Chapter 10 : Office

Things were going well for Owen at the law firm where he worked as a paralegal. He felt more confident in his job, and it was easier to accept the responsibility that Mr Lombardi, one of the senior partners, gave him. He had recently received a raise and a lot of praise from his boss and he felt ready to rise to new challenges. His next challenge, though, was not what he expected.

He had been working for a few hours when Mr Lombardi came over to his desk and said, “You remember Mr Strickland? You worked with him on the Collins case a couple months ago.” Owen wondered nervously what was coming next. He nodded yes.

Mr Lombardi continued, “We just need to go over a few points of evidence with him and get his take on them. Would you mind taking these files over to his offices? You put them together originally, and it’ll be easier for Adam than having him come over here. And if you can take notes, it’ll save us having to ask him for them.”

Owen smiled with relief and anticipation. He was excited at the thought of visiting Adam at his workplace. It would be a new adventure. He hadn’t seen Adam since the party at Mr Emerson’s, and it had had left him uncertain about what Adam wanted from him. A thrill of excitement ran through him at the idea of seeing Adam again.

“Sure, I’d be happy to,” he said to Mr Lombardi, “ I’ll get the files together right away.”

“Thanks, Owen. I always appreciate your help.”

A taxi was ordered for him and he was soon at Adam’s law offices. They seemed informal compared to Lombardi and Hecht with much less of a corporate atmosphere. Owen knew Adam that took on a number of pro bona cases. A casually dressed man on reception called up to Adam.

“Mr Dillon for you, Mr Strickland … yes, sure, I’ll send him up.”

Owen entered Adam’s office. It was the first time he had seen Adam in a work environment since that first encounter at Lombardi’s. He would never forget that moment. He was almost sure Adam was wearing the same suit now—a soft, dark gray fabric that made his eyes seem even more intense. Adam looked very handsome in a suit and tie in contrast with the typically untidy state of his office. Piles of papers and books lay around the large office, just as they did in his apartment. An abstract painting hung behind him. Owen recognised the same black and gray swirls with the patches of yellow from the paintings in Adam’s apartment.

Adam was working on some papers. He looked up as Owen came in and said, “Thank you for coming over, Mr Dillon. Would you wait a moment, please?”

Adam picked up the phone on his desk. “Karen, I’m going to go over some of this material with Mr Dillon. Could you ask Rebecca to take the 3.00 meeting? She knows the case as well as I do. Oh, and give Paul Lombardi a call, would you, and tell him we’ll be keeping Mr Dillon for a half hour or so to go over this stuff. And I don’t want to be disturbed during our meeting. Thanks, Karen.”

Adam put the phone down. He had been looking straight at Owen the whole time he had been speaking.

“Put the files on my desk, please, Mr Dillon. And get on your knees.”

Owen let out a gasp. “What? Here?”

“Did you hear me? Get on your knees.”

“But Adam! Are you sure? What if …”

Adam interrupted him. “On your knees. Hands behind your back.” He emphasised every word. His face was impassive.

Owen dropped the files on Adam’s desk and took a few steps back. Then he dropped to his knees. His head was singing with the unfamiliarity of it all and the need to obey Adam’s orders. Adam was looking at him as if they had never met before. He beckoned him forward. Owen shuffled over to Adam’s desk on his knees.

“Keep going, please.” Owen dropped his shoulders and crawled under the desk. Adam had spread his thighs and Owen’s face was now in Adam’s crotch.

“I think you know what to do, Mr Dillon.” Owen gave way to Adam’s voice and his desire to submit to it. The strangeness of the situation was overcome by the familiarity of his position. He would agree to pretty much anything when Adam was dominating him.

He nuzzled into Adam’s crotch, feeling the outline of his cock through his pants and tracing it with his mouth. Boxed in between the desk and Adam’s muscular legs, he felt in a little world of pleasure and excitement and security all at the same time. He was safe on his knees in the dark cave of Adam’s thighs and the warm glow of Adam’s protection of him. He mouthed the cock through the fabric of Adam’s suit.

Owen felt Adam’s hand on the back of his head and he obediently unfastened Adam’s pants and opened his mouth for his cock. He knew there was no time for a slow arousal. He pushed his throat down on Adam’s dick, sucking hard and sliding up and down the shaft, trying to move his head and to use his tongue in the cramped space. It was hard work and he felt rewarded when Adam’s cock stiffened.

Now Adam’s fingers were in Owen’s hair pulling him harder onto his cock. He choked and Adam briefly allowed him up for air before the cock was shoved again hard into his throat. Adam thighs clamped round his head to hold him down for a moment, and then he was released again to continue his service. Owen grew excited. He ran his tongue down to the bottom of the shaft and plunged his throat back down on the head. He could taste pre-cum in his mouth and above him he could hear Adam’s breathing change.

Suddenly Adam hauled Owen up from beneath him, spun him around and ordered him to put his arms on the desk. He unzipped Owen’s pants and yanked them and his underwear down in one movement. He shoved Owen head down onto his desk, spat on his hole and to Owen’s delight pushed in a finger into his twitching ass.

Owen was facing the door to Adam’s office. Someone might come in at any moment. But he had transferred to Adam all the sense of risk. He was absolutely confident that Adam would take care of him whatever happened. Adam’s finger at his entrance made all his nerves tingle.

Adam’s finger was now sliding in and out of Owen’s hole. He added another and began to stretch out his passage. Owen felt the wetness of lube against his anus and knew that Adam was getting him ready to be fucked. He was lying across the desk facing the door to the office. He shuddered in fear and excitement at the thought that anyone might come in and see them. Adam’s fingers were working further into his passage, spreading and opening him up. He had at least three fingers in his ass now, grinding deeper, winding up Owen’s arousal with changes of pace.

Adam pulled up Owen’s shoulders and said in the same formal tone, as if he were asking for one of the legal documents, “Sit on my cock, please, Mr Dillon.”

Owen was thrilled by the danger of it all and the way that Adam’s voice was controlling all his actions. He raised himself over Adam’s thighs and lined himself up with the head of his cock. Adam was holding his hips and positioning him. He felt the hot, hard flesh of Adam’s cock prying him open.

“Hands off the desk, please. Give me your arms.” Owen’s arms were drawn behind his back and Adam held them immobilised. His legs were being stretched apart by Adam’s thighs. He felt Adam’s dick invading his ass as Adam’s arms pulled him down onto him. It was all incredibly erotic—the fear of exposure, the excitement of pleasing Adam and the heat of the cock entering his ass.

Owen loved to be controlled like this. Adam held his arms behind his back and forced him down, filling him inch by inch. Adam’s cock was a rigid pole in his ass. The suddenness of his entry was painful put Owen wanted it. He sank down on the cock deeper and deeper until he was fully impaled.

Adam pushed him forward a little and began to fuck, lifting his thighs to give a shallow thrust into Owen’s ass. Owen bent further over and thrust back onto the dick that was pushing into him. He couldn’t quite believe that he was being fucked over a desk at work. He let out a low moan and felt Adam’s hand close over his mouth to gag him. He tried to keep quiet but the pleasure of Adam in his ass made him want to cry out.

Adam seemed able to fuck him silently. But suddenly he was on his feet with his chest slamming Owen down and his thrusts drilling Owen’s ass more violently. Owen loved the feeling of Adam’s weight on top of him, pinning him to the desk and jerking him forward with every stroke of his cock. Adam pushed Owen’s arms forward onto the desk and held his wrists down. His cock was working deep into Owen’s ass with quick, deep stabs that opened him more each time. Adam’s breath was coming in thick gasps and Owen felt the cock in his ass spasm and knew that he was being flooded with Adam’s cum.

But then Owen felt something less familiar. Adam had pulled out his cock and something harder and colder was replacing it. He guessed that it was a butt plug. Adam said calmly, as if they were still conducting business, “This is to remain in place until our next meeting.” He pushed back the chair and Owen shakily got to his feet.

Adam stood up, shoving his cock into his underwear and fastening his pants. He stacked up the papers on his desk and smoothed down his tie as if were ending a business meeting. “Thank you, Mr Dillon. That will be all.”

Adam picked up the folders Owen had brought and handed them to him. He walked over to the office door and held it open. As Owen walked unsteadily through it, Adam breathed a word in his ear: “Slut.”

Owen returned to work in a kind of daze. Only the plug buried in his ass reminded him that Adam had actually bent him across the desk and fucked him in his office. And it was only when he was about to return to his own desk that it occurred to him that Adam might keep a supply of lube and butt plugs in his office. He couldn’t decide whether Adam was in the habit of fucking boys at work or whether he had planned the scene especially for Owen. He hoped it was the latter.

As reality began to seep in, he realized that he was supposed to have been getting Adam’s opinion on the legal files. He started to panic a little. He had gotten used to Mr Lombardi’s approval and he dreaded losing it. He knew he couldn’t bluff his way out of this—Adam was a very successful attorney and it was his knowledge of the law that Mr Lombardi wanted. He thought he would have to say that Adam had been called away on another case or something, although he hated lying to his boss.

As soon as he got back to work, Clara, Mr Lombardi’s PA, met him, and told him the boss was looking for him. A cold feeling crawled up Owen from his stomach. He felt sure that Adam hadn’t wanted to get him into trouble but he still had no idea what he was going to say to Mr Lombardi about the meeting he and Adam were supposed to have had. His heart pounded as he knocked on Mr Lombardi’s door, dreading going in.

Mr Lombardi was putting down the phone when Owen entered. As soon as he saw Owen he smiled broadly and said, “Sounds like you had a very helpful meeting with Mr Strickland—he e-mailed over detailed notes of your discussion while you were coming back here.” Relief and puzzlement flooded through Owen. He assumed Adam had not sent his boss notes of their actual meeting.

Lombardi continued, “In fact I’ve just been in a phone call with him. Turns out there are quite a few more points we could use his opinion on. Look, I’m sorry to run you around like this, Owen, but Adam Strickland’s been very helpful to us. I asked him if you could be of assistance and he said you’d done a great job. He’s just left his office so I’d like you to go over to his apartment. See if there’s anything you can help with. Obviously you can take the rest of the afternoon off.”

Not the first time, Owen wondered if his boss knew about Adam’s sexual proclivities. But Mr Lombardi was, as far as he knew, completely straight and oblivious to Adam’s world of perversion.

A taxi was waiting for him to take him to Adam’s building. All the anxiety was dispelled and he ground his ass surreptitiously on the seat of the car, using the butt plug to recall what Adam’s dick had felt like. He loved the secret token of his master lodged inside his body.

It was a short ride and Owen soon stood expectantly in Adam’s living room. It felt strange to be here in Adam’s home wearing his business suit and holding a briefcase. Adam had changed into the black jeans and t-shirt that Owen recognized as a prelude to play.

Adam looked him over with his arms folded and said, “Hello, Owen. I have it on good authority that you behaved in a highly unprofessional way this afternoon.”

“What? Adam! But you …”

Adam cut him off: “Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to you, boy. Get your pants down. Present your ass for inspection.”

Owen giggled nervously and received a hard smack to his ass. “This is no laughing matter, boy, I hear you’ve committed a serious offense. Highly ...” Adam suppressed a smile, “… irregular.”

Owen pulled down his pants and more cautiously slid down his underwear. It felt wonderfully humiliating to have his pants round his thighs and his ass exposed for Adam’s scrutiny. Adam spun him round and twisted the plug in his ass. “Well, well, what do we have here?” he said sternly.

“But Adam, you know! It was you that …” Adam’s hand landed on his ass again with a loud smack.

Owen slipped into the scene and onto his knees. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“I see. It seems that you’ve let yourself be fucked. Does Paul Lombardi know what a brazen slut he’s employing?” Owen stayed quiet. Adam’s hand was at his hole, tapping on the butt plug to send delightful shudders deep into his ass. Adam’s big body was leaning over him in a way that Owen loved.

“Well now, Owen, what do you think an appropriate punishment should be for a boy who takes a cock up his ass when he’s supposed to be working?”

Owen thought carefully. He knew Adam was rewarding him with his choice of discipline. He felt a surge of pride and he wanted to give the right answer.

“Sir, I think he would have to be restrained, probably with rope.”

“Yes, that would be necessary … as a preliminary.” Adam opened two buttons on Owen’s shirt and his fingers locked onto a nipple. “What else? Use your imagination.” He tapped Owen’s forehead with a finger of his other hand.

Owen loved the way Adam played with his nipples. As they stiffened he felt himself slipping further into the scene.

“Well, Sir. Perhaps he should be flogged? If you think that would be appropriate, of course.” Owen remembered the first time he had been flogged by Adam. How much he had enjoyed it until he had made the mistake of moving away from the flogger and had received a cold steel hook up his ass as punishment.

Adam approved the way Owen was asking to be dominated. “Oh, you think so? Not the cane, then?” Owen winced. Adam had only caned him once and it had hurt in a bad way.

“Please, no Sir! Not the cane, please Sir!” Owen was pleading as if he had forgotten that he had done nothing but obey Adam’s every whim all day. Adam secretly allowed a smile to escape.

“All right then, boy—but you’d better start to behave yourself. There’ll be no more dick in that ass until you’ve satisfied me. Let’s see how you take a good flogging. Get these clothes off.”

Owen stripped off hurriedly and Adam took him into the playroom, leaving him plugged for the time being. Adam paused for a moment to take in the sight of his boy quivering in anticipation with the sign of his owner still in his ass. Owen’s big, pale ass framed the hard black plug beautifully. Adam’s own need to dominate arose along with his cock.

Adam produced Owen’s collar from the drawer he kept it in when they weren’t playing. As he fastened it round Owen’s neck he said, “Very nice, boy. This looks so much better on you than that formal business suit.” He ran his finger round the inside of the collar and Owen quivered with expectation.

Adam began the ceremony of securing Owen’s wrists and ankles with leather and rope, and spreading out his body, pleased at the way Owen’s skin shivered as it received the bondage. Owen closed his eyes, as Adam had taught him, to breathe in the smell of the hemp, and to focus on the pressure of the rope as it restricted him, snaking its way around his body and slowly tightening.

 Adam gave Owen a deep, sensual kiss. He told the boy that if he submitted to everything he was given, Adam would match the pain with pleasure, stroke for stroke.

Adam picked up his favorite flogger and laid ten light strokes across Owen’s back to warm him up. He moved round to look into Owen’s face. As he kissed him and told him he was a good boy, Adam stroked Owen’s cock ten times. Adam could feel the energy flowing from the flogger through Owen’s engorging cock and back into his hand. This was what he loved most. It was the center of his sexual pleasure.

The next ten strokes of the flogger were harder. Owen let the pain flood through him. He was thrilled that his cock stayed hard. Then Adam’s fingers were on his nipples, tweaking them provocatively ten times until they stood out on his chest. The pain and pleasure met each other. Another ten lashes, harder again this time. Owen heard the tails of the flogger cut through the air and his body shook as he drew their force into him. Then Adam was fisting his cock, bringing him to an edge and taking away his hand as Owen moaned in frustration and desire.

The flogger moved to his chest, crossing his body with powerful blows that took the breath out of him. Then he felt Adam’s hand squeezing his balls and his cock got harder. The flogger bit more deeply now at his back again, and Owen cried out. But he wanted this. He wanted it for himself and for Adam. The pain was a gift they shared. He bowed his head to open up his back for Adam to flog. He was falling deeper into submission—the methodical, rhythmic way that Adam was playing with his body made everything seem inevitable and quite beyond his control.

Adam was delighted with the way Owen was offering himself so submissively. He reveled in the way he could control Owen’s responses, bringing his cock to the edge of orgasm then denying him, modulating Owen’s moans and cries in a counterpoint of pain and arousal. When the next ten strokes were up he stroked his hand gently down Owen’s reddened back and ass and closed his fingers on the butt plug. He rotated it in Owen’s hole, sending shivers across his beautiful, broad ass. Then he slowly pulled the plug out.

Owen felt the cum that Adam had left in his ass earlier that day trickle down his thigh. It felt wonderfully, horribly dirty. Adam was speaking to him in his low, sexy voice.

“What’s this, boy? What a whore you are! An ass-full of cum in your hole the entire day! You’re lucky I didn’t include that in my report to your boss.” His fingers slid into Owen’s wet hole for the ten strokes of pleasure.

“So shameless! What a filthy boy to want a man’s cum in his ass all day. Clearly you need some more discipline.” Owen was in ecstasy at Adam’s dirty talk and the sensation of Adams’s fingers in his hole, opening him out and nudging against his prostate.

Owen braced himself for the flogger. He heard Adam laugh softly and say, “Don’t anticipate, boy.” Instead of the flogger he felt something enclosing his balls. Adam had fastened a thick rubber stretcher that squeezed Owen’s balls into a seductive target.

“Such nice, plump balls, boy. They look delicious.” He bent down and put his mouth over Owen’s balls and swirled his tongue round them ten times. Owen moaned with desire and he felt his cock would burst. Then Adam chose a specialized cock-whip with a fine edge and hit Owen’s cock and balls. The pain was more than anything Owen had taken. He screamed out with shock, but Adam’s voice held him.

“Good boy, Owen, take it for me. Let it go, breathe it out. You are so beautiful like this.” Owen started to sob. The sting ripped through his balls and the pain blossomed in him. Every sinew of his body strained. He felt the heat of Adam’s body so close to him, and smelled his sweat. He heard Adam’s voice in his ear telling him what a good boy he was, how proud he was that Owen was taking the pain. He wanted to continue. He wanted this moment of incredible closeness with Adam to last. Adam was saying, “Just two more, boy, can you take them?”

He heard his own voice saying, “Yes, please, Sir,” and the pain cut through him again.

And then the whipping stopped and he wailed uncontrollably. Adam held him tightly as he hung from the wrist restraints with his head on Adam’s shoulder and Adam’s strong arms around him. Endorphins coursed through him as his body shook with the sobs that conducted the pain out of him. He felt high with sensation and low in submission at the same time. The thick rubber ring was gradually converting the soreness of his balls into a delicious tightness.

Adam was stroking his back and planting kisses on his neck. He murmured, “Thank you, Owen, you gave me so much, such a good boy. You look so beautiful. I know it was hard and I’m so proud of you. We can stop if you like.”

Owen raised up his tear-streaked faced to his master and knew what he wanted. “Please fuck me, Adam,” he said in a small voice. Adam brushed away the tears with his thumb as Owen instinctively sought his fingers with his mouth. He wanted to take Adam inside him in any way he could.

Owen’s submission and the way he had given himself past his boundaries had fuelled Adam’s lust. He praised Owen again, telling him what a good boy he was. “Such a submissive, sexy boy, Owen, it will be my pleasure to fuck you.” He took Owen over to the corner of the playroom where he had set up a sling. He gave him some water and they took a short break for Owen to recover from the whipping.

Adam helped Owen up into the sling and secured his ankles and wrists in leather restraints. Then he fastened them to the chains of the sling, adjusting them precisely until he had the visual effect he wanted, with Owen’s limbs pulled out just at the right degree of tautness.

Adam stroked his cock as he gazed down at the exquisite sight laid out before him for his pleasure—Owen’s meaty ass spread wide to display his twitching, eager hole, his arms stretched out in supplication and his eyes looking up at Adam in trust and submission. He walked round to Owen’s head and kissed him, slow and deep. Then he moved down his body, licking and kissing the marks of the rope and the whip, feeling the heat from the flogger and the way Owen shifted to press himself against Adam’s tongue.

 Owen’s cock stood straight up and Adam slapped it hard. “What do you expect to do with this thing, boy? Do you think you should be allowed to come? After all your disgraceful behavior today? I don’t think so.” The slap had no effect on Owen’s erection.

Owen bit his lip and tried not to look pleadingly at Adam. Adam laughed and said, “Well, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens after I take my pleasure.” Owen’s balls were still held in the rubber stretcher. They were too tempting to resist. Adam slipped off the band and replaced it with a leather cuff with chains attached. He hooked them high onto the chains of the sling so that when Owen moved, his balls would feel a tug just to keep him on the right side of pain. Bound, opened and vulnerable, the boy was ready to be fucked.

Adam’s cock was fully erect. He held himself back with difficulty, the head just nudging Owen’s hole.

“You want it, boy? You want your master’s cock? Beg for it.”

Owen let himself go in a flood of desperate pleading. He ached for Adam’s cock. “Please, Sir, please fuck me. Please give me your cock … use me, Sir … I need you, I belong to you ….” He was humping his hips forward and back, trying to get Adam’s cock in his ass. The cuff pulled his balls away from his body and shots of pain ran through his shuddering ass and hips.

Adam teased him: “Is this what you want?” He rubbed his dick, wet with pre-cum, up and down the cleft of the boy’s ass. Owen could only moan desperately in response.

“Open that hole for me, boy,” Adam muttered, unnecessarily, as he leant forward. His cock speared Owen in one movement. Owen’s passage was tender from the quick, hard fuck earlier, but well-stretched by the butt plug he had worn all day. It made the fucking easier for him and more intense at the same time. He whimpered and moaned in bliss as Adam’s cock thrust in and out.

Adam felt his cock split open the boy’s ass with his first stroke. The way Owen shuddered as his ass was spread felt wonderful on his cock. With the next thrust he was past the second ring and deep in the hot inner spaces of Owen’s ass.

The fuck was somehow too easy—Adam always needed more, and he rammed in more violently, slapping the boy’s ass and watching the cuff and chains jerk his balls. He wanted to hear Owen’s response and was rewarded with cries of need and hot little spasms when the pull on his balls tightened, or when Adam’s hand landed harder on his ass. Adam watched his own cock narcissistically as it slid in and out of Owen’s hole, then closed his eyes to savor the tight grip that he achieved deep inside the rectum.

For a while Adam forgot who he was fucking. The pull of tight inner muscles on his cock, the feel of his balls smacking against a raised ass, and the sound of helpless whimpers turned him into a machine, pounding harder and faster to bring himself close to release.

 He forgot about his half-promise to let Owen come. His own orgasm was all he cared about now. And he came violently, pulling his cock out and releasing his load in thick white shots across Owen’s body. Then he stood still, breathing hard with his eyes closed as the boy gazed up at him.

And Owen, exhausted from the long day of arousal, spread wide open, burning from the whip, and cum covering his face and chest, knew with absolute clarity that he was in love with Adam Strickland.


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