Chapter 8: Nicky 

Adam was restless. He enjoyed Owen with his eagerness and willingness to please. There was something infectious about Owen’s joyful embrace of BDSM, his anxiousness not to disappoint and his relief when had been punished. Owen was a natural submissive. It was pleasing to see his enjoyment grow as he gave up more and more control to Adam.

But Adam still couldn’t let himself loose on the boy. It was all a heady trip for Owen, but Adam had to rein in his desires so that Owen didn’t push himself too far. Adam liked to play nearer the limits, and congratulating himself on the success of Owen’s training wasn’t enough. Owen had been taking up a lot of his time. He’d used other boys occasionally—boys who liked to get fucked hard and fast and didn’t require much aftercare. But he was missing the creativity of a longer session of restraint and impact play with an experienced sub.

Adam was also aware that Owen falling for him in his eager, puppyish way. It was inevitable, really. He needed to find a way of satisfying his own need to punish Owen harder and to make the boy accept more distance. Soon a plan had formed in the kinks of his imagination.

Nicky Rostov was a fund manager and very good at his job. Married with two children, he was a loving husband and father, an admired figure in society, and a generous donor to the arts. He was also a man who needed to be forced to accept punishment from another man. Nicky played exclusively with Adam.

Adam very rarely accepted married men as subs. He was not interested in deception, and the complications of arranging meetings with partnered men were annoying to him. But Nicky was the exception. It was not just his physical beauty, which was considerable, but the special dynamic that Adam had with him. Nicky liked to push back—he could not be satisfied, could not truly give up his own will to a master, until he had reached a physical and mental limit. Only when he was he was completely and mercilessly dominated could he experience the ecstatic release of full submission that he craved.

Adam loved this too. Nicky was a special creature who gave Adam scope to create some of his most pleasurable scenes. There were things that Nicky would not give up until they were taken from him, and Adam delighted in taking them.

It had been several months since they had played together. Nicky’s work was time-consuming and the space needed for a session had to take account of the time it would take for the marks on his body to fade. But Nicky’s wife was an opera singer and travelled frequently—when she was away, he would allow the buried urges to be restrained, beaten, and fucked hard by another man to rise to the fore, and then he would contact Adam. So when Adam received a brief phone call from Nicky, and they arranged to meet for coffee, ideas began to take shape.

Nicky’s response was as Adam had predicted: “Absolutely not!”

Adam leant back in his seat and smiled cynically at Nicky’s opening salvo. This was a ritual that they had played before. Not a negotiation but a gradual beating down of Nicky’s will. There could only be one of two outcomes of this conversation and they both knew it. Nicky would accept Adam’s terms or Adam would cut him off. The prospect of dominating Nicky and Owen together was racing through Adam’s imagination and his blood alike. Plans and schemes were forming. He drank slowly and deliberately from his coffee cup as he scrutinised Nicky’s face.

“The boy can wear a blindfold. A hood if you prefer. That will be the only concession.” Adam knew of Nicky’s meticulous privacy and the care he took to keep secret this side of his life. But he also knew that the risk would even now be gripping Nicky by the balls and sending shots of excitement through them.

“No. I can’t risk Elena finding out.” Adam had occasionally met Nicky’s wife at social functions or after performances and he admired her greatly. Privately, he thought that if Nicky told her about his sexual needs she could dominate him pretty successfully herself. But he had no interest in involving himself in his subs’ private lives.

“Elena will not find out,” Adam said forcefully. “My boy doesn’t know who you are, and in any case he is perfectly discrete. He works at Lombardi and Hecht—the attorneys. He knows how to keep things to himself.”

“I’m not saying I don’t trust you, Adam. It’s just that the risk is too great.”

Adam knew he had him now. Once Nicky was considering the risk, his desire would mount until it overcame him. It was what made him good at his job and it was what led him to play close to the edge with Adam.

“You’re trying my patience, Nicky. If you wish to play, you know my terms.”

“I’ll think about it,” Nicky conceded.

Adam smiled again. It was time to give Nicky a little taster to seal the bargain. He leaned right across the table to speak into Nicky’s ear. “That’s right, bitch, you think about getting on your knees with my cock in your mouth, and I’ll think about the whip you’ll be feeling as you suck it.” He got up abruptly and left Nicky to pay the check.

There was a quiet intensity about Nicky that fascinated Adam. As he walked home, he remembered the time at the members’ bar at the Metropolitan Opera when Nicky’s wife was in a dress rehearsal. Over two martinis Nicky had calmly and steadily looked into Adam’s eyes and told him his deepest sexual fantasies. Then they had returned to watch the last act of Eugene Onegin.

As Adam had anticipated, Nicky accepted the time and date that Adam texted. Meanwhile he let Owen wait. Adam’s mind was on the scene that would play out with the two subs and he was not for the time being interested in the careful nurturing of Owen’s BDSM experience while the more exciting prospect of fucking Nicky was taking shape in his mind.

As the days passed Owen grew worried that he hadn’t been summoned for a play session. He knew better than to question Adam or nag him, but he started to fear that Adam had grown tired of him. So he was thrilled to get a text instructing him to go to Adam’s apartment after work on Friday. As Adam opened the door Owen automatically dropped to his knees to greet him, but Adam caught him, guided him over to the sofa and spoke to him in a serious voice.

“Today will be a little different, Owen, so I want to talk to you first. There are two things I need you to understand. One is a reminder that it’s important for you to trust me. I won’t let any harm come to you. But the second thing is that you must be absolutely confident to use your safeword if you have any doubt at all. You can just say it if you feel uncomfortable. There will be no repercussions and we can continue as normal when you’re ready.”

Owen wasn’t sure what to make of this. “Can you tell me more?” he asked.

“I don’t want to. I want to watch your reactions during the scene. Please, Owen. I need you to trust me.” Adam put to the back of his mind that he should probably ensure that he had Owen’s explicit consent to play with Nicky.

“I trust you, Sir.” Adam had never asked his permission quite like this before. Owen felt a warm glow of responsibility. He followed Adam’s instructions to strip down to his jock and wait kneeling in the playroom. Adam came in to him and bent to kiss him. He attached a chain to Owen’s collar and fastened it to a ring on the wall. Then he took a leather blindfold and secured it behind Owen’s head. Thick pads fitted into Owen’s eye sockets and cut out all the light. Immediately Owen found himself in a new space that heightened all his other sensory reactions. He heard Adam leave the room.

A few minutes later Adam opened the door to Nicky and drew him into the apartment. He folded Nicky in his arms and they kissed equally, like lovers. Adam looked deeply into his eyes and said quietly, “Do you understand why you’re here?” Nicky nodded slowly and deliberately and they kissed again, but this time it was Adam’s tongue alone that drove into Nicky’s mouth.

Still embracing him, Adam slid Nicky’s jacket off and tossed it aside. Slowly, gently, he pulled Nicky’s arms behind his back and with a click the handcuffs were on. “You’re mine now,” he said softly. This was the first part of their ritual. Nicky’s submission would be gradual as Adam broke him down.

Adam drew Nicky into the playroom, still talking to him softly. He positioned him in the center of the room and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Nicky said. Owen froze when he heard another voice. His mind flashed back to the evening when Adam had caned another Dom’s sub. He remembered Adam’s frightening coldness as he had punished the boy. But this was different. He could hear a warmth and excitement in Adam’s voice. There was an edge to the scene, but it felt right.

With Nicky’s hands still bound behind his back, Adam ripped open his shirt, tearing it so it hung in shreds from Nicky’s toned chest and shoulders. He passed his hands over Nicky’s body, possessing it as he felt the taught muscles moving beneath the skin. His tongue ran hungrily over his lips. He began the scene.

Adam spoke directly at Nicky: “I don’t want to hurt you more than is necessary. Though I’m afraid it will be necessary to hurt you.” He felt Nicky’s whole body tense and jerk away. It was time to restrain him properly.

In one quick movement Adam exchanged the handcuffs for leather wrist restraints. He fixed a chain to each wrist. He fastened Nicky’s wrists to a bar and cranked the bar up to the ceiling pulley so that Nicky’s arms were stretched high above his head. He fetched the collar that he kept for these occasions. Nicky’s resistance and his spectacular body needed something more than leather. Adam clamped a wide, heavy steel collar round his neck that forced his head up.  He fastened thick leather cuffs round Nicky's thighs and chained them to rings in the floor.

Adam feasted on Nicky’s beauty: his high cheekbones—a gift from his Russian ancestors—framed by his loose, black curly hair. Nicky took great care of himself; his body was finely sculpted and perfectly proportioned. Adam ran his hands up and down him, feeling the strength coiled within him and the energy that Adam would draw out of him. They were both poised for the special sexual pleasure they could take only from each other.

Nicky would need to be fucked roughly, but Adam was the only man he took in his ass. Some preparation was required. Adam ran his hands over Nicky’s honed, muscular buttocks and slapped his flanks. “Open that ass, boy!” He lubed up a black butt plug and nudged it against Nicky’s opening. Nicky squirmed when he felt the tip of the plug going in. Adam laughed and smacked him again. “Keep still, boy, it’s for your own good. You’ll be spread a lot wider when you feel my cock in there.”

Adam worked the plug into Nicky’s hole and admired the way it sat snugly between his muscled buttocks. Then he went over to where the blindfolded Owen was kneeling, and moving his head to listen better. Adam unhooked Owen’s chain from the wall and brought him over, crawling at his heels on hands and knees. Adam pushed his head down to Nicky’s feet.

“Take the shoes off, boy,” Adam ordered. Owen felt round for shoes and removed them. “Good, now the socks. That’s right. Now unfasten the pants.” Owen was starting to find this exciting. He slid his hands up Nicky’s legs and fumbled at the button of his pants. He found the zipper and tugged at the waistband of the pants and briefs. Even though he couldn’t see, he could sense the presence of a big dick. As his face drew close to it, Adam pulled him away. “Don’t be greedy, boy. You are here to serve.” Owen felt the crop across the back of his shoulders, and then a tug on his chain leash that guided him back to his corner. He was aware that Adam was controlling his responses, keeping him on the edge of need and desire.

Adam returned his attention to his masterpiece. He took a riding crop from the rack and walked round Nicky, giving him sharp cracks with the crop to make him adjust his position. “Open your legs!” The crop forced Nicky’s legs apart and Adam secured them with a spreader bar. Nicky’s body was spread open, his muscles straining as the restraints stretched his limbs. Nicky’s resistance gave them both permission: Nicky to submit and Adam to take him to farther reaches of domination.

Adam stood back to admire his captive. Nicky was starting to sweat at the stress his body was under. Adam felt a deep calm flow through him and a delicious anticipation for the way the scene would play out. He was in his element. Nicky’s body was an open invitation to him. He started with nipple clamps—a nice Japanese pair with a savage bite and a linking chain. Nicky’s howl when they went on got Adam’s erection started.

Adam stroked Nicky’s face and gripped his jaw. Nicky gave a low growl and turned his head away. Adam pushed his fingers into Nicky’s mouth and felt the sharp nip of teeth. He laughed softly and slapped Nicky’s face hard. “No biting!” He grasped Nicky’s jaw again and squeezed hard to force open his mouth. He pushed in a black rubber bit gag and fastened it tightly. It was Adam’s favorite gag—a pleasing visual effect that still allowed drool and moans to flow out of the boy’s mouth. Nicky looked magnificent in it, Adam thought, like a stallion refusing to be broken. Nicky was shaking his head angrily, the spit already beginning to run down his chin.

Adam hit his chest forcefully with the flat of his hand. “Calm down. It’s time for you to show me what you have for me. Let’s see how much you can take.” All of Nicky’s need and yearning to be mastered were now expressed in his resistance.

Adam stood before his row of whips. Each one was a tool that had its own time and its own purpose. Every occasion and each submissive needed their own whip. The cane was for punishment, but Nicky was an exotic creature whose physical perfection was to be celebrated, not punished. The flogger was for rough, passionate scenes. Adam needed something more sophisticated. His fingers closed round the handle of a cat o’ nine tails. It would give him both power and an exquisite precision.

He showed Nicky the whip. Nicky’s eyes were blazing at him. Adam caressed his cheek and whispered into his ear, “I know you want this, Nicky. I know what you need. Tell me that you want it.” Nicky was silent, his eyes burning. Adam drew the whip slowly round his neck. “That’s all right. You’ll be begging for it soon enough.” He drew the cat back and let it fall on Nicky’s shoulders. Then he began to whip him.

Adam striped Nicky’s back and ass. He took his time, placing the whip where he pleased and tasting Nicky’s reactions as the cat contorted his body. Adam’s cock was rapidly hardening. The marks of the whip formed a beautiful pattern on Nicky’s body and his cries were like music. Adam was in his element. The cat felt an extension of him. 

Adam moved round to watch Nicky’s face as he received the whip. Nicky’s teeth were clenched on the bit and he tossed his head as the strands bit into him. His chest was wet with the saliva flowing from his mouth. As Adam whipped him, he watched Nicky sinking towards submission and it sent an electric charge from his balls into his entire body.

Adam was starting to breathe heavily. He stripped off his shirt and tossed it against the kneeling Owen. Even blindfolded, Owen recognised his Master. It was damp with Adam’s sweat and he buried his face in it, needing to get closer to Adam. He longed with every fiber in his body to be part of the scene. His senses were heightened to the sounds and smells of the room and his imagination was awakened to the prospect of a big dick fucking him in the darkness that covered his eyes.

Adam fingered the gag in Nicky’s mouth and opened his pants to allow his cock to escape. “Now. Are you ready to suck my dick? I know you want to feel that cum sliding down your throat.”

“No.” Nicky’s voice was pleasingly muffled by the gag.

“Really? Perhaps you’d like to take a closer look. See what you’re missing.”

Adam adjusted the ropes so that Nicky’s arms were pulled up behind him and his head was lowered till it hung above Adam’s erect cock. Bent at the waist in a painful strappado, gagged and straining under the whip, Nicky looked almost perfect to Adam. The muscles in his chest and shoulders were taught and his torso was shining with sweat and spit. Adam took Nicky’s balls in his hand and squeezed gently. Then he slapped them hard to make Nicky thrash in his chains, every sinew fighting against his restraints.

But there was one element more that would complete the picture. He walked over to Owen and kicked his foot. “Wake up, boy!” Owen sat up. Adam unhooked his chain again and pulled him over to Nicky.

Adam pushed Owen’s face into Nicky’s crotch and threaded the chain through the rings on Nicky’s thigh restraints. The chain was now looped round the back of Owen’s neck, giving him just enough space to get his head onto Nicky’s cock.

“Open your mouth, boy,” Adam said and pushed Owen’s head forward onto it. “Service this cock.”

In a moment of clarity Owen realised why Adam had warned him that he must give consent. But he was wholly caught up in the scene. He wanted to please Adam, but he also wanted to suck this anonymous cock.  Even blindfolded he felt an energy circulating through the three of them. The closeness to an edge of danger was part of it. The hardness of the strange cock, the sounds of moaning and crying from Adam and his sub, and the smell of sex and sweat had all intoxicated him. He would do whatever he was told. His mouth blindly found Nicky’s cock. He took it in his mouth and began to work it with his tongue.

Owen could hear Adam speaking in a low, musical voice. “Give in to me, Nicky, let me take you. You know you want to submit. It’s time,” and then sound of the whip singing through the air and landing harder and harder as it slashed across Nicky’s back. Owen felt it flick more lightly across his own shoulders in a quick flash of pain. Adam glanced down at Owen serving on his knees with Nicky’s cock in his mouth and the chain holding him in place. He was pleased at how obediently the boy was working to take it down his throat as Nicky flinched and swayed under the whip.

Nicky’s moans were changing tone Adam yanked up his head by the hair. At that moment he saw the change in Nicky’s eyes and recognised his submission.

“Are you ready to give me what I want?”

Nicky sighed. And the thread of his resistance broke. “Yes, Sir,” he said on a breath, and at once the scene changed gear. Now Adam and Nicky both had what they desired. Nicky was allowing himself to fall into submission and to strip off the responsibilities of his life. And Adam was filled with self-satisfaction. His ego was rampant as he took what he wanted. He decided to push Nicky further.

Adam caressed Nicky’s body as he hung submissively in his bonds, feeling the muscles react as he rubbed his hand over them. He whispered into his ear, out of Owen’s hearing. “You look so exquisite, Nicky, my beautiful, sexy Cossack, so perfect. You need an audience. And the boy deserves to see you.” He felt Nicky tense and he exerted his power. “You know it’s right. It’s going to happen.” He waited two beats to allow Nicky to object. Then he pulled off Owen’s blindfold.

Owen gasped at what he saw. Adam had changed the lighting in the playroom. Illuminated in a pool of light in the center of the room was a stunningly beautiful man contorted in pain. Nicky hung from his arms, every muscle taught. His body was decorated with the red stripes of the whip and shone with sweat. His face was raised to look up at Adam. His eyes were pools of darkness and submission.

Adam had brought a chair into the playroom and was sitting in it with his arms and legs spread. His chest was bare and he wore leather pants open at the waist. Owen’s eyes widened—he had never seen Adam in BDSM gear before. All his pornographic fantasies were unfolding before him.

Adam was completely involved in the scene. His greed for more and more sexual power was growing and he had to wind himself down to take some decisions. He stroked his cock as he planned his next move.

Adam moved over to Nicky and snapped open the carabiners that held him up. Nicky fell to his hands and knees. He was where he needed to be, humbled at the feet of another man.

Adam pushed Owen next to Nicky. Both subs were lined up for his enjoyment. He felt he had done enough work to set up to the scene. Now he would give free reign to his voracious sexual desires.

Adam gave his orders. “All right, boys, I’m ready to give you my cock, but first you’re going to show me that you want it. Crawl over here. You, boy, get your face on my boots. Nicky, get to work on my dick.”

Owen felt a little pang at his demotion but he was ready to obey. He crouched at Adam’s feet and put his tongue onto the leather of his boots. He slipped into a new headspace of complete passivity. The smell of the leather and the smooth solidity of it on his tongue filled his senses. He was wholly focused on his task. If all he was allowed to do was worship Adam’s boots, that was what he would do.

Nicky had taken Adam’s cock in his mouth. Adam glanced down at him and knew Nicky was released into his own world. He bent his body over Nicky to play with the plug in his ass. This was the forbidden place Nicky had to come to. Contained and restricted by another man’s body, with a hard dick forced into his mouth, he finally allowed himself to fall into complete submission. The slate of his everyday life was wiped clean. He would become whatever Adam wanted.

Adam toyed with the butt plug, tapping it hard and sending vibrations deep into Nicky’s ass before he pulled it out. He was ready to fuck, but he wanted to prolong this moment of infinite passivity with two subs serving him. He revelled as his dick was sucked and his boots were worshiped. He allowed Owen to move up his leg onto the leather of his pants.

Owen felt the muscles of Adam’s leg beneath the leather and pressed his tongue down, yearning to get closer to Adam’s skin. He sensed  the heat of Nicky’s body beside him and allowed himself a glimpse of Nicky’s superb muscular form. Then suddenly Adam was pulling him up, and there was Adam’s beautiful cock standing high and hard above Owen’s head.

“Work on me together, boys,” Adam ordered, and they took it in turns to pleasure Adam’s rigid cock and his balls, licking and sucking in harmony with each other. Owen was overwhelmed by his need to submit to Adam and the privilege of serving next to Nicky’s spectacular body. As his mouth was filled with Adam’s balls he could see Nicky choking on Adam’s dick. A little shot of pride ran through him, as he knew he could take Adam’s cock deeper into his throat.

Adam was replete with self-satisfaction. “That’s it, boys,” he said, “Get me ready for your asses.” His cock was primed and he wanted to use it. He pushed both the subs away and revelled in their disappointed faces. “Hands and knees, boys. Turn round and present your asses.”

The sight of both asses raised and offered for his pleasure made Adam’s cock rock hard. The temptation to have Nicky fuck Adam was great, but he knew that Nicky had never topped, and he wanted no interruption to the scene now. He luxuriated in the pleasure of the two asses open before him—Nicky’s tanned and tight and muscled, and Owen’s broad and pale and yielding. Both beautiful and ready for him.

Adam had decided to fuck their asses one after the other. He would start with Owen as a reward for his dedication. “Ass up!” He pushed Owen’s shoulders down and drove into his ass. He loved the way Owen had learned how to take him.

“Good boy, Owen, that’s how to take a big dick. Keep your ass high, arch your back for me. Show me how you want my cock.” Owen’s hole was hot and sweet. There was a delicious moment of resistance as Adam pushed through his second ring, and sunk fully into Owen’s ass. He fucked more slowly now, savoring the full depth of Owen’s passage clinging to his cock. He pulled back and thrust in again to feel the pleasing slap of his balls against Owen’s cheeks.

Owen whimpered as he felt Adam leave his hole. Adam laughed and said, “That’s enough for now, Owen, you’re going to have to share it.” It was time to give Nicky what he had come for.

Even after the plug, Nicky was tight. But Adam thrust into him forcefully. He knew that Nicky needed to be ridden hard, and the constriction of his passage was delicious on his cock. He gripped Nicky’s hips to pull him back onto the invading dick. He fucked him hard, over and over, driving his cock deep into the dark, barely-touched realms of Nicky’s ass. Nicky moaned with pain and lust, and Adam knew he was asking for it harder. The way Nicky gave himself was intoxicating.

Owen felt empty, but then he felt Adam’s hand on his ass, spanking him as he fucked Nicky. Owen needed more contact.  He instinctively turned his face to Nicky and the two of them met in a deep, passionate kiss. Adam permitted it. The sight of his two subs making out with each other as he took turns in their asses amused and aroused him further. He was delighted with the success of the scene and he rewarded himself in the deep fuck of the two asses obediently presenting themselves to him.

Adam felt his balls tighten. He stood up and ordered the subs to turn around to him. “Ready for my cum? Which of you deserves it?” Two faces were upturned for him and he shot across both of them, bathing them in his thick, white cum. “Clean my cock,” he ordered, and they obediently licked up and down the shaft and then spontaneously—to Adam’s enjoyment—they cleaned the cum from each other’s faces with their tongues.

Adam was winding down from the high of the scene. He knew Nicky would not need to come. Nicky needed to be whipped and dominated and to obey the sexual demands of another man. That was his reward. Orgasms were another kind of fulfilment that he reserved for his wife. Adam turned his attentions to Owen and pulled him to kneel at his feet.

“Stroke your cock, boy. Give me a good show.” Owen was already hard. He was ready to come for Adam. He worked his cock with his hand looking up eagerly into Adam’s face. His cum would be a tribute to his Master. Adam extended his foot and ordered Owen to come on his boot. On command, Owen shot a load onto the black leather, moaning with ecstatic release.

Adam smiled, admiring the white cum against the black boot. “What a mess you’ve made, you filthy boy. Get your face down there and clean it up.” Owen licked up every drop and looked up hopefully for Adam’s approval.

But Adam had moved on. He told Owen he could use the playroom bathroom, and took Nicky to his own room. He wanted to wash him down, like the prize stallion Nicky was, and attend to the welts from the whipping.

When they were done, he handed Nicky a new shirt still in its packaging to send him back into his everyday life. They would not kiss this time. Their sexual contract was suspended. Owen returned and respectfully watched the ceremony of Nicky leaving. Before he went out, Nicky took an envelope from his pocket. “I thought you might like to come to Elena’s opening night.” He cast a quizzical look towards Owen. “There are two tickets in there.”

Adam thanked him and they said goodnight, politely and formally as if Adam’s cock had not been plowing Nicky’s ass thirty minutes earlier.

Adam sprawled on the sofa. He had put on some classical music that Owen didn’t recognise. Owen moved to sit at his feet but Adam patted the cushions next to him and Owen eagerly scrambled up. He curled up beside Adam with his head in his lap and sighed contentedly.

Adam ran his fingers through Owen’s hair and talked to him about the scene.

“Thank you, Owen, you gave me a great gift today.”

Owen didn’t know how to reply. He thought he had just done what he had been told. Adam continued, “You gave me your submission without conditions and we pushed your limits when you sucked another cock for me. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh, yes! It was all a bit unreal but exciting too. There was so much going on.” Owen had been overwhelmed by the pornographic scene that had unfolded around him. “You looked so hot in those leathers!”

Adam smiled. “Well, I usually can’t be bothered with that kind of thing, but this was a special occasion.”

“Is Nicky … I mean … do you?”

“Nicky has his own life. It’s important for us to respect that. Tonight will be confidential to us. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Adam,” Owen promised solemnly. He loved the thought of sharing a secret with Adam. He was glad that Nicky wasn’t a fixture in Adam’s life and he liked the way Adam had said “us.”

They listened quietly to the music for a while. Then Adam remembered the envelope Nicky had given him and he checked the tickets. Owen was curious. “Is it for a play?”

“An opera. Bluebeard’s Castle. Do you want to go?”

“What’s it about?”

Adam looked intently at Owen. “It’s about a couple—a man and a woman in this case. He’s had a number of wives and he lives in a dark, gloomy castle. Maybe bad things have happened to the wives. His latest wife wants to open up all that darkness, but he asks her not to.”

“So what happens?”

Adam paused. “He takes her too. She becomes part of the darkness. He’s left alone.” A shadow passed across Adam. Owen reached his hand to touch his face. But Adam turned away and changed the tone. “It’s just a story. But a night at the Met might be fun. I’ll think about it.” He put his arm round Owen and the boy snuggled into him, kissing every available patch of skin, delighted at the privilege of being held in Adam’s embrace.

Adam considered the idea of taking Owen to the Met. But he had something else to think about that he had pushed to the back of his mind. He had received an invitation from Mark Emerson.


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