bro?

You like that?"


"Awesome. "

Erik puts the tip of his penis on Trev's tongue. Rubs all that saliva over

his head. Dips his penis in and out of Trevor's pool of spit on his

tongue. Erik fluffs up his blond pubes real big.

"Yeah little bro! I fucking love this shit. You're made for this. You're

gonna be such a good little bro."

Erik slid his penis into Trevor's mouth.

"Keep your mouth open, little bro, until I tell you to close it, ok bro?

With Erik's dick in his mouth, drooling, Trev says "Uh-huh."

Erik put one hand on the back of Trevor's head and the other on his chin.

He slid a finger inside Trev's cheek and pulled it out as he slid his boner

deeper into his little bro's mouth. Deeper. Trev started to whimper. Erik

went deeper, sliding his penis down Trevor's throat, slowly, inching his

way into his brother's body. Trevor started to whine.

"ThatÕs it little bro. Whine for me. Cry, little bro, let it out. We're

gonna have fun soon, I swear, just got to get through this, little bro,"

Erik pushed his penis deeper down Trev's throat. Trev made a choking

noise, Erik stopped.

"Through your nose bro. Breathe through your nose, Trev."

Erik went deeper, it felt so good, feeling his brother's throat around his

boner. Tight and wet inside his bro's throat, There, almost all the way

in. Just one more inch.

"Close your mouth, bro. Look up at me. You feel your big bro's boner deep

inside your throat?"

Trevor nodded.

"Yeah. You like it, little bro?"

Trevor nodded.

"I know it's been a little rough bro but you did so fucking awesome. Look

at you bro. You got your big bro's fat boner penis deep in your mouth,

down your throat, bro. Fuck yeah."

Erik fluffed up his pubies.

"See my blond pubies, bro? Remember? What big bros have? What little bros

don't? You're all shaved up in your briefs, arenÕt' you little bro?"

Trevor nodded.

"Not your big bro though, huh. Your big bro's got big blond pubes that

crown his fat penis."

Erik fluffed them up while Trevor watched. Then, quickly, Erik pushed

Trevor down that last inch, pushing his face in those long blond pubes full

of big bro scent. Trev started to gag.

"Don't give up little bro. Catch your breath, Trev."

Trevor caught it finally.

"Yeah. There you go. You got all your big bro in you. Good job, Trev.

Fucking kick ass."

Erik reached over and grabbed Trev's cloth belt from before. He put the

belt around his little bro's neck.

"Don't move, Trev. Just stay like that with my big fat penis down your

throat, your pretty puffy lips in my pubes. I'm just gonna make sure you

don't move at all, k, bro?"

Erik tightened the belt around Trev's neck, pushing him ALL the way down on

his bone. Then Erik tied the belt around his waist, effectively tying his

little bro down on his cock.

"I'm just gonna watch my show now, Trev. You stay right there, like you

should be, mouth full of big bro penis.

Last time Trev saw Dalton was the week before Dalton left for college. It

started the same as every other time. Dalton handed Trev his old sixth

grade jock and Trev went into the bathroom. Dalton was right behind him

this time.

"What's up Dalton?"

"Nothin' bro. Put on the jock."

"Give me a sec, bro. I'll be right out."

"Nah, it's cool, Trev. Just put it on."

Dalton had this look on his face, kind of how his big bro looks at him now.

Trev shrugged and pulled off his shirt. He dropped his jeans and stood

there in his boxer briefs.

"Keep going, Trev. Put on the jock in front of me."

Dalton had his hand pawing his bulge. Trev pulled off his underwear and

quickly slipped on the jock. He looked at Dalton.

"Damn, Trev. Fucking big bouncy butt, bro."

"Let's go Dalton. Let's go work out."

"Yup. You first."

Trev walked out the door. He could feel Dalton staring at his bubble butt

in his old jock, the straps pushing down tight on his butt cheeks.

Dalton sat on the weight bench. He spread his legs a bit wide and patted

his lap.

"Lap, bro."

Trev walked over to Dalton. Usually, Trev sat on Dalton's lap with his

back to Dalton.

"Nah bro. Turn around. Wrap your legs around my waist. Different routine


Trev shrugged and climbed onto Dalton, wrapped his legs around Dalton's

waist and his arms around Dalton's neck. He immediately felt Dalton?s bone

against his hole and Dalton's hands squeezing his bubble cheeks.

Dalton looked up at Trev.

"Do you love this shit, Trev?"

"Yeah sure. I like helping you work out."

"Yeah. Bounce, Trev, up and down, up and down, like that."

Trev bounced up and down, his butt pressing against Dalton's bone in his

blue jock. Dalton put his hands on the back of his head, exposing his pits

to Trev.

"You smell that, bro? Fuck. That's some deep jock scent. You like it,


"You smell sweaty," said Trev, and kept bouncing.

"I know you don't hang out with jocks a whole lot, but this is some prime

jock scent, fuckin' full of boy hormones. Smell it bro!"

Trev wrinkled his nose. Dalton grabbed Trev's head and pushed his face into

his pit.

"Sniff it Trev. Smell what a jock bro smells like."

Trevor sniffed. Deep, way back in his head, something started to click,

something that wouldn't mature until his big bro took over.

Dalton looked in the mirror and saw Trev's big butt bouncing on his jock,

Trev's head smelling his pit.

"Damn, I can't take this anymore."

Dalton flipped Trev over, his belly on Dalton's lap, his bouncy boy butt up

in the air.

"I gotta, Trev, I'm sorry, bro, but I have to."

Dalton lifted his big muscly arm and laid a sharp spank on one of Trev's

cheeks. THWAP!

"FUCK! Dalton, STOP!"

Dalton stopped, lifted Trev up off his lap.

"You ok, buddy?"

"Yeah, just...don't do that. Not like that. It's too weird."

"Why's that, bro?"

"My Dad used to spank me like that."

"Fuck, bro. Okay. Hey, go over to the mirror and put your hands on it.

Yeah, spread your legs a little. K. Now stick out your fucking beautiful

bubble puss, bro. Show your buddy your bubble butt."

Trevor leaned against the mirror.

"Can I do it like this, Trev?"

"Do what?"

Dalton walked up behind Trev and spanked his bubble. THWAP! Dalton stared

at it jiggle, as he worked his bone in his jock.

"That." THWAP! "And that." THWAP! "And that." Dalton watched Trev's

bouncy butt bounce. THWAP! "Like that, Trev. Do you like that?"

Trevor didn't move. He didn't know what he felt. This was so weird.

Dalton stood behind Trev, his big jock penis boned up in his jock, pressed

right up against Trev's puss.

"Sweet fucking puss-puss, bro. So sweet."

Dalton went back and forth over those puffy lips with the bulging cotton of

his jock.

"Fucking perfect bro cunt. Look at those sweet lips, puff out from my


Dalton stepped back and THWAP! Made the bubble jiggle.

"Fuck bro. I'm gonna miss your sweet bubble when I go to school."

THWAP! Jiggle. Bone.

"I got so buff working out with you. Fucking made me motivated."

THWAP! Jiggle. Bone.

"Maybe I'll see your big bro at school."

THWAP! Bubble jiggle. Boned up jock.

"Damn, Trev! You better go. I don't know what IÕm gonna do if you stay.


"What are you talking about?"

"Seriously bro. Get your shit and go! You're fucking me up, that fucking

bubble, bro, fucking with my head. You better go, Trev. I'll see you


Trev looked at Dalton.

"Fucking go, Trev!"

Trev ran to get his clothes and left. So weird, Trev thought. I don't get


Erik slid the belt off of Trev's neck.

"Go slow, little bro. Don't puke when I pull out my penis, k bro?

Trev nodded.

"K. I'm gonna go slow. Yeah, that's it. Nice and smooth, bro.

Sweeeeeet. Yeah, look at all that fuckin little bro spit."

Erik pulled his big bro penis almost all the way out, keeping the head in

Trev's mouth.

"Awww, look at that, little bro. You got the head of your big bro's penis

in your mouth, your puffy lips wrapped around it. That's so sweet, bro. I

fucking love it."

Erik started to slowly slide his boner in and out of Trev's mouth.

"Yeah, take that penis in your mouth, Trev. You like it? Say uh-huh."

With big fat bone in his mouth, Trevor said "Uh-huh." He drooled a little

spit when he said it.

"Fuck yeah, Trev. It's cool to get sloppy with your big bro. Get all

messy and sloppy. Slurp on my boner. Slurp on my boner, Trev. Bounce

your head up and down on my dong. Awww, fuck yeah, bro."

Erik grabbed Trev's head and started fucking his little bro's mouth hard.

"Yeah open your mouth nice and wide bro. Take that big fat bro penis in

your mouth, like you should. Fuck, Trev, take it, slurp on my bone, bro!"

Erik pulled his penis out to the head, leaving that in Trev's mouth.

"Bro, you are doing so good. And we're almost there, bro. What I'm gonna

do right now, bro, is important and big step for you to be a good little

bro. Ok, bro?"

Trevor said with cockhead in his mouth, "Uh-huh."

"That's so sweet, bro. Okay bro, I'm about to give you my sperm, bro. IÕm

gonna use my penis to inject sperm inside you for the first time, little

bro. that's a big deal, bro. Ohmmmm, you ready, Trev?"


"Awesome. I'm gonna slide my penis in and out of your puffy lips and I'm

gonna fill your mouth full of big bro sperm. Hold as much as you can in

your mouth, ok? Swallow what you have to, but keep as much in your mouth.

I wanna see your face like a chipmunk, bro, full of my sperm, ok, bro?


Erik fucked Trev's mouth real fast for a couple of minutes.

"Ohhh, fuck, bro. Ohhh, fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! My big fat PENIS IN YOUR

MOUTH LITTLE BRO! FUCK! I'm gonna fill your mouth full of my sperm. Right

now! Fuck!"

So much cum spurted out of Erik's huge boner, it filled up Trev's mouth in

a second and he had to work to keep swallowing his big bro's babies. Oh my

god, that sperm was so fucking sweet, thought Trev. It made him stoned out

of his mind. He giggled. He was stoned on his big bro's sperm.

"Yeah, bro, giggle while you take your big bro's sperm! Fuck!"

Erik's hips bucked for another minute. Then he pulled out his still-hard

bone and sat back on the couch.

"Come here, little bro."

Trev climbed onto Erik's lap. Erik's hand shot to Trev's bubble, slid his

hand in the leg of Trev's red briefs and found his sweet shaved puss. He

shoved two fingers inside him. Trev whined.

"Open your mouth, little bro. Let me see my sperm in your mouth. Curl it

with your tongue. Yeah get all sloppy with my cum in your mouth while I

finger you. Aww fuck yeah."

Erik finger fucked Trev super hard and fast.

"Cum for me, little bro. Get your red briefs all wet and sloppy. Sperm up

in your briefs, bro. Come on, do it for your big bro,"

Trev went to touch his little bro dick.

"NO! Trev keep your hands on my neck. You'll cum from your butt."

Erik pushed his fingers in deeper until he found that hard spot in his

little bro's butt. He pushed. Hard.


Trev creamed his briefs, filling his undies with his little bro sperm. His

body shook. His bubble jiggled as he came.

"Yeah! Good job, little bro! That was gooood. You are such a good little


Trev collapsed against his big bro's chest, holding on to his big thick

neck. Erik still had his fingers up his little bro's puss. He wiggled his

fingers a little in that puss. Trevor moaned. Yeah, Erik thought, this is

the shit.

"Trev. We're almost there, bro. Just one more rule and you'll be the best

little bro ever."

Trevor smiled and curled up against his big bro's massive chest. Erik took

his fingers and opened Trev's mouth a little and slipped his nipple in

there. Trev started nursing on his big bro's tit and fell asleep.

End Part II




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